Mad Gods Part I

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Armand, Black Crow, Showstopper, Spiral, Tigerstripe, Topaz, USAgent and Hotamintanio, Nanabozho, and some Spirit warriors

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03/11/13 16:29

Staten Island - New York

The gods attack Staten Island in search of stolen artifacts. Many people die!

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It is a cold and miserable day in New York City. On the outskirts of what is technically considered part of New York is Staten Island, which most New Yorkers disavow. The island itself is a mixture of low income housing and rich mansions. One would think not a strategic point, but in reality, it serves as a strategic point if one were to attack New York City, it may be best to start at Staten Island and Hotamintanio, the Native American god of war, feels this as his best strategy.

Along the Hudson River shore line as the Staten Island Ferry pulls into the harbor, a row of mansions line the shore. One mansion, owned by a nefarious businessman’s family who has made his wealth on the backbone of Native Americans throughout history. Stored within his mansion are a plethora of ancient Native American artifacts. Knowing this, the hero known as Black Crow and his ally, USAgent stand ready to defend as they are near the mansion.

Chenda loves New York. Unfortunately, she doesn't know a whole lot about invasions, including this one. She just happens to be in the area, stepping off the Staten Island Ferry after a thoroughly enjoyable ride. Well, save for the spray; she did get splashed a couple times, and the cold harbor breezes remind her of the fact every other minute or so. Still, she's had worse outings.

She pauses on the pier to stretch and look around, to see what's to be seen. No sign of the music store a friend had recommended, but there seem to be two obvious costumed heroes over in front of that mansion in the not-to-distant distance. Now what's that about?

Well, never let it be said that a young gypsy left a mystery uninvestigated. She settles her well-worn purple gearslinger into a more comfortable position and turns her steps in the direction of the mansion.

And here comes the friendly neighborhood... not the Spider, but the friendly neighborhood giant Tigercat. Even if she has been at Staten Island for quite some times, the possibility to vanish in the crowd, drew her out. The ears hidden under the hooded Pullover and the tail under the long skirt, it is a bit harder to see that she might be in the Hero-and-villain buisiness. Or just in weired science or cosplay. Standing at the barrier and gazing out to the skyline, the orange hands cling to the rim of it. It's not the fear of water, it is the dislike to be possibly seen by all people.

"Sight seeing? Maybe. Armand finds himself on the island on business more than likely, carrying a few paper boxes no doubt filled with cakes he moves along quickly and efficiently, hair pulled back in a singular braid and he wears a pair of fitted black jeans, a pair of dark green leather boots and a dark green and white plaid trench coat over his black button down top, green beret worn at a jaunty angle. He hesitates however as he notices costumed heroes, eyes narrowing and gives a small shake of his head. His golden backpack and dark messenger bag are worn as usual.

Black Crow has determined this to be a site of attack and so with USAgent in tow, he simply waits, readying for any action that may take place. High above the harbor, a portal rips open in the sky and a bombardment of mystical energy type arrows as well as regular type of arrows rain down on the area. Black Crow calmly speaks to his ally, “It has begun.”

As the literal thousands of arrows drop from the sky, many of the people present scream and begin to run for shelter. Some get hit by the regular arrows screaming out in pain, others are struck by the mystical arrows and simply let out a scream before their bodies drop lifelessly onto the ground. Many run seeking shelter at the covered harbor. Those who are still on the ferry as it pulls it, may note in the water, what appears to be the clouds in the sky taking the shapes of horses and riders. The cloud horse riders let out loud screams of attack and as they start to siege the harbor riding on cloud horses.

USAgent holds his shield over his head, the disc deflecting a few arrows like an umbrella blocking the holder from the rain. "What--you knew this was going to happen?!" He demands of Black Crow. "There're civilians out here!"

The whistling of the arrows results in a sudden trurn of the Tigerstipe's head. As the arrows close in to the ferry, she frowns, looking for shelter quickly, before she leaps over to pounce a civillian to the grund and push the young girl under one of the benches "Duck under that benches!" she yells at some otheres, as she recieves an arrow to her shoulder for her heroism, resulting in a growl from pain and anger. Fuck, that hurt!

Chenda's not too far from the two heroes when she hears an impressively loud ripping sound, followed by something that sounds like a television windstorm. "Wha..?" she asks aloud, glancing around. And then up...
She notices the portal just as the first arrows begin to strike the pavement. /That/ sound gets her attention, too! "Oh, fudge... go! Everybody get under cover!" she cries, as an arrow grazes her side. The sudden, burning pain gets her moving in a hurry, and she dashes for the shelter of the big mansion's veranda.

