Mamma Phoenix Comes Home To Roost

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Jean Comes Back

Jean Grey, Beta Ray Bill, Mercury, Blindfold, Showstopper

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X-mansion Conservatory

Jean gets questioned, Ruth's psi training begins

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It's been a little while since Jean was seen around the mansion. It was fairly common knowledge that she and Scott took off shortly after the craziness with Ultron for Alaska. Under the cover of seeing Scott's grandparents, they took a bit of a vacation, working on the cargo flights as pilot/co-pilots. However, shortly after Thanksgiving, Jean returned, spending yesterday getting administrative details in order... and today, well, she's sitting at the grand piano. Playing a bit of a jazzy riff, and actually doing fairly well with it, as she seems to be waiting for her afternoon appointment to arrive.

Blindfold came walking in tapping her cane along the floor softly in a sweeping motion. "Hello Miss Grey, I hope I'm not late..or early please?" half the time it was one or the other for the blind seer.

Jean Grey glances over at Blindfold, and smiles a little, "Oh, no... right on time." She hmms a bit, "I thought we would go over a bit of training for you, actually. Specifically improving your mental barriers, so surface thoughts don't leak in." A wry look crosses her eyes at that, "And since I'm an expert in /that/ area, I decided I'd be the one to teach you about that." And she doesn't stop playing either, though the jazz riff grows a bit more somber, slower-paced.

Blindfold grins nodding her head "I would appreciate that very much Miss Grey, yes thank you. I'm sure Thimble will also appreciate it, yes, and I imagine Scott wouldn't need to yell telepathically to me, yes thank you" tapping her way over toward the piano

The music keeps playing, as Jean doesn't stop as she looks over towards Ruth, "Well, you can come sit down, and we'll test your focus." A faint smile as she continues, "Did you know how I first started training here? I was actually the Professor's first student, with a problem not unlike yours."

Blindfold nods as she steps forward and feels for the bench to take a seat and then folds up her cane "I've seen some of it, yes thank you. I've seen alot of all the faculty, sorry forgive for that"

Mercury decided to take a look at other places of the mansion, and the Conservatory seemed like a good place to start. She opens the door and steps in, just in time to notice two people already there, although they're not training music. "Hello?" she asks, blinking softly.

Jean shakes her head a little, "While I know we place a premium on secrecy, and we have to for the school itself... well, my files don't really have anything hidden within them." She then glances towards the door, her fingers still playing as she smiles a bit, "Ah, Cessily... or would you prefer Mercury? Come on in, if you like."

One being is actually seeking Jean out on purpose, and for more than one reason. Beta Ray Bill (in his 'Thor-form', for those at the Mansion are accustomed to it) walks the halls and was told the woman was in the conservatory. He wishes to meet this instructor who the others speak of so, and as well - she was templated by the Phoenix, and such great matters are of import to the Korbinites' cosmic champion. His heavy footfalls on the wooden floor and the soft rustle of his cape announce his presence.

Blindfold turns her head toward the door at the familiar voice and smiles "Nice to meet you again Cessily, yes thank you, please join us if you like" then grins with a shake of her head toward Jean "Files no thank you. I've seen parts of the past of each of you, sorry my apologies" then looks up again toward the door with a warm smile "Bill has been looking for you Miss Grey, you are quite popular, yes you're welcome"

Mercury waves to Ruth and Jean, "Either is fine, thanks." she says with a soft smile, and starts walking toward the two when she hears someone approaching, turning her head back to the entrance to see the big Beta Ray show up, "Oh, hey, Beta Ray Bill." she says, smiling and waving to the guy.

Jean glances over at the massive form of Beta Ray Bill... well, massive enough when you're her, and nods slightly, "Ah, Beta Ray Bill. I've heard you were a great deal of help to the students. And to the Avengers as well." She smiles, "Is there something specific you wanted to know?" Her eyes flicker to Ruth, and she murmurs, "Okay, we might go over your lessons later."

