Mad Gods Finale

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Black Crow, Daredevil, Hawkette, Mirage, Radiance, Spiral, Wolfsbane, Demon Bear, and Owayodata (off panel, the Anasazi, Avengers, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Topaz)

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03/31/13 17:45


While heroes battle the gods (behind the scenes) a small group of heroes sneak into Shipolo to rescue Mirage

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A few days ago, Sandman was killed and the Native American heroes, Black Crow and Mirage were taken by the Anasazi, the Native American pantheon. Avengers Mansion was suddenly surrounded by an Othon Field, seemingly trapping Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange within. Black Crow has seemingly managed to escape and realizes the war needs to come to its conclusion soon. Having gathered a small group of heroes who he or the gods have encountered. He sits at the entrance of the Xavier Institute. Having gather young student, Radiance, X-Man Wolfsbane, and two heroes known more for stealth, Daredevil and Hawkette. Black Crow speaks, “Thank you for coming. Mirage is in need of assistance. Currently the Avengers and the Fantastic Four are in the battle of their lives. But we must rescue Mirage before she is turned over to the gods fully. This is a stealth mission, but be warned. Things may not be what they appear.” He spins his staff around and a portal opens. “Be prepared for anything.” Those with heightened senses may not this appears to be Black Crow and is most likely him, but something is slightly off. An odor or something. It’s him, but DD and Wolfsbane may sense the slightest alteration.

Wolfsbane, already in costume, has little more than a determined frown and an apprehensive expression as she rubs the thicker fur along a forearm. "I dinna like th' sound o' any o' this, but Dani's muh friend an' we need tae make all o' this right somehow. I'm in." But just as the portal's opening, she begins to lift a hand. "Wait, something's off.."
While he doesn't 'see' the portal open, per se, Daredevil...who the Xavier Mansion from Manhattan, looks at the much younger group he is apparently working with. "No wonder I feel so old," is murmured to no one as the portal opens. Now, he isn't terribly familiar with such things, but he can certainly tell when something changes in the air. His nostrils flare and he tilts his head towards Wolfsbane, "I concur."

The news of Sandman's death has sent a ripple of fear through the young woman known as Kate Bishop. This was the first time she'd heard of a fatality in her line of work, and she had met Baker personally and thought of him as decent. She's not used to being 'summoned' as it were, but when something like this comes calling, you don't just send it to voicemail. "Lives at risk. Got it." She notches an arrow. "Ready for anything." She doesn't know nor recognize any of the others, but when something this important brings together people like these, it doesn't matter. Kate swallows down any fear and prepares for some portal-hopping.
Dani is the leader of the New Mutants, a team of which Radiance is now a part of. With her playing an unwilling part in all of this, he's not about to allow the Anasazi to make a slave out of her. Eyes constantly glowing, the boy charges up his energy. "Whenever you're ready", he says. But almost immediately, he looks at Wolfsbane and Daredevil. "Wha...? Can you be more specific?"
With the warning stated by those with super senses, Black Crow’s form changes from that of the Native American mystic to a familiar looking (to the Xers). Owayodata, the Anasazi Wolf God, looks to all gathered and howls and something in Wolfsbane may find it soothing. He looks to Radiance and seems to sneer before addressing the group, “I apologize for the deception. I am Owayodata. Black Crow was taken with Mirage. For the sake of brevity and obedience, I thought that form would be best utilized. We must act quickly if we are to rescue them. The longer we wait and discuss the easier it will be for them to fall under the thrall of the Ansasazi!”

