Mad Gods Part 6

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Ambrose, Black Crow, Blindfold, Mirage, Thimble, and Tawa

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03/16/13 19:00

Magic Kingdom - Orlando, Florida

Ambrose, Black Crow, Blindfold, Mirage, Thimble, take on Tawa

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It's Saturday, early evening, the sun is making its descent, but it is still light enough that the all the street lights and other decorative lighting in the park hasn't kicked in yet. The New Mutants have recently finished their scavenger hunt through the park, and now they get to enjoy the rest of their evening exploring the park without the pressure of finding things. A winner hasn't been declared yet. That will be in the morning.

Dani and perhaps a few of the other students are lingering near Cinderella's Castle, trying to figure out what to see, since thier dinner reservations aren't for another 90 minutes.

Ambrose comes walking along. He was wearing rubber gloves, a long coat and a wide brimmed hat on this excursion from the school, his first as a teacher there. He didnt look entirely pleased, and spent mos of his time ensuring the sutdents sanitized after touching any games, rides or anything else almost, although eventually they likely politely 'didnt hear him' in the croewds. He was somewhat uncomfortable as he approached Dani and the others "Is everyone here? I dont count everyone. Who got lost??"

Blindfold was dressed as Marida from brave and turned her head toward dani "please my apologies I regrettably have something to tell you after the winner had been decided. If you don't mind my asking please are we allowed butterfly knives?" chuckling as Ambrose came over

Janie still is dressed up as this Disney-version of Mulan as she waited with her Coach. "Points are counted out, are they?" she asks, her hand almost grabbing for the hidden knife. "It's survival gear. And it is not against weapons laws." she claims then. After all she had tucked it there very well hidden.

Disney World is a wondrous sight. With the attractions, Cinderella’s Castle, and the entire Magic Kingdom in the background. As evening looms, the sun begins to . The street lights are just starting to be turned out. The night parade is about to start and the first few fireworks streak into the sky. Just as darkness and the night sky appears with the setting sun. Though the sun itself seems to stop its descent and after a few seconds, it starts to rise. The sky appearing like dawn with the bright rays of the sun starting to appear. Tourists are confused. As the fireworks continue to streak and light up the now daytime sky. A lone figure appears to plummeting towards the Earth. It is a human sized crow careening towards the Earth.

From inside Cinderella’s castle, a mob of Disney princesses flee screaming about fire. The castle itself is not on fire. But the poor actress playing Pocahantas runs out screaming pushing past everyone. Her mock-Native American costume is on fire as is her hair. An arrow with its arrowhead lit on fire strikes the actress straight in the face. Her last words before she expires from the flame engulfing her body. . .”The place doesn’t pay me enough. . .”

Still in her own Rapunzel outfit Dani chuckles at Ambrose "No one is lost Ambrose. I let them go enjoy themselves. They've been running around on thier own all day, another hour in a half isn't going to make a difference. They will meet us at the restaurant on time. And they still have the comm units." she turns to eye Ruth "That won't be until morning. This evenig I will be downloading the pics from all the camera's and counting points." at the mention of the knive her eyes stray to Thimble but anything she has to see is forgotten as all hell breaks loose in the Happiest Place on Earth.

"So long as it stays where it is until you need to survive. I do not want to explain to Jean that I got us all arrested on my first supervision duty." remarks Ambrose to all three of them, nodding at Mirage "Ah very well then. I just... worry. Its a big place after all. Larger than several small nations." he remarks, pulling out another hand wipe. "Did everyone santizie after their last ride?"

Ambroses' words die on his lips though as the screaming starts, and he looks tha tway, eyes widening. His hands dive into his pockets as he shuffles and pulls out a set of index cards, flipping through them quickly.

Janie was bracing herself for scolding, as suddenly hell turned loose, instantly looking for where the arrow came from while ducking down. Next step was pulling out exactly that knife and flining it open, wuile she tried to make out what or who the attacker was. Burning arrows were definitly a survival situation.

Blindfold felt the cool of night on her face and then the warmth of day return to get cheeks "That was a very quick evening, yes thank you. No my apologies Mr Smith I rather like my germs...a large crow....I think maybe we're in for another god fight, yes sorry"

As the sun continues to rise the general temperature rises as well. It increases exponentially. As some children start to pass out and others run for shelter and air conditioning. The cavalcade of Disney Princesses continue to flee soon joined by their male counterparts as they all flee from the castle. One man dressed as John Smith is halted as an arrow made of fire flies at him and then through him. He falls to the ground as Tawa, the sun god appears behind him. A bow and arrow of fire in his hand and he points it at the man’s head.

