Mad Gods Part V

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Black Crow, Dagger, Radiance, Scarlet Witch, Tigerstripe, and Haokah

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03/13/13 19:21


Black Crow, Dagger, Radiance, Scarlet Witch, Tigerstripe are sent to Alaska to stop Haokah. They manage to defeat him and free him from his thrall.

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After the battle last night in Shipolo, Black Crow had one of his prophetic dreams and, thankfully the Earth Spirit that has embued him with his powers has not left and has taken the side of humanity in this war. Given specific destinations and Black Crow has determined smaller teams divided and should be able to handle the individual gods. Earlier today, he influenced events that led to some of the New Warriors defeating Ghost Dancer at a church in New York City. With this, he has gathered some of the participants and allies from previous battles. He has informed them that Haokah, the thunder god of the Anasazi would strike first and in the northernmost region of Alaska. With his allies chosen, he opens a portal.

Each person finds themselves in an incredibly cold and frigid area of the Alaska tundra. Snow, snow, and more snow. A small village of Eskimos appear off in the background, but it is mostly white in the background. It is eerily quiet, Black Crow peers around. “He will attack here. . .at least, I thought so.”

If there was one thing, Monique Coppersmyth hated, it were Hospitals. Especially if you need to tell the docs about 14 times you were not Tigra or Greer Nelson. She was somewhat reliefed, as she had clearance to go home. But she wasn't allowed to reach there - as someone, she had barely seen before, when she had been in that fight or flight situation, had stopped her and asked her to come with her, not even waiting for a reply before he dropped her to the snowy Alaska. Great. "He... and who is he, who are you exactly and what are we supposed to do?" The wounds might be closed, but some still did hurt when stretched the wrong way.

Dagger looked around standing in her white outfit with her salvation army coat left open as the C on her face glowed and a shield of light appeared on her arm "They attacked a sacred place one of worship and faith, they of all beings should know better"

Scarlet Witch glances around, "Odds are more likely they just don't care." She nods, "So, basically this is going to be the Native American version of Thor... I wish I had time to get the other Avengers together."

Tigerstripe might look simmilar to Tigra, but the comment of thor made it obvious she was not. While Tigra would likely just crack her knuckles, she dropped her jaws. "We are going to fight a god of war with a hammer that shoots lightning and that is as strong as the Hulk? How are we supposed to win? ok, we have ONE avenger here, but that is NOT me." Pointing to the scarlet which she adds "yes, I mean her. She's the only avenger here, so what is the plan?"

Seth crosses the portal, wearing the full New Mutant gear. Well, a customized version, with a trenchcoat, and a lot less yellow on it, and much more black. He's still to see what the Mansion staff will tell him about it, but that's another story altogether. He looks around, "So, let's see if I understand... You bring us - me, included - here to fight the Native American version of the /God of Thunder/, when the last time I couldn't even put down for the count that wolf god." He sighs. "I see a major flaw in your plan. But that might just be me."

Looking over at Tigerstripe, Black Crow is ready to respond but when he opens his mouth, a the clash of thunder and brightness of lightning scream out. As cloud begins to form over the entire area, a voice speaks out, “I am Haokah, Thunder god of the Anasazi! And I, unlike, my brothers will give you the chance to leave and allow the inevitable conquering of the land to take place.”

”Wanda, I believe the slight chance for victory will lie in the realm of mysticism, but as Topaz found out. . .well. . .a god is still a god. And unforuntately, we are mere mortals.” Taking the form of an avian crow, the Native American mystic flies off and speaks, “Thank you, great one for the chance of surrender. However, your humble servant must reject your mercy. I have found humanity to be worth fighting for and I beseech you. Relieve yourself of your brothers’ influence. Leave the humans be,”

Tigerstripe grunts on the clichee introduction "Great. Should we name ourselfs now? Can't we talk this through somehow? Because I don't feel too much like getting hit today. I had some condemned souls a few days ago." Looking over to the scarlet Witch she nodded "So, Wanda? Since you are obviously the one with most combat experience... what is the plan?"