Immediately upon seeing just who's set this up, Wolfsbane can feel the hackles going up. Back of the neck, forearms, calves, and she begins to take on a defensive posture with the expectation of having to fight for control of her own self once more. So it is that the howl from the god of the hunt leaves her momentarily off-balance when it's something positive rather than attempting to overwhelm. "I..hold on. Why are ye helping us noo, when ye tried tae stop us before?" It's a question that must be answered, no matter what they face. In it, however, his a hint of hope.
Kate Bishop blinks slowly at the change of form. "We DID warn us about appearances." She says, not entirely surprised, due only to the fact that she doesn't know much about this God situation other than her own experiences. Unfortunately, mid-terms had jumped in the way of heroing for a while. "Is this your way of telling us that we're jumping into a trap?"
The shift is noted and Daredevil's scowl deepens. "And just why should we trust you? You've already tricked us now...and you sorts are known for your trickery," even if he's not Coyote. He turns as if to look at Kate, "Always assume that you're jumping into a trap. That way, you'll never be surprised by one."
"What he said", Radiance says, pointing to Daredevil. "We know that the gods have been acting completely out of character lately, /but/... Are you yourself right now, Owayodata? Or is this the ellaborate scheme of luring your prey?" He doesn't do anything, but he's not dropping that energy build-up either.
"What he said", Radiance says, pointing to Daredevil. "We know that the gods have been acting completely out of character lately, /but/... Are you yourself right now, Owayodata? Or is this the ellaborate scheme of luring your prey?" He doesn't do anything, but he's not dropping that energy build-up either.

“There are those among the Ansasazi that know Coyote is the one responsible for all those. There are those of us who realize that he is wrong and we are willing to rebel until Manitou decides which way to go.” Owayodata looks to the portal and growls, “We can discuss this and let your friends die. Or we can jump into the trap, if that is what awaits us.” He starts to stalk towards the portal not waiting for the others.
Wolfsbane has a growl of her own under her breath, Wolfsbane shakes her head and begins to follow. "I hope ye can tell me more once this is done but trap or na, I'm na letting a friend o' mine go without rescue." As much as she's faced, what's another difficult problem? It's what she and her kind do.
Kate Bishop nods in turn to Daredevil and then Wolfsbane. "The first step in avoiding a trap is knowledge of it's existence. Thufir Hawat." She nods with a smile and follows Owayodata and Wolfsbane. "Once more into the breach go I. There's people in there needing our help."
"I always read that Coyote's tricks were never malicious, but meant to teach lessons. What changed?" There's a deep scowl again as he's chided by the Wolf-god for taking time, "I expect answers, trap or not." He'll also follow the others, billy clubs at the ready.
Seth takes a deep breath as Owayodata replies, "Well, he sure does provide a reasonable argument..." After that, he begins to step into the portal. But before that, he looks at Kate with a chuckle. "Hey, I thought that one too. Great book, by the way." And he steps in.
As Seth flirts with Kate, Owayodata charges into the portal. He grabs Wolfsbane as he charges in and looks to the others, almost with a look of apology. As they charge in, Owayodata and Wolfsbane will find themselves in a grand almost palatial hallway. He posits her on the ground as he falls into a roll and then leaps up ready for action and to attack. His target is Mirage, in her godly form. Sword outstretched and in a defensive mode, “I would rather see you martyred than fall to the Anasazi, Moonstar.”
The others find themselves in what appears to be a desert like arena. Various spirits of the Native American dead watch as Black Crow is tied to the top of a totem. He is either dead or unconscious. A Demon Bear loiters in front of the totem. Daredevil, Kate, and Seth are dropped down. The audience cheers as a large eagle suddenly swoops down and coyote stalks the three.
Wolfsbane casts a brief glance toward the others but has little to say before Owayodata's taken hold of her. "Hmm?" she starts, not sure what that's all about, but the answer is soon revealed as she lands softly enough while the god rolls forward into position as the wolfen mutant sees just what they're up against. "Saints preserve me," she whispers, eyes widening at the sight before she speaks. "Neither's gaunae happen this day." But the others now have their own problems to deal with.
Kate Bishop is swopped into the portal before she can counter Seth's comment. Upon landing she executes a perfect tumble, bow and arrow at the ready and aimed at.... a super eagle? She looks to Daredevil and shouts over. "I'm guessing this is the trap we were discussing?" She looks around.. "Where'd the Furry Couple go?"
"Remind me to murder Crow if we get out of this alive," is said to the nearest teen. He looks up and sighs as they're now fighting giant critters. "Really? I mean, -really-?" There's a sigh before he looks to Kate, "Yes, this is probably the trap. If someone can get me on that Eagle's back I can probably take it down without killing it."

