Manhattan Under Siege Pt. 3

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Manhattan Under Siege pt.3

Spider-Man, Black Widow, Night Thrasher, Wolfsbane

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The Heroes are almost overrun by shadow creatures

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Since the portals started opening, time has seemed to blur for most people. It's become a haze of wild abandon, danger, rage, pain, fear all contorted into one. The night seemed to last forever, yet if one was asked about what happened... the answer would be hard to gain.
For once such New Yorker, the Spectacular Spider-Man it'd be much the same. He was in school when the first portals started to open. Standing atop his podium at Empire State University speaking to the students and trying to keep them interested in the makeup course he was giving to some of them for Chemistry 101.
At first it was his spider-sense tingling that set him on edge. Then quick on its heels there was the screaming. From without, then more screams came from within. The students rushed to the window and saw the nightmarish imagery of the shadow creatures accosting their classmates. They looked back... and Professor Parker was gone.
It was all a blur since then. Spidey rushed across the city as fast as he could, at first to try and make sure his Aunt had gotten out of Manhattan when she said she would, but his path was always diverted by the need to save those in need. Luckily he got a phone call from her and finally turned his attention fully to fight the shadow menace.
Then night came, and the creatures stopped marauding mindlessly. They formed together, became warbands, started to overwhelm defensive points. Yet still he fought, fought til the sun rose, fought as the day grew long.
At times he'd catch a glimpse of Thor out of the corner of his eye, one time watching the great hero fall from the sky as he was covered in the flapping wings and tendrils of flying creatures of darkness, pulling him down down.
And right now, in this moment even as the sun is distantly creeping close to the horizon, Spider-Man is swinging down into the valley between buildings in Hell's Kitchen, pursued by those distorted shadow avians, each cawing after him, and their call to the hunt being myriad. So many of them, so few Spideys to deal with them.

Black Widow has been monitoring the situation since it began. While she has done some time helping her fellow Avengers, she has spent most of her time doing what she did best, gathering information to elminate the threat. She had finished a reconnaise of what she was the leadership and was on her the Mansion to store her information when she noticed Spider-Man being chased by several of the creatures. She gets in a spot to study the best place to launch an attack on them.

Dwayne Taylor hadn't been at work at the Taylor Foundation for over twenty four hours at this point. It's probably all well and good, the Foundation's doors had been locked and people directed to evacuate the city when all Hell broke loose over twenty four hours ago. Mr. Taylor, however, didn't leave the Island. That being said, no one has seen Dwayne since the chaos erupted. Many folks, though, have seen Night Thrasher. The founder of the New Warriors has been busy these several hours. Like Spider-Man, Night Thrasher was pitching in. Saving stragglers, helping others escape and doing the best he can against the mystical forces at work here.

Presently, Night Thrasher is careening down a street on top of his skateboard. He's got someone tossed over onto his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Behind him? Those shadowy creatures are giving chase.

As fate would have it, Spider-Man's in mid-swing when one of those avian creatures of nightmare catches up and /slashes/ his webline, sending the wallcrawler hurtling down... down down towards the pavement.
Parker has enough time to think to himself, .oO( Crap, this is gonna hurt.)
And then /WHAM!/
It's in a place that Thrasher can see, down the street, the Spectacular Spider-Man seemingly hurtling out of teh sky to slam into one of the burning wrecks on the side of the road. He misses the jagged metal luckily, but smashes clean through the windshield and into the front seat.
Almost instantly the winged creatures of nightmare roar and caw, landing on the car and screaming their outrage, their great black wings flapping heavily as they try to reach through with their beaks and tentacles as if trying to break the tough metal shell to get to the juicy sweetness inside.

Black Widow notices Spider-Man falling into the wreck and the shadow creatures surrounding them, and she realizes he don't have long, so she moves silently until near she is in the alley near the wreck, sets her blasters on high and opens fire.

The person over Thrasher's shoulder squirms a bit and points at the creatures chasing them, "Look out!" There's a scratch and scratching as Thrasher twists his board to suddenly change directions. He stops and kicks off in another direction, "Hey, Kiddo. Thanks for the update; Be still." The person over his shoulder is a child he's trying to get to a safe zone. That safe zone, though, doesn't look to be appearing to Thrasher.

