Mad Gods Part III

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Black Crow, Jean Grey, Mirage, Phantasm, Radiance, Shadowcat, Thimble, Wolf Cub, Wolfsbane, X-23, and the Anasazi

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03/12/13 19:12


The heroes go to free Mirage, Radiance, and Thimble. They fight the Anasazi

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Shipolo the home of the Anasazi is a wondrous place akin to Asgard or Limbo. It basically has the appearance of desert akin to Arizona or New Mexico.

Tied to wooden large totems are the captured students, Thimble and Radiance. They had been kept unconscious, while the Ansazi have held Mirage in adobe edifice. Hours have passed and Manitou the spirit godhead sits on a throne. Surrounded by his pantheon, he speaks loudly and boomingly, “Now that our weapon has been prepared. Bring forth Moonstar!” Led by Iktomi and Nanabozho, they guide the young mutant Valkyrie Cheyenne, “Prove yourself worthy to use, Moonstar. Those students represent the worst of their people. Slay them and then we shall slay the world and return it to the ways it was before.”

In the War Room of the Xavier Institute, Black Crow stands with a select group of X-Men and students. “I sense it has already begun. We will literally appear before the gods. I pray to the Great Earth Spirit that we are not too late.” A portal is opened and he leads the select group of mutants.” In his mind, he reaches out mystically fearing these mutants will not be enough. Two twin portals open up in various locations in New York City. One appearing before X-23 and another before Phantasm, he voice speaks out to them simultaneously, “Warriors, you are needed!”

Having learned the news of Mirage's disappearance, along with others, there was little need to ask Wolfsbane twice about helping out. All she did, after initial worries were voiced about the situation, was prepare herself as best she could. Gods? She only truly believes in one, but she's seen enough to know there are matters that can't be explained by what she grew up being taught. This qualifies.

What was not there a moment before is now, as that familiar link shared with Mirage is reconnected as soon as the means to arrive in this other place is put in motion. The first thing Rahne does is turn a full circle, sniffing to get her bearings. "What's this?!"

Jean glances over at the students and X-Men she was able to gather on short notice, "Probably the center of the pantheon." She concentrates, "Everyone, open your mind to me, I'll keep us linked together. Wolfsbane, take the point." She keeps it short and simple, her mind tracking everyone within the group.

The timing could have been slightly better. The manifestation of a portal in front of her while she's on her way to take care of some unfinished business is... an inconvenience, at best. X-23's lips press flat and some mental crack widens, just a little. A final look is tossed in the direction of her prey, no doubt with the thought that business will be there when she gets back.
It's with a roll of one shoulder and a quick *crack* of her neck from side-to-side that the dark-haired teenager passes through to the other side - prepared, in her own way, for what might be there.

Other than when concerts have been scheduled in the area, this is probably the first time in a long while that Phantasm was in a non-dream related desert. All this because he flew into a portal. Geez. They really need to schedule these things a bit better. Since Black Crow's observation of him, Phantasm has gotten a tad bigger. A side effect of the constant reading up of Native American gods and totem animals has led to him taking the form of a hawk this time around. The avian creature looks around before perching on a nearby Shadowcat's head. "Who rang?"

Shadowcat nods ominously "I wish we knew why they choose now to have a problem with things. Let's bring them home!" patting Lockheed on her shoulder as he nodded his agreement before the Dragon roared a battle cry. Then kitty moved to follow the others thru the portal in all her gear and looked around. Slipping into habits of old and wordlessly obeying Jean.

With a grown, Thimble awakened bond to the pole. Bound tight, the leather strap did cut into her flesh. Blinking she tried to look clear again, eventually noticing seth on the pole right next to her, then mirage in front of her. Twisting her wrists she tried to concentrate enough to losen them a bit so the pain stopped. Then a bit more so they were actually lose. Being bond is not something she is very fond of.

Shadowcat looks up at the hawk like phanties "Good to have you with us phsntasm. Native American gods have struck again. They took Mirage and some of the students" reaching a comforting hand to wolf cubs shoulder "Try to relax and just do what you're told and what you can to help. Jean won't let things from your past repeat" yes kitty had read the file and it tugged at her heart much like many of the students.

This is a Mirage very few on Midgard have seen, and only one person of the summoned group would have a good indication as to what is going on with her, and that would be Wolfsbane. Some how the gods have been able to tap into her valkyrie abilities and have brought them not only to the forefront but also under thier control. The armor she wears, is similar to that of the Valkyrie, but instead of of being made of metal it is of leather and her winged helm has wings of black instead of white. Her bow is strapped to her back. She stands before the native gods, all glowing eyes and glowing sword and turns to do as they have commanded. Her sword lifts and the turns toward the bound students, ready to prove her worthiness.

The second they step into Shipolo, the attack starts. “Traitor!” Manitou shouts and suddenly the form of Black Crow changes. The muscular mystic suddenly falls to the ground and he is transformed into the handicapped and in his mind useless form of Jesse Black Crow.
The moment Wolfsbane, Wolf Cub, and X-23 arrive, Owayodata, god of the hunt and with a Wolf Head, howls loudly into the air and suddenly turns to look directly at the two. His mind already at work as he attempts to reach into their very souls. Their animal instincts. He attempts to draw out their feral nature and bring them under his thrall.

The very air of this realm crackles with mystical and psionic energy, somewhat like the Astral Plane, but not quite. It will take a moment or two for Jean to adjust. Her link with the others is there, but not as ‘loud’ and staticky. There is some discomforting feedback.

Calumet, the peace god is present and immediately steps between the pantheon and the arriving heroes, “Perhaps there is a more peaceful means of settling this.” Haokah, god of thunder, shouts, “Enough, betrayer of your brethren!” Lightning shouts down striking the peace god, instantly roasting his body. It explodes out and then simply falls to the ground lifelessly! Moonstar, kill the sacrifices!”

