Mall Madness

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Mall Madness

Blindfold, Rogue (NPC), X-23 (emitting)

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02/09/13 08:00

Salem Center Mall

Blindfold and Rogue encounter a frightened youth.

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The mall. Its presence as a shrine to commerce is ubiquitous and unquestionable - and it draws any number of worshipers into its depths. Today is no different, with mingled throngs of tweens, teens, and mall-walkers populating the multi-tiered construction. The usual, dizzying array of smells from the food court clash with the chaos of conversation that resonates throughout, while the collective tide of humanity ebbs and flows with only a few ripples from time to time to break things up.
One such ripple is due to be made in the form of a young man, one who stumbles in from the world outside and immediately attempts to set off into a terrified sprint. There is no better way to differentiate oneself from the greater herd than to be the panic-ridden beast with wild eyes and panicked movements - and to try to merge with that herd in such a state is a near impossibility. The source of his terror is impossible to determine; he's obviously not being pursued, there are no sirens, and there certainly isn't anything outside that's trying to enter with the same level of agitation as he did.
So it goes, with a panicked youth struggling to find sanctuary within the temple of luxury, while all the worshipers churn around him with confusion and revulsion.

Blindfold was walking along tapping a red tipped white cane, as she walked with a red haired woman who supported a shock of white in her hair. Tilting het head at the commotion "Hmm strange...what could have upset him, do you think please Miss?"

He's going to die.
That's the singular detail that Blindfold might pick up on - though it might seem strange. He looks healthy enough, aside from the fear, and he's a bit too young for death to be looming over his shoulder. And, yet, there it is.
His panic-stricken flight hits a veritable wall in the form of elderly mall-walkers and he's forced to veer off, which brings him rather closer to where Blindfold and her guardian du jour are at. Instinct drives him more than logic - and fear is at the wheel.

Blindfold frowns clutching a gloved hand of her chaperone who asks "what's the matta sug?" With no time to explain Ruth moves to intercept the boy in the last second "We can help, please what's the matter?"

Boy is fairly apt - though he's probably in his late teens or early twenties, he has a youthful look about him that's only heightened further by his terrified state. He's caught easily, as it were; though no hand is laid on him, the acknowledgement is enough to bring his maddened rush to a temporary standstill. Wide eyes somehow get a little wider at the sight of the two women and he stumbles back a step.
Mall security is probably on their way right now to deal with the nuisance, but there's time enough for him to answer. "I- We- She killed them! Oh god, she killed them and I think she's going to get me, too!" He cuts a look over his shoulder, but there is no relief to be found there. "I need help. I need someone to make sure she doesn't get me like she got the rest of them. I shoulda been down there, helping, but I- I just-" Tears stand out in his eyes, but, despite his pleas for help, he starts to back away from the two women.

Blindfold nods teaching a hand out to the boy "please yes, we can't help if you run away. We can make sure she doesn't get you. please if you would, what did she look like?" turning her head toward rogue with a nod in agreement with what the boy said, he would be next if they didn't help.

The offered hand is eyed, but he doesn't take it. Security guards are already moving in from the periphery, while the tide of mall-goers seems to flow around the disturbance - save for the expected rubberneckers, of course.
"I can't- I can't remember," he stammers out. "She had a thing over her face. All black." He gestures with a shaking hand, miming a covered face. Once more, his eyes widen and, as one of the guards reaches to take him by the arm - "Don't worry, ladies, we've got this guy under control," the guard says - the youth blurts:
"Green eyes. She had green eyes."
And so, too, does the cause of his ultimate demise.

Blindfold nods to the security. Rogue looks at the mall cops "Take good care of him and keep him safe, sugs. Call the police, he's a witness not a trouble maker" with a wink Rogue looked down to Ruth "picking anything up sug?" Ruth have the boy a spastic face before pointing toward the exit the boy came in thru "I think that way"

"Will do," the guard says and even goes so far as to tip his cap at Rogue. The rent-a-cops shuttle the young man off despite his protestations - he throws a final look over his shoulder at the two women, but, soon enough, he's swallowed up in the faceless throng. The door that the young man came in through has been used fairly steadily since his arrival; the comings and goings are relatively regular, if not constant. But, no trace of his impending doom can be found there; indeed, it sticks to him like a terrible beacon, but doesn't seem to extend further.
Outside - presuming they go that far - things are every bit as normal as one could expect - no sign of a disturbance or mass killing as the young man had mentioned. Either he ran quite a ways or he's utterly cracked.
In short: a dead end.

Blindfold turns her head this way and that before tilting her head up toward rogue worryingly "It's not here, wet have to get the boy Miss Rogue or he won't survive" Nodding Rogue pats Ruth's shoulder before leading the girl in. Time for a call to the school and some intervention.

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