The human sized Black Crow lands in the water show fountain directly in front of Cinderella’s castle, which is surprisingly deep. When he hits the water, his body shifts to his human form as he goes unconscious and starts to sink and maybe drown.

Fidgeting uncomfortably, Ambrose undoes his jacket a littl bit, feeling the heat "Ahh. I think now is a good time to perhaps take cover. " he reccomends nervously.

Blindfold shakes her head tapping hurriedly toward the fountain "some run from a burning building and some run into it, yes thank you" determined to drag Jesse out of the water

Janie growns a bit as she glances to Blindfold "Ruth, you are rather late with that foresight." Slowly she stands back up, the knife in her hand, stretched out to the blazing god "Mind not killing him?" she asks him, searching for some of her yarn reels in the front bag of her backpack.

As soon as the native american god makes his official appearance on the scene a shimmer goes over Dani, her valkyrie powers flowing into her uncontrolably. Her clothes changing into her valkyrie armor, sword hanging on her hip. She seems a but surprised by it but it isn't enough to hold her back "Ambrose," she snaps out, and points to the water "Go after Black Crow, see to it he doesn't drown. "Blindfold, keep me a step ahead of Tawa's actions. Thimble go for the clothes." her psychic bow manifests in her hand as she walks toward the sun god "I will be kind enough to offer one warning. Leave now.

Rubbing his forehead a little, Ambrose stares at the god appearing "... Didnt I already discuss things with you! Or was it another one." he remarks aloud to the man from afar, tryign to remember which one it was he had spoken to before - damn drunkenness, making him forget everything he would usually remember "No hold on! There's no need for MORE Violence Dani! People will get more hurt!"

Bubbles of air start to pop up from the clearly unsafe fountain as Black Crow starts to choke under the water and muffled screams can be heard as he is going further down.

The sun seems to stop midair and then somehow seems to stop directly above the Magic Kingdom. It is become so hot, that the asphalt is beginning to sizzle and more people pass out.

With his arrow notched and pointed at the head of John Smith, Tawa almost appears to heed Dani’s warning as she takes on the form she held in Shipolo. But when Ambrose distracts her, Tawa fire off the arrow and the actor playing John Smith screams as his body is engulfed in flame. Thankfully, he dies quickly.

Janie glances over to Mirage, nodding as she pulls out a few yarn reels to tie yarn around the heft of her weapon so she can pull it back should she throw it. It only takes a few seconds, before she tightens the knots, grinning at the god "You were warned TWICE. Now, do you remember your dog-headed friend?" she asks the god outright as she does her best to rearrange the strings in his pants, tightening around his best pieces to squeeze them slightly - should a god have them. Hopefully it was a firm material that could make a sling.

Blindfold casts over her shoulder a comment to Janie "sorry no. I wasn't foretelling"giving dani a nod before climbing into the fountain as she felt for black crow. Taking a deep breath she tried open herself to the future while deciding to poke in the God's head. Least it was cooler in the water?

A gauntleted hand is held up, Mirage using the glowing bow in her hand to point past Ambrose to the pond where a good man is drowning, despite Blindfold's help, reminding Ambrose where his priorties should lie. As she speaks her glowing eyes never leave the figure of the sun god "This isn't violence, this is defense." she snaps the psychic bow forward drawing back on the string manifesting the arrow and letting it fly at the sun god, Tawa.

Ambrose blanches as the man is incinerated, and starts to backpedal quickly, glancing to the others now as he stuffs his hands back into his pockets "I think we're past words actually at this point... Students, get the bird man and get to cover please..." snap snap.

As the material covering trouser portion of his outfit constrict, hi sbody flames up like the sun itself growing hotter and brighter. The clothes are all bur burned off his body as a what is basically a humanoid sun frees himself of the tightening fabrics, but this allows Mirage’s psyche arrows to hit the god. Though as a god, he does not fall as easily as others. He stumbles back as he felt them, but it will take more than that to defeat him. He holds his hand up as the sun seems to come close and more people are fainting ad the concrete is hot enough now that it would start to burn through footware and people would obviously be sweating and other effects of extreme heat.

As Ruth feels about into the fountain, she finds herself also going under, as this is really an unsafe deep fountain like a large body of a pool. As she goes under, she may feel Black Crow struggling alongside her. He reaches out to her in a natural instinct but his struggling brings her down a bit more.

Arriving tat the Fountain, Ambrose stares in "... What do they use to build their fountains?? Olympic swimming pool builders?? And they allow CHILDREN in this place? " he puffs, and pulls off his jacket, reaching in with a bare arm to tray and grab one of them.

Blindfold grabbed onto Jesse and tried to swim up to the surface, grabbing onto anything she could feel.