More lightning and thunder pour down from the sky and towards the arrive group of heroes.

"Dani!" shouts the wolfen mutant, attention immediately locking on to the Native American woman who's been her longtime friend. She grimaces at what she feels through the link. "They're controlling her somehow!" she adds, more for the benefit of the others as she moves to place herself in between Mirage and those bound to the totem poles, only to freeze when she hears the howl. "Who..?" It's Owayodata her attention shifts suddenly toward and she doubles over with a cry of surprise, clawed hands going to her head as if to try blocking something that cannot be. A ripple almost seems to pass through her as her form starts to shift, wolfen features growing more dominant. "Nae! alone!" she snarls, and she pushes off to race toward the god of the hunt as if to fight him. There's a human side of her in there along with something different, that's for sure.

Silly immortals. As if it takes effort to tap into X-23's feral side. The sight of the semi-familiar fallen man and the arrival of the red-head that jacked into her brain are more than enough to tip her over the edge. The wolf-headed one is just icing on the cake. But to fall under the thrall of this god? He'll have to get past all of her conditioning first. Claws are popped, eyes are narrowed, and she charges straight for Owayodata - divine nature be damned. Words? There are none - just an audible snarl to go with the feral expression on her face. She knows well that she's not alone - a sidelong look at Wolfsbane is clue enough - and that's precisely why she's angling herself just slightly to coordinate with the other woman's apparent attack plan.

As Black Crow turns into some handicapped dude lying in what's going to likely be a battle field there is a temptation for the Hawk to fly over to check on him. But with him STILL able to move and there being people being bound about to get stuck by sword, the bird takes flight towards the totems. As he gets closer, the tips of his wings shift in appearance with the intent of slashing the bindings of the one nearest to the advancing M- Oh they're the same distance? He's going to work on the one closest to him then.

The other student, Seth, is just now waking up as well. His clothing is charred in his chest region, and the naked portions of his chest are showing signs of second-degree burning - a clear indication he's been struck by lightning, but not with the intention of killing. As he wakes up, he notices Thimble, and then Mirage the Valkyrie. He's never seen her like this, but he knows enough from his short experience as a mutant, she's not herself. "M-Mirage...?" He sees it, but can't believe it. "Mirage, you got to wake up! Snap out of it!"

He may be bound to a pole, but he's not incapacitated. The gods don't seem to know a thing about him, or they would've bound him better. Or maybe they do, and they have countermeasures in place. But if he doesn't try anything, he's as good as dead. The point is, he may still be able to shoot. At Mirage, if he must, to drop her to the floor. But he doesn't want to. "Please... Please, wake up! You're not this!" And still, he charges up...

Thimble realizes this is an emergency. She had already loosened her own bindings, and with a look to Radiance, she did her best to loosen up his shackles. They did not fall down, but they were loose enough to allow them to be removed. With only little problems, she removed her own, droping low just in time to dodge an attack by her teacher that was aimed to decapitate her. What did Danielle tell her that one night? A net can be useful in many ways. To protect and to catch and to hinder. Rolling over the ground to avoid further strikes of the Valkyrie, she manages to get one of her thread reels from her pocket, tossing it somewhere, just to unroll it and allow her to weave a net on the ground, should she survive the next few minutes.

Jean pauses, sensing the psychic feedback, stifling a grimace as she raises a hand. She looks at Owayodata, and scowls, firing a telekinetic bolt right at him with all of her strength, "LEAVE THEM ALONE!" Uhoh, Mother Phoenix-Hen is out in force, as she then sends a quick mental message to Rahne, >> Try to get through to Dani. We'll try to draw their attention. << Telekinetic energy surrounds her, forming the aura of the Phoenix as she shouts, "You think we don't know about oppression, you hypocritical deities?!?"

There is a slight pause from Mirage as Wolfsbane leaps in front of her, but is more of surprise and not so much of recognition. That's the problem with the mentally controlled, when they are given a task they focus solely on that one thing, she was told to kill the sacrifices so that is what she is doing, almost to the point of being oblivious to the others around her at the moment. She begins to step around the wolfen mutant, the fact that Wolfsbane drops then charges one of her masters makes is all that much easier. Stepping toward Thimble, since she is the one that has managed to free herself. The glowing sword cleaves through the air, missing the tiny, nimble girl by a hair as she drops into a roll that makes it so Mirage has to advance toward her again.

Owayodata grins and takes a similar form to Rahne’s wolfen form, “The wolves are mine to lead or kill.” He howls again attempting to control Rahne and Nick with more effort. He drops his mental attack on X-23 as there is too much there, but as she approaches him. She will find three arrows fired from Hotamintanio, the god of war. “One among the mortals shows herself a true warrior. Let her test her might against the god of war!” He leaps out and places himself between her and Owayodata

Leaving the captured and now free students and Phantasm to Mirage, Nanabozho and Iktomi look to each other. Even the trickster gods of the Anasazi are familiar with the vaunted Phoenix, and so the two trickster work together in unison, “Then be prepared to be oppressed.” Black energy seeps from Nanabozho’s hands as he releases an othon beam at Jean while Iktomi releases a stream of electricity at her. “Test your mettle against the gods.” They strike her telekinetic field, but already pressure is placed on it.

Manitou looks to Haokah and Tawa. “Make the terrain unpleasant for our guests.” More lightning rains down, not striking the heroes, but more like keep them trapped within a certain area. The sun also seems to grow hotter, much much hotter as the heat is amped up a bit, but getting hotter.