The alien warrior places a hand at his belt and bows slightly from the waist, "Ladies. I do not mean to interrupt." he says politely.

Blindfold nods toward Jean "Of course Miss Grey, yes thank you" then dips her head with a warm smile toward Bill "Hello Bill, it's good to meet you again as always, yes thank you"

Mercury smiles and gestures for Bill to follow them, "I don't now what they were doing." she says, shaking her head softly, "Hey, what are you two doing here in the conservatory?" she asks, curious.

Jean glances over at Mercury and Bill, "Well, I was going to give Ruth a lesson in fortifying her mental shields, as that can be quite... overwhelming, as I know from personal experience." She continues playing, though her fingers falter a little as she seems to sense something, her gaze narrowing a little as it focuses on Bill, speaking more to the latter than to Cessily for the moment, "And I think you have some things you want to ask me."

Blindfold nods toward Jean "He does, but then he has quite a curiousoty about a number of things" giving Bill a fond smile "And yes thank you a good many people would be curious about a certain powerful force" Ruth could be a blabber mouth but she could also be discreet, now was one of those such discreet moments.
Beta Ray Bill speaks plainly, respectfully, "Indeed I do, Jean Grey. As you know, for I daresay I felt the touch of your mind 'pon mind." he seems not to take it personally. "You command much respect and love here, and 'twould do us both a dishonour were I not plain in my words." He walks closer to the redheaded woman, no threat to him at all, but instead to close the distance as he speaks, metaphorically as well as physically.
"It is well know what transpired when the Force chose to template itself after you. D'bari-" he brings up that apocalypse with no preamble, it is not his way, "-the trial, the Shi'ar. All of it was broadcast 'cross the hyperwave nets. All very neatly codified, filed, and archived. But that is -hardly- all is it? For here you are. Awake. Restored. And I would be remiss did I not investigate your nature, your...connection, as it were. Not merely remiss for -this- world, but countless others."
He holds up a large, four-fingered hand, "Not that I cannot imagine such questions do not already weary you, lady. But so it is."

Mercury has to blink softly at Bill's long explanation and question, rubbing her head softly, "Uhh... What's he talking about?" she asks, turning to look from Beta Ray Bill to Jean and Ruth. "Because I'm not understanding anything."

To say Jean looks a bit irked is... not entirely correct. She seems a bit that way, but more than that, she just looks tired, "To make a long story /very/ short, because I don't have a few days to waste telling the entire story... I was dying. The Phoenix Force placed me in a healing cocoon while it pretended to be me. After she... died, killing herself on the Moon after losing control, my cocoon was found by the Avengers. They took me to the Fantastic Four, and Reed was able to revive me." She looks at Bill, her look growing a bit cold, "Along the way, I made... peace, with the Phoenix. Rachel is its Avatar now, not I. But so you know, I remember every thing it did. Every. Thing." Her eyes narrow, "Does that answer your questions sufficiently?"

Blindfold turns toward mercury "Not really pleasant times, yes sorry, it was technically the second time Miss Grey died and came back to us, yes sorry, forgive me, I spoke out of line"

The cybernetic, alien 'god' does not seem cowed or off-put by Jean's words, indeed, his white eyes stay levelly on hers as she speaks. If she looks for sympathy, she speaks to the wrong being, for he has known his own share of unimaginable suffering...but -empathy-? That he has. His equine head nods slowly, once. The only sign of any tension at all is the fact that his other hand had been resting lightly, casually, on the great, golden weapon at his side, and now gently draws away. "Enough for now, lady." he does say that last with respect, "I apologize that was necessary. But my loyalties are...spread about to some extent, and I must see my duty to all of them done."

Jean sighs, a little shakily, "Well, I do remember everything she did. And everything that Madelyne did. Fortunately, I don't have their personalities in my head anymore, just the memories." She glances over at Ruth, "But we'll need to go over your mental shielding another time... I'm afraid that I don't have the focus to do it just this moment."