She gets there, but she doesn't get there unscathed; there are simply too many arrows to get away from them all. Her outfit bears several rips from the sharp broadheads, and she's stumbling from an exhaustion far out of proportion to what the run should've given her. But she's out of immediate danger, at least!

...yes, he knew it! Armand looks up momentarily when he hears a whistle and its just enough time for him to left his arms slightly as a few orders slam into his cake boxes and his eyes widen. "...oh Merde!" He takes off running, ducking just in time for an arrow to take instead of his head...there's an arrow sticking through his green beret now pinned to a tree. A soft swearing in French as his hair slowly turns from the dark brown to a jet black and he reaches back to yank off the tie at the end keeping it braided as he lets it unbraid itself, running and tossing his last two cake boxes away as he reaches out with an arm and his hair lengnthens like tendrils wrapping around the arms of two older tourists and tugging them behind a tree with him. "Stay!" He instructs them, hair retracting back to the just past his butt length and fading into a rainbow (ROYGBIV) colors scheme now and he peeks out form under the cover then ducks back behind as an arrow grazes his cheek.

“I was not aware of the specifics of the attack. While protecting the innocents is necessary. Defeating the gods is more pressing.” Black Crow suddenly transforms from human to that of a normal sized crow able to fly and avoid the arrows that rain down. “This is Hotamintanio’s attack. The war god has strategized by attacking the innocents we will be too busy to deal with the main threat.”

For those on the ferry including Tigerstripe, the arrows continues to rain down though most people have managed to hide within the covered area of the boat or under benches as she suggested. The arrows do minimal damage though some people have falled overboard either by choice or having been struck by arrows. As this continue the cloud-created riders suddenly make their way onto the boat and cloud formed weapons, knives and tomahawks appear in their hands and they attempt to massacre the passengers. One rider scalps a New Yorker and more begin to slaughter those inside. One rider catching sight of Tigerstripe aims a tomahawk at her and throws it aiming for her chest. Another rider armed with a knife appears on the harbor and heads towards Armand. His hair, perfect for scalping

As the arrows rain down, keeping people under cover (except for those who are either dead or injured). A portal opens directly in front of USAgent. Hotamintanio, himself appears directly in front of the agent, “I had hoped that Black Crow would have summoned Captain America. . .” The god of war laughs, “Are you the best your people have to offer?”

Arrows continue to rain down, but near the veranda on which Richenda hides, near the back of the mansion, another portal pops open and another god, Nanbozho steps out. And simply walks past the veranda as more arrows rain down seemingly bouncing off him as he walks.

Ripping the arrow out of the shoulder with a painful growl, she goes down enoughto just get hit at the already wounded shoulder, ripping open the fabric more. Fuck, what were these things up to? Cornered on a boat, no place to hide or run to, she looked for something to use as a weapon, trying to take the mist-tomahawk that had aimed at her chest as a viable weapon to try to toss it at one of the riders, but the aim is of and instead hits one of the lifeboat-capsules, at least tossing some means of help down to those in the water. "SOMEONE gonna pay for this!" the tigerlike woman screams up in anger, her shoulder stopping to bleed at least. Even if she feels the impact of things less, it does not stop her from getting cut.

This is /sooo/ not good. Now those cloud-riders are killing people on the ferry! And here Chenda is all the way down the street from it! She chews her bottom lip as she gathers her courage, her hands white-knuckled on the rail of the veranda. "What in the world is going on?"

And then, there's another one of those ripping-windstorm sounds. The gypsy girl looks up just in time to see a /huge/ man who seems to be half-man, half-goat, and all bald and muscley stride past the veranda! Same sound, same idea... safe bet he's behind this rain of arrows. And he's just walking past her. But if he can do /that/, what could he do to her? She cringes just thinking about it.

Maybe she can at least /distract/ him... which she tries, summoning up a power-seed and setting it for the brightest flash she can manage. Taking careful aim, she winds up and pitches it, aiming right in front of him!

USAgent's expression turns wry at mention of Captain America. He taps an earpiece and mutters something under his breath, then lowers his shield to it's usual combat position covering his front and then shifts slightly to one side, settling into a loose fighting stance. "I'm more than enough to handle you," he retorts to Hotamintanio. "...whoever you are." Then he flicks a glance at Black Crow. "Who is he?" he asks in a lowered voice.

Thankfully this was one of those attacks that she had been warned of, so when she felt the mystical energies coelece she was ready. Unfortunatly, she was miles away, and even flying, which she doesn't do often and isn't particularly good at, it takes Topaz a while to get to Staten Island where the attack is going down.