By now the Scottish mutant looks like more of a werewolf than usual, complete with the animal head, a tail and thicker fingers, toes and claws to go with the rest. "S-stop..this," Wolfsbane's heard to say as she can't finish her attack, shuddering as her approach is interrupted. Unfortunately Jean's attempt to stop the influence being exerted by the wolf god goes nowhere in terms of allowing Rahne the chance to focus on Mirage again, even if the wolfen mutant's thoughts strain to reach out toward Dani somehow as a reminder of who she really is, not what she's become. If nothing else, despair might be picked up on by the Cheyenne as Wolfsbane tries to resist bending the knee and showing throat to Owayodata, a clear sign of submission to his dominance. A hand flattens against the ground and that knee hesitates. The look in her eyes suggests she's not all herself right now.

With the concentration of strength focused on the thinnest of areas with the wing tips, the eagle's wings act like a sharp blade as they come across Seth's bindings, slashing the bindings apart. Task taken care of, Phantasm's flight shifts, aiming right for Moonstar, not at all taking note of the heat, he too focuses entirely on his target.

Fur ripples along Wolf Cub's back as there's a war of wills over him, and it's a war that he isn't even participating in. There's no awareness in him right now, a state he's been in once before, and it's a defensive state at that. His eyes dart around, passing over everyone they see, not registering a soul until it gets to one. There's only one way to stop the defensive state, and that's to remove that which is causing it. With barely a sound Wolf Cub rushes towards Owayodata and launches at the godling, shoulder lowered for a powerful impact.

Thimble has a hard time to dodge the attacks, so she was not too able to concentrate on the reel strong enough to do the knitting of the net quickly. But she does manage to make a knot every now and then. Still it would take Minutes to knit the net out of the thin polyester, and if it would contain an enraged Valkyrie was questionable at best. "I could need some assistance here..." she muttered as seh tried to dodge under another strike, loosing hair another time. Each strike seemed to get closer to her head.

Seth takes this opportunity to free himself - oh, strike that, an eagle just cut them by slicing through them with its wings. He looks around, smiling at the fact the others came to their rescue. He looks at the battleground, seeing who best needs help. He believes that would be... yeah, Thimble just called it! He presses onward, taking flight and extending a hand to take her away from Mirage's swinging range. "Quick! Grab my hand!"

Jean focuses on drawing the attention away from the others, concentrating on keeping her field up. What extra effort she can manage goes to trying to protect the other feral mutants from the Hunter's influence. She looks at the pair of tricksters, and smirks beneath even the strain of maintaining the field against the pair of gods, "Don't suppose I could bribe you with some sweets?" Okay, so maybe this isn't exactly Supernatural, but it's worth a shot.

Shadowcat tried to stay away from the lightning strikes...even gods weren't random. "I hate electricity..." trying to calculate the strikes and find a pattern to them "Why are you waging war after all these centuries and what have these children done to deserve such a fate? Why now rather then centuries ago when the conflict between native Americans and white settlers was being fought?" nodding to Lockheed add he took flight swooping thru the lightning towards the gods.

One target for another. Owayodata's control slackens and X-23 relaxes more fully into her feral aspect - it's so much easier without someone trying to tug yet another of her leashes. The arrows help; one lodges into her shoulder with considerable force and the rest graze her; the latter only because she drops and rolls to evade. She snarls again, then reaches up to wrench the arrow from her shoulder - leaving a wreck of flesh and blood behind. The wound knits itself up in time - time she takes to shift her blade-wielding charge from the wolf-headed one to the archer. Electricity? Unimportant. Baking sun? Below her radar. Someone out to kill her with arrows? He's the only thing that matters. Hotamintanio is in her sights and she pounces, claws poised to behead - if he were a mere mortal, anyway.

Owayodata smiles and takes a more human form, but still with the wolf head. As he approached the lupine mutant, He places his hand on her throat and performs the equivalent of a wolf kiss. He then seems to howl again, but directly into her mind. The series of howls, he seems to command her as he points to Shadowcat, <Kill her and bring me her pet.> When he is suddenly tackled by Wolf Cub. “The pup fights back.” Owayodata turns into a full wolf and leaps at Wolf Cub, his teeth snarling, claws out ready to bite and slash at the cub.

As Mirage does her thing on Thimble, Radiance, and Phantasm. The Tricksters grin, “Sweet, Earth whore. I am famished.” Nanabozho offers as he looks to Iktomi, “Are you famished as well?” Iktomi responds, “I could eat a planet.” They press their attacks as the othon and electricity continue to press on her telekinetic field. Their combined might starts to push against her shield and will burst through any second now.

As X-23 leaps, her speed is enough to cause Hotamintanio pause. The millisecond pause is enough for her claws to lash out and strike the god. Blood or the equivalent of it starts to drip. The god is not beheaded, but the actual sight of blood has shocked him. He swings with his arm to slap the feral clone away. “You have drawn blood against a god.”

As Seth tends to the Thimble. The eagle tends to the Moonstar. Roughly. As he speeds towards Dani, and sees the sword coming towards him, the well practiced Phantasm shifts his positioning to avoid the sword slash. Mostly. A wing goes missing and the perceived momentum carries him the rest of the way with the full force of his strength backing up the chunk of hawk body that's about to hit Dani in the face. It's likely a good thing that Phantasm doesn't have vital organs, otherwise this would be rather messy.

Jean chuckles, "Tell me... boys... you familiar with... Brer Rabbit?" She grins, despite the strain, and suddenly the othon and electricity is arcing back towards the trickster gods, guiding the bolts back towards them as she suddenly telekinetically deflects the energy, instead of her shield breaking from the assault.

Lockheed roars taking a deep breath and breathing fire in a long sweeping gout as he flew by the gods.

