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Elektra, Ant Man II, Cloak, Dagger

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SoHo, New York

Elektra and Ant Man track a villain. Cloak and Dagger join the hunt.

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Logfile from Marvel Movieverse - E
-----==[ SoHo and Tribeca - New York ]==---------------------------------
This area has the reputation of being a quirky home for starving artists. The reputation is somewhat outdated; first SoHo, then TriBeCa, attracted artists, then galleries, then celebrities seeking to identify themselves with the artists, then people flocking to be seen with the celebrities, in a spiral of costs and gentrification. By now, though there are 250 art galleries in the space of one-fourth of a square mile, the artists themselves are by and large gone.
The architecture in SoHo is still unmistakable - Italianate, neo-Grecian, and Victorian Gothic structures decorated with wrought- and cast-iron. And the converted warehouses and factories still boast the expansive living spaces of their lofts; it's just that it's highly-paid professionals who can afford them, not the artists and sculptors who made them famous.
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The normally quiet morning of SoHo (quite for Manhattan at least) was disturbed this morning. A certain loft-apartment complex, converted from an old bakery warehouse, was the scene of some skirmish involving, at least, some avengers as well as a few random villians that had, late last night, kidnapped a member of the UN. It seems to have ended here and the flash of blue and red atop police, fire, and rescue vehicles. The area is sectioned off with yellow tap and flares in the street. This stage seems more like after the fact, but one avenger still lingers. A man standing average height in an Ant Man suit, presumably, Ant Man himself, is walking away from the area, trying to ignore any gawkers that might have gathered at the commotion and curiously looking around at the buildings and perhaps architecture of the area, cause he's looking up at rooftops and such.

And it's on one of those rooftops that someone else is watching the scene. A woman with dark hair dressed in white silks, quite unusual even for New York and certainly for this time of year. Elektra certainly heard the fuss, and she's now watching the scene below through military-issue binoculars. At her feet is an open case, the expensive sniper rifle already set up.

If she's watching everything, she'll make note of Ant Man's helmet and big bug eyes as it turns and looks in her direction. Or at least the rooftops in that direction. There is a pause in his step, then he is shrinking and perhaps disappears. His new height, below 1/2 an inch as he calls a friend, a flying ant and mounts. If she concentrates, she can find him at this height with her training and skill levels. The ant is being led in her direction but as he's about to come to her rooftop, he flies beyond as if incognizant of her. If she follows the projected flight path, there is a slightly higher rooftop on the next building to the one she choose and the roof access is completely open as if broken off the hinges. It is there he is going presently, with a curiosity and when he gets near the ledge, he leaps from the ant, resumes normal height and scrabbles on the roof a little gaining that footing, heading for the door to inspect it.

A suddenly-shrinking superhero on the street below? You better believe Elektra keeps him on her radar. And when he goes to the next building, she slings the rifle across her back and follows. Sprinting along the roof of her building, she leaps out across the short span and catches the fire escape with a soft grunt of impact. Climbing swiftly, Ant Man is still inspecting the door when Elektra slips over the roof ledge. "I'm afraid I missed the show, earlier." she declares in a low, even tone.

Turning at the voice, Scott looks at her a moment, letting the vision set in. "Plenty of shows in a city like this, if you didn't catch the 8 Am, you can catch the 10'a'clock run." He smiles, a stab at humor, good thing his mouth is open visible, to suck in that Pym gas as it’s released. "Been in this area long," meaning the rooftops, "There still might be one around. We had five figures on surveillance tape near the embassy, but only four in the loft over there. We're not certain the fifth was involved or not, but ... no stone unturned, you know?" He's cavalier about the situation, rather than with hold the information, he'd rather make nice.

Elektra shakes her head slowly. "I arrived shortly after the situation settled, apparently, and too late to follow." Nodding slowly as he lays out the situation, she looks thoughtful. "What is known about the kidnappers? Have they made any demands? If they left one behind, however, he might be talkative. With the right encouragement."

