Look Past Your Past

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Ms. Marvel and Sandman

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02/27/13 10:34

Main Dining Hall - Avengers Mansion

Sandman and Carol chat.

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Early morning, but thankfully not too early, Sandman dressed in a slightly open robe appears to be lost in a newspaper article. A single cup of black coffee and half eaten bagel on one plate with some eggs and bacon on another. Jarvis, behind Sandman with an annoyed expression as he looks at the uncouth Avenger. There is somewhat of a mess as Jarvis looks at his watch, “Master Baker, whenever you are done. I can resume cleaning. . .” He peers at the pssamic hero who holds up his hand, “Wait this is good.” Sandman begins to chuckle loudly. He is not reading an engrossing article, but reading the funnies.

And in comes Carol Danvers, already in costume, fresh from a morning patrol and a bank robbery. "Just pull out the dust buster and vacuum him up, already, Jarvis." she quips as she passes towards the coffee machine, aiming for her own caffeine fix. "It wouldn't be so great a loss, and he'd get all the quiet time he could ask for, tucked away in the canister." Ahhhh, coffee.

Eyes peering up from behind the papers, “Mornin’ boss lady.” HE drops the paper onto the table and stands up stretching. Hos body seems to contort into itself as he lets out a loud yawn. The robe, undershirt, and pajama pants drop to the floor and Sandman resumes a humanoid form in his usual garb, green and black striped shirt and brown trousers. He looks between the eggs and the bagel, “Jarvy, Sorry for the mess. You make the best eggs in town.” Jarvis rolls his eyes and begins to clean up the mess left by Sandman. Grabbing his cup and moving towards the Avengers chairwoman, “Carol. . .I swear I think you and Steve have contests to see who can be up the earliest.”

"Bah. What contest? We're both up at the same oh-dark-thirty every morning." Carol quips, sipping her coffee as she watches the production, eyes rolling. She could bitch about him being a slob, but what's the point? "What's up first on your agenda, now that you're ready to go?" she queries. She feels bad, like she should help Jarvis clean that mess up - or order Sandy to do it - but Jarvis would just get upset.

“Well, I’m going to try to meet up with John Walker at some point. He’s been around. Maybe get some training in with him. Then I’ll report to Doc Samson for my monthly bill of mental health.” Sandman makes a gesture to his head, “Make sure no bad thoughts running around.” He goes to pour himself a cup of coffee, “You’ve been running yourself, ragged. Do you ever take a break?”

"I never take a break, Sandy. The bad guys don't." Carol answers simply enough. Is it a Bad Thing (tm)? Maybe. Probably. But that's just the way it is. What's she going to do for 'off time' anyway? Navel-gazing? 'Meditation'? The only activity that has ever interested her like that is flying. So she goes flying, on patrol, and then finds herself more work to do. Simple enough solution. "I should check my reports. How is Walker doing? Staying saner than before, I hope?"

“He’s ok. He, I and. . .” Sandman pauses a moment, “. . .we took down Hydro-Man. And I ended up finally defeating my old partner in crime on the Frightful Four, the Wizard.” Sandman smiles at that achievement, but then adds, “But Bentley got away. Anyhow, Walker seems to be as good as Steve. A bit loopy, but not as hard on me as Steve is. Walker looks past my past, so to speak.”

“We all look past your past, Sandy. But we, none of us, can afford to forget it, anymore than we can afford to forget my alcoholism, or Tony's, or a dozen other issues." Carol answers, chucking the pessimic hero on the shoulder. "You are my friend and my teammate. I've proven that, even in the face of everything else that was going on a while back. But no one is as good as Steve. Not even me." It's a point of pride with her, that she even comes close. "I'm glad, though, that he is contributing and not being a problem."

Communication is key. Facial expressions don't really cut it, and Carol backs up a step as Sandy grows and approaches her. "What the heck ...?" she questions, and then she is engulfed in a pessimic hug. "Ugh, another shower." she complains, but only in a gentle tone of voice. "What's this for, anyway?" she queries, assuming Sandy doesn't start depriving her of oxygen.

Embracing the chairwoman tightly, Sandman squeezes and while he knows his own strength, he knows hers as well and then releases her quickly, “I’ll be honest, Carol. I had thought about leaving the team. There’s another group that is more my style, well my old style anyway.” Sandman does not offer too much more, as a beep is sounding off in his back pocket.. “Thank you for everything. You, and some of the others have really helped me out. Being the leader you don’t get the appreciation part from the time. You get the flack because you are super busy. But I can tell you now. I appreciate you. The Avengers appreciate you. We all appreciate you. So thanks.” His body starts to crumble ever as he nods his head, “I should take care of this. . .But see ya when I see ya.”

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