Mall Visit - New Mutants Style

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Thimble Showstopper

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Brooklyn Hazelton Mall - Brooklyn

Richenda drags Janie to shop a few things - and they stop a gang of shoplifters.

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Sunday morning in New York really isn't a lot different than Saturday morning, save for fewer people on the streets due to church services. Hazelton Mall reflects this, being open but a lot less crowded than usual.
Which is perfect, in Chenda's mind. She's still got some shopping to do for a friend, namely Janie Wu. But that doesn't rule out fun, right? She pauses by the door of The Fashion Dig, a secondhand clothing store with a playful archaeological motif. "Okay... we don't have a lot of money, but with your talents that won't matter much, right? There's plenty to find here," she says, giving the smaller girl a smile.

It had taken a while for Richenda to get Janie to agree to go out shopping. She simply is not comfortable with crowds. However second hand is what she always gets, even if she has barely more than 7 sets of clothing, excluding the issiued sports stuff and the danger room and the new mutants uniform. "Well, I can sew..." she mutters on the question, hoping she doesn't suspect about her powers. She hadn't told.

"I wasn't thinking of sewing," Chenda replies, winking. "But first things first. Let's see if we can find you something cool." She does clasp Janie's shoulder to draw her inside, but her grip is gentle. "I was thinking jeans and a few tops to mix and match, maybe some better shoes. What about you?"

Shrugging Janie follows Chenda into the shop "It's sewing." she just claims as she thinks about the suggestions "I have a pair of jeans and some tops." she remarks, looking to her shoes. That were her only one. A pair of worn out running shoes.

"I was thinking better jeans and better tops, and this place should have both." Chenda pauses by one of the racks, frowning as she looks over a few tags. "This might be a little tricky at your size, Janie. Tops aren't so bad, but pants of any kind... we might be looking for a while." She bends over, putting that acrobatic flexibility to good use, digging into the low bin.

She doesn't notice, not with her attention on the project, but there's another girl coming in with a few girlfriends, chatting amiably enough and looking all around. One does notice the gypsy girl's posterior in the air, which just results in more giggles from the bunch.

"Childrens department fits most time," Janie explains searching that way "or I need to resew it all. But even then it is cheaper to buy a shirt than the fabric most times." She does not look after the giggling girls, suspecting they try to make fun of her for being hardly 5 feet.

"This is kinda mixed together. It's the bargain bin," Chenda says, her voice a bit muffled from being down in the bin. "Children's department will be the next stop if we don't find anything here." She glances over at Janie. "I think I hear somebody laughing... do you?"

The little gaggle of well-dressed girls is getting closer, snatching glances at everything they pass, but slowly edging towards the accessory counter, which holds inexpensive bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, jelly bracelets, and similar things. Their path will take them right past the two searching Xavier's girls, though.

Janie picks up several things and tosses them over to a pile. "Some girls" she just comments, on the giggling group that is about to pass them. "I have no clue what we search for exactly," she then adds, looking the colorful stuff.

"Nice to know /some/ people don't have anything to worry about," Chenda mutters, glancing vaguely in the direction of the gaggle. "Must be nice to be like that. But... clothes." She finally comes up with a pair of jeans, stylishly tight. "This looks like the right size... have a look?"

The gaggle, darting looks at the two and losing some of the giggles if none of the chatter, finally reaches the goal of the accessories counter. They timed it just perfect: The owner is over dealing with another customer. The blonde in the lead begins looking through the bin of assorted bracelets, while the others ooh and coo over her findings.
Actually, a good look will reveal that that's not all they're doing. They're also hiding what Blondie's actually doing as much as they can. And through the occasional gap, it looks like Blondie's purse is open...

Thimble eyes the pair of jeans carefully as she is shown it "seems ok. dressing booth... there" she mutters as she picks the pair of jeans to try it on. The giggling group is just between her and those dressing booths, so she can't come gut notice the purse in one second, but it does not make her worry really. Maybe she is searching something. As she enters the dressing booth she takes a careful look ar the cloth. Not too far away from her size likely.
Then she looks back to Chenda, noticing the purse still open and something falling into it "Richenda?" she just asks loud enough to make her notice as if to ask for if the thing is fitting.

