Looking for Bombs

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Havok, Dagger, Silver Sable, Spider-Woman

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10/10/12 23:20

Midtown, Manhattan

Dagger encounters Havok, Silver Sable, and Spider-Woman discussing the MLF and bombs.

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Manhattan in the evening. It's autumn, so the cooler weather is setting in and so is the rain. For the last 3 hours, the rain fell down upon the street. It relinquished its hold over the city; yet left traces of its stead. Puddles lurk on streets and sidewalks and reflect the lamps and ambient light hoping to quell the long shadows of the night, yet quite futile.

Deep within an alleyway, two individuals stand five feet from one another. Near to them is a silver Lotus sports car. One of the two is female, she seems to match the silver of the sports vehicle and wears all silver with her own platinum hair (Silver Sable). The other is male (Havok), he wears a black costume with jacket that is mostly zipped up. However between the teeth of the zipper is the white hot glow of illumination. His hair is blonde. Then, on a nearby wall of the alleyway, another figure seems to stir. The figure is feminine in nature and clings to the wall. Her hair is black and her costume deep red and yellow with black trim (Spider-Woman). They seem to discuss things as Havok presents an argument or information that the other two don't seem too pleased with.

Dagger was roof hopping in her rounds but the car and the gathering caught her eye and gave her pause of the roof edge to keep watch. Looking down as she spied in her white outfit, blonde hair tumbling around her shoulders as the C on her face glowed.

Silver Sable nods and her voice is carried up between the walls, "I'll inform my people, we'll be on the lookout." then turning on her heel, she leaves a trace of bubbles bleeding in her stead as she walks to her Lotus and slips inside.

Spider-Woman and Havok watch Sable pull out of the alleyway and then speak a few more seconds in very low tones.

Dagger became curious and with a slow flip off the roof edge she lowered herself down onto a ledge along the wall of the building. Peering down as she clung to the wall, listening hard as she brushed her hair back behind her ear. What was going on?

Spider-Woman looks up from her perched position on the wall, spies Dagger and smiles, "Looks like we have a little white bird spying on us. Hello Dagger." - They have a history of working with one another, so Dagger will know that Spider-Woman is only teasing her.

Havok looks on with interest, but says nothing.

Smiling down with a smirk Dagger nods with a wiggle of her fingers before climbing down into the alley with an acrobatic tumble thru the air to land on her feet in a crouch. Standing up to her full small height "Hello Spider-Woman, anything I should be aware of?" eager little thing she is, that no one could deny.

Spider-Woman says, "I'll let Havok fill you in." then turns to Havok and says, "Take care, Alex - don't get blown up." and will then leap, bound, leap, bound up and over the roof to be gone into the night.

The rain water puddles of the allwayway allow for glint of street lights off in the distance. Havok steps forward toward Dagger and says with a smile, "Hey, I know you." but in the sense as if he's heard of her or knows who she is, not that they've ever met.

Turns toward Alex expectactly as she smiles "Well I hope not in a bad way, most people don't have the right idea of me. So what's going on?"

"You ever heard of the MLF?" Havok asks disregarding the bad talk potentials and moves directly into the core of the matter.

Dagger nods slowly as she shifts her weight into one hip "Heard of it a little bit, are you saying there's more to worry about then just crazy Elektra?" Realizing Cloak was gonna be quite happy with this new excitement to occupy him.

Havok grins and nods, "At least Elektra is easy on the eyes. Stryfe is some overcompensating jerk. Anyway, they set a few bombs around the city in basement areas. We're trying to wrap them up and get a handle on intel. See if anyone has noticed the MLF anywhere."

Dagger nods "So a bunch of bombs set up around the city, likely in either highly populated areas or targeted ones? What do they want for not setting the bombs off?" if you could figure out the why's you could narrow down the possible places forthe bombs to be "Any idea how many bombs you're looking for? I'm Dagger by the way"

"X-Factor, my team, are currently working on the 36 possible locations that our AI suggested. We found 6 explosive devices. We're expecting there are more since they only implied there was only one. They want their team member that is currently in our custody. He's standing trial for murder and several other charges. We really don't want to turn him over but we may have no choice unless we can find all the bombs."

Dagger blink absorbing the info "Well Cloak and I will see what we can find out" inwardly groaning at how many finger cloak was going to reveal he broke to get the info "Have you ruled out Mutant town? I've heard rumors..but it would be a good place to bomb to turn people against your team"

"It was the first area scanned, since our base is there." Havok notes the affirmation of Mutant Town. "And thanks, just be on the look out for crazies - even though that's like half the city."

Snickering Dagger nods "You bet, Cloak and I work pretty close to the streets, we'll see what we can find out. I'd give you my number but I don't have one. I'm always around though" even in the light she seemed to glow

"I'll look for ya." Havok states before turning and walking down the alleyway toward the street.

Nodding Dagger looked around and saw Cloak. Moving over to him she was enveloped in the darkness of the cloak and the two disappeared.

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