"Seems a friend of theirs was imprisoned in Barbados, they kidnapped an ambassador, hoping to negotiate their friend's freedom," states Scott. He looks back at the door hinges, "I think it was broken from the inside, they might be on one of the nearby rooftops, assuming this was his work." Simply stated, but back to Elektra, "It’s a man known as the Trapster I think, purple and yellow costume. But under surveillance resolution, there could be some matrixing, which is why we weren't sure. If we find him, you think you could encourage more out of him, I want to know more about this friend of theirs that is imprisoned in the Caribbean."

Elektra purses her lips, brows knitting. The subject of kidnapped ambassadors hits a bit too close to home for the daughter of a former Greek ambassador. "I agree. Their friend in Barbados is likely the key to this. But -when- we find this 'Trapster', he will tell us all that he knows." She smiles a little at the last.

Taking the smile as a good sign that she's down with the team getting the kidnappers, Scott looks around, "I'm not good at tracking, I'll be the first to admit it, but I have the advantage of height. If you want to help scout for him, I can take you with me ..." But he leaves it open, maybe she is a skilled tracker and needs to be near the rooftop to follow his trail.

Converted loft apartment area, a former bakery was serving as the hideout of a group of villains. Last night they had kidnapped a UN ambassador from Barbados, they were holed up in someone's loft apartment here in SoHo. Some Avengers had fought with them, police and authorities arrived to handle the clean up. The bakery is surrounded by police, fire, rescue vehicles with flashing lights, yellow taped off and flares in the road to redirect traffic.

Ant Man stuck around and was looking at the nearby rooftops, where Elektra had been observing, a 'late' comer to the situation. They are currently inspecting a roof top access door that appears broken from the inside, possibly after a fifth suspect (four apprehended and already in custody at present).

Elektra looks around the broken doorway as well, dressed in white flowing silks with a sniper rifle slung over her back. Crouching down, she examines the lock as well as the splintered frame from the inside. "Let's figure out where he was going in such a hurry, first." Stepping back, she looks along the rooftop for indications of a departure direction. Small marks, or whatever. And she'll follows those to the spot on the ledge. "Do we know if this Trapster can fly?" she asks, peering down the side of the building. "There -is- a fire escape here, and plenty of ledges."

The scrabble of recent footsteps on the rooftop, accounting for Ant-Man and Elektra's own, go to the edge of the building. It is near the fire escape, but not quite. The fire escape leads into an alley, about 10 meters across is another roof top, slightly lower than the present one. "Fly, no, but he's main ability is chemicals, he's fashioned himself around a strong adhesive he's made, he can virtually duplicate the abilities of spider man, making webbing even, but his regular glue is really strong. And he can release it from his boots to mimic wall walking ability." Thusly, he could be anywhere.

Silent in her assessment, the assassin leans over to examine the wall now. "Perhaps his adhesive leaves behind a residue, then?" she muses. Looking down the side of the wall, she raises the binoculars again and starts scanning the building opposite. After a moment, she points and hands him the binoculars. "There. The other building, about ten feet in from the corner. He may be able to climb -like- Spiderman, but if he's a chemist he's probably not as comfortable with it. He will walk as much as possible." Turning to look at Ant Man, then, she adds. "Get us to the other roof, please."

Following where Elektra points, Scott gives a nod. "We're on it. I'll get you there," He reaches a hand over to touch her shoulder, pausing to make sure it’s okay, but he needs to for them both to shrink. Once cleared, they both shrink down and he's flying ant friend is ready, he will help Elektra mount the now horse sized ant and then he'll be on board. With a sudden wind and a buzzing of wings, they're up and over the ledge. "Exactly," continues Ant Man as this is happening, "A chemist, that's probably to our advantage in a game of cat and mouse. When we get there, if you have an idea of which direction he went, I can start asking the insects up ahead for signs of him too. But my range is limited, so direction helps." Before long the ant is hovering down to the other building, Scott will mentally guide in to whatever spot will help Elektra keep the trail.