Seth's head drops at the realization of the trick Owayodata pulled, "Yes... Why didn't I see this one coming?" He notices the eagle swooping down. "INCOMING!!", he shouts, and takes flight to the side to avoid those huge claws. "Uhm... I really wonder if that's an option, Daredevil." And he charges up his fists, firing at the big bird's wings.

And then... *ping*.
Atop the totem pole appears Spiral, more or less balanced right on top of it just above Black Crow. With two hands clutching the pole as well as her feet on it she looks reasonable secure, two more hands clutch silver swords, and two more glow with an eldritch light, spells at the ready.
"Hmmm..." she mutters, seeing that Black Crow doesn't look all that talkative. One hand reaches down, to pat his cheek, see if he can be woken. Looks like all the threats seem to be a bit busy at the moment, so maybe with the advantage of surprise she can teleport him out of here - well, a short distance, anyway. Long range teleportation takes a while to cast after all.
Owayodata lunges forward and his claws rake down on Mirage. Her helmet is knocked off her head as her raven locks drop down. She has the slightest cut on her forehead as a single bead of blood drops down. Owayodata also has a stream of blood as the sword managed to just below his shoulder. He growls out to Wolfsbane <She must be taken down or killed before she falls under their thrall completely.”
The coyote leaps out and attempts to pounce on Kate’s back and bite at her neck if it can knock her down. The eagle swoops down and its claws miss Daredevil and Seth. It flies back up and as it pivots and turns. The aerial combat begins and the bird easily dodges the energy blasts. It attempts another swoop down to scoop up Daredevil. The Demon Bear remains where it is at the moment. But it seems to grow as it notices Spiral. Black Crow starts to stir at the touch of the multi-armed Mojonian.
Fighting Dani? This is not on Wolfsbane's list of things she'd have liked to do. The training sessions they've had are too many to count, and whether they've gone against each other or on the same side the two ought to know each other's tendencies like no other. This way? It's different. Much, much different. The initial attack and volley between wolf god and Valkyrie god is enough that the mutant can tell the blood that's been drawn. Rather than charging with her current form, she goes fully wolf and darts close - and hopefully under - that blade, snapping out at the backs of Mirage's legs. She can communicate this way, too. <Taken down. Not killed. We have to save her!>
Daredevil backs up as he 'watches' the eagle come to scoop him up. He aims to avoid those talons, but instead get to where he can climb one of its legs. The billy club is swung around one of those open talons to get him some momentum to swing further up the bird. Being grabbed won't help, but being on the thing is the aim.

Kate Bishop shrugs to Daredevil. "Sorry, I'm the marksman/blaster type. I don't have the strength to toss you up there." She doesn't want to hurt the eagle, but more than likely it's some form of spiritual apparition anyways. She sends off an arrow hoping to at least disrupt it before turning her attention to the nearby coyote. "This is turning more and more into a bad Road Runner cartoon by the minute." Shortly after she is knocked down by the coyote, about to become chow.
"Arrow girl, behind you!", Radiance warns as he watches the coyote leap for Kate. But it's too late for her to do anything. So, a big blast from Radiance is fired, coyote-bound. Ah, yes... and keeping an eye out for that swooping eagle, too!
Spiral may be balanced atop the totem pole but she evidently isn't too happy about her perch, or the proximity to the bear. She's more the slippery sort than anything, so she reaches down with a hand to grab a hold of Black Crow by the scruff, and then waves her other empty hand in a twisted sigil pattern.
And Black Crow and Spiral both disappear, reappearing at the edge of the arena with a ping, leaving the bonds and ropes behind. Preferably with someone else between her and the bear! if only the totem pole for lack of warm bodies. She pats him some more. "Wakey wakey, maybe it's time for us to dance far away from here.". After all, she has no idea what else is going on.