Despite its roots as a performing center, Chenda isn't usually around the Conservatory. It brings back memories that still hurt, even if they aren't technically bad. But the sound of one familiar voice coming from there when she's passing by, namely Bill's, draws her to the door. She peeks in stealthily, blinking in the dimmer light.
Yup, there's Bill. And Ruth, Bill's little buddy. And someone else who she can't quite make out, mostly blocked by the doorway.

Blindfold grins toward Jean "Told you you're popular" then waves toward the door "Hello Richenda, nice to meet you again, yes please join us" evidently knowing that'd be the next question, ever polite ruthie.

Jean Grey glances over towards Richenda, waving to her, "Richenda, come on in." She smiles a bit, sensing who it was as she then looks over at Beta Ray Bill, "It's... alright. With everything going through my past, it's only prudent of you to ask." Her lips curl in a smile, as she takes a few deep breaths, calming herself down as those memories... are far from pleasant.

Actually, it might not have been the next question. But it kind of has to be, now. "Um, thanks Ruth," Chenda murmurs, blushing as Jean notices her next. "Hi, Jean, Bill." She does indeed join them.
Just in time to notice Jean's body language. Very much stress relief going on. She takes a deep breath, shoves her own conservatory-inspired bad thoughts to the back of her mind, and gives the tall redhead a warm hug.

Blindfold smiles and hugs Jean and richenda "Perhaps a change of subject Miss Grey? What would you like to do, please thank you?"

Jean Grey oofs softly as she gets hugged by both Richenda and Ruth, then smiles, "Well, I'm sorry I was gone for so long, girls." She returns the hug to both of them, and laughs, "Rest assured, it won't be happening again anytime soon... if nothing else, we'll take some of you along with us. Scott's grandparents are great to be with."

Chenda sighs softly in relief as Jean relaxes, stifling giggles as she feels Ruth join in. "We missed you, Miss Grey. We missed you lots," she says, completely honest. "This place just hasn't been the same."

Blindfold chuckles "You and Scott deserve a vacation now and then Miss Grey, I was starting to worry about you both trying to do everything." Scott and Jean had been looking pretty frazzled before their vacation. But yes, thank you it's good to have you back" things never slowed down just cuz leaders were away. "Miss (whatever dani's lastname is) kept things in check while you were gone, yes thank you" except that pesky all out powered brawl in the dining hall between two rivals, but even that dani put a stop to. No end to the trouble teens could cause.

Jean laughs softly, "Dani is always good at making people behave. You should have her tell you about the time she fought the Enchantress." She grins a bit, "But, yes, I'll have to talk to her about a few things, now that I'm back. Scott should be returning momentarily, there were some additional things he had to take care of in Alaska."

Chenda eases back from the hug. "Well, one more question I'll have to put to Dani," she says wryly. She hadn't witnessed the fight in the dining room, and is just as glad to have missed it. Normally it's pretty quiet, unless there's some kind of outside interference. "Will you be resuming your duties as Headmistress, Miss Grey?"

Blindfold nods solemnly at the mention of the enchantress "Aurora, the asgaurdian...definitely not a nice person at all, no sorry not one bit" And that was probably the closest ruth had gotten to speaking poorly of anyone. Easing away from the hug with an expectant expression on her face as she reached out to run her fingers over the keys of the piano.

ean nods slightly, "Yes, I'll be resuming my duties as Headmistress, and Dani will still be here if she wants to be. I need to talk with her about everything that's happened." She looks over at Blindfold, "Actually, with mental shields... we can do some training for that still, if you like."

"I think I saw her once, at Massachusetts Academy," Chenda recalls. "There was definitely magic going on at the time." And a lot else, including a dimension-hopping killer robot. She'd cut it close that time.

