Mad Gods Part VII

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Black Crow, Blindfold, Tigerstripe, and X-23, & Iktomi and Tomazooma

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03/17/13 17:09

Puerto Rico

Black Crow, Blindfold, Tigerstripe, and X-23 take on and defeat Tomazooma and Iktomi

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The beaches of Puerto Rico is suddenly and utterly in chaos. Rising from the water, the ‘god’ Tomazooma has made its way ashore. The 25 ft tall being begins firing on the tourists and natives who are running away in fear. Firing beams of electricity and beams of energy, sand and water fly everywhere are Tomazooma attacks.

A portal opens near the edge of the boardwalk. Once again, Black Crow has assembled a group of heroes to deal with the menace. This group smaller and consisting of heroines. Black Crow warns, “While Tomazooma is a god of the Anasazi. Not all as it appears with this one. My connection with the Anasazi tells me, he is not as he appears.” Black Crow warns the group of heroines as he takes the form of a crow and flies up. He had filled them in on the attack by Tomazooma before they teleported over. “Priorities are rescuing the innocence and defeating Tomazooma.”

No sooner than she's done with her evaluations after her little adventure to Shipolo, X-23 is enlisted to fight gods. Again. This time, she's slightly more prepared, but there isn't a whole lot of preparation required; when dealing with the potentially divine, it seems adamantium claws do the trick pretty nicely. She's just opted for a form-fitting uniform, sleek and black and designed to withstand a bit more damage than her usual attire. This time, she does not wait to expose her claws; the two in each hand are popped, while she cuts a sharp, sidelong look to Black Crow before he flies up. She snorts once and nods in acknowledgement - then she's off, breaking into a full run at the towering, energy-spitting entity. In terms of priorities, hers couldn't be more clearly articulated.

When Tigerstripe appeared, she had still an empty testing tube in her hands. looking over to the emerging monster. "well well... what is the phone number of police here? 911? We might need support to evacuate the whole city." she claims as she tries to dial through on her cellphone already. "Neat claws, girl. definitly seem to have an edge above mine." she comments waiting, eventually asking police for assistance to evacuate the surrounding houses sectors while they deal with the beach and the being.

Blindfold stepped thru in her new mutants uniform and let her cane drop to hang from her wrist as she strapped a sling shot onto her wrist then tilts her head "negative black energy...electromagnetic energy....two different attacks from him, yes sorry" feet sneakers on her feet "This is quite the puzzle, yes thank you"

The call goes through and the police were already on their way after Tomazooma first appeared. They are already at work evacuating San Juan, and some have arrived cordoning off the beach and clearing any tourists who were present. A few photographers are present and news cameras reporting on the god and his attack and the arriving heroes.

“Who dares approach the living presence of Tomazooma, the totem who walks?” The 25 foot tall god spits out before knockout vapor starts to spew from its mouth and it fires off short bursts of electromagnetic blasts at the approaching X-23 and the crow. So far, the god makes no move towards Tigerstripe and Blindfold. It recalls witnessing X-23’s battle with the Anasazi war god, so it focuses on her and Black Crow, the opponents it knows.

With a nod Tigerstripe answered to the girls conclusion "Static energy did brush my fur, so much is sure. We take care of the Civillians first while you with the cane there, take cover, ok? Noone should get hiurt, THEN we try to bring him down, ok?" she tries to set out a general outline before she dashes to try to bring a bunch of civillians away from the point of impact towards the police lines.

Poor Tomazooma. No one told it that spitting knockout gas would be completely useless against at least one of its adversaries. X-23's primary concern is evading the blasts - that's some shockingly bad juju that wouldn't agree in the slightest with her claws. Her secondary concern is less a concern and more a mental ass-kicking that she didn't bring a balaclava. Too late for that now. Her approach slows as she drops into evasive maneuvers, doing her best to avoid the electromagnetic onslaught while still eating up the distance between herself and the giant killbot-that-might-be-a-god. The question posed by the thing is answered with a snarl - if it can't see her, then that's -its- problem.