Alighting on the roof of the mansion above Black Crow and USAgent, she surveys what has happened so far. The rain of arrows is obvious to her and at least that is something she can help with. The trees and grass, just starting to grow green again, once more begin to look dead and dry as she absorbs the life energy from them and sends it out to those injured, specifically those heros looking to do try and help those. Richenda will feell her energy returning, Tigerstipe's wound will heal within mere moments , etc.

"Pardon..." Armand apologizes to the old people, pushing them down a bit to stay out of the way before he steps out from behind cover in time to see the warrior with the knife...on a cloud horse...riding towards him and he takes a deep breath and then another deep breath. He is getting tired of this, being chased, being scared crapless, being trapped, being uncertain of his future...etc. So he just takes a stand, rummaging around in his bag before tugging out his rolling pin and eyeing the warrior as he narrows his eyes and runs towards the warrior as he's riding towards him, hair growing once more as he attempts to time it just right in an effort to lash tendrils out towards the rider's arm and throat to grab hold and tug. Hard. Has he ever done this before? Nah but you only live once. "You murderous hypocrites!" His accent is still thick and he's terrified but hey.

The misty weapons, while misty, still hurt like the real weapons. Three horse riders suddenly surround Tigerstripe, “Catwoman, we will wear your fur proudly.” The cloud warriors suddenly turn to a more fleshy and more hurtable substance as they surround her. One holds a knive and the other two tomahawks ready to toss at her.

As Nanabozho makes his way to the back entrance of the mansion, a bright flash thrown directly in front of him causes the god to not only stop, but covers his eyes. Showstopper’s flash so bright, that suddenly all the arrows seemingly stop raining down. Hotamintanio may be the strategist, but Nanbozho is more of the magic type. Momentarily blinded by the light, the spell controlling the arrows causes them to stop as well as the cloud riders. However, the fleshy ones, those surrounding Tigerstripe and the one attacking Armand are still present.

The heroism that Armand displays is rewarded as his trick works, his hair snares around the rider’s arm dropping the knife and around his throat knocking him off the horse. The horse goes widly and kicks up its legs at Armand.

Those people who were injured are suddenly feeling revived due to Topaz’s arrival which is noted by Black Crow. The bird responds to USAgent, “Your challenger is Hotamintanio. He is the god of war. His goal in this is to challenge you. I and our allies will handle the others.” The bird flies up to greet Topaz, “I feel our only chance lies in the world of mysticism, Topaz.”

Hotamintanio looks down at USAgent, “A challenge, warrior. I will spare this section my wrath if you take me in true combat.” The challenge is issued. Old world America versus new. Hotamintanio versus USAgent.

The Tigerstipe was not really minding the wound by now - even if here already increased healing was getting pushed far over its limits. It was the pure adrenalie of anger that fuled her veins. The adrenaline of being cornered. In an attempt to get the full freedom of movement, her claws rip first the pullover off, then shorten she skirt to about a foot of length in total. "I am no damned Catwoman!" no, she looks more like the angry Tigra now, but she lacks both the training and peace of mind of the Avenger.

The man-goat-thing gone wrong stops. Surprisingly, so do the arrows! "Yes!" cries Chenda, looking over the blinded being. "Only... what do I do /now/?!" The blinding is her best weapon, really... and he can make it rain /arrows/! This is a really unfair contest. But she can't just let all these people be murdered!

Fortunately, it looks like help is coming! /Something/ is making her feel stronger, if no less tattered and waifish. She glances up and gasps at the sight of the flying sorceress. "Wow... thank you! Do you know what to do about /him/?" she asks, pointing to the huge being.

Just to keep him from getting ideas, she aims another power-seed at him, this one set for maximum concussion and aimed at Manabozho's cloven feet.

"I will do my best against Nanabozho." Topaz says as she nods a greeting to Black Crow. It's doubtful that the native american god is hard to miss, so she moves across the mansion rooftop to the back entrance where Nanaozho is temporarily distracted by the blinding light provided by the waifish Richenda.

The bangles on Topaz's wrist begin to chime as her wrists turn. She doesn't know if god's are susceptile to empathic manipulation but she is going to try that first. She begins to pull the hatred, the desire for vengence from the god.

USAgent moves forward to meet Hotamintanio, trying to reign in his eagerness. Fistfighting as a way to save the day? That's practically the reason why he gets up most mornings. "Fine by me," he remarks to Hotamintanio. "I could use the workout." Without waiting for a reply drops practically to the ground and sweeps the edge of his shield around at Hotamintanio's shins.

It actually worked! Armand is moving smoothly, combination of instinct and perhaps old dance lessons, dropping flat on his back and trying to roll out of the way of the crazy cloud horse. "SHHH, easy!" He murmurs softly in French to the horse, an eye trying to find the man he knocked off as he gets in the stomach by a hoof and crawls away a bit, gripping his rolling pin and scrambling to his feet. "...ugh, mon dieu..." He scans the area warily, hair colors almost pulsing in how they change hues.