The struggle is hard, so hard. Wolfsbane hasn't been faced with something like this since Genosha, perhaps, and in spite of the mental training she's had as a member of Xavier's it's a lot harder to overcome a sudden, supernatural attack on her very core. Had she the quick thinking to go human when it began it might have gone in another direction, but it would have left her vulnerable in other ways without that connection to Mirage. She squirms in place at the touch, grimacing as her ears flatten back against her head at whatever Owayodata's just done to her, then her attention locks onto Shadowcat. Even as Wolf Cub draws near and begins to go at it with the wolf god, she stalks in Kitty's direction before breaking into a run right at her that's more on all fours than two legs, snarling.

Wolf Cub is a cub in name alone for while he is not all that tall, there's a decent amount of power in his frame, though unlikely enough to deal with a godling. He doesn't care about that consideration right now, though, in fact he doesn't think about anything as he snarls at Owayodata. When the wolf god leaps at him he brings his right arm and hand around, swatting at Owayodata to knock him from the air before the attack can be made, likely to at least redirect that attack enough for it to graze, or even miss.

The hit lands solidly. X-23 twists in the air and just barely catches herself on the ground - boots first, rather than facefirst, that is. It's a clumsy, joint-crackingly hard impact-slash-crouch, but it works; one clawed fist hits the ground while the other lifts, allowing her to regain her balance. The lifted one still bears the trace of his blood - perhaps held up as bait. "Next time," she snarls, "remember to duck." She doesn't wait even a second after the last word; she withdraws her stabilizing fist on the ground and surges forward, this time intent on cutting low. If she can take out his hamstrings, all the better.

Shadowcat looking over at Danni then back to rahne "That's it wolfsbane, come and get me!" running for dani and in a split second before rahne's attack....she disappears phasing out

The lightning momentarily stops and the heat seems to cool off a moment as Lockheed sprays at Tawa, the sun god, and Haokah, the thunder god.

The othon strikes Iktomi and the electricity strike Nanabozho. Iktomi lets out a howl as the othon hurts much more. He drops to his knees a moment. Nanabozho is only struck for a second by the electricity. He looks to Jean, “Tell me, woman. Perhaps, a look at your true nature.” He rushes towards Jean and his form begins to change from goat man to fiery Phoenix and sweeps towards Jean.

Owayodata lets the cub swat him, but this is a god so while the cub connects, the god still pounces on the cub. He attempts to pin the boy down and his teeth snarled he attempts to bit the cub’s neck.

As X-23 attacks low, the war god leaps up avoiding her fist. Withdrawing knives, he leaps back putting some distance between himself and X-23. Knives in his hands, it is his turn. He rushes forward with crisscrossing swipes in an x-formation attempting to slash at her. The knives, like the arrows, are stronger, but still just knives.

Manitou disappears from his throne and reappears above the fallen Jesse Black Crow, "Betrayer! Prepare for death!"

You know where Jean was... well, that actually looks to be a very solid rock formation that Nanabozho/Phoenix charges headlong into it. And where was... or is, Jean? She's actually near the fallen Black Crow, looking defiantly up at Manitou as she strikes at him with the full power of her telekinesis, "YOU are the betrayer! This runs counter to everything you stand for! You preach about righteousness but enslave people to your cause!"

With the hawk's wing severed and him reeling away, Mirage doesn't give Phantasm any more attention. She turns, her glowing eyes raking the area for the sacrifices, Thimble and Radiance. Seeing the latter flying upwards with the former, she begins to realize something is missing and the glow if her eyes dull, despite that she begins to advance, paying little heed to the approaching Shadowcat since she does't seem to be in attack mode, but instead fleeing from Wolfsbane, who instead bowls her over when Shadowcat phases out of the path of impact.

By the time Wolfsbane's committed to her leaping attack, it's too late to change course. When Shadowcat is there and then not, it leaves none other than Mirage herself in the path of the might-as-well-be-rabid wolfen. The command was not to kill that one. It was to kill Shadowcat. Claws are tucked in at the last moment and she twists enough to strike with the body instead of anything sharp but she still tumbles with a grunt, momentarily shaken as she scrambles to get back to an upright position, eyes sharp in search of Kitty even as she starts to push away from Mirage only to pause long enough to look back at her with a questioning sound. The link is still up and Dani was trying to fight...something. It's a bit of a distraction from what Owayodata's done to her.

When it comes to a knife fight, she's plenty able to hold her own. X-23 meets blade for blade, playing the defensive - the better for her to pick out his weaknesses, the places where he might be cut again. Any nicks and cuts to her hands, her arms, are ignored; they'll heal. She might look a bloody mess, but she'll live. She's peripherally aware of the sheer chaos around her but it's the god of war that holds her focus. So, while the flashing of blades up top serves as a purposeful distraction, it's the flashing of one foot that's flat-out purposeful. Hotamintanio, meet foot-blade to the tender spot just below the knee cap - and if that succeeds, she'll press further, with a second foot-blade and a higher target. Can he sing soprano? Only one way to find out.

As Mirage manages to duck out of the way of the bird, the one winged hawk lands on the ground. Eyes squinting shut, the hawk starts to fade from view going to an unseen, and unheard presence as he runs towards Dani once more.

Steering away from Mirage, and setting Thimble away from the fight, Seth now focuses his attention on who needs more assistance. And that's likely to be Wolf Cub. "Leave him alone, you sonuvabitch!" Charging up, he warns Wolf Cub, "Wolf Cub... GET OUTTA THE WAY!!" And he fires. It's one blazing blast, where everything straight in the path of the blast suddenly gets brighter than the day itself. And it's aimed straight at Owayodata!