Dagger grins at seth with the warmth of a long time friend "Have faith and we will win" always an optimist even if misplaced. Then looks up at the god "I appreciate your generous offer of mercy but I regretfully can not accept. I can't bear to have countless lives on my hands if there was something I could try to stop it, thank you great haokah"

Scarlet Witch glances up towards Haokah, and then looks at the others. "Well, we need to take him from different angles. Keep him off balance. If we don't coordinate our efforts, we won't stand much of a chance. Radiance, Dagger, focus on ranged attacks, and for goodness sake keep moving, don't give him a clear shot." Her eyes then flicker up to the Thunder God, and she smiles a bit, raising her voice, "Apologies, but we have to reject your offer. This is not the way you should be acting, and you know it."

Seth just looks at Dagger with a blatant expression of irrecognition. "Have you been struck by lightning by one of these guys? Just saying, you won't want to. Last time, I was hit just for the capture, and I got the wounds to prove it", he replies as he prepares to take flight. "Yeah, I hear you, Scarlet Witch." He powers up...

A body of clouds appears in the sky, with the torso of a man, but the head formed of three wolf-shaped heads intermingled. In one hand a tomahawk and in another hand a bolt of lightning. “You do not need to engage in combat.” Haoakah, tosses the lightning bolt towards the igloo village. And a fire suddenly grows, while this is not the norm in Alaska, this is a god causing it. Screams can be heard as Eskimos run amok and more lightning rains down. If you could imagine the destruction of Sodom, it would look something like what the heroes are suddenly witnessing.

With Wanda’s orders given, it is wise she is the most experienced here. The crow flies up into the clouds and grows incredibly large. Nearly a giant, now the crow circles the thunder god’s form as he examines the god and ponders some sort of resistance, but shouts down, “Tigerstripe, the Inuits will needs some assistance.” Sighing loudly, he flies past Haokah and towards the Inuit village to do his part to against the destruction.

Scarlet Witch flies up into the air, moving towards the village as she blinks, "What? But... why destroy a village of eskimos???" She doesn't move as quickly as the others, but does have enough power to carry Tigerstripe and Dagger with her magic, if they need it.

Not being in the mood for combat and not doing one are two different things. Especially if the other option is walking down over a hill of deep snow. This was not another set of clothes to be ruined, so she stripped off the Jacket, binding it around her waist. "So first the village?" she grunted as she started to run. Damned snow... And why again was she wearing a skirt again?

Dagger nods to Wanda's orders, it seemed like a good plan, but then she was picked up and was being carried toward the village "Not to be ungrateful Scarlet cuz I appreciate the lift but shouldn't we keep the fight away from the village because I thought you just said for radiance and I were going to make moving targets while attacking?" then smiles at seth "if you're wondering, I'm not bonkers, I am Christian though and some say the embodiment of light but I'm no hero or anything"

Scarlet Witch glances down to Dagger, "Because he's going to destroy that village, or attempt to do so, no matter what we do. But if we can distract him long enough, maybe we can evacuate it... and that means we need to get as many of us in there as possible to get them out."

Haokah responds to Wanda, “They have stopped believing. Did not the Christian god turn against his own worshippers when they disbelieved?” As Wanda, her passengers and Seth fly up. They are met with a very sudden and very cold blast of wind. Not quite enough to knock them down, but the wind directed at them may make things a bit difficult for them.

Over by the village, Black Crow in his giant crow form is picking up and transporting some of the Eskimos to safety and away from the destruction, while he speaks their language and has others evacuate. So far no deaths, but the Eskimos are scared and it is a chaotic mob scene, but he is doing his part for the moment.

