To The Moon P1

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Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Dragoness

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11/20/12 09:00

X-Factor Tower

Dragoness informs the team of disturbing news about Stryfe

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-----==[ Lobby - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==--------------------------------------

Rising magestically into the sky, X-Factor Tower is an eye-catching skyscraper. Dominating the area around it, it is seemingly made of nothing but glass, reflecting the surrounding landscape with surprising clarity. The lobby of the building is positively immense, boasting a five-story waterfall. At the base of the waterfall is a clear pool filled with fish of every hue, their colors dazzling the eye. Near the front doors is a very large, semi-circular mahogany security desk, usually staffed by four holographic/hard light guards watching over monitors that are tied to cameras on every floor. The floor is seemingly made out of one large piece of marble, light in color with veins of violet and emerald running through it.

Elevators line the wall opposite the front doors, leading to almost every floor. Near the elevators on each floor is a receptionist's desk, where the holographic/hard light employees on duty are very helpful and polite and fields questions, though almost all have been 'trained' to be very firm and check to make sure that no one from the media goes where they aren't supposed to be.

The lobby also offers doors to various offices, a security hub, and public restrooms.

The X-Factor Tower is the same structure that dominated Midtown several years ago when the original X-Factor claimed the Celestial Ship (AKA: Ship) as their own. Now, the Celestial Ship has returned to once again take the role of X-Factor's Headquarters.

The building/ship is 1,880 feet in length by 630 feet across, and contains multiple levels, access ways, and portals. 900 feet of its length is burried into the ground and the ship now rises approximately 1000 feet into the sky. The ship reconfigured itself to match the needs of the team and offers many levels and areas. The external structure is mostly metallic with various window accents and the top 10 floors are dominated by a large X on two of the four sides. The top floor appears as transparent metal.

OOC NOTE: If you are not a mutant, force walls prevent your entry. This cannot be overridden.


SHIP announces, "The Dragoness of the MLF is in our lobby requesting to speak with the team (specifically Havok) in regards to developing situations involving the MLF and X-Force."

Alex puts the interviews on hold and the team will get downstairs.

Within the lobby, there are several mutants lurking around, waiting for their shot at the interview. They all have numbers pinned to their shirts and it's how order is kept. The Dragoness is seen waiting near the receptionist desk where she is being oggled by many of the newbie mutants who hope to be the next Ameri, X-Factor Brick.

Alex intones, "Yall head to my office, I'll get her and bring her in."

Mutants shout wanting to demonstrate their prowess. But are disregarded.

Moments later the team is assembled in Havok's office where the Dragoness states, "I realize coming here is probably a mistake because you people are going to arrest me, but it really doesn't matter. What matters is the situation we have between the MLF and X-Force. Cable is closing in on Stryfe and Stryfe has no intent on losing, even if he's captured. If Cable captures him, he intends to release a virus upon the world that will wipe out all of mutant kind."

Taking a flanking position near the door, Mirage leans against the wall as she listens to the woman's warning, "Stryfe has finally gone of the reservation, is basically what you are telling us?" she asks, a bit in disbelief, of course she has no reason to take what Dragoness is saying at face value and thinks there has to be a catch.

Kurt lifts a finger, from where he was sitting but is now standing as Dragoness has entered the building, "Übersetzung!" Then a grin, "She is telling us because she wants us to do something about the situation ... she knows how the virus might be contained or stopped." The last part more of a hope than anything else, he puts his finder back down.

Havok maintains a 'what they said' approach to the conversation as he takes a seat on the edge of his desk and listens.

"It wasn't revealed to us until last night. Many of us know the rammifications of such a virus being released. It means that we will all die." her voice turns slightly desperate. "Stryfe is serious. He brought this virus back from the future. He calls it 'Legacy'. He says there's no known cure and it was originally to target humans only, but since 'mutantkind' doesn't understand him, nor want his liberation - you don't understand, he's insane..."

Mirage pretty much got the insane part. She developed that opinion when he abducted her after his scheme to get Rusty back. "You have already betrayed him by coming to us. Why not go the rest of the way and stop him yourself? Or is the rest of your group behind him on this one?

Interjecting, Kurt offers, "Because she can't stop him herself and she can't speak for the rest of the group. She believes we can. Cable and his group are going for Stryfe ... I'm curious if she wants us to stop Cable or stop the virus itself somehow." He's sure she has the answers to his ponderance, he's still curious about the questions Dani asked, even though he just speculated on them. He wants to know what she really thinks, where she stands, where the rest of MLF stands.