The Native American riders around Tigerstripe scream out and their bladed weapons are aimed at her. As Nanabozho’s vision returns the god spots Richenda, “Whore! You would dare stop a god!” Another seed is thrown and tossed by his cloven feet exploding with incredible force and kicking up dirt everywhere, but when it clears, Nanabozho is unscathed and laughing. “Your mutant ilk will be the first to be slaughtered!” His body glows with othon energy when he pauses a moment, sensing a tug on his emotions. Hatred seeps from him as Topaz works her empathy, but he merely laughs as he looks away from Chenda and towards Topaz, “Sorceress, I have fought and killed greater than you.” He lashes out with a black othon energy beam towards Topaz.

The horse that has kicked Armand in the stomach gallops off, but its attack has freed the rider who quickly gets to his feet and lunges towards the knife he dropped. Eying Armand, “Your hair will make a fine addition to those I have already scalped.” He leaps forward towards Armand.

Hotamintanio falls forward as the shield strikes his shins. He laughs as he rights himself up. It is as if he let that happen. As he gets to his feet, “I hope you prove more of a challenge than that.” Two very large daggers appear in each of his hands. He swipes them together before attempting to stab at the American hero. Black Crow in his crow form flies over the battle scene, but suddenly blinks as the hero suddenly and uncontrollably switches from bird to human. And from mystic hero to ordinary and disabled hero. Jesse Black Crow falls from the sky and hits the ground hard, “The Earth Spirit has left me.”

A cat enraged does not care for small hurts, when they can score a kill by it. And so does the enraged Tigerstripe. Her dodging is more than lax, but with a feral battlecry she tries her best to dig her claws into the wrist of one of the fleshy spirit indians to tear it open and the enemy closer. The tiger in her burns, desires to bite the neck of him, and even if she lack the muzzle an theeth she will try. However this reckless attack leaves her open for the other two, who cut into her arms and pulling the wrist close and open directs the blade towards her own side.

Whore?! Okay, he's just made this personal. Which isn't to say Chenda's not terrified, especially after her concussion blast didn't work. She's just a little /less/ terrified. "I d-d-dare!" she fires back, brilliantly. And she doesn't stop there, but hurls another power-seed at the goatman's hands, set for concussion again. Maybe she can't stop him, whether she dares or not, but knocking his beam off-target is worth a try!

Topaz's arm's cross as she slices outward, and she shouts another few words in that ancient language. A blast of golden telekinetic energy shooting outward to deflect any of the negative energy that isn't deflected by the attack of Richenda, "I've battled demons before, but never a god, I am certainly up for the challenge." her eyes begin to glow with a golden light as she prepares her next attack

USAgent flings up his shield and blocks one knife. The other arm raises, and USAgent's hand tries to catch his foe's other hand. He manages to slow down the attack, but the sheer strength of the Anasazi's blow forces USAgent's hand down, until the tip of the knife is digging into his shoulder. The micromesh uniform splits, revealing a thin red line on the shoulder underneath. USAgent grits his teeth in pain, but he grates out. "That all you've got?" Then he shifts and tries to use his grip on Hotamintanio's wrist to launch him in a judo flip.

Unlike Samson who never saw it coming, Armand tends to be as protective of his hair as one would be about their arm or leg. He's distracted momentarily by watching Black Crow fall from the sky before he looks to his 'opponent' and sees him lunging for the knife two seconds too late to keep him from grabbing it. "Non!" He lunges/throws himself towards the man as he's attacked, hair lashing out like whips in a technicolor painsplosion of sorts, grip adjusting on his rolling pin as his own melee weapon.

With his blast deflected by Topaz’s TK, Nanabozho growls. The powerseed tossed by Richenda misses and not even warranting a look from him, Nanabozho just turns his right hand at the mutant and fires off another othon beam at Showstopper, but concentrates more on Topaz, “I am no demon, witch. But I warn you before you proceed. Stop or face the full wrath of an Anasazi.” Jesse remains on the ground unable to move his broken legs, but attempts to literally crawl towards the major battle by the mansion, but that will take time.

The multicolored hair whips out at the rider attacking Armand, but the warrior pivots last minute and as he attempts to stab Armand, the rolling pin catches the knife which is now embedded in it showing the strength of the warrior. The rider pivots again and attempts to smack Armand in the face. Tigerstripe in her battle manages to all but kill one of the rider’s who neck has been bitten into. Blood spurts out, but the other two use this opening as their knives are tossed at and hit Tigerstripe. They leap off their horses and go to engage the werecat directly in physical combat.