Tigerstripe realizes that her feet thread air at some point, stopping the movement to more asume a floating till they are set down in the village. Iglo gatherings are not too big usually, so maybe it should be 2 or 3 groups at most. "get out! all to the hill over there" she tried to convince the people in one of them, gesturing into the direction she meant. "Get the fuck out of here!"

Seth takes it to the air, his fists glowing with white energy, which he promptly fires at the god. Listening to Dagger's comment about her not being bonkers, but a Christian, he clears his throat momentarily. "You're a Christian. I noticed. But most Christians normally go for a pendant, not an emblem. You seem to have taken God's love a bit too close to heart. On another note, don't you feel kinda cold?" He then focuses on the battle at hand, firing at the Native-American deity. "Leave those people alone! They did nothing to you!"

Dagger shivers at the child blast, headlights time! "Sometimes, right now it's nipply, but this is all the clothes I have and it's not a crucifix I wear it is a dagger, and such is my name" throwing a handful of light daggers at the god. "When did native American gods become blood thirsty and demanding sacrifices? You are supposed to be good of nature, nature is balance, life and death" she calls to him.

Scarlet Witch gestures up at Haokah, "Well, I can see theology isn't your strong suit, ironically, so let me explain." She twists her fingers, hexing the god so that his bolts might be a bit more errant, hopefully, as she continues, "The Old Testament also thought things like slavery were good and proper too, so it changed with the times. Trust me, I'm Jewish." She can't help but crack wise a little, hopefully distracting the bloodthirsty god.

The blasts from Radiance go through the thunder diety as in his cloud form. The bitter cold wind continues to whip about around the heroes. And Haokah laughs at them. The tomahawk in is hand is flung the way Thor would toss his hammer. It is aimed the teen mutant. But when Dagger’s blades fly out towards the god’s form. The cloud for disperses, but the wind continues.

Between Black Crow saving some of the Eskimos and Tigerstripe’s warning, most of the Inuit inhabitants are out of the village. She was correct in surmising there were not that many residents. For the most part, the village and the igloos burn, but despite some injuries, no one has died, in part courtesy of Wanda’s hexes.

From where the clouds were, a human drops from the sky, landing on the snow with enough force to cause minor quakes. Haokah, in a flesh form appears. A bare-chested man with the head of a bull. “The only theology that matters is that of the Anasazi!” He commands the winds to get stronger and this time strong enough to directly affect the fliers and their passengers.

Tigerstripe is hopefully earthbound once again, so she can get to the back of the bull. Striking from the back is likely the way to hurt least. "Keep him busy."

Scarlet Witch sets the others down, landing herself as she fires a hex bolt directly at Haokah, not holding back as she glares at the god, "Typical, the us or them mentality. Justification used for butchers no matter what their race or creed."

Dagger sighs looming to Wanda "hitler all over again? genocide by gods less only one place, with no one left to worship the gods. When did caucasions ever worship the native American gods anyway? They came over to worship Christianity rather then the church of England" throwing another handful of light daggers at the god as she brought her light shield up to the ready.

The hex bolt from Wanda strikes the god and the effect causes him to stumble about clumsily allowing Tigerstripe to strike him from the back, which other then a scratch does not do much. He reaches out with his hand to smack the werewoman away. When he is struck by the light daggers, it seems they are having some effect, but he is back up. They affect him, but it will take a lot. Black Crow has cleared the last of the Inuit. “Your powers are hurting it, but you need to give him everything you have to truly defeat him. Or get creative.”

Seth sees that tomahawk being hurled at him, and he dodges it just in the nick of time. What he can't dodge, though, is the high hinds that follow and topple him over to the ground. "Ooomph!" He lands on his sore back, more specifically on the point of entry for the bolt of lightning from Iktomi. But he doesn't have the time to linger in the pain. He's seen Beta Ray Bill in action before, just the same as Thor, and he knows how their weapons tend to come back. This case might not be any different. So now he's keeping his senses alert for that tomahawk to return, aiming in all directions possible. And hopefully, keeping an eye on the lightning guy.

