Mad Gods Part II

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Black Crow, Mirage, Radiance, Thimble and Calumet, Iktomi, and the clown demons

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03/12/13 16:01

Secluded Area - Catskill Mountain Range - New York State

Mirage, Radiance, and Thimble are training in the woods when they are interrupted by the Mad Gods

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With the weather approaching almost spring like temparatures and with a little help from a certain weather witch, Mirage has arranged a survival training session for the two New Mutants who drew the short straws. Lucky Radiance and Thimble. They get to traipse through the woods and learn about tracking and how to survive in the wilderness with the bare minimum of supplies...or as some would put it, McGyver style.

Thimble eyed over to Radiance, as she followed Mirage up a trail to their campsite. Sure, she had some survival training, but that was more 'survive in The big apple, where you have a trashcan full of supplies at every corner'-style. But at least she knew what to look after - shelter, drinkable water, food and not to loose to much body warmth. And even if Mirage had stripped them of most equipment, she had tried to smuggle in some of her most worthy tools - her butterfly knife, two or three nylon thread reels and a pack of matchsticks, all of them neatly sewn into pockets along the inside of her jeans. Good if you can manipulate the cloth to have pockets without seams, right? "is it long?"

Actually, Seth wasn't bringing much, except for the clothes he's got, a suvival knife, two canteens filled with water, and a compass. And even that was too much. This is survival training 101! Which means nothing but the clothes you got! He gives himself a sigh as he looks back to the area where the shuttle is. This is going to be a /looooong/ training...

As the students and their teacher train in the forest surrounding the Catskills, a small wisp of smoke rises up slowly off in the distance a few yards. The smoke soon begins to bellow and wisp out and soon begins to engulf a small section of the forest. In the background flames can suddenly seen emerging and the scent of fire is in the air. A forest fire has started, not a good thing in this very woody area of the Catskills. What is even more distressing is that this can only be seen by Seth and Thimble.

A lone crow flies overhead, a familiar crow perhaps to Mirage. It flies down towards the Native American teacher and caws. Its caws are not human and yet it is almost as if the words, ‘Beware’ can be heard. Unfortunately for the students, Mirage is the only one who can see the bird.

Seth looks onward, stopping in his tracks as he notices the smoke. "Uhm... stop?" He points ahead, towards the flames. "Was that part of the program?"

Just had just sent a young buck on its way when the the crow flies above. She has no problem understanding the warning that is being given, and she goes on immediate alert, and when Seth points out the smoke and flames, "Not part of mine. Radiance fly up and see how the fire is tracking. Thimble, you're with me." she begins to move parallel to how she things the fire is going

The training so far has had very little in the way of hands on activities. It's mostly just been the two students following Mirage around as she does most of the talking. Which is why they were asked not to bring anything, the camp is fully stocked with food and beverage. Sure they will be sleeping on the ground in tents over night, but this training is more informational is nature and less technical. She tries to keep it interesting with anecdotes and explaining how certain things they will be learning can transfer into day-to day situations, etc. The bonus is that if they happen to spot a bit of wildlife during their treks she will calm its fear of them enough so that Radiance and Thimble can get up close and personal with it a few minutes.

Thimble eyes the growing fire, stopping in mid motion "Unless they brought in Pyro... it is still too chilly for a fire of that size to suddenly start," she contemplates, then Mirages gives orders "fine, fine. and we have no fire extinguisher here."

As Seth flies overhead, flames will shoot out at him. While Mirage and Thimble remain on the ground, the crow swoops down and perches itself on Mirage’s shoulder. It speaks in Cheyenne and says, “Your sight and those of the students are altered. The Anasazi are present. Though there is not much I can offer. At our last encounter, I was stripped of my power when near them.”

When Thimble mentions Pyro, that is exactly who appears. Charging at her at Mirage, the Aussie mutant fire-weilder shoots a very realistic-looking stream of flame towards Thimble. What Mirage will see is not, Pyro, but actually Calumet, the Native American god smoking a pipe and the smoke coalescing about.

Thimble drops herself flat down to the ground to barely evade the stream of fire, her hair recieving a slight burn at the tips. "You will pay," she mutters, putting the hand in her pocket to pull out her butterfly knife. Violence demands violence, right? standing back up slowy she makes the charackteristic hand movement to open the nasty fishermans knife in a fluent motion, clicking the safty of the split frip close. "When you speak of the devil..."