The sword just over Wolfsbane as she snaps at Dani’s legs. The mutant Valkyrie falls forward and drops the sword, but almost instantly a psychic bow appears in her head as she readies to fire off a psychic blast towards Rahne, but the wolf god moves quickly since he is a god and leaps forward taking the shot of the psychic arrow. He whines as he falls over, hurt, but alive. <If we can save her, If not, she dies.>
The arrow fired by Kate misses the eagle when it misses Daredevil, but with his speed and agility he does not miss it. He is successfully able to swing using the billyclub around the talon and land on its back. The coyote knocks over Kate and tries to bite her neck, but with a quiver of arrows and a sword in its way, it only manages to bite into a chunk of her hair. Leaving it open to be blasted by Seth, the coyote falls over to the side with a chunk of Kate’s hair in its mouth.
Spiral successfully teleports Black Crow off the totem pole as the Bear grows large enough to knock the totem pole over and towards Kate.
In the background further off in Shipolo a major battle is taking place as various Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man engage the gods in battle. For his part, Dr. Strange is preparing a massive spell in an attempt to stop the gods.
Wolfsbane might feel a few longer hairs sliced off, but any more and it would've been a problem. The wolf scrambles around in preparation for another lunge, just in time to see Owayodata take the psychic arrow meant for her. She grimaces as she returns to her midform, back to speaking audibly. "If she dies I may as well die with her. I canna think o' another o' muh closest friends being gone." This, while she darts in again to grapple with the overpowered Cheyenne under the control of the gods. Whatever it takes to keep another arrow from being fired off.
Daredevil calls out to the teens, "Focus on the Coyote! I have the Eagle!" At least, he hopes he does. Tugging the billy club free of bird's talon, he then tries to whip it around to tug at the bird's neck to cut off its air supply.

Kate Bishop notes a slight, quick pain. It's not the pain she was expected from being chomped on like a ghost monster. She looks up to Seth and stands. "Thanks.." she says, before she turns and sees the coyote.. with... a chunk of her... hair IN HIS MOUTH!! "Muh... My!! My HAIR!!" She reaches back and feels the space where the locks once were. Tears of pain and anger mix in her eyes. "That took years to grow! Your *both* gonna pay for that." She says as she notches up three arrows in one hand, lining them up in the bow to send them all at the coyote at once. However, before she can send off the arrows, she's interupted by a falling totem pole. "Seriously? Is it Pick-On-Katie Day? I was even goona overlook the 'Arrow girl' comment." She attempts to tumble out of the way of the massive figure before she is flattened.
Spiral thinks the heroes have it all well in hand, so she begins to dance after picking up the still stunned Black Crow with two hands. After a short while of dancing, the two of them both disappear, with a flash of light.
But not teleported - merely invisible, at least to the eyes of those who lack magickal vision. Her long range teleport dance takes a while after all. She continues to dance it while invisible, and pokes and prods at Black Crow while doing it with a spare hand. "What's going on? Is this worth more than a Thunderbolts bonus that I don't care about?" she wonders aloud to him. Not too loud though, or the invisibility would be a bit of a waste of time!
"Yes, how typical of girls to worry about their /hairs/ in a situation where it would've been their /heads/...", Seth grumbles out loud. "And you're welcome!" He takes flight to dodge that totem pole, "Aaaaand, you're gonna hate me even more for this, 'Katie'...", while grabbing a hold onto the young woman by her waist, and flying off with her into the air, to then land on a spot with hopefully a clear line of sight to Coyote.
As she charges forward, Wolfsbane leaps on Mirage before she can fire off another arrow. The psychic bow disappears, but Mirage’s strength is increased. She attempts to punch the wolf girl in the midsection as the struggle on the floor of the palace hallway.
The coyote is momentarily spared Kate’s wrath as the totem falls down, it misses Kate, but separated her from the coyote who leaps atop the fallen totem and begins to growl as it attempts to leap down on her. But is misses her completely when Radiance flies down and grabs her to place her elsewhere.
As Spiral suddenly turns them invisible and Black Crow still groggy. It is the end of the world if the Anasazi win. He is starting to come to fully as he sees what is happening in the arena and notes the giant Demon Bear that is coming towards him and Spiral. It speaks, “Little sorceress, I can see you. GROWL!”
The eagle begins an upward ascent flying high into the Shipolo sky as it spins around hoping to knock Daredevil off its back. Unable to do so the bird’s air begins to cutoff. He is still conscious, but as it continues to soar upward, its movement is slowing down as the bird starts to lose its breath.