There is fleeting recognition when Mirage looks at the wolfgirl that has sent her sprawling, it isn't seen, but surely sensed through their link. It's not enough though to pull her from the control of the gods though and she pushes Wolfsbane away, reaching for the sword that was sent flying when she was knocked back as she gets up. It's unfortunate that the sword is out of reach...but not so for her. The bow comes out, and while she is only passable with a sword, she is right deadly with her bow.

@emit Nanabozho/Phoenix crashes into the rock formation, breaking it apart as it crumbles to pieces. He continues on his path and then flies up in the sky looking down below. He mutters an ancient incantation and black energy beams raining down on the battle field below. Should anyone be hit. They will feel very weak and almost depressed%r%rManitou looks towards Jean. Her full telekinetic attack is caught in the spirit god’s hand he simply extinguishes it. He looks to Jean and a powwow is about to ensue, “You are the worlds destroyer, The Phoenix. Life means little to you and yet here you are. Defending this traitor. Tell me, Jean Grey. Would the Phoenix be so kind and benevolent to let a traitor live?” He makes no attack on the headmistress, but shows that of all the gods he is the strongest and none of her attacks will affect him and forms an energy field around himself, Jean, and Jesse so that Nanabozho black energy does not affect them.%r%r

Owayodata’s control of Rahne starts to slip as he concentrates on Wolf Cub. As the god is struck by Wolf Cub, the god is just too powerful and as Wolf Cub struggles under him, there is not much allowance for movement. Clearly stronger, Owayodata speaks, “You have fought well, wolfling. You have proven yourself and I could never kill one of my kin. But you must still learn your place.” His claws grow and he sinks them into the fur hide of the boy. “Stay down, pup.” He speaks as if he is not threatening Wolf Cub, but urging him to surrender. As Radiance’s blast strikes, the purposeful position the wolf god was in, allows him to take the full blast. His position and body posture show that he was actually protecting Wolf Cub.

Hotamintanio, continues a patterned slash attack cutting and wounding X-23, but finding her wounds healing or her ignoring them. The surprise of her powerful healing ability leads him to once again be impressed as he smiles at a worthy challenger. Her foot blade sinks into his knee. Aimed so precisely the god cannot help but fall towards the ground but when she aims higher. He grabs her foot and squeezes tight hoping to crush her leg and then toss her.

Even if he could do something about it Seth's shout out to Wolf Cub fall upon deaf ears, those words heard but not listened to by whatever is controlling him right now. He snarls when those claws sink into his body, muscles tensing as he redoubles his efforts to try and get Owayodata off of him. Even that blast is just something in the background as far as he's concerned right now.

Wolfsbane's head shakes, as if a fog is beginning to lift. After the shove she hops instinctively to one side as a burst of that black energy hits where she'd been a moment before, eyes darting between what's going on with Owayodata and Wolf Cub back to Mirage, and she begins to remember what they're here for. "Dani!" she exclaims, gathering herself once more to do..something. That manifests as she leaps toward the Cheyenne woman again, grabbing at an arm as her other one seeks to wrap around the midsection of her friend. "Nae..nae morrre!" she growls deep in her throat. "Fight it!" Like she is, again.

Jean looks at Manitou, "He has not betrayed you. He is serving you. He serves you still." She looks down to Black Crow, then at Manitou, "The Phoenix signifies life /and/ death. One cannot exist without the other. And you were planning to force a young woman to execute her friends, who /really/ is serving Death here?" She looks at Manitou, not challenging him with her powers, not when her words can do as well. "He is trying to stop you from making a mistake, a tragic mistake."

As Dani gets her bow out, something wraps around her neck. But it sure as heck doesn't feel like feathers. It feels more like an abnormally strong arm wrapped around the front with the upper part of a chest supporting the back of the neck as a strong pressure is put on her with the intent of cutting off her air supply. Oddly enough, other than the pressure around the neck, there's no sensation of a body attached to said arm. "Sleep."

Shadowcat doesn't trust the rays and slips into the ground moving quickly to wolf cub. Kitty pops up under wolf cub and grabs him pulling him into the ground and runs away before rising above ground again and unphasing. Hopefully she got him out of there in time. Watching Lockheed spit fire at the gods again before flying out of their reach as he weaved his way thru the dark rays to avoid them.

With Wolfsbane clinging to her front and another person clinging to her back Mirage can't do much with the bow, but with her valkyrie powers unlocked to their fullest potential she doesn't need it to deal with her hangers-on. With valkyrie powers comes valkyrie strength. She slams her head backwards, in an attempt to smash the back of her head into Phantasm's face.

Making a god bleed his own blood - that might be good enough for some, but not enough for X-23. He got first blood; she intends to get the last. She retracts her foot claws mere moments before he gets a grip on her foot and leg. The force is bone-crushing and she grits her teeth against it with a bestial growl. It's a different pain than the arrow, the blades; it's a pain that just stokes her feral fires of destruction. She's thrown easily, only to contort in the air and end up hitting the ground at a calculated angle - if in the path of a black beam of misery. She rolls, then pushes up to a three point crouch, chest heaving and features swiftly being schooled into a mask of utter concentration - only her eyes and flared nostrils betray the truth, the animalistic anger that fuels her, in spite of the dark energy. This, too, will pass - but, for now, it's a game of playing through the sinking feeling. "If you want to fight," she snaps, "then -FIGHT-."

Haokah and Tawa look over towards Iktomi and make their way towards him as he was hit hard earlier by Jean’s redirected othon blast. Ghost Dancer and Tomazooma, the two remaining gods who have thus far done nothing but watch. Look to each other and then to Haokah and Tawa. The four gods look to each other and nod, Tawa helps Iktomi up and then the five gods are suddenly gone.

