Madness in Madripoor

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Cloak & Nova and Bloodscream & Roughhouse

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01/25/13 15:55

Bay – Madripoor

Cloak and Nova engage Bloodscream & Roughhouse in battle. Roughouse is defeated and captured. Bloodscream gets away.

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Nova arrives for his first day of work on the Painted Lady (the ship he 'accidentally' got hired for the other day). He's dressed in semi-military gear, the closest thing he had to work clothes. He follows directions with a minimum-wager's boredom, careful not to tip off how strong he is as he helps move crates and supplies around for cast-off. Occasionally he slips on a pair of goggles and carefully looks around - these lenses were removed from the high-tech helmet that Night Thrasher presented him with not too long ago and give Richie the equivalent of thermal vision, letting him see far more than his own eyes would be able to.

Just outside the Painted Lady, two of the more well-known and nefarious denizens of Madripoor are literally roughhousing some instants. Roughhouse has a man by his collar and is shouting at him. While Bloodscream watches and smiles, “I am getting hungry, Roughhouse.” He says to his partner in crime, as the pseudo-vampire prepares to feed. Watching from the distance, Cloak, the newest New Warrior, lets out a sigh and teleports from where he was to appear directly before the two. In an ominous voice, the hero offers, “Put the man down and leave this instant!”

Nova makes his way onto the deck and then takes a quick look over the shoreline, sweeping his gaze across and using the secondary visual mode of the lenses - telescopic vision. He spots a few Madripoor civilians running away from the sight of the incident. He hasn't seen the two enforcers or Cloak yet, but he can tell that something is going on and focuses his attention that way.

Roughouse looks at the cloaked hero and simply laughs and turns to Bloodscream, “You are hungry, so now you can feed.” Bloodscream nods in agreement and screams as he lunges towards Cloak, ready to feed.

“You know nothing of hunger, you fool!” As Bloodscream lunges towards him, Cloak remains where he is hoping to use his cloak to the vampire.

Nova moves to the front of the ship, where he can get a better view of the action. Or some view - he still can't see any of the three people but judging by the people running away from the area, something is still going on.

Laughing, Cloak is able to grab Bloodscream, though the villain is still able to attack as he struggles within Cloak’s grasp trying to get loose as Cloak attempts to draw him closer to the void within. Roughouse not wanting his partner sucked into Cloak releases the man he is holding and charges towards Cloak.

As Roughouse charges, it is a complete miss as he runs right through Cloak as the hero is intangible. Roughouse was charging at such a pace. He stops and looks back trying to assess what to do to try and help his friend.

As Cloak attempts to submerge the struggling Bloodscream into his void, Roughouse’s literal running through him keeps him from submerging Bloodscream, but still able to keep his hold on the villain.

Nova spots Roughouse's huge form emerge at a charging pace from behind a building that was previously blocking his view. When the enforcer turns to look back in the direction of Cloak and Bloodscream, it gives Nova a good idea where the activitiy is happening. He takes a quick look around the deck of the boat with thermal vision, to make sure nobody is nearby or watching him. The coast looks clear, so Nova shrugs off a jacket and vaults over the side of the ship and drops. He uses his powers to keep himself from splashes into the water, and instead flies over to the short out of sight from his fellow sailors. Once he reaches dry land sets down and hoof it the rest of the way. It'll still take him a few more seconds to get close enough to actually do anything though.

Roughouse realizes he cannot affect Cloak physically himself, but his charge prevented Cloak from absorbing Bloodscream, so he tries a different option. He charges again, but not towards Cloak, but towards the man he had been harassing earlier, in hopes of grabbing the man. Bloodscream stops struggling and attempts to feed off of Cloak who continues to try to draw him under the cloak.

Nova is getting pretty close by now, and between his thermal vision goggles and the fact that that he can hear gives him a good idea where Cloak and the others are. Just before he gets there he pulls a bandanna out of his cargo pants pocket, and ties it over the upper half of his face, revealing two eyeholes that make it a functional mask.

Bloodscream lets out a loud scream as he tries feed off of Cloak but momentarily touches the darkness within. He yells out in anguish which keeps Cloak from pulling him in. Roughouse has reached his earlier victim and picks him up and attempts to throw him at Cloak. Seeing this, Cloak attempts to throw Bloodscream at Roughouse.

Roughouse tosses his victim towards and through Cloak which sends the poor man flying off into the distance and towards Nova. Cloak is better with his aim and he tosses Bloodscream into the Asgardian which causes Bloodscream to yell out in more pain taking quite a bit of damage, Cloak laughs.

Nova skids to a stop, grimacing as he sees the Madripoor bystander go flying. Well, so much for concealing his powers, he thinks to himself. Then he takes off into the air, trying to position himself to catch the flying civilian.

With the man caught by Nova, he breathes a sigh of relief, “Thank you. Now put me down away from them.” He points to those in battle. Cloak shakes his head and opts to take the fight directly to Roughouse. He attempts to grab the Asgardian with his animated Cloak while Roughouse tries to avoid.

