Longest Elevator Ride Ever

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Havok and Mirage

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12/12/12 14:14

Elevator, X-Factor Tower

Alex and Dani discuss Betsy while riding on the elevator.

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-----==[ Elevator - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==-----------------------------------

This lift is designed to haul massive weights, quickly. The walls are metallic. The ceiling emits a glow to allow for illumination, and the floor seems to have a rubber padding to it. There are no buttons, it is voice command only.


Alex rides the elevator from the living area to the office level. The elevator comes to a pause and dings. Doors open mid way along the trip to welcome Dani into the lift. "Morning." Alex says - who smells like diner food (bacon, eggs, sausage, toast....)

Entering the lift from the training level where is seems Dani has spent the morning working out, which is her usual morning routine. She pulls the earbuds from her ear and offers Alex a grin "Good morning." she glances at the elevator panel and since it is already going to her destination doesn't need to give it instructions "Things quiet so far?

There's a shrugging bob of his head as he answers, "Guess so. Nothing too exciting going on. What about you?"

"Just the usual final exam/pre-winter break insanity at Xavier's." Dani pulls the smart phone case off her upper arm, turning the music off, since she is no longer listening to it "Jean and Scott got back just in time to save me a lot of headaches." she looks thoughtful for a moment "Speaking of that, I don't think we should tell Andre about the school right away, and certainly not without clearing it with Jean or Scott first.

His back is still to the rear wall of the lift, hands on the railing as he leans. Alex nods an agreement, "Yeah, good point. May want to have Jean brain scan him too. Just to be safe."

Dani chews on her bottom lip for a moment, it may be obvious she has given this some thought and has probably been an unvoiceed concern since the auditions. She seems releived at the quick agreement, "Not a bad idea, though that should probably be done with his consent. Though I doubt he would really notice one way or the other.

Alex grins reflecting back on Rush's nature. He then segues into, "Speaking of telepaths... So I ran into Bets the other day..." and leaves it hanging.

Canting her head at the change of subject, Dani follows with a nod "Yes, she's back from Europe. I spoke to her the other day myself. From your tone I suspect there was more to this /run in./ Well?

Alex starts off, "Well, we need a telepath. Scott already has one and I'm pretty sure we can swing Betsy at least part time. I'd like to have Liz back, but I've been led to believe that she's staying in England with Excalibur. Anyway, what do you think?"

Dani takes the few steps toward Alex, easily getting into his personal space and searches his face. "I have no problem with Betsy. I even spoke with her once or twice while she was away." her expression goes all curious "What would you do if I did have a problem with her?

Quizically, not really understanding the question or point of reference from which the question stems, "If you had a problem with her? What do you mean?"

A grin emerges at his confusion, but Dani doesn't come right out and laugh, "My fault, poor word choice." she takes another step closer grabbing his hands and places them on her hips, "Should I have a problem with her?"

Slightly stunned at her forward gestures and proximity, maybe it's his new cologne -ode de diner-, girls do like bacon.

Placing his hands as directed, upon her hips, he observes as her nature becomes more sensual. He decides to go with it, "Maybe, I mean she does have a pretty nice caboose."

"Yes she does." Dani agrees with a chuckle, not in the least upset by the comment "And other nice assets as well. But I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in this elevator that got an offer to do anything with them." she keeps her hands over his for the moment.

His lips part, he has a moment of reflection back to his own history with Betsy and other girls (namely Lorna). "Hang on, she hit on you too?"

Dani nods "Yes, before she left. But hit on is putting it mildly." an eyebrow goes up as his choice of wording sinks in "She actaully showed me what she wanted." she means telepathically, but doesn't come right out and say that, "Of course I didn't take her up on it, obviously.

Alex sighs and glancing down to the right shakes his head lightly while frowning. He then mutters, "Well, she came to me the other day and apologized for the whole Lorna incident. She sort of implied that there was something in Terry that got into her and made her do that stuff."

"I suppose that's possible. I never really thought much about it. She offered, I politely refused, that was that." Dani hmmms at what he says about the apology "So now you think her apology wasn't sincere? Or that maybe you made a misjudgement somewhere?"

Looking back into her eyes, Alex says, "Oh no. I'm sure she was on the level when she apologized. I just had no idea she hit on you too. I didn't realize there was more to the story than Lorna."

Dani's concerned expression fades slightly "There usually is if you look deep enough." she starts out before giving a slight shrug of her own, which is more to imply that she isn't surprised, "No reason for you to know. I never told anyone. Had I known there was more to it, I would have.

"And yeah, it didn't concern me back then cause you and I weren't kissing." Alex notes with the hint of a smile.

"Exactly." Dani says with mock seriousness "If it happens again though, I'll be sure to tell everyone." that being not so serious, "I was on my way up to take a dip in the pool. Would you like to join me or are you one of those that has to wait half hour after eating?" if her workout clothes are any indication for her it was probably going to be a clothing optional swim, but it usually always is for her anyway.

Noticing her clothing, Alex thinks there's about to be a move to second base and remarks, "Oh yeah." in affirmation to the offer and says, "SHIP, turn this elevator around. Top floor my good man."

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