Dragoness states, "It wasn't up for discussion or debate. And we don't talk about anything that goes against Stryfe. Or even think it. He's a telepath. You know how it is - you have Xavier, Psylocke, and Jean. I don't know what you people do or what can be done. Cable is just as much of a psychopath as Stryfe. They have this hard on for one another that just won't stop and I fear that Cable is going to be the trigger that wipes out all of mutantkind. In all cases, both must be stopped, and as Nightcrawler says, I don't have the power to do either."

Feeling conflicted about this situation Mirage is reluctant to speak up anymore, especially on the team's stance. Having worked with Cable in Madripoor to stop the woman who has come to them for help, she knows first hand how he feels about Stryfe and the MLF and how far he is willing to go to put a stop to him. She is beginning to feel this is a no win situtation. "So stop Stryfe or stop Cable? What guarantee do we have that Stryfe won't release this virus if we go after him?

"Not to argue Cable's sanity," throws in Kurt, "But Stryfe is the one claiming to have some virus that will kill all mutant kind." That said, he waits to her what she has to say over Dani's concerns.

Dragoness states, "There's no guarantee on anything when dealing with Stryfe. At first he seemed stable and wanting to help all of mutant-kind. It started last year when he tested the virus' new strain on a few people that we realized there was a possible unforeseen danger."

Alex asks, "What's the delivery system used for the virus? We looking at missile? Will it be in the water system, aerial or what?" then he realizes there are far too many questions to ask and says, "Damn. SHIP, contact Hank and get him here. He's the person to ask the viral questions." Then turning his attention back to Dragoness, "Where is your secret base?"

Dragoness answers, "The moon."

"And is that where he keeps the virus samples?" Mirage asks in followup. She isn't going to assume that just because their main base is on the moon, that it is the only place they work out of or keep important stuff. "And you willing to provide us with other information about the moon base? Maps, access codes and other necessary information?

Kurt adds on briefly, "We are not affiliated with the government officially, providing this information isn't a plea bargain to have charges against you dropped. More, if you would like us to help stop the virus from killing mutant kind, it would be beneficial to have some assistance."

"I know, Kurt." Dragoness states and adds, "But there's really no other option. Going to Cable would be suicide. X-Factor is the only sane mutant team out there. And coming to you means that I'm here to give you whatever information you need. I don't want to see all the mutants of the world die."

Alex interjects, "SHIP, could you gather all the pertinent information from Dragoness while the three of us talk privately?"

SHIP answers, "Of course, Havok.". SHIP then adds, "Beast will arrive within fifteen minutes."

Dragoness will be escorted by holo-personnel to a more secure location and leave the team to discuss the issues at hand.

Mirage doesn't say anything more until Dragoness leaves the room, and even then she waits a few moments to organize her thoughts on the matter before speaking up, "As much as I hate to say it, I am thinking she isn't making most of that stuff up." she pushes off the wall she is leaning on and moves to one of the chairs near the desk, but she doesn't sit, just places her hands on the back of it.

Nodding his agreement, Kurt returns to sitting, "I'd agree, I'm more curious if we could coordinate something with Cable once we get more information. Let him do whatever he wants with Stryfe, but enough distraction to disable the virus from releasing or whatever ..."

Alex remains seated on the edge of his desk, he looks annoyed and states, "It's really the only option. Cable has the intel, we have the travel. Otherwise, Cable would have already lead the assault. He doesn't have an Ariel. Dani, can you contact Sam and see what's going on X-Force side? Kurt, Hank will be here pretty quick. Could you talk to Dragoness one more time to see if there's any information regarding Stryfe's timeline, maybe something she's forgetting. Connect to her on a personal level. She needs someone who can relate to her - and I think you're that person. While you two handle those things. I'm going to talk to Scott and Jean. Fill them in on what's up."

"Of course." Mirage was probably going to do that anyway considering that if anyone can get anything reliable out of Sam it is going to be her. She starts to turn to leave the office to do so but pauses "Would you like me to cancel the rest of today's auditions as well?" she gestures towards the lobby, where there are still a lot of hopefuls waiting.

"That'd be great, thanks." Alex notes to Dani's remark.

Historically, Kurt would probably of gone and done what Alex thought best for him just to do it, talk with the woman, see if he could get her to smile, etc. But with Kitty in the picture, not so much. Though he nods just the same, "Ja, have ship reschedule, who knows, the person we need might be out there." Standing he grins, then, "Ok Ship, lead me to the promised land ... I mean to Dragoness ..."

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