Look Who's Back

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Magma and Mirage

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Mirage's Office - Xavier's Office`

Amara drops by to visit Dani

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--[Mirage's Office - Xavier's Mansion]--

Stepping into the door frame, the lovely visage of a Roman goddess presents herself wearing fashionable dress attire. Her voice is clear and concise as she clears her throat and greets, "Hello, Danielle." in her common formal tone.

Is she hard at work on that PC or just playing games? Either way Dani sits behind her desk, her attention focused on whatever is on the screen. As familiar figure fills the doorway, she looks up from the screen and blinks in surprise "Amara!" she greets, she sounds tired and she looks like she hasn't had a decent nights sleep in days, but other wise its the same old Dani. Getting to her feet the beckons her former team mate in as she moves around the desk.

Amara will meet her half way in the intended embrace of familiarity and long absences. Her left hand maintains the matching leather and gold pocketbook while her arms unfold to welcome Dani within. "It has been a long time.", is her shared greeting which is accompanied with a physical warmth (more than a simple mood or tone; temperature increase by 3-5 degrees).

"At least three years." Dani returns the hug, but doesn't linger with it, "What brings you by the Mansion?" her tone is curious, and she doubts the reason is her. Especially since she has been back a year and Amara hadn't deigned to visit before..though Dani never really took the time to reach out either and she realizes that.

As she parts, Amara seems to reflect the past three years. "Just that - it has been a long time since these quite unfamiliar halls have been graced with my presence." And though the corners of her lips indicate a partial smile - one that could be construed as she's denying the arrogance in her tone as a joke, it's likely more true than any other excuse.

In light of her original statement, she continues with, "<truly> I grew bored in Nova Roma, my father continues to dote about my age and lack of a formal union to expand his influence - even though my former arrangement was discharged. He still feels that a proper woman and senator's daughter should not be without the regal title of /wife/."

Dani moves to sit on one end of the couch "You can sit if you want." she gestures at a "Unfamiliar to us all really for awhile at least. The mansion had to be rebuilt from the ground up after the encounter with some Ultron controlled sentinels last summer." she pulls her legs underneath her as she gets comfortable on the sofa, pulling a distasteful expression at the thought of getting married "Aren't you a little young to get getting permanently attached to one person?

Moving to the opposite end of the couch, Amara will sit so that one knee lays over the interposing cushin and her arm is able to be laid upon the back of the couch - all in order so that she may look directly upon Dani without turning her neck.

She absorbs the commentary about the destruction of the previous mansion and isn't surprised. Then notes to the following question, "My thoughts exactly. Though, it is not uncommon for girls of my culture to be betrothed and married by first blood so that our children will be born strong and virile. I fought it for many years and luckily you all came along when you did - otherwise I would have already bore my third child by my present age of twenty."

"I don't think your homeland could survive that." Dani jests, giving a tired smile at her own teasing "I can just imagine the earthquakes anytime they would get out of hand." and they certainly would if these imaginary children were anything like their mother. "How long will you be around? I know Roberto and Sam would be upset if they missed you.

"If Minerva favors my journey as I pray she favors children that I may one day birth, then I shall endeavor to linger within these unique halls. Though I am to understand, through questioning the child who allowed me within, that Sam nor 'Berto are present." - Amara answers with a queryful tone as she may wonder whether or not Dani has Sam and Berto locked away within the bowels of the fortress that was once a mansion.

Dani doesn't question who it was that let her in. Alarms didn't do off at Amara's arrival so any student would assume she was okay to show around "They aren't. They are trying to pull X-Force together, or were last time I talked to them. With Cable gone, that team is in a bit of flux, much like my own." a sad expression flits across her face for the breifest of moments, but this is Dani and if anything its all self-control around everyone "I can give them a call though, they would probably be here within a few hours...if not sooner.

"That would be wonderful, Danielle." responds Amara to Dani's offer of calling their former teammates. "I feel that I have been out of touch for more than the three years that have been a turmoil of consequences. Reuniting with old and dear friends is truly what would warm my heart." - though, her heart is well above three-thousand degrees Fahrenheit on a normal day. "Enough of that, tell me of your adventures and of all the days that I have missed..." thus giving Dani much material to share so that they may reacquaint themselves with one another and find common and familiar ground.

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