Always alert for a bargain, Chenda pulls out another pair of jeans, this one in her own size. "Nice decorative stitching... these definitely have my name on 'em," she says softly, with a conspiratorial grin at Janie. "Looks like there's just room for both of us if we share." Sometimes being small has its advantages.
She starts to squeeze into the booth with Janie, so they can talk and she can give the new clothes a look once the other girl has 'em on. "Hmm?" she asks, looking over, matching her friend's soft tone. "What is it?"

At the counter, Blondie and her friends are still looking... and filching. Blondie's just dropped another bracelet into her open purse, which is between her body and the counter, out of easy view. But Janie saw it just fine!

Squeezing in with Richenda into the small booth makes Janie slightly uncomfortable, but she bears it for the moment, nodding to the group "I think they do some shoplifting." she mutters silently as she tries to open her own jeans. as if it is nothing.

Chenda, used to small spaces, leaves as much space as possible for Janie. She quickly unlaces her shoes and slips them off, setting them aside under the little bench. She peeks over the curtain as she undoes the buttons on her jeans, slipping them off. "I don't see it," she murmurs, standing in black-and-white striped panties as she surveys the little group, carefully folding her jeans. Growing up poor, she's learned to be careful of her clothes. "They're sure all up there in a crowd, though. Surely they can't all see what she's looking at." She frowns suspiciously, lowering her head so she won't get noticed staring. "You saw them take something?"

Janie just nods silently, slipping out of her own jeans. She does not bother untying her shoes . she never does, as the knots just slip wider when she kicks them off. Bending to get the jeans out, her pink panties get revealed to her teammate as she folds them together.

Chenda nods herself, looking back at Janie. "We'll have to do something about them," she murmurs. Then she glances at herself and Janie in the booth mirror, both of them all socks, bare legs, and panties from the waist down. "Okay, maybe not immediately," she adds, stifling giggles and giving Janie a playfully gentle hipbump. "But we'll keep an eye on 'em." She shakes out the slightly-used jeans and begins slipping into them.

The gaggle isn't hard to keep an eye on. Aside from the deceptively innocent admiring chatter, they're still together in a knot. And The Dig's owner is still with a customer, despite her occasional glance up at the front of the store.

Thimble pouts a bit on the hip bump, not getting the point in it. With a bit of trickery she tries to get into her chosen jeans. "what to do? call the cops?" she mutters, trying to get the jeans closed quick. Ok, she does trick to make them fit faster.

The gypsy girl giggles, seeing that look on Janie's face. "I definitely need to teach you about teasing and fun. Hmm... these are a little snug," Chenda murmurs, frowning as she surveys her look in the mirror. "But they could be worse. Maybe you could help me after we get home?"
She nods thoughtfully as Janie reminds her of the shoplifting matter. "Well, I'll tell Valerie for sure. She's the owner," she replies. "I don't like involving cops in anything, though. Maybe we could cook up a little payback of our own, if they don't 'fess up."
She unfastens the jeans. "But first things first. Put your pants and shoes back on, small one. We might have to run, and the last thing we want to do is shoplift something ourselves while we're chasing shoplifters." She begins wriggling out of the jeans, which is a little trickier than getting into them. "At least they don't seem to be going anywhere for the moment."

Thimble nods as she slips out of the jeans easier than she got into them. It's just natural for her to make her cloth fit when she puts them on, so she kicksthem down as if tailored for her to change back as quickly as possilble. As she bends to pick her own jeans up, her shirt moves up a bit, exposing a cute little teddy printed to her panties. "they will not take too long anymore. the risk is too high." she mutters. She has shoplifted after all. and she had been quite good at some of that.

Chenda nods. "Don't lose sight of her. She's got the merchandise. If they get made and they're smart, they'll scatter so nobody knows who to chase, but that won't work on us." She slips on her shoes and hastily laces them up. "Let's just leave what we've found here. You watch the bunch while I go get Valerie, okay?" She pushes open the curtain and steps out, striding in the direction of The Dig's busy owner.

And up at the front, Blondie shuts her purse and casually turns around, making a great show of picking up a cute faux-jewelry ring and slipping it on, admiring it on her finger. The gaggle oohs and coos appreciatively for a long moment. Then Blondie sets out for the checkout counter, just like the normal, honest customer she emphatically isn't.

