Look What the Skrull Dragged In

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Super-Skrull meets Black Cat

Super-Skrull (as Weapon Skrull), Black Cat

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10/13/12 09:00

Lower Manhattan

The Super-Skrull meets the Black Cat

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-----==[ Lower Manhattan - New York ]==---------------------------------------

When most people think of Downtown Manhattan, this is what they're thinking of. Skyscrapers block the sun, turning the streets into the familiar glass- and steel-walled canyons. The Financial District serves as a magnet for daytime traders and office workers; the buildings of Battery Park City are a twenty-to-forty-story sea of orange brick. Battery Park itself, named after the artillery sited there during the Revolutionary War, provides an expanse of green right down to the shoreline from which the Statue of Liberty can be seen.
Lower Manhattan is dense with landmarks and significant buildings; among them are Federal Hall, the fort and national monument Castle Clinton, the National Museum of the American Indian, and the ferries to the aforementioned Statue and Ellis Island.
Additionally this area is home to the financial district of New York City. <see +view>.

Black Cat
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[E] - Chinatown and Little Italy - N [FP] - Parking Level - Fisk Tower
[FT] - Fisk Towers - Lower Manhattan [MC] - McKamy Federal Bldg - Lower Ma
[MR] - Mutant Registration Center - L [N] - SoHo and Tribeca - New York
[NR] - Nightwing Restorations - Lower [OS] - Osborn Inc - Lower Manhattan
[P2] - Precinct 12 - Lower Manhattan [S] - New York Harbor - New York
[SB] - Subway System - New York [SE] - Seaport and Civic Center - New
[SW] - Battery Park - New York [SX] - New York Stock Exchange - Fina

Weapon Skrull stands on the roof of a musueum, low enough that he can get a good look at the surrounding streets. The museum also is seperated enough from the surrounding buildings by the grounds that he has a nearly unobstructed view.

Black Cat does, on occasion, take advantage of her infamy. Usually, when going through the streets of New York, she keeps herself to the roof top so as not to draw attention to herself. Which is at odds with her personality but is a necessary function of her 'former' career.

Sometimes you want to just be a shadow. Not today though. Today, she is walking through the streets and soaking in the celebrity. She even stops a few times to snap a picture or sign an autograph or kiss a bold stranger on the cheek so they can brag to their friends.

All smiles, leather, and sex with a hint of badgirl gone straight, Felicia passes right underneath the Weapon Skrull's position.

Weapon Skrull turns his head to watch Black Cat, then leans over the edge of the rooftop to keep up his surveillance as she goes by. Moving over to the side of the roof, he sends a small grappling line shooting through the air to attach to the next building and lets him swing across, keeping him roughly ahead of her. Once there the line retracts into his sleeve and he waves a hand, just in case she missed him swinging. Once she looks his way, he beckons her to join him atop the building.

Felicia did not miss the motion over her head, craning her head back and observing the shadowy figure up and across from her. She walks off the main street, and into the alleyway between two department stores, and her own zipline is fired into the rooftop to propel her up above the streets and to the hunting grounds of the insane and the gifted. She rolls smoothly up and over the lip to a roof, her eyes focused on the man cautiously even as she rises to her feet. "Hello, handsome." A hint of a southern drawl, probably exaggerated.

Weapon Skrull nods casually. "Hello yourself...pretty." He seems to search his memory for the nickname, as if he's not used to greeting people this way. "I've been watching this part of the city. Looking for villains, or trouble. How about you? Just visiting?"

"No shortage of those," Black Cat says, clasping hands behind her back. "They tend to fall from the sky or walk into your lap more often then not, and even though it's not what it once was, there's plenty of trouble left to be found in New York City." She tilts her chin up, "Me? Just passing through, hon. Do I look the part of a villian to you?"

Weapon Skrull gives her another appraising look. "Honestly, I can't tell. They call me Weapon Skrull. Who are you?"

"Black Cat." Felicia responds with a lingering upward tilt to her lips. "Does that help make up your mind about me? Usually does for most people. So, handsome, what exactly are you going to do if you find this trouble of yours?"

Weapon Skrull looks surprised. "Why, I will do what any super-beings would. I will overcome it, and maintain the, the peace." Again that little pause where he has to try and remember the right words to use (or so he thinks). "Black Cat...I see. Are you part of a super-hero team?"

"Indepedent," Black Cat answers, "No ties to bind me, freeeee~ as the wind." She snaps her right hand into a dismissive wave, "So, excuse my rudeness, but that is a /helluva/ costume."

Weapon Skrull looks down at his own costume. "Is that so...?" He twists slightly this way and that, to give himself more of a view. "What makes you say so...? It's not so different than your own." He gives it another look, then adds. "Well, the color at least."

"No, I meant~" Black Cat waves clawed fingers in front of her own face, "That. /That/ is what I mean, though the suit doesn't look too terrible either!"

Weapon Skrull narrows his eyes slightly, then nods in understanding. "Ah...I see. My appearance. It is different than yours. It doesn't pay for our kind to advertise our true identity. As you no doubt already know." He points his own finger at his eyes, moving them in small circles the shape of her goggles.

Felicia laughs, "No, I guess there's power to names. I don't like to let anyone know mine, but.. still, I do like the look. You'll fit in nicely here." She motions to the well-lit New York skyline. "They love the freaks here. Me, you, Spidey... they also hate us. Try to keep that in mind."

"That's right. Spidey...Spider?" The Skrull frowns slightly. "Spider-Man? You know him? I've been hearing a lot about him in the news. He seems quite popular today," he adds without a trace of irony.

"You could say we've crossed paths once or twice," Felicia says wryly. "His popularity tends to come and go, really. Love/Hate relationship with the city."

You say, "Indeed. What can you tell me about him?" He pauses and then considers. "That is, what is he like? How did he gain such a reputation? It seems like half the people in the city have crossed paths with him."

Felicia stares at the Skrull for a moment, "You're looking for him." It certainly lacks certain tonal inflections that come with a question, and the way she tilts her head suggests she is looking at Skrull in a new light.

Weapon Skrull watches the reaction, then nods. "Perhaps I am. But for now, I'd just like to know more -about- him." Weapon Skrull watches for a bit longer, then turns away from her and gestures at the skyline. "Does he frequent this part of the city?"

Felicia peers at Skrull for a moment longer, before looking around. "He comes through.. but this is not a typical haunting area, no. He spends alot of time down in Little Italy, but if you're in New York, you'll run into him eventually."

"I can wait," he assures her. "But what heroes do frequent this region? Is there any organization? How do they plan their strategy? How do they communicate?"

"Avengers, Moon Knights... but you're going to have to ask them yourself." Felicia says, "For me, I've got some clubs to hit before the sun even starts to think about coming up. You stay safe, hero." She falls backwards off the building, but the schwip of a grappling hook suggests she did not just fall to her death.

Weapon Skrull watches her depart. Once she's out of sight, the Skrull steps back until he's no longer visible to those at street level. His expression is thoughtful at first, then his chin changes slightly, smoothing out so that it looks less conspicuous, and more like a mask.

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