As Owayodata was knocked back pretty far from the wolf cub, he lies mostly still, but his body is singed and smoke emits from him as he is badly burned from Seth’s blast. As Cub approaches him, he howls again in a pained form. The empathic cry for help rings in Rahne’s and Nick’s ears. He rises up a bit and stares at Seth. He leaps up and seems to fly with claws outstretched. As Nick is grabbed by Kitty.

Manitou listens to her words. She demonstrates appropriate respect for the god while still believing fully in her words with conviction. Manitou looks down at Jesse, “He is yours to take. He should never return here again. Manitou simply disappears.

Only three gods remain. Nanabozho, still in a Phoenix forces continues to use his mystic powers to have the raining of othon energy. He flies towards Lockheed attempting to engulf the dragon in mystic flames.

Hotamintanio is able to fling the mutant wolverine girl away from him. Despite his own injuries also healing, he is seemingly overjoyed by the challenge of a true fight. “A warrior indeed. Let us fight and let our battle ring out over Shipolo and beyond.” His knives are again drawn and he rushes towards X-23 at the speed of a charging bull.

Wolf Cub had just gotten his footing beneath him again and was preparing to attack Owayodata again when suddenly Shadowcat grabs him and pulls him under. This is not something that he is accepting of and he struggles and claws about in her touch, trying to get at her or get away from her. This is not a very good thing for him while he's phased through the ground.

Wolfsbane struggles with Mirage and whatever, or whoever else is there with her. She hasn't quite figured that part out yet. "Stop fighting us, Dani! Fight them!" she urges, working to keep hold of her enough to at least be a distraction as long as that wolfen god has 'forgotten' about her. It doesn't hurt that she's still amped up from the effects of that particular battle, one-sided as it was, but it's left her in a stronger, somewhat larger form than normal. Sharpening her focus, she tries something she hasn't done in ages, if ever: she sends as strong a sense of self as she can at Dani through their bond, an attempt to /force/ her to recall the strength of their friendship and fight harder against the control the gods have over her. A moment later she reels again, startled by the cry that sounds sharply within her from Owayodata. "Nnrrghh.." She hesitates, beginning to pull away again because the one who'd gained control over her is calling. "Nae.." she says, but she sounds like she's going through that internal fight once more.

Jean blinks as Manitou leaves, then feels the struggle for her telepathy lift, allowing her to reach out to the others mentally. >> Everyone, it's time to coordinate. These spirits can be defeated, here and now. Rahne, Dani, it's time to come home. << She concentrates, staying protectively near the fallen Black Crow as she starts linking the team together, including X-23 and Phantasm. It's not an invasive link, but rather the mental equivalent of a com-channel.

A battle of bullish blades it shall be. Hotamintanio charges and she meets that charge; she barrels at him at full speed - and braces for the inevitable impact, whether of bodies or knives, it matters not. It's a deadly game of chicken, to see which one pulls up short - or can land a hit first. It's clear enough that X-23 isn't afraid - though whether this is a good thing or a bad thing might be up for debate right about now. That's the furthest thing from her mind at the moment, though; her claws are out, she has her mark, and the scent of blood - his, hers, maybe the others - is in the air. As for that psychic com-channel, it's going to pick up on her need to take this god out on her own - inarticulate as that need may be.

"Yeah, Seth! You're doing great..." And then come those black rays, which Radiance has to dodge through. "Alright, wolfie... You stay the fuck away from my friends. They're not yours to control, they are their own masters." >> Ms. Grey, any moment's back-up now... << Yes, that big flying wolf is pissed! But Seth still has a few charges to back him up, and one of those is again fired at the flying wolf, hopefully strong enough to push him into the path of those dark raining rays...

Thimble had had a hard time to wake up after something had hit her head on the flight. But it didn't take her out for too long, so as she came back to senses the battle was still raging. However she was in a slightly distant place, from where she could get back into the action. Shaking her head to clear it, she tried to pick up the thread and reel she had dropped for knitting the net before, continuing to knit it. Now that she had a less dodgy time, it was quite some times faster, the reel spinning over the ground to finish the trapping net in about a minute. The question was just, would the thin polyethylene thread stand one of the gods or Danielle's strength? Even if it just would slow them, a radial net of that size could be the advantage to get them. At least it was very light and wouldn't strain her too much. Come on Thimble... Who to catch... Dani was obviously top priotity, and so she tried to move the thin Polyethylene weave over her to just let it drop, helping a bit to try and wrap it around her teacher, but it was not the most strong weave, so she might just rip it. Seconds might be what she could buy that way, but if she was lucky she might also entangle her longer.

Being jacked up my the gods does as much to increase your powers as it does your strength and stamina. Mirage's breathing is becoming shallow due to her being choked. During the whole time of the bear hug on her she has yet to move except her initial headbutt on Phantasm behind her. With all the psistatic gone, or whatever it was that was blocking the psisignals, she is gaining ground on the mental struggle against the mental chains that bind her, Wolfsbane will sense all that, she will also sense that she can't fight back against her controller if she is passed out on the ground.

Hotamintanio charges and with the blades aims one striking down aiming for thigh and another for her arm, which lives his midsection. Anasazi flesh is strong and dense, but against adamantium it is like tissue paper. Two strikes cause the bloodied god to be even bloodier, but he continues to press with his swipes against X-23.

Owayodata is knocked back by Seth’s blast. It has no major effect except to push him into the way of an othon blast which does nothing to the wolf god and he flies back his claws out and fangs bared to attack Seth.

Nanabozho flies through unaffected by Lockheed’s flame and in a similar way that Shadowcat would. He literally flies through the dragon. The dragon will feel a good chunk of its life force taken from it and will probably lose consciousness.