Blindfold turns her head up toward the good thing "but you aren't tomazooma so forgive please but why should err respect you when you seal to kill and destroy innocent people? Your pantheon is one of nature and balance, of respect and harmony, what if that is portrayed in this attack, please if you don't mind my asking?" then turns to tigerstripe with a nod "Yes of course , don't breath the gas, he's a robot, please yes. I'm blindfold, a seer, it's good to meet you yes" covering hey mouth and nose...add if it would help against the knockout gas and starts heading for some cover by the beach as she used her cane along the ground.

A Puerto Rican family who had been enjoying the beach, but stumbled as they were trying to clear the beach are greeted by Tigerstripe. A little toddler girl smiles, “La Tigra.” She points to Tigerstripe. The little girl looks to Blindfold and hides as the knockout gas starts to head in their direction. Tomazooma does not respond to Ruth’s question.

X-23, through her grace and ferocity easily dodges the electromagnetic blasts as she closes the distance, which should prove even easier now as Tomazooma hunches forward moving away from the shore and further onto the beach. Sand is kicked up all over almost drawing a cloud around itself and X-23. The crow splits off from X-23 and flies up as it draws the electromagnetic blasts as from X-23.

Eyes narrowed, X-23 cuts through the remaining distance between herself and the thing that's presently barfing energy all over the place. Black Crow's maneuver is noted in a peripheral sense, much to her unspoken approval. And as soon as she's close enough to Tomazooma? She's going to punch it. With claws. Why? To see if it bleeds or not - though the end result won't change her battle plan. That plan is simple enough: climb up Mount Tomazooma and stab at all the weak points she finds along the way. If it bleeds, she'll just take a little more time in doing so, that's all.

Tigerstripe smirks a bit, taking the toffler on her arm as she points to the police "Let's go to safty." she explains, running into the direction to give her to an officer while escortingsome more, hopefully before the gas is at them. "You don't have a spare?" She asks a police officer as she was not too sure if that minor healing factor could deal with the gas.

Blindfold turns toward the police once she's escorted over by tigerstripe "Make that two if possible please? And if I could please borrow your loud speaker thank you?"

Her adamantium claws easily cut through the god’s metallic body. Now the realization of Blindfold’s warning. This is not the actual god, but a giant robot. Black Crow realizes this as he flies higher swerving and swooping to avoid the blasts coming from the ‘god.’ As X-23 begins her climb, the robot’s body electrifies sending out a huge amount of voltage through its body and anything attached to it.

The police were not prepared for the vapor. And some of the police and some of the photographers and media suddenly hit the ground hard as the knockout vapor hits them and is drawing close to Tigerstripe and Blindfold and some of the officer and family near them. Though some officers are arriving with gas masks and loud speakers.

How far does she get before she's zapped? X-23 has no idea. All she knows is that, one moment, she's clawing her way slowly toward the top and, the next, she's hit with enough electricity to send her hurtling toward the ground. Scratch that - it's more like -flung- at this point, and the pain is intense enough that she can't catch herself before she hits the ground. She hits the sand -hard- and rolls onto her back, with both hands lifting to scrub at her face and try to kill the lingering and unpleasant burn-tingle of electro-frying. Any actual damage is easily healed, but her hands don't look too pretty until the skin is patched over. Time for Plan B - approximately when she figures out what it should be.

Tigerstripe dashes towards the arriving to take one of the carried masks, picking two. "Multos gracias" she said, dashing back to Blindfold whom she gave one. Pressing the one left to her face and setting up the straps right, she managed to fulfil her ABC-Drill from the labs. After all she had been trained for lab accidents. "Get that mask on!" she answered muffled through her mask as he dashed back to the battlefield to help the other girl up "you seem to do more than scratches." she comments as she tries to scan if someone else needed immidiate rescue.