Then of course Spider-Man comes hurtling out of the sky and through a car. Thrasher sighs with exhaustion, "It's gonna get bumpy. Hold tight." Thrasher reaches for his mostly depleted belt of goodies. He pulls out a magnesium flare and lights it, "Hey! Get away from there!" He calls out towards the avians and the busted up car Spider-Man slammed into. He manuevers his board in that direction now; The creatures following him are catching up rapidly. Night Thrasher waves the flare around to get the attention of the shadowy avians.

Several of the safe zones have been overrun of late, the creatures formed together and organized by some intelligence behind them of late. But all of that is not for now, right now the heroes have their own concerns.
At first there's a flash, a flicker of light as Widow's bite lashes out from the shadows. One of the vulture-like creatures howls in pain as it's struck by a spattering burst. It snaps back and out of the window, rounding on Widow and immediately launching into flight straight at her, its great wings sweeping out as if seeking to engulf her.
The other avians roar as their attention is drawn by the movement of Night Thrasher, their nightmarish visages snapping around to lock glowing eyes on him. At first they start to move, but then one of them squawks loudly as if to try and get them to focus before it turns back around to try and stab its beak right at Spider-Man once again.
Of course when it turns back it gets a sudden /boot!/ to the noggin that sends it hurtling back away from the car giving Spidey just enough time to grab the roof of it from inside and _hurtle_ out of the front seat, flipping through the air to twist and land in a crouch upon the ragged pavement and rubble.
"Heya Thrasher, what's the haps? Demons and stuff? Yeah me too."
Of course he might not notice the horde of raging shadow creatures that had been on Thrasher's tail though his spider-sense is definitely ringing.

Black Widow steps out to the alley, casyually picking up the wounded creature by the head and snapping its neck before speaking "If you are uninjured Spider-Man, there is more of this horde to deal with." and you notice in addition her usual parphanelia, she carrying two submachine guns with sound suppresors that are currently hostlered on her sides and several knifes and clips in her belt, One can't too prepared after all.

Thrasher skids to a stop and shifts the kid on his shoulders into a more 'comfortable' position. He twists around and turns to face the oncoming shadow creatures. He grimaces and spares a glance to Spider-Man. He offers him a stiff nod, "Yeah. Can't shake 'em." The creatures bare down on him and he quickly kicks his skateboard into action. They zoom on past where Thrasher had been, but one manages to nick the wheel of his skateboard. Thrasher and the kid on his shoulder are catapaulted into the air. Thrasher twists in mid-air, repositions the kid over his chest and when they land it's Thrasher on his back and the kid cushioned by his armored chest. The skateboard and flare skitter across the ground next to the two of them. Thrasher groans, "Why haven't the Avengers or FF figured out how to chase these guys off yet?"

Wolfsbane shouldn't be here. She really shouldn't be here on her own. She isn't part of X-Factor any more and, even if she's got a new costume for herself, coming alone is not among the smarter things she's done. But, Dani was in the middle of this mess somewhere and if Dani needs help, she's going to get it. Pinpointing her is the hard part, but Rahne's hoping that at some spot along the way the rapport will sharpen up enough to follow it the rest of the way. Just getting there - that's the hard part. She scampers through alleys, uses rooftops to her benefit, speed as well to at least knock back shadow creatures that get too close, but there are a lot of them. Pausing on a fire escape ladder, they close in from above and below. With a growl she leaps away, across to catch hold of another ladder and swing down to the street below, moving on.

Upon spotting the child, Spidey's eyes widen. His gaze snaps over to Widow and she'll catch her reflection in the mirrored lenses of his visor before he looks back towards the oncoming horde. "Yeah... yeah I think I see that Widow."
And that's when the horde of creatures hits them. Their gibbering taloned and tentacled forms lashing out wildly as they seek to rush and crush and rend. They almost had Thrasher and the child, almost.
But then Spidey's amongst them and moving. Almost faster than the eye can see, though fatigue weighs heavy on him he knows he can't falter, he strikes out. A blurringly fast claw slashes over him just as he ducks. Then a tentacle slams into the concrete and kicks up debris as he rolls forward narrowly evading. Spidey rolls to the side kicking upwards, knocking the creature back and causing it to reel. He spins around with a backfist smacking the beaked maw of another away. Leaping high he flips into the air and lands amongst them. "C'mon you Buffy rejects, I'm the big red and blue bullseye you want. Thrasher get the kid safe!"
And to his credit, Spidey's able to draw the attention of most of the creatures, though several do still turn to menace the skateboarding hero...
And then Rahne brings her own party to join the ruckus.