Any psychic status is gone and with Manitou gone, the Earth Spirit shows favor on Jesse Black Crow and he begins to take the form of the mystic hero, Black Crow. His link with Jean will show that he can return everyone back to the Xavier Institute. <<We must free Moonstar and get out of her. To engage the gods would be foolish. We are not winning. We are merely delaying the inevitable.>>

Wolf Cub is injured in a few spots, especially where those claws from Owayodata dug into his body. But those wounds don't register on him, nor do Shadowcat's words to try and calm him. There's fire in his eyes, the hungry anger of a wounded predator, and the only reason why he doesn't strike at Shadowcat is because she isn't trying to restrain him. Instead his vision falls upon Owayodata again, a deep growl coming from his throat as he shifts about, getting his feet under him once more.

"Drop. The Bow." A voice hisses in Dani's ea as the arms still maintain it's hold.

Jean nods to Black Crow, and focuses her attention on Mirage, >> Dani, SNAP OUT OF IT! << She then sends her message through the link, >> Everyone, get ready to go, and that goes DOUBLE for you, Laura-23! << A moment's pause and then she sends again through the link, >> MARINES! WE ARE LEAVING! << (Well, maybe the kids will get the reference...)

Wolfsbane's focus darts back toward Owayodata as the urge to help him surfaces again, but this time there's help to keep her attention more on what she's needed for. She disentangles herself from Mirage and is nearly struck by one of those energy bolts, but it barely misses. She can still think, fortunately not in a blind rage like Wolf Cub over there. "Snap oot o' it, Dani!" For just a moment she wills /all/ of the wolfen side to go away, leaving her fully human before her friend as it severs the link the two of them share, then she shifts back to a transitional form to re-establish it, hoping it will sharpen Dani's own efforts. The sound of another voice so close to Dani's leaves Rahne frowning, but she snaps, "Let go o' her. I've got her." This is in the form of a charging grab at the other original New Mutant, meaning to force her back out of the area toward wherever they're going.

Thimble yells up as one of the black bolts scratches her arm, but she pulls down the net towards Mirage, trying just to entangle the struggling Cheyenne Valkyrie in it. << Hope that works, hope that works >> she repeats again and again, the thin fibers just barely visible as they cling to mirage as she tries. and fastens it. Hopefully it holds.

She takes the hits with gritted teeth; blood drenches her arm and thigh where his knives stick, but X-23 is dead-set on giving as good as she gets. His midsection, laid bare as it is, turns into a ripe target for two quick hits - one fist, then the other, both intent on punching through with a pair of blades each. His next set of attacks leave their mark on her; metal whispers on skin and flays her open to the bone in some places... but she has her eyes on what might be utterly impossible. She bides her time, such as it is, fending his knives off as best she can and laying a few small slashes and nicks in him when he leaves himself open. But if she can land a solid uppercut and pop her blades at just the right moment, maybe, maybe, maybe... and never mind all that mental static being spat at her through the link. She isn't listening.

Shadowcat let's go of wolf cub <<Jean, calm Nick down>> panicked for the kids and her pet kitty rushed trying to catch Lockheed in her seem as she drew a sword trying to fend off the bird god "Lockheed! nooo!"

A sigh comes from Seth as the wolf just rises back up. "For the love of...!" Through the psi-link, Seth is just about a step away from shouting. >> Danielle Moonstar! What the heck is it you think you're doing?? First, these guys want you to kill me and Thimble, and you almost manage, and now we're all out here risking our lives to get you back. What the hell is the delay, woman?? Get back on your feet, and take control of your goddamn life!! Because we sure can't hold on out here for much longer!! << In the meantime, Owayo is getting awfully close to him...

Reaching for his spear, Black Crow begins to spin it quickly and quickly reality around it seems to warp ever so slightly as the War Room of the Xavier Institute pops in and out of view between each whirl. Through the link, Black Crow urges <<Seth and Laura (he has heard them being called that), disengage from the gods. It is a fruitless battle. >>

The god of war gives and takes and shows proud wounds and when X-23 is able to the uppercut and two claws pop into the chin of the god, the claws pop throught he dense flesh and the god yells out in pain. A human would be dead, but he is no human. A strong punch is thrown to X-23’s midsection to push her off and away from him. If it is successful, she will literally rip his face off as her claws are in his face.

The wolf god presses his attack on Seth and is ready to leap at him, but he stops short and looks back to Rahne. She is a kindred wolf and so, he gains his senses and moves down. As the net is tosses at Rahne, Dani, and Mike, he flies down and his claws easily cut through it, freeing the three of them from it. He looks to Thimble and unfurls his fangs.

Nanabozho has hurt Lockheed and then peers down at the battle below, but with the Wolf God disengaged from Seth, he flies towards Seth firing off mystical flames at the flying mutant.

"Stop." it comes out as barely a whisper. The bow drops from her hands, and Wolfsbane can feel whatever is controlling Dani snap and it has nothing to do with all the mental yelling, on anyone's part and all to do with what Wolfsbane has done with the link between them and forcing herself mentally down Mirage's throats, "Stop!" its louder this time and up to this point she hasn't tried to throw of Phantasm or Wolfsbane though the easily has the strength to do so, which she proves by doing just that. Her hand reaches up and graps the arm around her neck flinging it off, Wolfsbane is treated more gently, and Mirage just pulls away from her as another weapon manifests itself in her hand. Even though she is in full control of herself, the valkyrie power is still flowing through her, and with Owayadota (or however its spelled) right there in front of her guess he is getting it...him. Unfortunately for the Wolf god this weapon was made to hurt gods and with all the juice that is going through Mirage right now, its gonna hurt bad.

