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Firestar, Richenda Gray, Ultragirl

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09/18/12 10:52


Angelica meets Richenda while hanging out at the mall, they both happen by Ultragirl

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With more time on her hands lately, Angel has been getting more time for some minor shopping amongst the shopping that's mostly done for the eyes. That is, she fantasizes about what she wants to buy, without having the money to buy it. Today, however, Angel has made a small purchase, as she walks about the mall with a small bag, currently en route to get herself a nice mocha frappe.

Well, malls can be entertaining places. For some more than others. The situation is odd today however and one of the better shoe stores in the mall seems to have a bit of hubub going on inside. There are a few people hanging out and peering inside as Kelda speaks to the salespeople. On the counter nearby, there are three differently sized coins made 'apparently' of gold. For all anyone knows, it could be gold paint or just fake. But she's standing there barefoot in her flowing white robes. "I was told that I require shoes. I was told this was the place to find quality footwear." she says in that goofy Asgardian english sounding accent. "Thy tell me that my gold is not good here?" she asks ... not really trying to be intimidating, but a 6 foot 3 woman who can bench press a city bus... well that can be intimidating to anyone.

Chenda isn't a mall rat, but she does spend a lot of time there lately, trying to forget the troubles in her life. Not being at home does help her to push them to the back of her mind.

So when she steps out of a shop, the sight of bright red hair nearby perks up her attitude instantly. Angel! And she's been carrying around something for the (slightly) smaller girl for some time now, hoping to run into her.

So when Angel steps into line at the coffee kiosk, she'll feel someone's body press in behind her, and then darkness falls as small, callused hands cover her eyes! "Guess who?" comes a light, cheerful girl's voice, somewhat familiar. The fact that the owner of the voice is about her own height narrows the list of potential prankers considerably.

People who haven't had Angelica's experiences may readily play this game of "Guess Who?" But in the case of the small red head, her immediate reaction is to strike with an elbow at the person behind her and reach to stomp at their foot, "get away from me!" She calls out a warning, her reaction comes before she can even hear the voice. But then she never did quite tell Richenda about her training. The commotion in the shoe store for is out of her mind for now.

Well, the commotion in the shoestore is about to both end, and escelate. The cry from Angelica is barely heard over the other noises of the mall. It is after all, right outside the store. Kelda just says, "Keep the shoes." and turns to stalk out of the store. There are people there just staring and not really moving out of the way. But.. they end up shouldered aside. Four hundred pounds of Asgardian do have a tendency to make crowds of mortals part like the Red Sea at times. She is investigating the trouble out front, but likely won't arrive before it resolves itself.

Chenda is very fortunate to be blessed with excellent reflexes. She manages to twist aside from that elbow and avoid having her breath knocked out and having incredible pain coursing through her body from an elbow in the solar plexus. Yeek! That was close!

But Angel's foot-stomp is another matter, and the smaller girl packs a wallop! "Yaah!" the gypsy girl cries, stumbling back and trying to keep her injured foot off the floor. "Geez, Angel, jumpy much?" She doesn't notice Kelda immediately, but it won't be long...

Whirling around after striking who she thought was her assailant, Angel looks surprised and shocked as she reaches immediately to support and embrace Richenda, "oh my god! Richenda! Don't sneak up on me like's a long story, but you scared the heck out of me! I'm so sorry I hurt you, I didn't mean to!"

"So, nobody is being attacked then?" comes the voice of Kelda as she strides closer. Her hands are on her hips. There's no pockets in that robe to put the hands in of course. And yes, she's barefoot. She 'almost' looks disappointed that there is no attack going on. "Are either of thee injured?" she adds. Yeah, attention is difficult for her to avoid...

"Owie-owie-ow..." Chenda murmurs, sighing in relief as Angel hugs her and helps her maintain her balance. "Sorry. I didn't know I'd be stepping on a land mine," she murmurs in reply. "My foot's not broken. I think I'll be okay in a second..."

A second she doesn't get. The sound of that very impressive voice brings her head up and around to seek the source. Her dark eyes widen at the sight of the very tall blonde with the case of foot-nudity. "Um, hi? Not exactly, no. Nobody's being attacked, and my foot'll be okay with a little time."

"No, nobody is being attacked," Angel reassures the woman asking the question, still not taking the time to see who it is as she's concerned for her friends. "Maybe I didn't tell you, 'Chenda, but people -are- looking to hurt me...please don't sneak on me again, my response is instinctive, I can't really help it." Once she sees Richenda is okay, Angel finally turns to look at Kelda, that is, look up at Kelda, "oh, hi, she was just trying to pull a prank on me...that's all," the red head murmurs.