Black Widow makes a tactical decision and take aim with her blasters at the shadow creature that are menacing Thrasher and the child, disposing of most of them and ensuring that any of them would find her a more intersting target, as she thinks how bored she thought she was going to be when she came back to the Avengers.

Night Thrasher rolls a bit with the kid on his chest, "Hey, Kiddo. This is gonna get a bit hairy. I think-" he glances over to look at the skateboard, "My ride is out of the question; Wheel's shattered." There is a *slink* noise as a blade slides out of the New Warrior's gauntlet. He exhales and says to the kid, "Try to stay behind me." He lets the kid slide off of him and he sits up and pushes himself in front of the person he's trying to save. One of the creatures that didn't get caught up in the dust up with Spider-Man and Widow, rushes Thrasher. Night Thrasher gets up to a kneeling position and stabs the creature in the foot with his blade before attempting to ram his helmeted head into the 'mid-section' of the shadowy creature.

Speaking of a bit hairy, or furry, Wolfsbane ducks into the area as blaster fire is heard along with the activity of others in battle. She can be seen clawing at one of the creatures with a snarl, but one look is enough to show she's definitely not like them. "They're everywhere!" she calls over to the others before she's even had a clear look at them.

As Widow lays covering fire she's able to bracket Thrasher while Spider-Man works from inside the horde. Her bite-blasts flicker and flash over the sruface of the creatures causing them to ripple as shadowy 'blood' bursts from their forms.
When Thrasher stabs down, black ichor explodes from the wound of the creature. It roars in pain as it lifts seven tentacles into the air, seeking to slash them down at the vigilante... only to have its head snapped back roughly by the impact of that headbutt from Thrasher. The creature is alread fading into wispy shadow vapor as it falls back, its form disrupted by the attacks.
The group of talonned almost feline-like creatures that had been pursuing Rahne maintain their focus on her even as she joins the melee. For an instant Spider-Man flips over towards her and they exchange opponents as he uncoils with a sidekick that sends one of the creatures after her hurtling away. He flips back and calls out, "More the merrier?"
But then it seems like they're doing pretty well, he's cleared out a circle of calm amongst the monsters, heck even some of them are backing off to give some room. Spidey's starting to even feel better about the situation as he straightens up. "Well would ya look at that."
That is the moment when rising up from amongst the horde of shadow creaturesr a huge armored almost elephantine monster trumpets its anger, raising giant wrecking-ball sized fists into the air and starting to charge right at the heroes.

Black Widow notices the huge creature and seems to smile as she pulls out her guns and begins to fire at the creature, she had encountered the creature before and found its armor did not stand against armor-piercing bullets that she loaded, and rolls out of the way as it charges to toward her.

Thrasher backs up away after driving off that shadow creature. He holds a hand back behind him, trying to guide the kid behind him and to backstep so that he can find a more defensible position. As he backs up, he comes across his skateboard. He stomps the rear of it and kicks it up into the air. He catches it one handed and quickly clasps the broken-wheeled board on his non-blade wielding arm. He starts to say to the kid, "We'll get you out of here when-" He hesitates when the elephantine creature emerges, "-crap."

"I'm na so sure about tha'," Wolfsbane answers Spider-Man as one of the things after her is struck solid by the man's attack. She gets his back by engaging another nasty with tentacles, ducking under one of its attempts to smack her so she can leap at it, slamming it back against a wall prior to hopping back before it can retaliate. That's when the larger one makes its appearance. "Och, this canna be a good sign." Where's Dani?