Wolfsbane's strong like this, stronger than normal, but whatever's got control of Dani has made her even harder to deal with. As the Valkyrie gets an arm free and draws back for the quick strike, it's only with a split-second twist that Rahne avoids taking the full force of it. As it is, the blow is more than just a glancing one and enough to knock a little breath out of her without breaking anything. "Oof!" Her grip on the other arm slips as she hops back out of reach, rubbing her side as she looks around for something she might be able to use. A vase of some kind ends up her first choice, grabbed and thrown at Dani's head. "Fight it!" she urges, not sure if Owayodata is going to be back in this just yet.
Mr. Fantastic begins pounding away on some remote control as a robotized Tomazooma attacks a small group of gods. Human Torch flies up into the air firing a blast at the Sun God. Invisible Woman has an invisible force field around herself and some of the Fallen Avengers. Spider-Man swings throw the air spouting jokes an Nanabozho and Wonder Man and Thing take on the War god.
"Why, you!!" Kate screams as she's picked up. "Put me DOWN! I only fly First-Class!!" When they land, she turns quickly to Seth. "And only one man calls me Katie. You're not nearly a good enough shot!!" She says before she tries the three-arrow in a hand trick again. "We'll finish this later! Dead Coyote first." She says, before attempting another shot.
Spiral promptly unceremoniously drops Black Crow (who becomes visible to normal sight again) and pirouettes gracefully, still dancing, to face the onrushing bear. She scowls for those who can see her. "Ugh, this is the last time I listen to any summons..." she grumbles, and aims a blast of stunning magical energy at the bear. While ready to leap out of the way if it doesn't stop it.
To think, she could be playing games in the Body Shoppe and instead she's here, about to be beared.
Daredevil mutters, "Stupid eagle..." as the bird keeps on climbing even as he's cutting off the creature's air. He'll give a tug to one side of the eagle, as if to try and steer the bird back down to the ground.
Seth ahhhs, as he sets Kate on the ground. "Well, I hoped you'd appreciate a free-of-charge life-saving ride, Ms. Shallow Grumpy-Ass, but I'm a fast learner." He then says, "Don't wanna be called by that name... don't use it!", as he fires a big, dust-raising blast at Coyote.
Mirage able to free herself from Wolfsbane goes to reach her huge sword. Reaching it she turns to suddenly be smashed in the face with an ornate vase. Chunks of ceramic and glass explode out as pieces embed themselves on Moonstar’s face. She screams out as she drops her sword and reaches her hands up to her bloodied face. Pieces like dagger sting her cheek, lips, and near her eyes and ears. She screams out like a child in pain and begins to cry, “Rahne!” Owayodata is back up and winces a moment at the bloodied Valkyrie, “In essence all mortals are still children.” He moves forward to lunge, “While she is in her own mind and shock.” Owayodata charges fangs unfurled, “She must never fall under the sway of the Anasazi again!”
Mirage’s cry can be heard even as far as the arena. Black Crow as he is flung from Spiral and made visible, he is teleporting to the palace grounds. The bear is struck by the energy beam from Spiral, but it merely shoves it back as its large maw comes down to strike and miss the dancing Spiral, “Be still, witch!” The bear growls.
Daredevil continues riding the eagle and choking it. The bird begins to falter slightly as he is easily able to turn it downward. A few more milliseconds and the eagle’s air is completely cutoff and now the plummeting descent begins.
The coyote leaps off the totem and is hit by three arrows when the dust raising blast covers the area in dust. When it is cleared the coyote is dead burnt to a crisp from the energy blast with a few arrows sticking out of it.
Thor summons lightning from the sky as it rains down on the battlefield. The Native American Thunder god does the same as a tomahawk and hammer strike each other in battle. Giant-Man, Wasp, Hercules, She-Hulk, and Namor face off against demonic look clown-looking deamons. Falcon and Stingray remain back protecting Dr. Strange and Topaz as the two powerful mages continuing working on their spell to end this war.
"Forgive me Dani, but I dinna have any plans for dying today an' I'll na let them have ye either!" Wolfsbane answers in a semi-crouch, her claw-tipped fingers flexing as she tenses to strike or dodge, whatever the case may be. What the god tells her about mortals and children goes unanswered, but as he makes a move for Dani so does she. To do just what past tackling, she hasn't got much of a plan formulated. "Can we knock her oot or..push th' influence oot o' her?" she asks.
"Stupid bird," Daredevil repeats, loosening the line even as the bird begins to plummet. Maybe it will get its breath back as he tried not to cut off the air so completely that the thing ends up dying. As it is, he holds on tightly to the feathers on the back and prepares to leap off the bird if it looks like it won't wake up before impact.
Appearing behind the bear she takes advantage of her momentary hopeful surprise to start stabstabstabbing with multiple blades.