Blindfold takes a moment to feel the mask. finding straps and how to put it on she then tapped her way over to the police "Please if I could, May I borrow your loud speaker I have important information" she says muffled thru the mask "He's a robot, get inside him and you can shut him down, thank you yes!" she yells into the loud speaker

The crow loudly caws as X-23 is flung from the robot and so, spotting an entry through its mouth, but the mouth is spewing the knockout gas. It continues to avoid the blasts being flung at it, but swoops down by X-23, and the other heroines and speaks, “She is correct, weneed to get inside of it to shut it down. There is an opening in the mouth where the knockout gas is originating, or can you cut your way through it?” Then the gas hits the area and he has no mask and so the bird falls onto the sand knocked-out. Tomazooma fires off othon blasts of negative energy at the heroines. The bird transforms from the bird form to that of Jesse Black Crow, the civilian form of the Native American mystic.

She rolls to her feet and huffs out a breath. Poised in a three-point crouch by the time Tigerstripe gets there, it's plenty apparent that she doesn't need a whole lot of help - at least, not to recover. X-23 slants a look to the mask-wearing one, then finally rises fully to her feet. Her answer is a gutteral "Hnh." Then her gaze lifts, eyes narrowing at the towering entity. Blindfold's loud-speaker-enabled shout is readily heard and the dark-haired teen rolls her shoulders and pops her neck in preparation. Her voice is flat and cold as she directs, "Get him to safety. Distract Tomazooma if you can. I will gut the robot." Easier said than done when she's forced to drop back into evasive maneuvers - if she never sees another negative energy-blasting enemy again, it will be too soon.

Tigerstripe nods as she dashes forward to climb up one of the legs of the robot "Getting inside, roger." she comments, trying her best to avoid getting struck in anything as she pulls herself up. Her claws might not be the most sharp or dig through him like butter, but she can use them as climbing aid nevertheless. To get up to that gapping mouth. "need a hand?"

Blindfold starts making her way toward black crow, once by his side she reached into her pocket/belt pouch(whatever) and began shooting pellets at the god as she 'looked' for a weak spot

Sadly one of that spots is covered by Tigerstripe - who slips and gets kicked of the gods legs in the following, at least managing a soft, sloding landing next to X-23.

@emit There is an electric field around the giant Tomazooma robot that was enough to send X-23 flying off before. It does the same to Tigerstripe. The pellets hit the robot and bounce off its electrified field, but the sound they cause show some hollow areas at its joints, by where its knees would be. It now fires electromagnetic blasts towards X-23 and Blindfold. Jesse Black Crow is still knocked out.

So much for that plan. With a grunt - and since it seems Tigerstripe is confident in her ability to make it to the maw of the electrifying killbot - X-23 slants a look to where Black Crow had fallen. With Blindfold apparently on sentinel duty over his body, she shifts her attention, once more, to the looming Tomazooma. And so much for Tigerstripe's climb, as it turns out. It's a good thing her range of expressions is limited to a whole slew that translate to 'cold indifference'. "Now you see why I told you to get him to safety," with a cock of her head to indicate Black Crow, "and distract Tomazooma." She doesn't make an effort to help Tigerstripe up. Instead, she leaves her to recover while she hurls herself - once again - at the electrified entity. If she's -lucky- (and, oh, what a twisted version of luck is at work here), she'll be able to get close enough to sink her claws into the thing's legs - and if she's -extra- lucky, she'll make it to a knee to start slashing wildly. She'll just have to hope her foot claws can keep her pinned to the killbot and not let her fly off again. And the pain? Well. She'll just have to suffer until a big enough hole is carved in there, now won't she?

Blindfold grabs black crow and starts getting to drag him away "x dodge please if you would. Tiger lady, please forgive me, if you would please pick x up and their her at a knee, x please if you would be so kind claw in and travel up the body thank you!" telling thru her mask as she tugs on black crow, her cane dangling from her wrist "Everywhere else had a force field protecting him. his knees are weak though, yes please!"