Well, nobody will say that Kelda is totally unobservant. She inclines her head and raises a single brow. "Who is seeking ye to inflict harm upon thy brow?" she asks towards Angelia. "I be Kelda, the Stormrider, the Lady of the Winter Storm and the mistress of the snow and lightning. I wouldst have thy hunter know to leave thee be."

Wow. Somebody's just a little intense! Chenda stares for a long moment, observing the play of emotions on Kelda's face. Something about all that is familiar, actually. The Asgardian kind of familiar! "My respects then, Lady Kelda," she says, bowing her head respectfully. "Thank you for not simply grabbing me up and shaking me."

She looks back to Angel, her smile a touch pained. "Or so I found out. Don't worry, I'll make sure to announce myself before I touch you again," she replies, hugging the redhead a little tighter before she lets go. "But it's still good to see you."

"Oh, that's, well, that's really some personal stuff...everybody has their demons. I can take care of myself, but thanks for offering help, erm, Kelda," Angel does seem a bit taken back by the woman's peculiar speech, before a lightbulb lights up and she figures what seems so familiar about her mannerism. Well she can't really say anything as she is now, but at least she understands enough to not question that odd manner of speech. "You're not from around here, are you, Kelda?" Smiling warmly at 'Chenda, Angel is just glad this all resolved nicely and didn't wind up costing her another friend. She has quite a bout of bad luck with retaining friends, after all. Though it has been getting better ever since she left the Academy and joined the New Warriors.

"Aye, I am from the Shining City. I am visiting Midgard to seek adventure and to find suitably heroic deeds to perform. I respect that thy wish to solve ye own problems or face ye own demons, but... if ye shall not share ye troubles with me, then how am I to assist and partake in adventure?" Oy, a bored goddess is a -totally- terrifying idea in the world. At least she seeks good thinsg to do. But Kelda also looks to 'Chenda and asks, "Are ye certain ye be unharmed?"

Chenda smiles. "I'm okay, mostly. Just a sore foot," she replies, lifting the foot up a little for inspection. "Give it a few minutes and I'll be able to walk again." She looks Kelda over more carefully. "But are you sure you should be going around dressed that way? Your gown's lovely, but it makes you kind of... obvious. Maybe I could help you find something a bit less conspicuous." She looks at Angel inquiringly, just in case the redhead has an afternoon to kill.

"Well, maybe there's not much adventure to be had following my issues?" Angel offers politely, sure it could be fun to sic an Asgardian Goddess on some people who possibly could deserve it, but Angel is just not that vindictive, at least not when she has a cool head. "Thank you very much for offering." Looking from Richenda to Kelda and back, Angel murmurs, "I don't know that you should be giving her fashion advice, I think she likes walking around as she is, and nothing is wrong with that, so long as she's comfortable. Trust me, she will not get in trouble for it."

Looking down at her robes, Kelda initially offers, "I was given other clothing to wear, but.. the bottom part was tight and didst not reach my knees. The top was barely flowing at all." she shrugs, "I wear it from time to time because it was a gift and it would be rude not to do so. But... Jarvis was kind enough to have my preferred robes cleaned, so they smell nice and fresh... I believe I like this... laundry soap that makes my robes smell like the grasslands just after a storm." Talk about nonsensical crap. Kelda just doesn't quite have a modern presence of mind, does she?

"Never hurts to ask, Angel," Chenda replies softly, but no less cheerfully. "Besides, shopping with her might be fun. She's interesting."

She looks back to Kelda. "Those aren't the only clothes around, Lady Kelda. Have you tried something like this?" she asks, gesturing to her own denims and long-sleeved tee. "My outfit's very practical for everyday things, and looks good besides."

" you are staying with the Avengers?" Angel asks softly, "if so, they really can guide you to where your help would be needed most." She then looks at Richenda and grins, looks like the girl is set on going shopping with a Goddess.

"The Avengers, that is a good name for a company of adventurers." Kelda nods with approval. "And I have not considered trousers. I wouldst not..." She pauses and looks about the mall for a moment, "It is normal, is it not?" she asks. "I see many women in trousers..." Then she nods once more and reaches into a pouch tied to the rope around her waist. She pulls a handful of solid gold coins, and a couple gems from said pouch, "Do you think that this will be enough to pay for such clothing?" she asks.

"That's true. If there's trouble and adventure to be had, they'll know where and what it is, or at least where," Chenda agrees, nodding. She answers Angel's grin with one of her own. "And jeans are /totally/ normal. They're the most normal thing you'll see on a girl these days."