Tigerstripe growls as she is smacked away, rolling through the snow. Blut force - nothing that would stop her, even if that is a superhuman. Thor or Captain America - those might hurt, but they do not stop her outright. Getting back to the feet she presses her side, brushing over the hit part, before she is back to buisiness. Taking another speeding up to strike for the neck with her claws she tries it again. "Go for the Vitals! Neck, heart, eyes!"

Dagger let's get light shield dissipate as she nods to the advice from black crow "He's a good does he even have organs like us?" summoning two handfuls of daggers and throwing them at the god before following with another volley.

Wanda smiles a bit, "Alright, let's change the tune." She then fires another hex bolt... but not for the god himself. Rather, she aims for the ice on which he stands, seeking to cause him to lose his footing.

Correct in his assumption, the tomahawk returns to Haokah’s hand moving past and almost, but not, clipping Seth. Dagger’s light blades strike the eyes and throat area. When Tigerstripe leaps and connects and her claws rake against the god’s throat. More cuts appear and the tiniest bit of Anasazi blood. He is blinded and with the tomahawk swings wildy to put distance between himself and the heroes. Black Crow flies down swoops grabbing the tomahawk with his claws, “Continue to lay into him. He is not mortal, but he can feel pain, with enough force.” With the tomahawk out of his hand Haokah suddenly starts to slide and lose his balance as he becomes skittish on the ice courtesy of Wanda’s hex.

Tries to keep herself on the back of the enraged god, one hand digged into the shoulder, the other trying to rip open the throat "This... is... for... State... Island!" she comments each slash to his neck, seemingly trying to steal his voice or rip open the carotis. Her head she keeps carefully away from his horns.

Dagger presses the advantage "Lord please forgive me for this" summoning a sword of light to her hands she charges the blinded god trying to stab him. "forgive me, this hurts me more then you...well maybe" maybe her light would bring him back to his true nature and break the influence over him, she could only hope

Seth still reactively dodges to that blasted tomahawk flying right into Haokah's hands. As he sees all the others giving the god the hits, he too decides to join the dance. He takes flight, hovering above the area, as he builds up the energy on his hands. He puts them together, hopefully both blasts coming out forming a synergy. The glow above the overall area a clear indication that people should vacate the immediate premises. "This one's... For Mirage!!" And he fires! *KTHOOOOOOOM!!*

Flailing wildly, Tigerstripe’s claws sunk into him manage to let her stay on him longer than she should have, but he is slipping and sliding all over the place and the cuts grow deeper with more blood pouring out, but his hands reach across his back and he flings her off his back with more force than before towards a snow bank. Then Radiance’s blast strikes him. Nearly full blast, but this is a god, so he can take it, though it forces him back as he stumbles to the side of the blast. When Dagger runs through, the light sword backed by Wanda’s hex staggers the god until he falls hard against the ice, cracking it a bit. He hits his head and seems to lie completely still.

Dagger keeps hold of her sword lodged in the god "my deepest apologies for this, I hope you can understand" her regret was sincere but so was her determination. Silently hoping with all her heart that this snapped the god out of whatever had driven him to these actions. Pulling her sword from the god she hoped she had not killed him, even gods didn't deserve death at her hand and she didn't want to be responsible for it. "He's not dead is he?"

Black Crow flies over to the god and drops the tomahawk by his side. The giant crow then presses itself on the god with its strength, while not enough to pin him, hopefully in his weakened state, Haokah will not just kill him on the spot. Speaking to Dagger, “None of us could ever kill him. Haokah is the natural enemy of Nanabozho, who is the true conspirator of this. Somehow, Haokah and some of the others have come under his thrall. Hopefully we have literally knocked enough sense into him.” Haokah begins to stir. He exclaims, “What have I done?” His eyes glow and the damage done to the igloo village is undone and he teleports away. Satisfied with their victory, Black Crow looks to everyone and teleports them back to where they started.

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