Blindfold smiles with a nod toward Jean as she plunked at the keys "Yes thank you, I've met the Enchantress. Do you think..Miss Grey, you could talk with Armand about finishing his schooling here? He lost his place at the academy because of me, I feel responsible for that and he helped rescue me, I just want to fix things for him, please thank you"
Jean Grey looks over at Blindfold, "I could... what exactly happened?" She smiles at Ruth, "I mean, I don't want to cause any waves with Ms. Frost..." A slight pause, and a somewhat impish look crosses her face, "At least, not without some plausible denial."

Chenda holds her peace and listens, frowning thoughtfully at the mention of Ms. Frost and Armand.

Blindfold smirks and gives Jean a big hug "Thank you, thank you, yes! He doesn't go to the Academy anymore, but he is a mutant, yes thank you. I'd met Ballista the Blavk Knight in central park, I didn't know who she was but at first the conversation was interesting then...I realized she was going to attack and rob a couple for no other reason then being rich. I tried to talk her out of it, understand why she would do such a thing, hoping I could get her to see why it was wrong, I'm sorry, my apologies, it didn't work. So I told a police officer. Days later she found me in a garden enjoying the flowers and she was upset I had told someone about her plans, she wanted to teach me a lesson 'to keep my mouth shut and stay out of her business', like that would ever happen. When I refused to go willingly with her she attacked, I tried to put up a fight but after a couple times I got knocked out and woke up in a cage. Armand came and found me and brought me food, he stayed with me despite being so upset about everything including the situation it put him into with his ambitions and morals. Scott had given Mike a business card to give to Armand, and Armand called the number, dani came with Lazer and got me out and someone was called to get Ballista...and Armand went his own way, lives with Mike now, please thank you"

Jean Grey blinks as Blindfold just spills everything, "Oh, alright, then it shouldn't be a problem. I'll do a quick check with him, and see if he wants to come here. If he does, I think there shouldn't be a problem, but I'll bring this up with Dani as well." She hugs Ruth back, and smiles a bit, "We'll do what we can for him, alright?" Her eyes flicker towards Richenda, "Ah, did you have something to add?" Even without telepathy, it isn't hard to see that Chenda looks a little perturbed at the thought.

Not so much perturbed as trying to follow the Ruth Rush! Chenda hasn't heard the whole story before now, and she definitely doesn't want to miss it. "Armand is definitely living with Mike and Wade now," she replies. "Just... if you do go, Miss Grey, please call first and set up a meeting someplace else. The people living there have had quite enough run-ins with people like us, and they might be a little edgy about inviting one into their living space. I have Mike's phone number."

Blindfold smiles "Thank you very much yes, he's was upset about losing his place at the academy because he was almost done with high school and didn't want to get as GED but he didn't want to repeat courses either, he got pretty down about it, I'm sorry, thank you"

Jean Grey nods slightly, "I can't guarantee anything, of course, but I will look into the matter. He is a mutant, and we can definitely try to get him some training to pick up where the Academy left off, of course." She hmms, "Make sure to get me the number and I'll look into the case and make a few calls."

"Thank you, Miss Grey. I'll leave the number at your office tomorrow morning," Chenda replies. "As much as I hate to potentially deprive Mike and Wade of Armand's cooking, it would be a chance for him to finish school," she adds, with a conspiratorial wink to Blindfold. Which is a useless gesture, but Ruth may catch the thought.

Blindfold giggles nudging richenda "you just want the waffles every morning" then dips her head toward Jean "Thank you for your help Miss Grey, it's very much appreciated. You wanted to teach a lesson I beleive, please thank you"

Jean chuckles, "Waffles? Well, I think we need to bring this boy in as soon as possible." She smiles over at Ruth, "Yes, I did. The first thing we're going to do is a simple thought exercise. It helps to visualize things, so you can keep your mental shields up." Her gaze flickers over to Richenda, "You can stay, if you like, this isn't a terible secret... in fact, it might help you if you ever encounter a psychic attacker."

