Mad Gods Part IV

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Cloak, Krista, Lyra, and Ghost Dancer

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03/13/13 16:04

Holy Ghost Church – Bowery

Cloak, Krista, and Lyra battle and defeat Ghost Dancer

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In a hotel suite in Madripoor. Tyrone Johnson, the usually somber, Cloak can be seen speaking on a telephone. His expression is worried and a bit harried. The little that can be heard of his conversation is something akin to ‘ Is anyone hurt?’ ‘Any damage’?

Cloak slams the phone down and summons any New Warriors that are available to his side, “We are needed in New York City. . .NOW!” He shouts to anyone available. His cloak seems to come to life ready to teleport anyone near him.

Even though she has only been on the lovely island of Madripoor Krista has acclimated quite well to her new environment. Having spent most of the morning out of the hotel suite she has recently returned while Cloak was on his phone call. She has been minding her own business, loitering in the kitchenette druming up a snack when her slams down the phone causing her to jump in surprise. "What's going...." she starts to ask when she is suddenly no longer in the kitchen but somewhere else that isn't a kitchen.

Just outside the Holy Church, a man dressed in a multicolored billowy costume is firing off a series of blasts at the Church. “Unholy temple! The true gods are the Anasazi!” Ghost Dancer blasts through the church, which is mostly empty except for one priest who is hurriedly on the phone. He has just dropped in and screams out as Ghost Dancer enters the place of worship.

Lyra was not far just walking down the street, heading this way, maye out for a jog when she hear the blasts and the noise. She does head that way, wondering what is going on.

Quick transportation is part of Cloak’s modus operandi. And so, one millisecond in Madripoor and the next in the church. Not one for conversation, Cloak has not filled Krista in on the emergency as his home outside of the New Warriors is being attacked. A slight warp opens up midair in the Church and out he drops Krista and Cloak hovers.

Ghost Dancer spots the priest and fires off a mystic blast at the man of cloth who ducks back behind the alter. When the warp pops up, Ghost Dancer quickly takes note, “Heathens!” His hands glow with mystic energy. He does not notice Lyra.

Krista gives a shiver as she drops into the unfamiliar church. She isn't given any time to ask or receive an explanation as the area is suddenly filled with mystical bolts of energy. She too is ducking and covering, or more like shrinking and covering, for her it's under a pew until she can get a better idea of what is going on here.

The large green teen with red hair does follow her eyes curious as she watches what is going on, "And what's going on here?" she asks curiously.

With his hands still glowing, Ghost Dancer watches Krista hide, but with her shrinkage, he cannot see her anymore. He looks up at the sinister looking Cloak and then towards the green red-haired teenager. “Abominations, all of you! The true god is Manitou! This house of worship is for blasphemers and I shall destroy it!” He fires off two mystical beams. One towards Cloak and another towards Lyra. The one aimed for Cloak merely passes through his intangible body and hits part of the rafters, sending down a portion of roof towards the alter.

Lyra is struck and falls back hitting her head on the marble floor and knocking her out.

Alright some religous nutter has been hitting the communion wine a bit to hard./ Krista thinks to herself as two more of the mystical beams are shot toward the other two heroes. Now she just has to figure out what to do about it, but first she'll make sure the priest in hiding doesn't get smooshed by the roof of his own church. Dashing out from under the pew, Krista begins to grow once more, a pew probably goes flying as her sudden growth spurt lifts it upward. Her goal is to catch the falling rafter so it doesn't land on the innocent priest.

Moving quickly for someone literally small but then growing, Krista is able to catch the chunk. The priest on his knees before her whispering a prayer. Looking up at her, “Thank you, child.” He moves off to the side to let her drop the chunk without harm to him. He remains though, “There are no abominations here. God loves all his children.”

Ghost Dancer shakes a fist at Cloak and flips forward, his colorful costume appearing as a swirl as he lands by Krista. He goes to fire off a blast at her while she goes to save the priest. Cloak’s cloak snakes down to grab the diety, but GD moves too fast for him to ensnare him.

Not being built to withstand energy blasts Krista is sent flying back, the peice of rafter goes clattering to the ground, hopefully landing on Ghost Dancer's foot in the process. Whatever is behind her, since this is a church it's probably a piano or the box where the choir sits, is probably now in peices as her 500 pound, concerete like frame lands on the thing.

The rafter does fall on Ghost Dancer’s foot. Unlike the rest of the Ansazi, Ghost Dancer is a human possessed by a god. And so his human form screams out. “Dammit!” It is enough for Cloak to snare the god and drag him into his cloak. Ghost Dancer screams as he enters the void. After a second though, Cloak’s expression goes sour and he suddenly falls into the ground of the church.

Ghost Dancer has his own teleporting capability so within Cloak’s dark force dimension body, he teleports himself away and back to Shipolo. The priest recites a prayer of thanks to the heroes and Cloak awakens feeling better and teleports himself and Krista back to Madripoor.

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