Thimble nods as she follows out, eying where blondie is. no, not blondie. if she is the chef, she will try to drop the evidence to one of her goons. She tries to follow the burse for now. even more, she makes sure not to be too far away from it's carrier, but not too close either.

Chenda, having gotten Valerie's attention, seems to be explaining the matter to her.

The twentyish brunette is sharp enough not to look too intently at the bunch, but instead moves to the cash register to ring up the order, faux-sincere smile on her face. She's quick and professional. "That'll be $2.49... and about twenty-five for my accessories in your purse," she says, keeping her voice professionally low, but her tone says she means business.

"In my purse? Like, what are you talking about? Ya know, that's really rude, accusing somebody of shoplifting when they're buying stuff in your store!" Blondie bursts out.

"You're shoplifting in my store, and you're calling /me/ rude? You know, I was going to give you a chance to come clean, but now I'm calling Security," Valerie fires back, reaching for the phone.

And that's when Blondie & Company do exactly what Chenda guessed, and make a run for it. Of course, the second they're out the door, Blondie lives down to Janie's own figuring and passes the purse to a black-haired member of her gaggle, and the little flock of girls scatters in all directions. In their stylishly tight jeans, they're not amazing runners, but there are about six of them, none going in the same direction!

Thimble grins as she simply loosens the shoes of the transporter to trip her, as the goods are best evidence. But she can't simply let Blondie escape, so she tries to give her waistband a tug strong enough to rip it ad let the tight jeans get in her way. "Hey! thieves!" she then screams, pointing on a pair of them "get them!"

Chenda, who hadn't been forewarned but does have good eyes, noticed the switch and dashed after the brunette with the bag. She's surprised when the girl lets out a shriek and trips, actually losing one of her shoes as she goes sprawling. The purse escapes her grasp and goes tumbling across the mall's tile floor, spilling out its contents messily. Chenda settles for pinning the girl down for Security. Fortunately, they're on their way.

As for Blondie, she was expecting to be chased, but not so soon! She tries to pull away from Janie, which only makes the girl's tug worse. Her jeans rip open from the waistband down onto her thigh, flopping loose and falling around her knees, and she tumbles to the floor with her own powder blue panties on public display.

And two men from Mall Security, just coming onto the scene, see Janie's pointing and soon have two more of the girls in custody. Sure, two get away, but four out of six isn't a bad haul for them. Besides, the others might give up their friends when the /real/ police get here to deal with the matter...

"Good job!" Chenda calls back, grinning fiercely at Janie. She moves so Security can haul her own thief away. They'll be reunited with two of their friends soon enough at the security station. Blondie glares murderously at them as she's led away, one hand holding her jeans up and together as best she can.
Chenda doesn't pay her any mind. "I'll get it. Can you go get Valerie? She'll want this stuff back." She kneels and begins scooping up the lost accessories. Security took the purse, so she scoots it all into a pile and shrugs off the outermost of her layered tees to carry it in.

Thimble nods as she searches the owner of the clothing shop. Likely security will want to have a word with the two of them. "Richenda picks up your stuff." she just comments, looking back to her, as a security officer comes closer, likely to ask them for the evidence or that interview. Presenting evidence is always a good thing.

Valerie looks up as the girl comes up, having a quiet conversation with another member of Security. "Hmm? Oh, you're with her? She said you noticed those six problems first," she says, turning a grateful smile on Janie. "Good job you did on that blonde brat. I'll bet she never comes in here again, and I for one won't shed a tear over that! The stuff you were trying on? It's on the house. But I'd stick around a second. I'm sure these nice men with the badges will want to talk to you and Chenda both."

The Security man, an older man with a graying, neatly-trimmed beard, nods in the affirmative as Valerie finishes talking. "Sure will. But don't worry, I just want to know how you knew they were stealing. You're not in any trouble. Hell, I wish we had more customers like you and your friend."

Thimble nods slowly on the word. "just saw her putting stuff in the purse." no need to tell you have a record, right? "and it was pretty obvious. Too tight knit gaggle."

"Still, good eyes you've got. Most people wouldn't even catch that much, even my own officers," the Security man replies. His nametag reads 'Stearn'. "Just let me know if you ever want a job here, the kind that involves a shoulder patch and a flashlight." With a good-natured smile and a tip of his black baseball cap, he moves off to talk to the returning Chenda.

- - - Fade to black - - -

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