Chenda blows a soft raspberry at Ruth. "Hey, I /do/ hate to deprive Mike and Wade of their cook! I worry about whether or not they're eating right, considering their lifestyles."
She turns to leave... and then Jean speaks up about what she's teaching. "Psychic attacker... been there! I'll stay." She turns right around and takes a few deep breaths, to center her concentration. Psychic disciplines aren't the only kind that require it.

Blindfold giggles at richenda giving her a hug "Well they are stocking up on the soda with Armand around, and yes Armand's cooking is a delicacy" glad to have richenda stay "Armand is a french chef, yes thank you" she tells jean

Jean smiles a little, "Alright, then. What I want you to do is focus. Focus your thoughts on building a barrier. It can be anything, really. Bricks. Legos. Lincoln Logs." Okay, she might have dated herself there. "Just put your will to making a wall designed to keep other thoughts out." For those that are psychic, you can get the impression that Jean actually has literal 'mental blocks'... in this case, the wooden blocks with letters on them in bright colors, that she stacks up and around her mind.

"Lincoln Logs, definitely," Chenda replies, smiling as she visualizes. She remembers those! When you grow up poor, you end up with second-hand toys when you have them at all, and some of hers were third- and fourth-hand. "And I can't run out of the little one you use to stack 'em this time!"

Blindfold takes a deep breath and focuses, in her mind it was legos stuck together with uneven sides slowly stacking them up one on of another as she built a wall, apparently thinking about security and durability.

Jean closes her eyes, "Alright, now Ruth, keep concentrating, and I'm going to be broadcasting some thoughts with my telepathy. I want to see if you can keep them out." A slight smile, "If you can hear them, say what you hear. This is just going to be the same as 'ambient noise'... but with thoughts instead of sounds, okay?"

Security and durability... Chenda hastily alters her Lincoln Log thought-cabin, using logs for the roof instead of those shaky roof-things that fell off if you sneezed in their direction. "Should I say, too?" she asks, a little slower due to her concentration.

Blindfold nods "Alright" as she mentally draped rubber padding over the wall, thinking this might be good to bounce things back. It looked pretty cool even if it wouldn;t work! "I'm ready"
Suddenly, two things happen, as Jean focuses first on making lots of background 'noise' mentally, as if Ruth was suddenly thrust from the quiet conservatory into the middle of Grand Central Station. Only there's no audible component to it, just bustling mental images around her that she needs to try and block.
For Richenda, there's a sudden itching at that mental barrier, a low compulsion to try and sing "I've Got You Under My Skin." It's like a tickling sensation in the mind, just a strong urge lurking around the barrier to try and sing that song.

Chenda, safe inside her Lincoln Log psi-cabin, hums to herself as she awaits the assault she knows is to come. It's surprisingly quiet, actually. Not the sort of thing you'd expect with an attack at all. Did Jean forget?
Nope. Because just then the shutters fly open, and music pours in. Chenda claps her hands over her ears with a yelp. Next time, she definitely won't build a psi-cabin with doors or windows!
Out in the real world, the gypsy girl's foot starts tapping softly. She takes a breath, then another, swaying to the rhythm of her mind as the urge takes over. "I've got you under my skin... I've got you deep in the heart of me... So deep in my heart that you're really a part of me..." Actually, she's got a rather nice singing voice and a good sense of pitch, considering she's never had a day of training that wasn't in one of many public schools.

Blindfold normally had evryone's thoughts pushing at her one minute and then silence the next, randomly. This time though it was low din nothing discernable just noise. The wall creaks like plastic shifting almost bowing but it holds, thanks to lego construction. Good thing she hadn't made it out of jenga blocks "Something, but I can't make it out, just noise"

Jean doesn't speak right now, as she is concentrating, >> Good, Ruth. Keep the din out. And Richenda, STRENGTHEN YOUR BARRIER! << The telepathic shout overrides the itch to sing for a bit, but then that itch is back, along with a sneaking thought of what if it wasn't a song, but maybe something else, something a lot worse?