Kate Bishop refrains from flipping off Seth, mind back on the mission. "Talk later, bad guys now." She looks around. "What's next? The bear?" She looks at the distance from her and Seth to the Bear heading for Spiral. "Hey.. I've got an idea!" She pulls out an arrow and notches it in the bow. "Give a girl a light?" She asks, indicating the arrowhead.
Seth lights up the arrow with a low-intensity beam. "All you gotta do is ask..." Afterwards, he charges up again for another big blast. "So, whaddya say... a-hundred points if you shoot it in the knee?" And he fires at the big bear again, intent on leaving a hole in the creature.
Good thing, Wolfsbane went to tackle Mirage as Owayodata leaps out and misses her with his fangs, “She needs to die.” A portal pops open and Black Crow appears, now fully cognizant of what is happening, “Your highness!” He drops to his knees, “This is not the Moonstar you have sought. I beg you to spare her life.” The Mirage in Rahne’s tackle is still crying bloody murder as a vase was smashed on her face. She is mad now as she attempts to smack the wolf-girl across the face, “You are dead, bitch!” This alternate reality version of Danielle Moonstar is mad.
The bird is not dead, but it makes no move to alter its course and it crashes into the center of the arena sending up a large dust cloud covering the entire area and all those in it. However Daredevil was able to successfully leap off the bird before it crashed.
Spiral’s dancing teleport behind the Demon Bear proves a successful surprise when he is suddenly stabbed multiple times by the swords, He lets out a howl and attempt to claw her off him when the dust from the crashing bird fills the whole arena. Despite the dust covered arena, Seth’s blast and the lit arrow aim true and strike the bear knees. It howls out in pain.
"I said nae!" Wolfsbane turns her head enough to tell this to Owayodata. "She's muh friend!" However, the moment Black Crow shows up and tells them, or at least the god, what he does from a supplicating position, she appears confused. "What do ye mean, she's na' th' Dani I--" The question goes unfinished as by the time she's thinking about this Valkyrie god version of Moonstar again, she's struck upside the head and forced back a number of feet, a gasp heard.
Daredevil seems to fly through the air, flipping a couple of times before landing and rolling before he's able to get back to his feet. That's going to hurt once all the adrenaline wears off. Turning about, he tries to see what else needs to be attacked in order for them to 'win'. "How are we doing, folks? Everyone alive?"
Kate Bishop cheers quickly when the duo hits their targets. "Again. Don't let up on it." She sets up the arrows in her hand for rapid-fire mode, as she's seen Hawkeye do in videos. She sends a few off, hoping to finish off the bear. "So far so good, Red Horns. I just don't know what the next objective is once we get out of this arena!"
Spiral just loves it when people are already suffering when she has her swords in hand. She stabs and slashes at the bear with something approaching enthusiasm finally now that the demon bear is apparently on the back foot. Though she isn't trying to go for anything too vital. Maybe she's planning on bleeding it to death with a hundred cuts, who knows. "Foolish bear, why attack me? If you left me be I would have been gone by now, dancing in the rivers of time and space. Oh well...". She smiles her most evil smile as she tries to stick her sword into something tender belonging to the bear. Mmmm. A slash across the nose, perhaps, that will surely hurt.
She much prefers fighting when she seems to be /winning/.
Seth continues his firing at the Bear creature. "Hopefully", he replies instead of Daredevil, "we find Mirage and rescue her. Assuming we find her alive, that is..."