Thimble gulps as the Wolf god turns on her. That was not as she had planned it. Pants down? no, but... That was a male god, right? Backing away slowly she lifted her hands, going after the fabric of the gods pants. Not to pull it down, but to rearrange it so it gets really tight around his crown jewels. A strong grip around them that hopefully hinders him or hurts him, as she backs away towards the rescue party. >>Someone can lend me a hand to castrate a stray angry dog here?<< she asked during the retreat, trying to tighten a small number of strings around the gods testes, just like one does when castrating a goat. A strong thread that is pulled verry, verry tight and prevents blood to go there.

She'll take that face, thank you. The impact is enough to knock the wind out of X-23, but she manages a harsh bark of laughter all the same. Sure, she lands on her rear some distance away with bone-jarring force, but the god's face - or bits of it, whatever remains after she's shoved away - is upheld proudly on the points of her blades. Then the stuff is flicked from her fists and the blades withdraw, allowing her to shove herself up and to her feet. The adrenaline is starting to work its way out of her system and the effect of the beam from before is starting to gain a stronger foothold in her slowly weakening defenses. She says nothing - neither to spur the god into another assault or to demand his submission; instead, she stands, bloodied but satisfied. A sidelong look is aimed for Jean, finally acknowledging her telepathed words. Even then, nothing is actively transmitted; she's done and that's enough. When they go, she'll go with them - but only because she has no other choice.

Brief eye contact is made with Owayodata in passing as the wolf god starts in on Thimble. The netting is there and gone, barely noticed. Wolfsbane's moved a step or two back but she's ready to spring again until she sees who Dani's starting to aim at: not one of the students, but the wolfen god himself. This, for some reason, causes some form of conflict to stir inside again. She's known a wolf god before, but this one's different. This one tried to control her in order to attack her friends, and there's a part of her that can't forgive it. She still doesn't even know just what this is all about! "Dani..?" she questions, as if to test who's in control. >> I don't know what to do right now. << she admits through the mental link.

As the bow hits the ground, the pressure around her neck does goes away, depriving her of the chance of tearing away the arm as she sought out to do. The bow is scooped up, pulled out of her reach. With Wolfsbane laying claim to watching over Mirage, the bow is tossed through the portal and there's not much more seen from Phantasm.

Brief eye contact is made with Owayodata in passing as the wolf god starts in on Thimble. The netting is there and gone, barely noticed. Wolfsbane's moved a step or two back but she's ready to spring again until she sees who Dani's starting to aim at: not one of the students, but the wolfen god himself. This, for some reason, causes some form of conflict to stir inside again. She's known a wolf god before, but this one's different. This one tried to control her in order to attack her friends, and there's a part of her that can't forgive it. She still doesn't even know just what this is all about! "Dani..?" she questions, as if to test who's in control. >> I don't know what to do right now. << she admits through the mental link.

Wolf Cub is unaware of the intent of the others to return back to the mansion, his full attention right now on Owayodata. His breathing is a bit labored from the injuries he sustained, but he's not going to let them slow him down as he starts to move in a wide circle, waiting for an opening.

>> I'll give you a hint <<, Seth directs to Rahne. >> How about we, oh, I dunno... << And that's when Nanabozho starts raining down fire on him. >> GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!?? << And that's when Seth takes flight to escape the wrath of the trickster god.

Another howl unlike any other. Perhaps the most pained howl of this howl battle as the fabric around his pants squeezes into his testes. The howl leads to a yelp which leads to silence as the Wolf god falls over courtesy of Mirage’s god-defeating weapon.

The War god will survive this battle, but with his face literally ripped off, he falls back. His hands covering his face which already starts to heal. He cannot continue this fight, though X-23’s choosing not to continue the fight is even a worse offense to the god.

The only one remaining the true conspirator of these events remains hovering above still in the Phoenix form, “Be gone and leave Shipolo! This was merely a battle. While you were here, my brethren have entered your world and are tearing it asunder as we speak!” The fiery body explodes into othon and drops down. One final attack as the sky literally bleeds othon and ready to pour down on the heroes if they do not leave now.

Black Crow remains ready spinning his spear which has opened a portal fully to the Xavier Institute. Phantasm and X-23 the first to go through the portal.

Jean stays near the portal, waiting until the last of the students is through before going through herself, keeping her telekinetic shield to screen out the mental decay of the othon as she looks at the faux-Phoenix-god, then simply says, "We'll see." She then steps through, after the last of the kids have gone.

Shadowcat hugging Lockheed tight to her she runs for the still upset wolf cub and picks him up before moving for the portal <<somehow Jean, I thought it'd be seth who lost it in a situation like this>> and with both her charges she goes thru the portal, likely with the wolf boy struggling against her.

Smirking as that impropertu thing worked out so well, she pulls the strings that were trying to dry out the jewels to coal one more time, so they dug into his flesh and were hard to remove efore she retreats through the portal "Yea? See your Wolf Buddy? Want the same treatment?" she taunts before she heads back through the portal. Scratch that god from the males and add him to the neuters. at least she left him his dick to piss his name into the snow.

Seth disappears off that portal, helping to carry whoever needs help.

Having used a majority of her god given power in getting the Ghost Staff to work against the Wolf God, Mirage staggers, looking quite confused as to where she is and why, a look that is solely given to Wolfsbane, since she is the only only one near by "You can explain later." she says in a raspy tone. She will probably need a hand.

Wolfsbane appears annoyed at something, but all she says are a few simple words to Mirage. "Maybe once I've figured it all oot. Let's go." She gives support as needed, getting out while the getting's good. A rough time for sure.

When Wolf Cub passes through the portal, through some means or another, he suddenly loses consciousness and falls limp.

With everyone through, Black Crow closes the portal and everyone finds themselves at the Xavier Institute. Though he knows this is far from over.

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