And then Kelda pulls out that pouch, leaving Chenda blinking at what she sees. "Wow... that's more than enough, but it's against the law in this country to conduct commerce with gold or gems as currency," she says, recalling the legal matter. "But I could buy you an outfit, and you could pay me back later. Julia Carpenter gave me permission to visit the Avengers mansion, so I could come by anytime that's convenient for you."

"You probably want to get your hands on dollars, that's the currency used in this could probably get something for the gold coins, but you'd have to go for a Jeweller's Exchange store." Angel offers helpfully, before grinning at Kelda's distaste at the thought of wearing pants, "well, times have changed...maybe in the 50s it was really bad for a woman to wear pants, but that's not the case any more, in fact there are some pants made specifically for women. Like mine," Angel points at her skinny jeans, which do fit her quite perfectly. "But there's nothing wrong about wearing any kind of pants, it's just another garment, you know?"

"If you would help me then..." Kelda just shrugs and holds that handful of coins and gems out. There is a purple gem, a small red one, and even a bright blue sapphire. "I wouldst gift these to ye in exchange." She offers a smile and gestures to the various stores. "So much variety in one place. How do the people sew so many outfits, so fast?" She adds, "But... I wouldst be honored to accept aid in selecting trousers."

Chenda smiles, listening to Angel's history lesson and giving the girl a one-armed hug. "Remind me to ask you for help on my next history quiz, Angel. Plus, those jeans look really great on you. Which reminds me, I've got a present I've been holding for you." A quick look at Kelda. "Might be a minute before I can give it to you."

She turns back to Kelda, and her eyes widen at the sight of the stones. "That's... Kelda, you're incredibly generous, but I couldn't accept something so valuable just for doing something I was going to do myself, anyway. Paying me for the cost is one thing, but that's /way/ above that."

"A present for me? You shouldn't have 'Chenda..." Angel says before knowing what the other girl had gotten her, not accustomed to getting gifts. Well, she did used to get gifts all the time at one point in the past, but those always brought bad fortune. "Yes, Kelda, you shouldn't throw around these gold coins...I mean, you can protect yourself, sure, but still...not a good idea," Angel quips her bit about it.

Looking momentarily confused, Kelda just shrugs a bit, "Thy should be rewarded for thy generosity and kindness." She tucks the gold away, but then holds out one gem in each hand. Small things. Pretty and all, "Thee -will- both accept these. So speaks the Stormrider." Okay, so she's not going to take no for an answer to -that-. "And if any wish to try to take what is mine by force, they will find that... quite difficult." Her eyes harden a bit for a moment before she smiles and -totally- changes subjects. "What is that delifhtful smell though?" she asks, turning towards the coffee kiosk... as well as the likely staring people nearby.

Standing out front of a shoestore, with several mildly stunned patrons nearby watching the events unfold, Kelda is just holding a couple small gifts out towards the other two young ladies and commenting on the pleasant smell of coffee while looking towards the Kiosk. Currently, she's dressed in the robes and all.... drawing quite the large number of looks and attention.

"After you flattened my foot? Probably not," Chenda teases softly. "But I did anyway! I think you'll like 'em."

And, Kelda... who is now insisting that they take one each of those beautiful stones. "Wow... Lady Kelda, I believe I see now. Thank you for your generosity," she says, accepting the small blue gem and leaving the larger, more valuable stone for Angel. "The best stores for jeans and tops are just across the way..."

And then Kelda proves that even a goddess can't resist the smell of good coffee. "That's Ahab's Coffee," she says, stifling giggles. That delighted look on Kelda's face deserves a picture. And here she is without a camera!

"It's coffee...though there are different varities, I personally like frappes, they're almost like shakes," Angel explains to Kelda, her eyes open wide at the sight of the gem she is offered, "well, if you insist, but I really am not too comfortable accepting it," Angel admits, though she will relent if Kelda insists on her gift being accepted, she knows better than to say no to an Asgardian. Poking Richenda, Angel snorts, "it was your fault!"

Indeed, the goddess insists. She does this by simply letting Richenda take the smaller stone, and then reaching to place the other one in Angelica's hand, even if she must reach to grasp the wrist/hand to force it to happen. She is doing this almost absently as she turns towards the coffee vendor and approaches. "What is a shake?" she asks as she looks up at the menu, "And what is... machiatto.... and latte..." (She horribly butchers both words of course...)

"I'd better let Angel explain coffee. She's /way/ smarter than me," Chenda says, trying not to laugh. It looks like she and her red-haired friend may be in over their heads! "I'll stick with clothes. But the fastest way to know what any of those are is to try them, and talk with the servers. I prefer mocha espresso, myself."