Elektra gives a small nod when he touches her shoulder. She watched him change and fly up, so she has a pretty good idea what to expect. Sitting on the ant behind Ant Man, she scans the ledge with binoculars again. "It's actually easier while this size. The traces are more obvious." she offers. Then the assassin points along the roof towards the far ledge. "That way."

Out of the shadows a darker shadowy shape separates itself and from that? A white clad young girl with blonde hair stepped from the cloaked figure "Can we help?" walking over toward them.

With a nod, Scott affirms, "This size, you point the way ... I'll handle the transportation." That is when two people nearly step out of the shadows, the ant pulls back some, much like a horse might. Though that is the reaction of Scott influencing the insect really, normal ant would keep going until it bumped into something probably. Quietly, he says to Elektra, "Cover your ears." Simple warning, then he uses his PA system to speak at normal audible levels so Dagger and Cloak can hear him. "It would be appreciated, I suspect one of the kidnappers is at large, we're on his trail ... the Trapster, adhesives and chemicals are his trademark, a few bodies might help capture him. Just follow us," He steers the ant towards the ledge, where they proceed to follow the trail. A flying ant isn't ridiculously fast, and he goes at a speed that allows Elektra to follow the trail.

The next bit goes down the building, but doesn't come back up, its seems fresher as they go down. It leads to a subway grate, melted away, probably a chemical of the Trapster. The grate still smolders, fresh liquid slowly evaporating but still corroding the metal. There is an audible bang, metal being hit by another object, falling away, being broken perhaps, just beneath the surface.

Having heard of the situation through his own means with Dagger. The street vigilantes arrives via his own transportation, having teleported and been watching for some time across the way. Cloak allows Dagger to do the talking as he simply listens and readies himself for what needs to be done next.

Elektra's fingers to go her ears just as Scott speaks, voice booming to someone of her current size. They reach the melted grate, and she offers. "We are getting close. See? The trail is fresh." Looking up to the others as they're joined, Elektra offers. "Pursuit is inevitable in its outcome, but it would be better if we could get ahead of him as well as follow him."

Nods smiling "Anything to help" looking to Cloak before following along. "Any idea where he is or a direction he's headed? Cloak and I might be able to get ahead of him"

Resuming more normal sizes to converse with Cloak and Dagger, Scott nods. "I imagine if you know a tunnel where that noise came from and can sneak past him ... or head up this block to the next grate and get into the access tunnel before him, we could surround him. Don't know if there is other access leading out of the area, that's a best guess." They have this end blocked at least for now.

Nodding his head as Dagger offers his teleportation, Cloak looks to his partner with a knowing stare as his cloak unravels open revealing a complete darkness, readying for Dagger to enter, so he can teleport them to where Ant-Man has suggested.

Elektra leaves the rifle slung over her back, still. Now that they're on the move, she really only brought it along so it wouldn't get picked up by someone else and put to bad use. She regards Cloak without surprise as he makes the opening for Dagger, giving him a small nod of acknowledgement. Before the two slip away, she offers. "He won't get back past us. Just remember, we need him able to speak."

Nodding Dagger gave her partner a look, likely one he'd seen many times 'be nice' before stepping into the darkness of his cloak.

As the other two prepare to go ahead, Scott is nodding in agreement with Elektra. "We'll be out of communication, we'll all shout if we need the help." Then looking at Dagger, stepping into the darkness of Cloak, he says again to both of them, "Yes, alive ... able to speak preferable." Then he starts to slip into the opened grate, noting to Elektra, "Hopefully he doesn't have a lot of fight in him, I don't like these tunnels combined with his weaponry."

Once Dagger enters the cloak, it quickly wraps around her and Tyrone and the two simply disappear away from Elektra and Ant-Man and arrive at the end of the tunnel ready to encounter whatever may appear. Cloak unfurls his namesake apparel allowing Dagger to fly out first.

Steps out of the cloak, glowing slightly as she looks around "Do our early days still follow us?" she asks in a hushed voice as she edges forward to keep an eye out for Trapster.

Elektra slips down into the open grate after Scott, landing on quiet feet. From here, the trail is pretty easy to follow. And hear as well, for that matter. The assassin quietly draws a sai, her free hand held back.