The large creature bellows again as it stomp-stomp-stomps, Widow's rounds slamming into it, causing spatters of ichor to splatter upon the ruined concrete. Yet its charge does not stop, and in fact it seems more infuriated as it barrels straight towards Spider-Man and Wolfsbane.
The heroes, luckily, have enough time to roll out of the way even as the thing collides with the car sending it end over end to /SMASH!/ into the side of a building, imbedding itself in the second floor.
Another loud trumpet is heard as the thing spins, trying to lash out at the nearby heroes with its meaty fists, wisps of shadow flickering over its giant form and white flame flaring from its eyes.
Spider-Man leaps to the side, lands, flips over and pushes off with one hand to perch upon the wall of the nearby building. High enough so he can look the creature in the eyes. "Ahem."
"Your momma is so ugly, she looked out the window and got arrested for mooning." Perhaps it knows what he says, perhaps not, but it brings its fists up in an attempt to swat the spider, focusing on him for the moment and leaving the other heroes free to strike.
And curiously, the other shadow creatures are holding off, as if some sort of rite was being enacted. They hover, chitter, growl, roar, but they do not attack.

Black Widow also leaps upon the creature and while it is busy trying to squash a spider, and pulls out a knife and seems to looking for something on his back "Now where was that spot? Ah yes here we go." and procceeds to drive her knife several times into the spot, the creature roaring with each stab, though the roaring sees to get less with each thrust.

It's clear Wolfsbane does not know how to go at the thing so she keeps a safe distance while others make their attempts. When Black Widow leaps upon it and starts to stab, Rahne darts in close and tests with claws out along one of the creature's legs. As long as the other monsters are keeping their distance, it gives them a chance to focus on the big one instead. "How do we get rid o' these things?" she asks of anyone able to answer.

As Thrasher protects the child, the Widow is able to leap upon the back of the monster. Its reaction is almost instant as it roars with indignation even as the blade lifts and plunges repeatedly into its shadow carapace. Its armor crunches with each impact, her blade slashing deep and when it emerges black ichor splashes.
Then like a blur, Wolfsbane moves in close and her talons slash at the back of one of the creature's legs. Its buckles as it goes down to the side, horned spiked knee crushing the concrete beneath it when it hits the ground. It roars again, this time weaker as it rounds with a fist trying to _smash_ Rahne with its giant fists.
"Hey ugly, forget about me?" And as the monster focuses on the nimble wolf girl, Spidey's able to swing in on webline and /WHUDS!/ his foot hard under its jaw, sending it rocking back on its heels.

It's been a while since Wolfsbane was involved with any kind of group fight or mission, evident in the way she hangs back to watch and wait, seeing if what they've done so far is enough to finish the job. Instincts might not be as refined as they once were and her eyes dart to and fro as she keeps tabs on the others still around them. "Did we get it?" she wonders aloud.

Widow's forced to bail from it as it falls down onto its back, but she's able to slice it once... twice... three times a lady before she has to duck away and move into a roll to evade the giant form's fall.
When Wolfsbane pipes up, Spider-Man answers by leaping on top of the creatures chest and says, "Not quite." And he brings up two fists into the air, almost mirroring the creature and then bringing them down heavily upon its face. There's a splintering CRACK! as the monster's carapace fails and it then slowly... slowly begins to fade once again into nothingness.
Breathing hard, heavily, pained. Spider-Man seems exhausted, his body language haggard as he turns slowly to face the horde of monsters. For once he gives in to all the anger and desperation and pain he's felt over the last 30 hours, and he /ROARS!/ a scream entirely too human, but one of victory for once...
The creatures begin to back off, shambling away slowly.

Wolfsbane circles the fallen beast before it fades, something she's already seen a few times already. It just leaves the hackles up, everything about it feeling odd and crazy and unnatural to her. As the others begin to depart, perhaps finding their foes too tough to fight further, she literally runs to nip at the heels of a couple of them as if to say 'Yeah, that's right! Go on! Get!' before coming closer again at Spider-Man's..yell. "Did tha' feel good?" she asks, head angled in curiosity.

Black Widow leaps off the corpse and lands, and waits for Spider-Man roar before "As I feared, there are variations in these creatures, as the spot I stabbed on a previous one was fatal to it. Are you all uninjured?" She doesn't as tired as the others, or at least she is better at hiding it.