Tigerstripe groans as she gets back to her feet, pulling the unconcious Black crow away now first "so much for plan A..." she mutters, trying to drop that guy at the police line. "take care of him, ok?" she sais as she brushes her electrified fur flat. Distract him? so far for that. He goddam hurts. Which is not good for her fur. That was a mundane gas, right? wait a minute... most gas with bioapplication are flameable. Searching in her pockets she eventually gets out a lighter "All DOWN!" she sais as she jumps to the floor, hoping that the spark ignites the gas and at least temporarily reliefs the area of the sleep gas.

Having braced for the pain, X-23 is successfully able to latch herself to the robot’s foot and work her way up, though the electric field. If she can get past the pain, she has a clear shot at the knee joint of the robot and begins to smash her way through. Blindfold and Tigerstripe are able to pull the handicapped Jesse to safety behind the police line. The area is now fully clear as some people who have been knocked out. The only ones who remain are policemen who have masks and are firing at the robot with bullets from guns, which simply bounce off. When Tigerstripe pulls out her lighter. Nothing happens. As the knockout gas/vapor is not flammable.

Teeth gritted and eyes narrowed to slits, X-23 locks herself in and starts to carve out great gouges in Tomazooma's knee. It hurts. Oh, yes, it hurts. But as soon as there's a gaping hole that's about the right size for a person to crawl into, she tries to do just that. Unfortunately, it's more likely to be luck than skill that will either find her practically falling inside - or falling to the ground in a twitching heap. It's a coin flip, really. She -hurts- and it'll only hurt -more- if the killbot is full of even more electroshockjuju. Much as she'd like to bark at them to start aiming at the hole, she can't; she'll just have to hope they see the opening for what it is - and take it. Consciousness is a slippery thread that she's clinging desperately to in either case.

Blindfold turns directly toward an officer and points at the knee of the leg x-23 isn't working on "please if you would you all need to focus your fire on that knee. it's important yes thank you, please trust me"

Tigerstripe frowns on the gas. can't they take a carbon based one? But that means, it is not too impossible to make it an explosive... if she had a way to vaporise fuel. Damned. And again she makes her way forward, picking up the belly store one of the merchants had to toss it at the foot and use it to jump up to the knee from there without touching the field of the robot. "And now?!"

Coughing from where he was placed in safety, the mystical nature of Jesse Black Crow, allows him to recover faster than normal humans. As he comes to, he sees X-23 go flying from the robot’s electrified field. She is singed and slightly toasted, but alive. Quickly Jesse transforms from his civilian body to that of Black Crow. He is given a mask and makes his way towards the heroines. He make his way towards X-23, “Laura, I apologize in advance.” The mystical warrior has strength that he does not often resort to, but he lifts the girl up carefully and tosses her towards Tigerstripe who has made it into the robot’s knee courtesy of X-23’s earlier made hole. To Blindfold, he offers, “You are correct. Once they are inside. They need to destroy it from within. Just slash and demolish everything as they make their way up.”

Tigerstripe offers the mutant a hand to pull her to the damaged kee, so she can better get a way into it. "Let's try to wreck it." she sais as she looks if there are any cable or such she can slice with her weak claws. something that might cause a failiure of the leg they are in. "let's better get this down quick. And I will have to by a full small store."

Blindfold smiles nodding toward black crow "Thank you yes, nice fast ball. I just wish I could do more, sorry my apologies"

Twitch. Twitchy twitch. The smoldering smell of skin and hair is the first thing she becomes aware of. The second? Someone uttering some kind of apology. "What." X-23 doesn't even have the mental capacity to sculpt the word into a proper query. "I am not Laura," is slurred out - and then she's being whipped toward the very hole she made - and which is, apparently, full of Tigerstripe already. She tucks into a ball for the flingfest, only to unravel when she nearly impacts the metal - and, from there, she's helped inside, with but a grunt for the other female in appreciation or something similar to it. "Kill. It." Whether that's a demand or a personal oath will remain up for debate. She doesn't bother looking for anything specific; she just hooks her claws into non-living things and starts -shredding-.

