Magic Problems

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Firestar, La Sombra

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10/02/12 6:46

Mutant Town

Tanya sees Firestar patrolling Mutant Town and asks her if she knows magic users who can help lift a curse.

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After the growing hatred on mutants, followed by the robot carnage, Firestar has been trying to patrol increasingly the area of Mutant Town. Now that she's join the Marvel Knights on top of her membership with the New Warriors, she's been kept busier and felt a greater sense of duty to try and prevent things, rather than only answer to developing situations. She's fairly noticeable, flaming aura about her as she flies in the air over Mutant Town, keeping an eye for any suspicious or violent activity below.

Tanya is walking along, stepping out of a spanish wine shop on the streets. She glanced this way and that, then a bright spout of flame overhead makes her look up. Her eyes widen a moment, and the woman tenses, crouching a moment before forcing her way out of the combat stance, looking slightly embarassed at the reaction with a shake of her head 'No. Dont do that." she speaks simply to herself, instead waving at the woman, hoping to alleviate her own concerns.

Smiling at Tanya's instinctive reaction, Firestar flies low towards her, waving her hand amicably, "I'm sorry, didn't mean to startle you, I'm with the New Warriors...figured some presence wouldn't hurt in keeping the peace. Been pretty rough lately."

Tanya relaxes further, and smiles as she waves back "Sorry. It is especially strong in me... New Warriors? I have not heard of them yet." she admits in her thick spanish accent, holding the bag close "What are you called then?"

"Yes, I take it you never heard of us?" Firestar asks, not sounding hurt, but rather as if asking an honest question. They got a bit of tv time, but the media loves the Avengers and X-Factor much more than smaller group, particularly one consisting primarily of teenagers. "I am Firestar, and you are?"

Tanya admits "I am new to America, I'm still catching up on everything." she explains apologetically "And I've been very busy lately too, sorry. I'm called Tanya right now. " she explains with a warm smile, offering a hand although since the woman was on fire she did look at Firestar's own hand with some trepidation.

"Welcome then, Spanish?" Firestar asks with a slight hesitation, picking on the accent but hoping not to offend if she's wrong. Coming to land infront of Tanya, proving quite shorter than her, all of the flame subsides as Firestar reaches to shake her hand. Despite Firestar's gloved hand, she'd still feel quite hot to the touch, albeit nothing that burns. "Is Tanya a name somebody over here gave you or your real name?" Firestar asks curiously, knowing about the habit of adapting to allow easier pronounciation for Americans.

"Yes, Spanish." the woman confirms with a nod, keeping the handshake polite but short "Its my real name. My father's family was Russian, and its the 'family name' that is passed down to oldest daughter. I share it with my Grandmother and a cousin or two."

"I took some Spanish classes, but, I can't honestly say I remember much," Firestar admits with a slight sheepish tone, which might be a bit unexpected while she's wearing her costume and hangs out and about in her superhero persona. " your grandmother also in the United States?"

Tanya shakes her head as she replies "She lives in Spain with my parents. Traditional you know, they take care of the grandparents. I'm the only one I know of in the States. I came here... well, its a long story." a pause, and she considers, then states "Do you have any magic users in the New Warriors?"

"Magic users? Not that I know of...," Firestar murmurs, "do you know someone who is looking for a team?" As an after thought, Firestar adds, "just as a note, our team keeps to a no adult rule, they tend to feel they can boss us around just because of age, and we handle everything pretty well on our own."

"I would not do that if I were on your team." notes Tanya, then she coughs "Ahh, not really. I am more looking for help I guess with a... " a pause for the words "A magic problem I guess? I was refered to the Avengers but i have not managed to get in touch yet. So I thought I would ask, since, well, you were here."

"That's nice to hear," Firestar says, thinking for a moment, "the Avengers have the most resources out of any superhero team I ever heard of but they can be hard to reach. I wonder if the Fantastic Four might help...what exactly is the nature of your problem?" Firestar asks curiously, trying to run a list of superpowered friends she has in her head, to see if she could at least send someone Tanya's way.

Tanya pauses, thinking deeply at this. She looks one way, then another, then shrugs "I do not know why I hide it. It is not illegal to have a curse." she holds up the medallion she wore "This is a family heirloom, its cursed. I have strong compulsions to stop evil when it is nearby. " in a nutshell.

"'re cursed with...helping people?" Firestar tries to wrap her head around the concept, before she gets to the bottom, "I don't necessarily want to get involved in these things but have no choice, is that it?"

"Something like that. "stopping evil' is more like it. I dont feel any need more than most people I think if say, there is a kitten in the tree. But if there is a bank robbery... well, I have to get involved." she explains, rubbing the back of her neck. Then she nods "I am a good person. I help when I have to and feel I can. But being forced to? My father says it is a family curse. He has it too, and his father as well. It kind of sounds silly huh?"

"Do you have any abilities that come with this 'curse' to help you? Because if not, this could be a life threatening thing. I'd very much like to help you with that," Firestar says before asking, "do you have a number or email I could contact you in? I might ask around and see if I can get in touch with a magic user."

Tanya nods "I agree there. I do not always have to rush in headstrong and dramatically luckily. I found sometimes just calling nine one one, thankfully, satisfies it." she remarks "Depending on the situation. Ah." she pulls out a card - Carriage Rides around Central Park - and hands it to the woman "Thank you if you do know of anyone. I am still trying the Avengers. And yes, there are... abilities that come with it. No flying though, that I can tell." she offers a thankful smile.

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