"Well knowing who I am fighting it a good start." Mirage says quickly to the Crow, "Thimble down!" she cries as Calumet begins to charge. Thankfully the girl is smart and quick enough to do so on her own, "Calumet!" she screams at the god, jumping in front of Thimble. Her left arm comes up and the right is draws back as if she were pulling back an imaginary bow, except that she isn't. The action itself causes her psychic bow and arrow to manifest and it glows with a bright light. She doesn't wait but lets the psychic arrow (full power/Rank 100) loose to fly at the charging god.

"Whoa!", Seth exclaims as a jet of fire is shot in his direction. He takes flight at max speed, trying to dodge that big fire headed his way. "You know, it'd be just peachy to know who it was I should be shooting at... And where it's supposed to be, while you're at it!" In Seth's case, all he sees is fire and smoke, right?

Pyro stands laughing and then moves to the left. His gauntlets burn with wisps of flame and in his thick Aussie accent, “I am the devil, girl. Now it’s time to burn.” Two twin streams of flame lash out towards Thimble as Pyro continues is his charge.

In reality it is the god, Calumet charging forward and hurling a blast of mystical energy towards the lass from his hobowakan. The god is struck by the psychic arrow causing him to drop his pipe. He pauses a moment and the arrow stuns him. The illusions of Pyro and fires disappear. Calumet drops to the ground, but lands in a purposeful sitting position. His eyes close and he appears almost as if he is meditating.

The crow who flew off Dani’s shoulder once she moved to protect Thimble takes off skyward near Seth. The bird speaks, but its voice is booming, echoing in the area. Its voice clearly human and authoritative speaks, “Moonstar, Calumet is not of his proper mind. The Anasazi have taken control of the peace god. Your arrow has momentarily freed him. He needs the hobowakan to free himself of their thrall. But I sense more of the Anasazi are coming.”

Janie snorts a bit as Mirage blocks her way of action once she stood up again. She can't speak Cheyenne, but Calumet is not Pyro. "That's Pyro!" she claims to Mirage, trying to get past her with a few steps to the side, just as the arrow strikes. Dashing forward to dodge the firey whips, she stumbles as the illusion vanishes, stopping somewhere halfway, the blinking knife still in her hand "That's not pyro."

The psychic bow and arrow disappear as soon as the arrow hits home, to be replaced by a similiar glowing (but not so brightly) spear "No, Pyro isn't quite that eloquent." at least not when he is speaking...maybe when he is writing those romance novels...but that's another story. "You can't take anything for granted right now, Thimble. What you see may not be what you get." her eyes lift at the bellowing of Black Crow, his words, causing her to look around quickly for Calumet's peace pipe, she will quickly retrieve it and place it in the god's hands should she be able.

Seth starts looking around as Black Crow warns of the arrival of more Anasazi. "Oh, great...", he lets out in a near whisper. "You know, Mirage, I think survival 101 doesn't quite cut it for the situation we're in..." He starts looking for the pipe. "I think he dropped the pipe somewhere..." He descends to try to look for it, yet keeping an eye for more gods showing up.

@emit Calumet sits at peace. He appears to be meditating, but his facial expression is one not of peace. As he struggles as his brethren in the Anasazi trying to free himself from their control, when Dani moves to give the peace god his hobowakan. His fists clutch and he draws it to his mouth and begins to smoke. As he does so, entering some sort of trance like state. The smoke reaches out to those near him (Dani and Janie), they will find themselves feeling sedate and overly calm. Almost as if getting high.

Those moments of peace are quickly interrupted by a one laugh, then two, then four, then too may too number as laughter, maniacal and sinister laughing fills up the entire area. The laughter sounds almost clownish like those in a circus or carnival. Those affected by the pipe will still feel overly sedate though and ‘feel good’ like a marijuana smoker would. They will hear the laughter, but not necessarily do anything about it.

Thimble stops breathing out of reflex when the smoke gets brethed into her direction. Still she inhales a little of it, but she does not want to risk anything after Mirage's warning. To prevent dropping her knife, she rips of some of her jacket, helping herself with her power, before she fies it closely around her fist with the assistance of some more molding. Never drop your weapon, try not to get high in a dangerous situation. Slowly she tries to back out of the high smoke, the need to breath burning in her lungs. ~Not now.~ One Step more she does, then a last one before she really needs to pull in air, taking in some more of the fumes, but not a full dose at least.