Hotamintanio laughs when he draws blood on USAgent, but his arrogance leads him to be flipped over and land on his back with a thud as Walker’s judo flip works. The god continues to laugh though he is on his back on the floor and attempts to kick upward hoping to land his feet on Walker’s face.

Blood seeps out of the new wounds that got torn onto Tigerstripe's precious skin at the arms, turning the blazing orange dark red, and the smae is true for her right side, where the knife did pull a hurtful cut. Even more blood starts to wet this side, but it is not of hers, but of the warrior whom she hat ripped open the wrists. Even if her human teeth are not designed to to dig into flesh, she closes them around the carotid, trying to rip it out ant open. Anger fules her and eventually she pulls her teeth free, the blood of the warrior spraying over her neck and mouth, the salty blood rinsing down into her throat and over her chest, that was only clad in a black bra after she had ripped her clothing some seconds ago. Pain is beyond the horizon, filling her, turning into anger and agression. Agression wich fuled her actions. Covered in blood, her own and the one of her enemy, she made a somewhat weakened assault at one of the remaining, but it is accompanied by the fierceful cry. And she looks not unlike a raging hellcat with all that blood.

Suddenly Spiral is there, a good fifty yards away though. That said, not as safe as she would like, when Mad Gods are around. She's closest to US Agent and his little tussle. After all, he's her boss at the moment... sorta. Three swords are clutched in her hands, as it appears that claret is imminent. "Good morning, commander..", she calls out, as if on a summer stroll, though Mad Gods know she's not going to just charge on in without knowing what is going on, team or no team. Blank eyes survey the scene warily.

Trying to control her breathing as her throat tries to close up in fright, the gypsy girl rolls to her feet, moaning softly as her body makes it known just how bad of an idea that is. She'll be feeling this tomorrow. "The mutant ilk is still standing," she informs the god, probably unwisely... and prepares to do some more dodging, even as she forms another power-seed, cradling it in her hands.

Topaz uses all her concentration on the battle, not wasting any on banter with Nanabozho. This is the kind of thing she detests, fighting, she is a healer by nature and while she has in the past had to fight, she didn't enjoy it. Her next attack is unleashed on the angry god, a powerful psychic blast, and while this to may only prove to make him angrier, and do little to stop him permanantly, it does do one thing, as long as he is focused on her, he can't hurt anyone else.

The vibration from the force it takes to embed the knife in his rolling pin shakes up Armand's arms, causing the necessary delay to allow that smack to his face to hit and his head jerks to the side as he falls to his knee, panting. "...Is that it? Ahh, a pity. I went to an all boys school...I am pretty so this was like daily ritual." He spits out some blood and turns in an attempt to slam his elbow into the warrior's crotch as his hair lashes out in an effort to wrap around the warrior's ankles and tug.

The bloody werecat manages to basically feast on one of the other riders, with two down. The remaining one whispers a prayer in his ancient language before reaching for the tossed daggers. With one in each hand, he leaps towards Tigerstripe and like a cat with his claws, he has his knives ready to rend the flesh from her body.

Ancient warrior or not, he is flesh and a strike to the crotch will take any man down. And so, when the warrior is hit, he makes an awkward facial expression and falls to the ground in pain. His hands instinctively go to cover his crotch when hair wraps around his ankle tugging and knocking him over. He hits his head hard on the ground and is knocked out.

The othon blast is easily dodged by Showstopper as Nanabozho was not really paying attention. He all but ignores her again as he presses forward towards Topaz. His warning unheeded, he pushes through and charges. Her blast striking and slowing the god down, hair and fur and even some flesh fall from the god as he pushes forward all but taking the brunt of the blast and pressing forward, “I warned you, wench. . .now you will die.” He leaps up towards the roof using his goat like legs and with his fist attempts to punch Topaz in the face with his strength.

Slowly crawling towards the fight, Jesse Black Crow makes it to where Spiral appears, “Quickly. . .take out the gods!”

And now the goat-man is going for the roof? Oh, crap... it looks like the pretty mystic is in real trouble!

Well, time for some well-meaning interference on Chenda's part. "Hey! Goat Boy! Yeah, ugly, I'm talking to you!" she shouts up at the huge being, trying to get his goat (Sorry!). She waves her hand in front of her nose. "Seriously, don't they have baths where you come from? Or shoes?" she asks, lifting a foot and tapping the foot-protector in question. "Or pants, even?" Another tap, this one on her jeans. "Oh no, don't turn around! I'm too young for that kind of psychological trauma!"

She takes a breath. "And let's not get started on this whole plan. I mean... /Staten Island/?! Anybody smart'd be trying to take over California's gorgeous San Fernando Valley! But no, not Goat Boy! He's right here, in this location-location-location! Why don't ya conquer New Jersey while you're hitting all the crappy places on the list?"

