Loss and Gain

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Emma Frost & Exodus

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09/28/12 08:00

Frost Tower, Manhattan

Exodus seeks direction after the loss of Magneto

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A split second prior to his arrival, Emma will receive an indication that Exodus approaches. Then, in a subtle flash, the leader of the Acolytes, right hand of Magneto, former instructor at the Mass Academy (under Selene) stands within the middle of the office. Presently, Exodus wears his uniform and full cloak which is partially around his right shoulder hanging forward obscuring half his body. His dark eyes seem intense, yet reflect a deep sadness - of which Emma may easily know it is about Genosha/Magneto/Acolytes being gone from this dimension.

Emma, busy with a number of transactions on her computer, pauses and blinks in surprise at the indication. But the split second between hail and arrival is enough to allow her to compose herself at least a little, so that when Exodus appears, she only glances up at him with a tiny hint of a smirk, without rising from her chair. "You always were the sort to make an entrance," she says softly, and instantly regrets it when she gets a sense of his surface thoughts and subtly probes a little deeper, to unearth the cause of that sadness. Her smirk disappears. "My apologies... that was rather rude. And my condolences," she continues, more contritely, following with an invitation. "Will you take a seat?"

Exodus has several conflicting emotions, anger, sadness, confusion and contempt. There's also a hint of defeat which is being suppressed by his urge to destroy - yet he has no true target in which to focus his aggressions.

Knowing that it would be rude for him not to accept her gracious offer, Exodus steps forward and moves toward a seat. He addresses her apologies first, "Not necessary, my lady, the style of a man precedes him whilst the core of a man is often secluded - but not to you." As he sits, his cloak is pulled about his chest as he crosses his arms and he begins a new topic, "What are we going to do?" is asked simply regarding the state of the world - mostly his world since Genosha and Magneto are no longer present in Exodus' life. Magneto, as it is known by many, represented Exodus' leader, his lord, his mentor. The person Exodus could fight for - and Exodus needs a leader, needs the direction of a strong lord.

The /we/ in what are we going to do represents his belief that Magneto is the ultimate unrealized lord over all. Therefore he feels that Emma too is subject to Magneto's loss. Exodus seeks direction.

Emma has her own reasons for being less moved by Magneto's disappearance than that of the mutants who followed him, but those she keeps to herself. "That remains to be seen. I cannot help but see it as yet another tragic sign that our kind are in need of at least some brand of unity if we are to remain alive and free," she replies softly. "I have already begun taking steps toward that unity. I admit, I had not considered you to have any leading role in that, but..." She shrugs, gesturing to him with a graceful wave, nearly a flutter, of her hand. "Well, here you are. And I'm not the sort to send you away in your current state."

His eyes raise from her desk to her lips as she speaks, then finally his eyes meet hers and like a child hanging on to a parent's every word, Exodus' hope rises. The sour look upon his face offers a glimmer desired anticipation and once her words have come to a close, Exodus unfolds his arms, opening his cloak and stands before her desk, "It would be my honor to serve you, White Queen."

His right fist then is brought to his heart as a salute and pledge. "In your name, I shall strive to bring unity to our people." - his brand of unity is like that of Magnetos ('whether they like it or not'). His words then have direction, "Let me prove my value to you."

Lucid, he may be, yet he is still unstable and mentally cracked. His new found assumed guidance is acted upon and Exodus immediately departs via teleportation that emits a subtle flash of light as he is there no more.

Now that /does/ surprise her. Understanding his words, yet little believing them. she is still staring at him when he vanishes, without even enough presence of mind to utter that classic hanging 'But...' so infamous in verse and on the screen. "Ye gods..." she whispers. "Comfort a man, create a monster..."

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