"So you are doing the "How to kick a god's ass 101" a little bit sooner than expected. That wasn't supposed to be until next week." even in the midst of battle she is cracking jokes...of course she could be serious, she was fighting gods when she was about the same age as Radiance and Thimble. All this is said as she looks at Calumet studying him for any signs of awareness besides his facial expression. She gets a faceful of smoke which sends her reeling back, coughing and clutching her chest. In a few seconds she will be to happy to care and later hoping someone packed brownies.

Seth tries to avoid the smoke by pulling back from its area of effect as he notices the effect it has of those in it. From a slight distance, he notices people's expressions. "But wait... It gets even better, this field trip!", Seth complains further. "I can hear Ms. Grey asking: 'So how was field trip?', to which one of us will say: 'Oh, plain awesome, Ms. Grey. We all got stoned high with this Native American guy we found in the woods.'" He listens to that laughter. "Yes, laugh it up, Goat-Boy. I'm taking my friends back." Easier said than done, however. How can he free them up from that intoxicating aroma?

The clownish laughter continues and the crow gets a shocked almost fearful human expression on its face and it utters loudly and in fear, “Iktomi.” The source of the laughter reveal themselves. Some step forward from behind trees others fall from branches high up. Literally dozens of purple demon like clowns appear. Small and rotund creatures with clown like face and sharp claws make their appearance en masse and seem to surround Thimble, Mirage, and Calumet. The peace god remains in his meditation pose, smoking his hobowakan. Smoke still bellowing from his pipe,unnoticing of the clown demons.

The leader of the clown demons, Iktomi, also suddenly appears bathed in an almost electric like field. He is dressed unlike most of the other Anasazi, as he wears a leather jacket and dark pants, almost liker like a leather bike. His face scared and he speaks out specifically to Seth, “The Goat-Boy is Nanabozho, the other god of mischief. I am Iktomi, the god of trickery and am much more wicked in my ways.” The sky above starts to cloud and lightning can be heard as the storm looms overhead. The frightened crow pretty much hovers in place. This god genuinely scares him.

Clown demons equals a bad trip and Mirage is having none of it. The staff in her hand glows slightly brighter as she focuses through the drug induced haze and calls on what little valkyrie abilities she has in her on this moral plane "Iktomi!" she marches foward toward the new god "You must stop this now." the Ghost Staff is pointed to the angry god "These children are not part of your fight. Your battle is with men long since dead. Take your fight where it belongs, into the spirit realm, and do your worst against the ghosts you find there.

Thimble stumbles forward to get out of the cloud, her bound knife held up in a rough defensive state, the blade pointing towards the sudden new guy. "keep calm..." she mutters to herself, looking over to Mirage, then back to the one named Iktomi. "She's right, Radiance and me are not involved."

@emit Lightning rains down from the sky and seems to be specifically aimed for Seth and for Black Crow. The avian is struck by a bolt and quickly turns to his mortal form and plummets from the sky towards the Earth unconscious.

Iktomi looks to Dani, “Others in the Ansazi may fear you. I am not on of them. Come at me!” He gestures for her to attack him. Calumet’s facial expression suddenly turns to fear. His eyes glow and his mouth agapes.

The clown demons besiege Thimble. About 13 of them moving towards her with their claws out

With her movements affected by her ‘high nature’ Iktomi is easily able to dodge her stabbing move and reaches out with his hand, beaming with electricity and reach for the throat sending enough electricity to simply knock her out.

Janie strikes at the strange demons, but 13 is quite a bit. A bit many for her really, when she normally can handle one, maybe two with a bit luck. One strike she manages to hit at one of the demons, the silvery knife cutting into the dark body, but even as she wounds one, three others manage to hit her at the arms and legs, striking her to the ground. The knife bound to her hand sht manages to hit another one in the fall, but she can't really do anything worse then a cut.
Seth charges up his energy to start firing and blasting away at demons encircling his teammates below. If there's any number of them being taken out, it soon becomes irrelevant, as the glowing kid is struck by a pain inducing lightning, straight through his chest, where his 'core' is located. Feeling like he'd overload, he drops to the ground. As he falls, he says to the others, "F-Failed...", before passing out.

Calumet’s glowing face soon bathes his entire body with energy and then fills the small wooded area. Iktomi laughs, “Thank you, brother!” is all Iktomi needs to say when all those gathered in this small glen, mutants, gods, and demons vanish. The light disappears and so do all those gathered here. Save a lone mystic, Black Crow unconscious on the ground.

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