She gets ready to do some more dodging... but first, she hopes he'll turn around. 'Cuz he'll get another flashbang power-seed right in the face if he does!

A bloody mes coveres the front deck where Tigerstripe has done her bloody deed to send two of the reawakened back to the great Manitu. As the third flails at her she only barely escapes a hit to her own carotis, receiving a fast series of cuts to both her arms and shoulders before she can entrap one of the hands with her claws to rip it open. The Beast within roars, but likely she didn't kill him with just that, and so she tries anoter attack to opponents neck with a loud roar. Don't stop me now... The beast is still there, and it does not want to calm down yet. The fight is likely over, but it wants to go away... away... The heavy injuries take their toll as Adrenaline ebbs. Covered in the blood of four she falls to the metal floor with a dampened sound. Pain. The whole world is just pain. curling up to a small ball, her whole fur is encrusted with blood. Her blood, the one of her enemies, the one of a few inncent that caught an arrow.
Panting softly and idly wiping his mouth as he gets to his feet and eyes the warrior who has just knocked himself off and he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, bending down to retrieve his rolling pin/knife and closing his eyes, muttering a quiet prayer before he takes in his surroundings and blinks, cheek starting to bruise and swell and that copper taste still in his mouth and he takes another deep breath. Okay, what to do...what to do...his hair retracts back to that butt level before he blinks owlishly. "We nee-" He spits out some blood. Thankfully, no teeth. "We need to get the live people off..." He then starts running around, kneeling to check on people who are dead or dying and others who are hiding, trying to get people propped up and getting the healthier people if he can to help him. Its about trying evacuate now. The young man with the rainbow hair is busy.

As Nanabozho leaps upward Topaz back steps, her hands moving in somatic gestures as she unleashes another spell. The results of this one aren't seen, until Nanabozho's fist meets resistance. It is doubtful that the Sheild spell will hold for more than a few seconds but a few seconds is all she needs to duck under the flying fist of Nanab and hopefully get around him.

Authorities have arrived to the harbor as Armand begins checking on people. Injured people are being addressed and the ferry has finally pulled into the harbor as those who are injured there are taken care of as well. Though are also high casualties. As an EMT work spots Tigerstripe. He believes her to be Tigra of the Avengers and suddenly security surrounds the catwoman to try to help her.

Nanabozho, as most gods, is a mystical creature and so while his blow is stopped by the shield spell and he misses his blow. He is able to land on the roof and is level with Topaz, “More than meets the eye, mystic. But still not enough to stop me!” He uses his massive strength to punch a hole into the roof, basically bringing the entirety of it down and hoping to catch Topaz off guard, though this works to cause some of it to literally fly out as a chunk of the roof is careening towards Richenda.

As Topaz is dodging around Nanab his fist slams through the roof where she was standing not more that a few seconds ago. The shuddering of the rooftop causes her to loose her footing and she falls, the only thing that keeps her from sliding down and off is the fact that it cracks open under her and she is falling into the mansion instead.

And Goat Boy ignores her, completely and utterly. "Yeah, I'm really helping here," Chenda mutters, charging up that power seed and letting it fly at his face as Goat Boy turns and smashes his fist into the roof!

Which is bad for the roof. And almost as bad for her, since part of it is flying her way! She ducks, barely in the nick of time!

The roof portion crashes into the ground on edge... and then topples, falling neatly on top of the gypsy girl. As she's knocked to the ground, she has a moment to reflect on just how bad this day has gotten.

Then the pain hits.

Even if her self heeling should keep her alife longer, or even scrach her from Death's doorstep, Tigerstripe had been in a fight on life or death. It pulled her to the limits, tormented her. Bare instincts had taken over. Instincts that were disgusting. Blood filled her mouth, clung to her shredded body as the world outside clashed to her. The ears twitched as someone shouted for security, a clawed hand was weakly lifted, but fell back to her leg as the pain shot through her body like a bullet train. Then a soft, whimpering purr escaped the mouth of her. Was this becoming to be the end? Cut open by three fleshy ghosts when she just had wanted to enjoy some time of solitude? That hurt almost as her body and a lonely tear gathered in the corner of her closed eye.

Crawling as the fight between USAgent and Hotamintanio continues, Jesse Black Crow urges nearly begs Spiral, “Quickly, help Topaz in the mansion. She is a fellow mystic such as us. She needs your help!” He is nearly spent between the crawling and the pain. As Topaz falls through the roof, Nanabozho leaps down and aims his cloven feet to leap and stomp on the Indian mystic.