Roughouse is no ordinary being, whether due to life experience or his Asgardian nature, he successfully evades Cloak. “Now this is more my game, dark one.” He laughs as he attempts to grab Cloak, but the laughter stops as the heroes’ intangibility makes that impossible. Cloak attempts to engulf Roughouse whole by crushing into him.

GULP! Cloak crushes down on Roughouse engulfing the Asgardian completely. With the main foe defeated, Cloak hovers over the already hurt Bloodscream, “Now that is how you feed.” Cloak appears ready to do the same to Bloodscream, but finally makes note of the man who was thrown far and sees him with Nova off in the distance. This gives Bloodscream the chance to try another attack. He leaps up making another attempt kick Cloak in the head.

Nova is running towards the fight, then digs in his heels and skids to a stop once more when Roughouse is...ah, handled. He recognizes Cloak and that method of handling bad guys this time, so he isn't as surprised. Instead Nova turns to the remaining bad guy in the area. "I don't know what's going on here," he says to Bloodscream. "But you'd better thing twice before--oh never mind," he finishes as Bloodscream attacks anyway.

Bloodscream misses with the kick and lets out a loud scream of frustration, but then he spots Nova. An opponent he can touch and feed off of which he desperately needs to do. He lunges for Nova hoping to make contact and feed.

Nova shifts and tries to move out of the way of Bloodscream's attack. He doesn't know what the villain intends to do by touching him, but Nova's pretty sure it's not gonna be anything good for him. He trips over his own feet, a little rusty at fighting on the ground rather than in the air. But luckily Bloodscream misjudges his own leap and whiffs completely, leaving both fighters more or less unharmed. "Who is this guy," Nova remarks conversationally, probably talking to Cloak but without taking his eyes off of his opponent.

"No idea. But he feeds. I presume off touch. So don’t let him touch you." Cloak offers as he watches making no move to help at the moment. Bloodscream cries foul and makes another attempt as moves quick enough to make another swipe at the hero.

Nova manages to step back away from Bloodscream this time, and ends up next to a large metallic trashcan that's scorched and blackened as if someone sets it on fire occasionally. Without hesitating Nova snatches it up and holds it over his head, ready to hurl it at Bloodscream as a way to try and hit him without ever getting close enough to be touched. "Any chance you can just swallow him up in your cloak, like you did the big guy?!"

“I could, but I am on a team now and I thought with teamwork I would let you take this one. Plus I wore him down for you.” Bloodscream misses his lunge again and resorts to his martial arts skills and attempts a low kick to try to knock Nova over and avoid the garbage can.

Nova takes the hit in the thigh - probably enough to cripple a normal human, but Nova is far tougher than normal. He winces and stumbles a bit, but manages to stay standing - and brings the garbage can crashing down at Bloodscream's head!

The garbage can slams into Bloodscream sending him flying into the wall of a nearby building. Groaning in pain as he slides down the wall, "That didn’t hurt." He spits out. Weary, but still opting to fight. He is immortal and will keep this up as long as he can. He stumbles a bit and takes a martial arts stand and gestures for Nova to try to come at him this time.

Nova looks at Bloodscream incredulously. Then he glances around, spotting a partially-wrecked car - that also looks like it's been set on fire at some point. He shakes his head and then settles for a nearby streetlight, which he easily wrenches out of the street and then uses as a giant staff, trying to swat at Bloodscream from nearly ten feet away.

Nova looks at Bloodscream incredulously. Then he glances around, spotting a partially-wrecked car - that also looks like it's been set on fire at some point. He shakes his head and then settles for a nearby streetlight, which he easily wrenches out of the street and then uses as a giant staff, trying to swat at Bloodscream from nearly ten feet away.

Nova slams the lightpost down with incredible force!...on the street next to Bloodscream.

The strength behind the slam causes a minor shake to which Bloodscream easily adjusts to. He attempts to use some agility and attempts to leap onto the lightpost as it strikes the ground and then rebound off to strike at Nova.

Bloodscream lets out a loud roar as he lands the blow, but was doing this as more of a taunt or insult as all he did was just slap Nova across the face. No real damage, "I just slapped you. I guess you are my bitch!” He attempts another strike, hoping to grab Nova and feed.

Cloak laughs.

Nova blinks at Bloodscream, drops the light and just balls up a fist to try and smack him.
Having fed a bit, “As I said you are my bitch.” He looks at Cloak and commands Nova, “Attack him!” Cloak is no longer laughing.

Nova turns towards Cloak, his eyes panicked. "I...I can't stop myself. Cloak! You've got to get out of here!" With that he prepares to launch himself at the newest New Warrior, fists clenched.

Having just become teammates with Nova, Cloak is a bit unsure if he should fight his teammate. But better to act now. Cloak attempts use his animated cloak he tries to grab Nova and bring him inside the dark dimension, “Sorry, my friend. This will hurt you more than it does me.” Bloodscream laughs and looks about to replenish himself.

With Cloak grabbing and placing his teammate into the Dark Dimension, Bloodscream skulks off to escape. After a few seconds, Cloak become animated as his cloak unfurls and both Nova and Roughouse are dropped out. Authorities finally arriving and taking an emaciated, shivering, and almost dead Roughouse to jail. Cloak scoops up Nova and takes him to the temporary base the New Warriors have used in Madripoor.

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