She gets poked, and giggles at Angel's words. "Yes, I know... touchy, touchy! I'm beginning to think your wonderful disposition is just an act, Angel. Maybe you've more in common with the guy with the pitchfork who's the same color as your hair," she teases.

Did someone wish for cameras? Well, there's a few coming into the mall all at once, a crewed television camera and two still-frame digital cameras. It looks like some sort of 'fashion show on the hoof' happening... and it's surrounding a blonde girl dressed all in orange: Ultragirl!

Chenda'd know that Suzy recently started classes at a certain school they now share, and would also know that it's difficult, at best, for most students there to get a day of liberty... but, then again, Suzy's quite clearly working as part of her contractual agreement with her sponsor, UnderArmor. In fact, she's even got an addition to her costume, today, a white cape with the company's logo emblazoned on the back of it in a bright orange, to match the costume. It seems someone's making a scheduled public appearance out in public... and she's giving away, too, to anyone she runs into, pre-paid credit cards... good only here at the Hazelton Mall.

Suzy can't help but notice Chenda, and, followed by the camera crews, she heads that way... still handing out the prepaid credit cards to anyone and everyone who's shopping in the mall, along the way, smiling and offering greetings as she does.

"Errr...thank you, Kelda," Angel says with an awkward smile on her lips, not having a chance to even consider refusing when Kelda simply puts the gem in her hand. "It's lovely." Crossing her arms, Angel closes her lips tight and gives 'Chenda a chastising look, "hmph," she doesn't add anything more to the playful argument though. "You're not dumb, and Richenda, don't say I'm smarter than you, ok?" Angel then turns to try and help Kelda, "try and ask for an iced coffee, that would be a good first thing for you to taste. Ask for sugar and cream if you like sweet taste." It's about then that Ultragirl's entrance catches Angel's attention, turning to look in awe at the beautiful girl who took the media by storm, "Ultragirl," she quips to no one in particular. What really goes in her mind is concern that she told Night Thrasher she'll take the time to catch up with Ultragirl for a brief talk and hadn't done it yet. Now would be a terrible time, and so she just gawks like any other fan.

Gesturing towards Angelica as she speaks to the barrista. "I shall have what she just spoke of." she remarks. The goddess is in her white robes, and surely stands out to Ultragirl. In fact, after placing her order, the goddess turns to view the crowd nearby and recognizes Ultragirl. "Ah, there is a true hero of the world. She was present upon my arrival to Midgard, and she didst go up against one of the more dangerous Ice Giants of Niffleheim on my behalf." Yep, it's like the goddess has ADD, totally distracted by lots of little things.

Chenda just smiles bemusedly at Angel. "Aw, don't frown. You're hiding your dimples," she says, leaning closer to give the smaller girl a quick hug. "And you are /much/ smarter than me. If I had to get by on my own smarts, I'd starve in a week." Kelda's lovely stone goes into a pocket, for now. She'll transfer it to a safer place once she has a little privacy. Which the coffee line at Ahab's definitely isn't. She stifles giggles as Kelda gives the classic 'I have no idea what to order' answer.

And then comes a procession of media and suits, bearing the UnderArmour logo. And at the head of the pack is a very familiar face, especially in the last few days. "Ultragirl," she agrees with Angel, and then lifts an arm and waves spiritedly. "Suzy!" she calls, sounding more like a friend than a fan and smiling with genuine delight. "Suze, over here!"

Suzy lifts a hand to wave in return to Chenda, handing out a few more of those prepaid cards along the way she gets over to where the others are. "Heya, Chenda", she says, and smiles at the others there, too, to include them in the greeting. "Here! Y'all take some of these, too", she says, offering each of the three a prepaid credit card of their own. They're... the same orange as Ultragirl's costume, with the UnderArmor logo and Suzy's face on the front... and with her autograph, too. "Fifty bucks of shopping here in this mall. A gift from UnderArmor!", she says, happily.. then turns to hand the last few out to other people who are nearby.

"Took on an Ice Giant of Niffleheim? Waw..." now why would Angel even know to be impressed by that? Maybe she's well read. This also means she really needs to speak to Ultragirl sooner rather than later. So awkward. And then Richenda has to call her over, great. Smiling as sweetly as she can, Angel takes the prepaid shopping card offered her, "thank you so much, erm, Ultragirl." Sure, Richenda just called her Suzy, but that doesn't mean she would be on familiar terms with her as well. "If you'll excuse me guys, I really need to get going, I only came to shop for a few basic necessities before heading to class, so see you later!" Waving her hand, Angelica starts heading for the exit.

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