The EMTs and security are helping most of the others who were injured and taking the bodies of the dead. They assist Tigerstripe, as they believe her to be Tigra of the Avengers and are making their way towards the mansion’s veranda to assist Richenda. They thank Armand for his help and steer clear of USAgent and his fight with Hotamintanio.

There's not much Armand can do, but there is a benefit to not being a 'known' mutant or 'superhero'. He murmurs and talks softly to individuals and nods to the authorities and such, lingering on the island now to watch the fight that's going on with a mixture of wariness and uncertainty. His rainbow hair color hasn't faded away just yet and he takes a deep breath as he jogs behind the individuals heading towards the mansion, squinting.

Topaz might be down, but she is far from out. It's a shorter fall through the roof to the room below, than in would have been from the roof to the ground. She begins to pick herself up looking up in time to see the god jumping down on her. Her hands go up, forming fists and instead of trying to dodge away from being landed on she attempts to grab the native american god with the telekinesis and throw him, with all her TK might throw him aside, through the wall, hopefully an outer one and into the water beyond, but as long as he isn't landing on her anywhere he goes is fine by her.

As much as they help her, Tigerstripe can't really react. All her world is pain and the the tormenting feeling of having taken lifes. even if they were taken just another time in ages. Even as her augmented healing tried to do the best to close the cuts and wounds, there were simply too many to achieve it without her beleeding out like a piece of meat at the butchers.

Perhaps her natural ability or a rush from the fight, but Topaz’s telekinesis helps her deflect the attack by Nanabozho. He ends up tossed away and not through the wall, but through the floor and ends up nearly two levels down and away from everyone. A few seconds and laughter can be heard erupting through the house, “Thank you, witch! You have lead me to where I need to go.” In the cellar of the mansion, Nanabozho is near what he needed at first as the sound of metal being ripped and rended apart is going on below.

Chenda can barely move... which is hardly surprising, with part of a house on top of her. The pain's not helping, either. There's something across her back and hips that hurts like blazes and is pinning her body to the ground. Muddy ground at that. Ick.

But at least she can move her hands enough to touch the roof section on top of her. Gritting her teeth, she concentrates...

And the roof section begins to vanish as her power goes to work. Slowly but surely, it simply ceases to exist, and the weary girl struggles to all fours, coughing out a mouthful of mud. "Ugh... I really thought somebody bringing down the house... would be a lot more fun..."

Wait... that distinctly sounds like Goat Boy's voice. And he's laughing. That can't possibly be good. She levers herself painfully to her feet and stumbles over to one of the walls of the badly-abused mansion. The door Manabozho blasted in the side is still there, and she peeks inside, suddenly afraid of what she'll find.

USAgent has been struggling with his enemy for a while. He's now covered in cuts and one of his eyes is swollen and discolored beneath his mask. The Anasazi wargod is more or less untouched - even the blows USagent manages to land either don't affect him or heal in moments. The Thunderbolt is still fighting on though. "I've got to tell you..." puff, pant, "As war gods go..." pant pant, "I'm not impressed."

Having no clue of what is in the basement that the god could want, not having him directly in front of her to mask the pain that the wounded are feeling with his own raging anger and need for vengence, the former comes crashing into her awareness, making her reel from the intensity of it. Such is the curse of having empathic abilities that can only be lessened, but never turned off. To heal these kind of wounds she will need a strong source of life energy, and who better to get that life energy from than the cause of those wounds. She'll need to get closer though, she begins to climb down the hole Nanab made on his way down, dropping down when she can, climbing when she has too. She needs to be within a good 50 yards before she can start to pull the Life Energy from Nanab. That is if she can.

Spiral sees that USAgent appears to be in a spot of bother, so she begins to dance one of her spirals. Not planning on getting into combat up close and personal - she might get hurt if she does that, after all! - so merely hanging back and forming a spell.

A spell that twists the fabric of reality in such a way that it saps the powers of it's target - a spell aimed at USAgent's foe. So she does have some smidgen of loyalty to the Thunderbolts after all.

As the very physical fight between Hotamintanio and USAgent continues on. The war god laughs at Walker, "You are no Captain America!" He looks over to Spiral and the crawling Jesse Black Crow, "It is best you do not engage a god of war." With that he turns back to Walker and slams his fists down on Walker, attempting to bludgeon the hero to unconscious or worse.

As Chenda leans near the entrance made by the trickster god and as Armand approaches her, She will hear metal being ripped apart and as Topaz leaps down towards the cellar, she will see Nanabozho by some Native American artifacts. A portal is opened and be begins tossing them inside the portal. He pays little heed to Topaz, now that he has what he needs, so she should easily be able to get within the appropriate yardage to begin her spell.