She has to stop? Chenda blinks, realizing something's amiss at that telepathic shout. She looks around the psi-cabin and quickly logs over the door and windows. Secure! Much better!
Out in the real world, Chenda's still singing away happily, subconsciously enjoying the rare chance to perform. "I've got you under my skin... I'd tried so not to give in..." And the song ends there, on that unintentional sum-up of the whole exercise, the gypsy girl rubbing a hand across her forehead and wincing faintly. Okay, that definitely could've been worse, but it was bad enough.

Blindfold grins nodding as she heard jean, reaching out a hand to rub richenda's back. Richenda did very well, ruth tried now and then but dancing was far more difficult.

Jean smiles a little, "Well done, both of you. Ruth, we'll keep practicing those barriers, soon you will hopefully be able to raise them without focusing so much effort." She glances over at Richenda, her voice gentle but stern all the same, "You need to be careful of telepathic suggestions like that, those kinds of compulsions can be insidious, and might not be as harmless as that one was. Still, for a beginner, you did well, and refocused once I gave you the reminder." She nods a little, looking approving of both of them, "Richenda, one other thing that can help, is cluttering your mind with thoughts, if you think that there's a psychic nearby that might be reading your mind. Even if it's just song lyrics or poetry, it can be difficult to work through all that to plant suggestions or discern your thoughts."

Chenda stays still, gratefully letting Ruth rub her back. That was embarrassing, and all the worse because it catered to a very strong part of herself. She blushes at the rebuke, nodding. "I'll... I'll try to do better, Miss Grey," she says at last. "I think I could do that kind of clutter. I know lots of songs."

Blindfold smiles toward Jean "Thank you Miss Grey, I look forward to our next lesson yes" then giggles as Jean's advice reminds her of Mike "Mike tried that very tactic when he thought I was poking round his head, would have worked probably if I was, yes thank you" then pats richenda's back "You do have a nice voice though, but distracting" she giggles if richenda had kept up that singing she prolly would've lost her focus.

Jean gives Richenda a more gentle look, "If it makes you feel any better, the Professor had Bobby and Hank doing a duet of that song the first time they were tested like that. And you did sing better than either of them." She considers, and smiles a bit, "If you want, I can see about rearranging your schedule a bit, getting you some music or singing lessons. Admittedly, I haven't had a chance to check all the schedules, but if you would like that, it is an option." She pauses, as the cellphone she left on the piano starts cheeping. Seeing the ID, she smiles a bit, "Ah, I have to take this. But I'm pretty sure our lesson time is concluded. I'll talk to you both later, I'm certain." She nods pleasantly to both kids, giving them each an encouraging smile, and heads out with her phone. Oddly enough, she doesn't pick up and start talking, instead tilting her head sideways... and very happy thoughts are leaking out of her head, to the telepathically observant.

Chenda blushes, but she gives Ruth a quick hug all the same. "Thank you. I do love your weaving, too," she compliments, feeling just a bit obligated. She does, actually, but she's no judge of weaving.
She sighs and drops the barrier, just in time to catch that outpouring of very happy thoughts on their fraying, but unbroken, connection. She blushes a little and gently turns Ruth around, if the taller girl will let her. "I think we'd better leave, Ruth. This is a private call."
She does have the presence of mind to call back to Jean. "Please, Miss Gray? I'd love to learn to sing. Or play an instrument of some kind." It'd sure beat Advanced Math!

Blindfold turns around when prompted and began to ufold her cane as she relied on richenda to lead "Alright, maybe a movie, please yes? Least things will be a bit quieter now" letting her lego wall tumble apart and then she blushes "Think we'll find boyfriends?" ah the girl talk it always came back to boys

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