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Hellstorm & Scarlet Witch

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11/26/12 10:54

Binding of Fate

Wanda encounters Daimon after an excorcism and they discuss current events of children.

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-----==[ Binding of Fate - Greenwich Village ]==------------------------------

There is no bell to this shop's door, which makes little noise upon an exit or entry. The musical sound of various wind chimes drips into the atmosphere, their glittering materials dancing with the light that filters in through the large store display window. The walls have been freshly painted a pale rosy hue, and mahogany berber carpets the floor. Simple, but traditional, Fate's Bond lacks the usual fanfare of a modern fortune teller's boutique. There are no advertisement for readings, no flashy signs of a gypsy who can reveal your future. For all the world, this place seems more like a store of fanciful trinkets. That is, except for the fact that some of the most mundane looking objects are kept in glass cases. From books with no titles, to crystal balls, candles, mirrors, and intriguing jewelry. Some items are price marked, others are not. The glass display counter shows off figurines and different decks of tarot cards. To the back, a silky curtain of bright red and gold glimmers behind strings of crystal beads. It conceals both a stairwell and another room. Dimly lit, with a round table set between two chairs, this small room contains little else but a candelabra in its corner.


There has been much strife within this shop. Toppled shelves, tables and chairs asunder, and even a nude body on the floor - not dead, albeit her breath is shallow. Two other persons stand within the room, Daimon Hellstrom (Son of Satan) and the gypsy fortune teller, Madame Marraposa (said with an Eastern European accent).

Presently Hellstrom stands with only boots and slacks. He is shirtless and the pentagram tattoo upon his chest offers a subtle glow. Within his right hand, he holds a glowing golden trident which is pointed down at the nude woman upon the floor.

To his left, and a foot or two back, Marraposa stands with her arms folded over her stomach, she is draped in layered robes and wears a veil and beads about her head and face.

And at that precise moment, the front door opens, a casually-dressed woman stepping into the shop. The very alert might recognize her as Wanda Maximoff, despite her civilian clothing, as she was probably looking for a new place to browse through a few things. Her eyes flicker over towards Daimon, the gypsy, and the nude woman on the floor, and she then looks at Daimon, "I'm going to guess that this has something to do with demonic possession." She recognizes the man, of course... having a burning pentagram on your chest makes /that/ pretty easy.

Dark eyes moving from the nude woman (who lays face down) to the new arrival. Hellstrom answers, "Quite. Albeit, you are late for the exorcism. Demon dispatched and now I will leave Madame Marraposa to the care and safety of her daughter."

Wanda looks at Daimon, "Not /that/ fast, mister. I need to have a word with you." She seems a bit stern, and as she speaks a hint of green energy flickers about her fingertips, "Regarding Firestar, actually. If you have a moment, anyway."

The corners of his lip rise as he hears the name Firestar and notes the /fire/ within Wanda's eyes. "Of course, Wanda. I will always have time for you."

His trident fades and his clothing appears (fancy Italian suit). He adds, "But we should walk." and motions to the door (exit).

Wanda nods a bit, and makes her way out of the shop, pausing after she leaves, "Yes, she did talk to me, and she was very upset. But I want to hear your side of what happened with her." She waits patiently, arching a brow at the clothing change but not saying anything else yet.

"My side?" questions Hellstrom as they exit and begin to walk down a busy sidewalk. "Was the poor child traumatized by the vampire's words?"

The breeze of New York's city streets is chilly and the people wear winter attire. Hellstrom has a long coat about his shoulders and walks with confidence and little regard to his surroundings.

Wanda snorts, "No, actually, she was a little freaked out by what you said to her after you dealt with the vampire. And I want to know what exactly you did say to her, because she made it sound like you... well, threatened her. And threatening someone that can control microwaves like she does isn't exactly the best thing." Her eyes flicker to Daimon, "So. What happened after the vampire was dealt with?"

"Threatened?" queries Hellstrom as he turns into an alleyway to offer a semblance of privacy. Once a few yards within, he turns and will address Wanda face to face. "Whatever gave the poor dear the impression that I was threatening her? Unless it was her own issues with strong male figures who find her attractive. Perhaps I reminded her of someone she is predisposed to feeling threatened by. Or it could have been her fear of my father and what he represents to all the paranoid delusioned of the Christian faith. I did reveal to her my lineage. Though, she asked."

Wanda hrms, "Well, she said that you were making... advances on her, and she really didn't appreciate it. I told her that if she didn't like that, she should let you know 'no means no' in no uncertain terms." She tilts her head, "And Firestar probably wasn't expecting to meet you, so that has something to do with it, I'm sure. I just don't want you being chased by the New Warriors, as that would lead to headaches that none of us really want."

Rolling his eyes, Hellstrom smiles, "Silly girl. Then again, what am I to expect. She's no where near the woman you are. Which, in retrospect I'm glad I /made advances/ toward her - for it brought you to me. Which I consider a bonus. Perhaps you'll enhance that bonus and share a meal with me, tonight?"

Wanda smiles wryly, "Yeah, okay, I think I see the problem. Look, just... next time you meet a teenage girl being a superhero, please don't announce that you're the Son of Satan and that you're going to kiss her when you next see her. At least, think twice about it so you don't get a microwaved face." She then pauses, and looks over at Daimon, "As far as dinner goes... well, alright, I suppose there's no harm in that." Her lips curl into a wry smile, "Business, more than pleasure, though. There's been some strange things going on, and I want to have your take on them as well."

"Teenaged?", Hellstrom fixates on that particular adjective and then laughs in a low chuckle. "She didn't look or act, teenaged. No wonder she took issue - just a typical American stigma and the lack of proper education. None the less.. I'll swing by the Mansion and pick you up, say 8. We'll take care of the business quickly, so we can move onto the more pleasurable parts."

With that, he's done. Smalltalk and trivial matters aside, he's moved on to more pressing matters mentally and must follow it physically...."Now, if you would excuse me."

Wanda nods, "Eight, then. I'll be ready." She chuckles softly, "Just, yes... keep in mind that you can be a bit intimidating, even if you're not trying to be. Not that I have to worry about that, but yes." A faint smile, and she tilts her head, "See you this evening, then."

Hellstrom departs.

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