“You and I are similar, young one. We both have visions and prophetic dreams. Mine courtesy of the Earth Spirit and yours from your mutancy. Both used to help in the good of the world. And hopefully the same goes for those two in Tomazooma.” Black Crow offers to Blindfold.

From inside the giant robot, X-23 and Tigerstripe find no resistance. As they make their way upwards, the more they slash and smash the more sparks and fires start from within the robot. As they make their way up to its head, they will find a sealed off metallic door. This one not nearly as tough as that of the exterior of the robot. This being weakened aluminum.

Tigerstripe gives the dull metal a scratching test, but should it not leave deep cuts she would leave it to X-23. In a sudden Idea she searches for the gas bottles that fuled the sleeping gas thrower to shut them off. Then she reconsidders and tries to pinch a hole into the door and then lead the gas into that before turning it on again. So that that chamber gets cleared before they enter it. "let's try to clear the pilot before we try to fight him."

She'll cut through if Tigerstripe isn't quick enough - or capable of doing so. And even if the other woman's chosen attack method shifts to gassing out whoever - or whatever, if anything - is inside, that's far from X-23's plan. "No," she hisses just under her breath. "If they are well-prepared," and they probably aren't, but she'll give them the benefit of the doubt, "they will have masks on. If they are not - then it will not matter." She displays her claws only briefly - then attempts to shoulder her way inside, after cutting away anything that resembles a knob or lock or anything of the sort that might impede the opening of the door.

When the gas leaks into the room and the metal door is slashed open. What appears to be a man dressed in leather with markings on his face smiles. The gas seeming to have no effect on him. X-23 may recognize him as one of the gods from Shipolo. Iktomi, the trickster stands and laughs, “Well done, bitches.” He looks over the two. “This was not the real Tomazooma. The trickster god has tricked you all!” He laughs so loud that it bellows even outside of the robot.

No specific fuel source can be seen for the robot. Though, othon appears throughout the room, if one follows it, It will reveal that the negative energy runs the null bands on the robot's face which controls Tomazooma.

"It did not smell like one of you," X-23 replies with a slight narrowing of her eyes. "If you think that is a trick, then you must be easy to amuse." There's a beat, then a flatly added: "Or you are mentally deficient." Her senses track the negative energy flow, but her eyes are locked on Iktomi - because if anything needs an eye on them, it's the trickster god. Then she speaks, her voice low-pitched for Tigerstripe. "The god or the face - pick one. I will take the other." Thus far, she's not sure just how strong the other woman's fighting ability is - so, she'll just have to trust Tigerstripe's able to choose what she's best at. As for her, if it involves cutting? She's on it.

Tigerstripe is quick to look for a fuel source. Nitrooxide plus fuel give super hot flames if ignited. But since none was there she instead sliced free a piece of aluminium and tossed it into the controls of the robot, hoping to destroy enough of it to render it KO. "Whatever you say, you are responsible for the attack on the city of San Juan. Surrender to the police out there and my friend here might consider not to not kill you." she threatened as she made herself another projectile from the hatch to toss it at more controls - or the pilot if those run out.

Iktomi laughs as the robot all but dies as it is deactivated by the chaos caused by the feral women inside. As Iktomi’s hands grow with electricity. “Bring it.” He is ready to fire off blasts of electricity when suddenly the face of the Tomazooma is ripped open. A giant crow appears, “Iktomi! I seek revenge.” The giant crow grabs Iktomi and flies off with the god.

The area has been cleared of gas and the proper authorities deal with the robot and heroines.

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