Janie frowns as her means of attack vanish, retreating some dozen of feet to escape the heatwave. Looking around she searches for a fire extinguisher or something similar, grabbing one from a close store before she closes in to the god again. "You are a bit hot, arn't you? better turn out the fire. And either you do that or I help you," she claims, tossing the red cylinder into the direction of the god - hoping it detonates in the heat.

Even in her valkyrie form she isn't totally immune to the heat, though she can probably deal with it better than the average human. Mirage does have to worry about the melting sidewalk and pavement though. Its a mere thought to summon her valkyrie steed. She makes a motion and the bow disappears to be replaced by the Ghost Staff, which is actaully more of a spear. As the fire extingusher flies through the air at the brilliantly glowing sun god she hurls the ghost staff right behind it. As the spear leaves her hand the neighing of Brightwind splits the air and the armored pegasus is diving down toward her so she can vault onto the steeds back.

Feeling something grab his hand in the hot water, Ambrose tenses, and then with all his might hauls backwards, bracing a foot on the edge of the fountain to pull as much ou as possible.

Blindfold latches onto Ambrose hand comes up coughing and gasping for air as she pulls Jesse to the surface. "thank you Mr Smith yes. are you alright if you don't mind my asking Mr black crow?"

The heat has gotten so hot now, that the water in the fountain starts to boil when Ambrose reaches down into it. However, Ruth is able to grab Jesse and swim up grabbing Ambrose’s hand, but the water continues to boil.

The tossed fire exteinguisher does indeed explode in the heat, but equidistant between Thimble and Tawa having the same effect on both. Foam flies out and fragments of metal fly at the two. Tawa falls back from the mini explosion. However, the spear manages to fly out and strike the god. His body falls to the ground resuming a fleshy form. The sun seems to sink down and set as nightfall returns. The heat is gone and Ambrose is able to bring Ruth and Jesse up from the water.

Dodging to safty, Janie still has to take the blunt force of a part that huts her temple. Blood trails from the wound as she stands up again, pulling her knife back to her hand at the strings she tied to it, finding the right spot to hold it for a haul. But then the Bod returns to flesh and she resumes a knife fighters grab as she gets closer. "Do you want a trophy?" she asks over to Mirage, pointing on the gods belly. "Skalp or the tiny god?" she adds then.

Blindfold coughs before taking a deep breath "too one got burned did they, if you don't mind my asking please?" leave it to the blind girl to worry about others first.

Having vaulted onto Brightwind the shards just ping off the armor of the pegasus and Mirage. The spear is once more in her hand and she guides the low flying pegasus into a landing near the formerly possessed human and Thimble "Neither Thimble. Your little knife will do no permanent harm to him. And do you really want to stoop to his level?" she dismounts pulling her glowing sword, it on the other hand may do more lasting damage should she choose to use it "Tawa, you are better than this. Don't let the foolishness of your brothers make you stray from the path you know is right.

Tawa stirs a moment as he looks about at the carnage. The ghost spear seems to have knocked some sense into him. He peers about and then sees the body of Jesse Black Crow recovering from near drowning. The god walks past everyone and hefts the mystic’s body up, “You speak wisely, Moonstar. To Shipolo!” With that the sun god and the mystic man he carries disappear.

Janie snorts "He killed two people and ruined our dinner. And I doubt locking him away will work." she remarks, unlocking the blade before she twists her wrist to send it back into the hilt and then quickly push it into the belt of her dress. "He owes us at least so much."

Blindfold turns her head toward dani "my apologies, please forgive me for not following orders. Tit for rat only leaves both sides wounded, sorry yes"

With the god gone another shimmer goes Dani as well as Brightwind, the valkyrie powers flowing out of her as fast as they appeared "No Janie, it doesn't work that way." she dismounts, keeping a hold of the saddle, the quick transformation has left her a bit light headed "Don't worry about it Ruth, you did good, as did you Janie." she takes out the comm device and speaks into "I want everyone's location now. If everyone isn't at the restaurant in 20 minutes there will be consequences." she pats Brightwind once her head is clear and the pegasus flies off.

Blindfold relaxes slumping where she sat "heroes don't look for retribution or payback, they don't look for payment, recognition or glory, they do what they feel is right whether being watched or not, they do what's right regardless of the consequences, yes sorry."

"Are we heroes now? Since when? Winners always did take trophies to remember their Victories. Heroes and Villains alike. In the end it is something to remember a worthy fight." Janie claims.

Blindfold shakes her head "no, sorry...we are not heroes but it is something to aspire to, though taking body parts as trophies is....well I'm sorry it just isn't right to do, no" turning her head side to side as she began to feel around before sighing "I'm going to need another cane, yes sorry...."

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