@emit “The spell is ready!” Dr. Strange’s telepathic summons rings out to everyone, “Quickly , everyone must leave. I am making it so that those in Shipolo will never be able to return to Earth. The pathways will be cut.” The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Topaz and escapinb through a portal Dr. Strange has opened.
Owayodata listens to his supplicant and refrains from attacking Mirage. In response to Wolfsbane, “It is, but it ins not the Danielle you know. She is an alternate reality version. A misture of one from a different reality and this one. Lately the world has gone askew with different versions.” This Dani is pissed and grabs her sword, “Someone will die for this.” Blood drips down her face from the broken smashed vase on her face.
All heroes in the arena begin to glow with mystic energy courtesy of Dr. Strange as his voice urges the heroes in the arena that they are being sent hom. The bear is struck across the nose, but then rakes and bats Spiral away and the continued attacks are pressed against it.
Inside the palace, Wolfsbane begins to glow with the same energy that the other are glowing with. Inexplicably Black Crow and Mirage are not glowing. As Mirage goes to slice at Wolfsbane, Black Crow leaps.
Dr Strange finishes his incantation and Shipolo and Earth are disconnected from each other. All the heroes will find themselves at their specific points of origin. Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen. Hawkette in New Jersey, Radiance in his room and Wolfsbane in the woods near the mansion.
Spiral toys no longer when Dr Strange gives his warning. She dances away from the bear, hoping to dance... rather further away than merely physical.
But her dance takes time, and Doctor Strange is a lot faster. Zzzzt, she vanishes, to reappear back in her room in the Thunderbolts secret underground lair. "Pah..." she pouts. "Just when things were getting interesting, too.", she mutters, as she goes to slump in her chair.
Wolfsbane rubs at her jaw. Nothing's broken but it was a good, square shot that shook her. By that time she looks up and around at the words in her head, indicating it's time to go. Distance is kept between her and the Dani that's not the one she knows, frowning at Owayodata as she says, "We've..seen a few like tha' already. But where's th' right one? An' what are ye gaunae do?" She manages to ask that much before she notices the glowing, leading to a surprised look. "Wait! I need tae know where--" Everything separates, the surroundings of the palace suddenly shifted back to an area she's much more familiar with. "--she is.." Nobody's left around her. No Owayodata, no Black Crow, no alternate reality Mirage. She turns a short circle and sniffs the air to get her bearings, then turns wolf again to break into a run back toward the mansion grounds.
Kate Bishop grumbles as she's back in her room. "Great.. Not even an after-party." She sighs and makes her way to her bedroom mirror... "And now I have to get THIS fixed..." She sighs in desperation and calls her personal superhero.... Her hairdresser.
Everyone seems to be all right...mostly. Daredevil nods and starts to answer Seth when...something happens. Something odd. Unable to control or affect it, he soon finds himself back in a more recognizable location. He'd know the sounds and smells and feel of Hell's Kitchen even if he was away for a decade.
"I am so going to kill him next time I see him," is muttered about Black Crow before he swings his billy club to make his way back to the rooftops.
With everyone returned to their spots, when Wolfsbane makes her way back to the mansion, she will find her reality’s version of Danielle Moonstar. She in unconscious, but alive lying in the dirt, though it looks like some some sort of Native runic symbols are around her. Black Crow for his part remains in Shipolo, trapped, but used the Earth Spirit and his own Native American mysticism to send the proper Danielle Moonstar to her correct time and place.

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