Quietly, perhaps just loud enough only for Rahne to hear, Spidey tells her. "No... no it really didn't." Behind the mask his brow furrows, and if they could see the worry there, the pain, they might be concerned.
Then again they might not and as quickly as that, the window closes. He turns back around to the other vigilantes and then gestures to Thrasher. "There's a shelter back about fifty yards to the right, behind that overturned van. Subway station. Take the kid there, we'll hold here, make sure you aren't followed."
Thrasher moves off to do just that, skateboard clicking and clattering as he carries the child towards safety.
The wallcrawler turns back, still watching the retreating horde. He takes a moment to heave a heavy sign and kneel down there, trying to rest as he can when he can. "Man..." He takes another deep breath, "No more chili dogs for me. I'm outta shape."

"I'm fine..I was just running around a lot tae get this far," Wolfsbane answers, though she doesn't look terribly winded. "I'm trying tae find a friend. Mirage, if ye've seen her? Uh..looks like an indian?" She looks hopefully between the two that are left, though a frown forms for a moment at something Spider-Man may have said.

Black Widow nods "Yeah such foods are fattening, I can give you tips another time for maintaning a healty diet." Obviously a sense of humor was not something learned in her training and turns to Wolfsbane "Thank you for the assistance Ms. Sinclair, it was most appreciated, and no I have not seen Ms. Moonstar at this time." Yup definitely needs to learn to a sense of humor.

"I've seen lotsa folks, Rahne. M'sorry, I don't remember seeing Dani lately." Spider-Man straightens up slowly, standing, then moving over to take a perch on the burnt out wreckage of an SUV. He stays there, looking around and tilting his head just so as if trying to 'listen' with his spider-sense. He looks back to them, "But things have been kinda a blur, you know."

Wolfsbane shouldn't be surprised they remember her or Dani's names. One is Spider-Man, the other Black Widow. One, perhaps NYC's most visible hero, the other an Avenger. "I have tae find her," she states, both looking and sounding concerned. "I know she's somewhere in Manhattan an' I came looking for her." Again, not the smartest move, but there you go. She even looks ready to bolt and keep going.

Black Widow looks over Wolfsbane, studying her briefly beforeing "Yes many people's friends have disappeared in this attack on the city, and has pressed many of the heroes, but we have spent far too much time reacting to the creatures and civilans and not enough dealing with the creatures directly, it far past time we take the fight to them, and I plan to aid with that."

Spidey shoots a glance sidelong towards Rahne and the Widow, his eyes narrowing a bit, barely noticable behind the mask save for its subtle shift. He says quietly, "It's really dangerous out there, Rahne. I mean... I'd say try to move around at night but these things seem to see fine day or night."
Then he looks on Widow and says quickly, "You have some idea to go with that? I mean it may not look like it with this mask on, but I am all ears. Believe me."

"She's one o' muh closest friends an' making sure she's in good shape is th' most important thing on muh mind right noo," Wolfsbane answers the Avenger with a firm nod to punctuate her words. "Once I'm sure o' tha', I can spend more time on helping find a way tae stop these things." Loyalty. It's a strong emotion in this mutant. "I'll help others tae safety along th' way, but I canna get tha' involved with th' rest until I'm sure Dani's all right. If tha' means I'll be in more danger until then, I can live with it." She paces, unable to stand still.

Black Widow nods "Indeed, while the other Avengers have been guarding civilians, I had a more." and stops herself, as she should be showing herself as Avenger and think of other people, despite her instincts otherwise and continue "I mean to say an important task, and that is gathering intel on the creatures and their leadership, intel I now posses and I will bring those necessary to coordinate an assualt on them." and looks briefly at Wolfsbane "Your loyalty is commendable, but you must understand, the defeat of these creatures must become our top priority if we are to save the city and its inhabitants from destruction."