Moving into the access tunnel, Scott moves along with Elektra. There are definitely signs of his passage. Seeing a metal door corroded, that probably accounts for the bangs from moments ago. He side comments, "I don't know about those two, might be better if we find him first." Its simply an honest statement, as he moves through the opening in the door, his feet come into contact with glue. "Damnit, I wasn't paying attention," he says to Elektra.

Up ahead, the voice of Trapster calls out, "No one can trap the Trapster." Raising a hand, he shoots more glue behind him, trying to get Elektra then runs up ahead, not knowing the extent of the trap (ie, not aware of Cloak and Dagger).

As he is intangible and basically a ghost in this form, Cloak moves forward hovering towards the voice of the Trapster, "Getting trapped in the least of your worries, villain." His voice booms covered from a head covered in a cowl matching the darkness of cloak.

Elektra's precognition doesn't fail her, and she flattens against the tunnel wall to let the glue shoot past her. It's a brief diversion for her, but she can -hear- her quarry now. And that's enough. Leaving Scott to free himself, she pursues.

Another diversion arises in the darkness head, Cloak reveals himself, looming before Trapster, causing the villain to stumble back and away, no longer paying attention to what's behind him, or Elektra for that matter. Scott remains stuck in the glue for now. He attempts to shrink but stops, that could pull some of him apart, the parts stuck to the glue.

With the Trapster stumbling, Cloak reaches out elongating his cloak and hoping to snare the villain and trap him within his cloak and the darkness within. Ever protective of his partner, "Dagger, stay back. We have this."

Elektra is in her own element, now; hunting in the darkness. The Trapster stumbles back and cloak reaches out to trap him as she approaches from behind. A sai whistles softly as it's thrown, and then the man screams as his foot is spiked to the floor of the tunnel. "Take him." she calls out, reaching for her other sai.

Scott remains stuck, but between spike and closing darkness, the Trapster is trapped it would seem. He'll definitely try to glue his way out of this, shooting at Cloak, but intangibility gives Cloak a distinct advantage over the villain. He tries a few other chemicals, cycling canisters - slipper surface, flame resistance, odds and ends, they don't combine in strange new affects either. Trapster is held by the Sai and cannot stop Cloak from enclosing on him.

With the various objects thrown into Cloak, his intangible form allows him protection from their effects and he simply draws them into his darkness. As he looms closer his cloak fully opens, "Prepare to be afraid!" He warns as he suddenly envelopes the villain hoping to trap him within the void of the Dark Force dimension and the waiting Predator within.

Elektra just stands at the ready, watching as the Trapster attacks the intangible Cloak in vain. And as the villain is enveloped, she calls out in a clear voice. "Do not kill him. We need him at least somewhat alive and conscious."

Scott is starting to pull free, but is trapped. Much like Trapster as the Predator within begins to feed, filling his mind with fears. They seem to involve an accident with his own glue and suffocating. Hopefully his hallucinations don't get the better of him, as it’s not beneficial to the Predators, this may be affected someone in the form of hallucinations the Trapster receives. Scott calls out, "Yes Alive."

Looking at ELektra and Ant-Man, Cloak almost seems angry at them for wanting Trapster alive, "So be it!" He responds in a booming voice. His cloak unfurls and he literally spits out the Trapster, who is most likely shivering from the cold and may have even lost some weight and appear slight older.

The Trapster still has a sai sticking through his foot, and he's no sooner expelled when Elektra pushes him roughly against the tunnel wall with the other sai against his throat. "Do not move, and you will live." she murmurs. "Fail to answer our questions, and I will give you back to the darkness." And to get his attention, she gives the sai in his foot a firm twist to bring pain.

Scott begins to move again, he comes around, but doesn't interrupt Elektra. Trapster shivers a bit as he's held against the wall and his senses come back to him. Slowly, "Okay, okay, just keep me away from him ...." He chins towards Cloak as best he can, sweat showing on his features, between Cloak and now the sai at his throat, he's finding himself quite nervous.