With the powers of Topaz on Nanabozho and the powers of Spiral on Hotamintanio. Both gods begin to feel weakened. When Hotamintanio’s fist bear down on Walker, he will find them not nearly as strong as all the other blows have been.

There's a young man behind Chenda, peeking over her shoulder and squinting to also see what she might see, lashes fluttering and Armand just looks a bit uncertain. He takes a deep breath, trying not to startle her. "...Okay...I tink...this is very very bad..." He offers softly. " he...why couldn't he have just /asked/ for his stuff back!?" He whispers. "Do you tink he wants help? Or a goodie bag?"

Topaz pulls and pulls and pulls life energy from Nanab, she can't hold all of it though, as it is immediatly converted to healing energy and the excess has to go somewhere. Since the nearest vessels for it to go into is Richenda and Armand they get it flowed into them and they both find they every little nick and stratch they received begins to mend, maybe even down to that cold they could have been fighting is gone. If and when Nanab collapses she will go about and use the rest to heal everyone else of thier wounds.

The energy is sapped from Nanabozho, but he looks to Topaz, “We have what we needed.” With that, he enters the portal but not before more of his energy is sent to Tigerstripe, healing her of her wounds.

Hearing footsteps, Chenda glances behind her into a very familiar face. "Armand? Wow, you too?" She looks back inside. "I don't like the look of it, either. If he wants it, I'm guessing it's probably not good..."

And whatever it is, it seems he has it! And then he's gone, with another one of those ripping/windstorm sounds. "I have a very bad feeling about this, Armand," Chenda murmurs, shivering despite the mystical healing.

USAgent gets his shield up in time to keep from getting flattened - but he's still knocked for a loop by the impact. Rolling away now to get some distance he casts around for another tactic. He spots Spiral and then gives her a slight nod of approval before pulling out his energy sword. It's not a power - it's a piece of technology and hopefully won't be affected by her spell. "Let's see how you can handle a little modern warfare," he grunts at Hotamintanio before swinging.

Weakened by the dancing multi-armed mystic, Hotamintanio growls and lets out a howl of pain when the energy sword strikes his form. He falls back and as he senses that Nanabozho has left. A portal opens as he stands up and starts to laugh, “You failed, mortal. You relied on your comrades and could not meet my might. If this is the best your world has to offer, then it should be easy enough to conquer.” He looks about the battlefield, pleased with the massacre that has occurred today and simply exits via the portal. With all traces of the Anasazi gone, Jesse is suddenly bathed in light and gone is Jesse and in his place Black Crow, the mystic warrior.

"..." There is a long pause before Armand just closes his eyes and sighs softly. "...I...will make you some cupcakes." He offers to Chenda, hair fading back to a dark brown color as he shivers when he feels himself healing, hand moving tentatively to poke at his cheek, eyes widening. "...."

With a groan of even more pain a small part of the healing energy sweeps over the badly injured geneticist. It might not heal her back to top or full health in an instant, but it is enough to stabilize her. The pain... it ebbs a bit, but it is still there. Much to many to concentrate. She barely makes it up to her feet, pushing the hand of an EMT away as he tries to help her. "I... I'm fine" she mutters as she more stumbles towards the portal "After them..." she tries to shout, but then again collapses to her knees. Pain... need to... lick the wounds...

Chenda tears her eyes away from the inside of the house. "Cupcakes sound good," she murmurs, managing a hint of a smile. "But I think they'll have to wait. I have a bad feeling we'll see those two again."

Armand swallows and nods, closing his eyes. "Well, c'mon...we need to get out of here...then I will see what I can make for you. Make not cupcakes, maybe cookies...and milk...and hand sanitizer, oui?" He winks and lets his hair braid itself back into a single braid down his back. "...did I mention mon day has been weird?"
Falling to his knees, Black Crow winces in pain, “I can feel them already planning their next attack.” He quickly rises up taking the form of a crow, but speaking to Spiral and USAgent, “You failed, Agent. You could not even take him on honorably. Your teammate had to assist. This bodes ill for the world.” The crow flies up higher, “I must prepare the next set of warriors.” He is soon out of sight.

Paramdics and police cordon off the area and begin making preparations for those who have died here today.

USAgent heads over to Spiral, standing next to her to give Black Crow a baleful look as he leaves. "Honor? That's not what this is about. I fight how I fight - as part of a team." He gives Spiral a nod. "And we fight to win." He casts a look over the injured civilians and emergency workers.

Spiral isn't exactly honourable herself. "Honour, hmm? Nice to know that they have some weaknesses.". She gives the injured civilians and emergency workers a blank look. All her looks are blank, but she manages to still make a pupilless gaze seem cold.

"So. Shall we leave now, then?" she wonders, cocking her helmeted head and turning back to US Agent.

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