"Ya know, Widow. Ya can be a real jerk sometimes. Not everyone is an asset to be exploited." And it's clear that for once, Spider-Man is pretty annoyed, almost as if out of nowhere. He hops off of the hood of the SUV and walks over towards Rahne. As he moves he's rolling up the sleeve of one of his webbed gloves, revealing the mechanism of one of his web-shooters.
Once he's close enough he looks down at the device, frowning behind his mask as he clicks one of the small compartments free of his shooter. A single web-cartridge is brought forth and he extends it towards Rahne. "I know this isn't much, but in some ways Widow's right, great power, great responsbility. But you find Dani, you do what you have to, find your loved one and make sure she's ok."
Then he motions to the cartridge. "If you get cornered, hit this button, you'll have three seconds and then it'll go boom and you'll have a whole mess of webbing wherever it lands. Maybe it'll help, maybe not. But yeah, go and find her. Kay?"

Whatever the reason, Wolfsbane eyes Black Widow with an expression that turns sour. "I've been in big things before. This is na muh first fight an' I understand trying tae save th' city, but I'll be able tae help do tha' once I know muh friend is all right. I have a way o' finding her. Ye're an Avenger, I'm just a mutant, an' ye can use yuir resources tae do bigger things I canna do. I understand just fine, but muh friend comes first." It's selfish of her, but that's the way it is.

Rahne turns enough to face Spider-Man and starts with, "She has a point but this is th' way I'm doing it for noo. I just pray I can find her in time an' we can help stop whatever's causing all this. An'..thanks." She's looking down at the cartridge like it's some foreign thing, but after a nod she tucks it away just inside the neck of the costume. She hasn't got any pouches.

Black Widow listens and looks over both them, and insticists she tried to supress come up anyway "I don't believe either of you, and most people for the matter, understand what is going here, this is not a simple hero versus villian situation, this is a war, we have been invaded, do you understand that? We wasted far too much time dealing with civilian evacuations and not enough time dealing with the creatures, and what has been the result? They have managed to group together, become organized, and now threatened all we have. Even now the groups hav begun to overwhelm defensive positions and press us harder than before. We must unite and take them down /now/, and the city must be saved, no matter the cost." She still is a cold hearted rhymes-with-witch, but she is still trying to a be hero in her own way.

"When this started, Widow. First thing I did was..." He lifts a finger, pointing it right under her nose. Then his brow furrows and he draws back, pointing at Widow is a good way to lose a finger. He continues, "Just alright, fine. I did do what I had to do, saved who I had to. But the whole time I was moving to go and try and get to my loved ones. Maybe if you had any you'd understand, but don't give anyone grief over trying to save them first and then dealing with what _YOU_ Avengers should have handled already by _now!_"
Alright it's clear Spidey has some strong opinions about this. Then, perhaps to drive the point home he looks over at Rahne and says, "Go on, I'll cover you from on high for a time then get back here to protect the shelter." He then rounds back on Widow. "That is if that's okay with you, sir, yes sir, Widow Captain Sir."

As Widow presses on with her opinion of the situation, valid as it may be, Wolfsbane's expression darkens and there's a hint of anger showing in a slight curl to her upper lip, a wrinkling of her nose. "An' I'm looking tae group together with someone I know well, someone I work much better with. Maybe ye know it all, but maybe there's more than one way tae deal with this. Ye do it yuir way an' I'll do it mine." She waves off Spider-Man, adding, "I'll be fine. I'm quicker than th' ones I've come across an' I've got th' thing ye gave me just in case." Already, the wolfen is taking steps away from the others.

Black Widow listens impassionately as the two of them rattle of the reason for not helping and slightly annoyed by Spidey's attempts "The Avengers are of same mindset that you two are, they did not take of the problem when it presented itself, and that is why we are in the situation we are now. There is only one way to deal with this, and it is to strike directly and quickly Go on though and think of yourself, like you did before, and remember what cost was to your loved ones then." If reason won't work, perhaps guilt will.

"Look, I'm with you. We'll hit em, I'm in this one hundred percent..." As Rahne walks off she leaves the two bickering heroes behind her, their voices fading. Then in the distance she might hear the slightly raised voice of Spider-Man as his counter to her Widow's reasoned arguments is...
"No, Widow, I will not date you! Gawd." As if that'd embarass her. But to his credit... he is going to help her.

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