Elektra keeps the point of her sai just pricking the man's throat, her gaze cool and impassive. "Tell us of the plan to kidnap the ambassador. Speak freely, and do not leave out any details." she instructs. With a flicker in her gaze, she adds. "And speak quickly. He is hungry."

"It’s ... they ... Barbados ... Baron Zemo has been arrested in Barbados, unrelated charges to anything. I don't think they realize who they have yet, we took the ambassador to bargain for the release of Baron Zemo." His voice is shakey and between death by pointy sai and Cloak, he chooses nether, he is straight forward in his response. Scott offers up to the group, "I hate to say this, but that's information I should relay to the Avengers."

Using his deep voice Cloak makes a moaning noise to indicate just how hungry the Predator is. All to intimidate the Trapster. Cloak finds it amusing that he Trapster was indeed trapped. A youthful smile hinting at just how young Cloak is appears and just as quickly disappears. As he stares at the villain and the ninja holding him captive. He cannot help but not just how dark Elektra’s soul is.

Elektra draws out the sai from Trapster's foot, perhaps a bit more roughly than is entirely necessary. "Baron Zemo in Barbados." she repeats calmly, keeping the other point against the captive's throat. Giving a small nod to Scott, her gaze never leaves the quarry. "Then we are finished with this one. Are you still hungry, Cloak?"

"Incredibly!" He opens his cloak to give all a peak at the blackness underneath, "May I finish my meal?" Cloaks laughs sinisterly as he stares directly at the villain, "He deserves to be fed upon."

"No no, contain him," says Scott Lang, "I'll contain him for the authorities." He doesn't know if they're messing with the Trapster or not, but he has that whole image to keep up. "We got Baron Zemo, we'll go get him so he can be handled appropriately before he's accidently released or someone shows up to break him out."

Elektra cracks a small smile, knowing full well she wasn't serious about feeding Trapster to Cloak. Well, probably not. She's turned over a new leaf after being dead, after all. The old Elektra would have dispatched him on the spot. "He will be contained, then. Would you like him delivered anywhere in particular?"

"I can gladly have him teleported anywhere." Cloak grins as he likes his lips eyeing the Trapster like a tasty morsel. "Or we can end this quickly and I can take us all to Barbados in milliseconds."

Shaking his head, Scott answers "No, not this second. I have to follow some procedure." He ponders this a second, furthering, "If we can get him to Code Blue for now, they can handle him until the federal authority decides what to do. It was a UN Ambassador, this becomes an international crime." Not that any villain associated with Baron Zemos would commit anything less. "Perhaps we can agree to meet again, if everyone is interested in pursuing the Baron and getting him safely into appropriate custody." More like, Scott doesn't want Cloak feeding in Barbados without some supervision maybe.

Elektra nods and withdraws the sai from Trapster's throat. "Very well, then." Looking to Cloak, she steps back and then adds to Scott. "We will leave it to you to contact Code Blue and prepare them. Contact me through the Thunderbolts when you are ready to go to Barbados."

Looking between the two heroes, Cloak opens his apparel allowing Dagger to enter and go safely and freely, but he pauses as he looks to Elektra, "Thunderbolts?" He tilts his head to the side intrigued.

Going to take the Trapster, Ant Man begins to tie him up with what he has on hand, zipties at best. Nodding, "It’s a trial program. I can't say much about it myself, least someone here get any ideas." Namely Trapster, if he knew what it was he might try to volunteer. "There is some association to the Avengers, slim but it’s there." That's about all he can say to Cloak, then to Elektra, "I'll definitely be in touch, my thanks to you for arriving when you did." Then to Cloak and Dagger, "And you as well, if not for you, he would have gotten away."

Elektra smiles knowingly to Cloak, slipping the sais back away as And Man binds Trapster. On the subject of the Thunderbolts, she will say nothing more. "I will wait for your call." she offers. And then she slips away into the darkness down the tunnel.

With his question answered and with Elektra slipping away so easily and quickly, Cloak begins to teleport away before eyeing the Trapster with a look reading that they will meet again.

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