Long Time, No See

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Armand and Pinion

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Midtown - Manhattan

Armand and Krista run into each other

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-----==[ Midtown - New York ]==-----------------------------------------------

Midtown Manhattan is the single largest and busiest commercial district in the United States. The majority of the city's skyscrapers are located in these blocks, including the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, along with most of the city's hotels and not a few apartment towers. More than three million people work in this space; Fifth Avenue is here, with its famed shops, and so is everything from Grand Central to St. Patrick's Cathedral to the Daily Bugle to the Museum of Modern Art. This is how you get to Carnegie Hall.




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"Oui...I understand, the orphanage? It may be a...petite challenging but I can see if the Cookie Castle Catering and Mama Yummy's is willing to donate what they can. Send the email, mmhm...oui, and we'll see when we can get the bake sale arranged. Alright...of course...bless you too..." The young Frenchman taps the screen of his phone to end the call as he walks along. He wears a white chef's top, left unbuttoned over a simple black t-shirt and a pair of dark jeans, green converse sneakers on his feet and his hair pulled back in a singular braid down his back, a few dark green streaks are in the hair left out to frame his face. He carries a white paper bag filled with goodies of some sort and strapped across his body is a dark green leather messenger bag.

It has been years and thinks have changed, some for the better, some for worse, but that is the way of life. Lately though all the changes have been good ones. It's the hour of lunch times, which gives a bit of a boost to the usual mid-day street traffic. Waiting at a curb for the light to change, stands a young woman dressed in casual work attire, dark jeans, a green blouse and sneakers. Nothing really makes her stand out except maybe the heavy framed bike she is holding onto. She glances quickly at the person coming up beside her and does a double take, "Dante?" her sunglasses are lifted up and she squints her mis-matched eyes at him. She may be taller, but other than that the looks are the same, right down to the scar crossing her left eye.

A familiar voice...Armand hesitates for a moment, turning as he pockets his cellphone and his eyebrows shoots up as he catches sight of Krista, mouth dropping open. He takes time to look the woman up...a full once over before a hand flies to his mouth. "Mon Petite Mademoiselle...non, no petite anymore but...mon dieu!" He makes a happy sound and directs his path that way. "...oh mon dieu!"

"I know. Imagine running into each other after all these years." Krista rests the sunglasses atop her head as she looks down at herself, "Not little anymore thanks to the kindness of strangers." her mouth quirks into a partial grin as she eyes the bag in his hand "And you are still baking I see. I figured after all that's happened over the years you would have found a nicer, quieter city to make a living.

"You look gorgeous mon petite...simply gorgeous, but you always have been. The kindness of strangers is a good thing to be thankful for." Armand agrees before tucking a few strands of hair behind his ear, lips curving in a hint of a smile. "You would think? But...I have been doing good work here. The 'Let Them Eat Cake' bake sales are raising a lot of money for those who are in need, there are a couple of orphanages looking for the support and management of a fundraiser..." He trails off before chuckling and rummaging around in his paper bag, using a napkin to pull out a chocolate chip muffin which he offers. "Listen to me chattering, here...it has been after all years since I have had the pleasure of sharing with you."

Krista looks a little awkward at the sudden compliment and she covers by taking the offered muffin, "Thanks." though it is unclear which she is offering gratitude for the compliment or the muffin, "It's good to hear that you have found your placed here. I only just moved back last month. Still trying to get reacquainted with the city. Let Them Eat Cake? Is that a bakery or a charity of some sort?"

"I...am not sure about the place but eh, I lost something very important to me...something I thought I hated, a few years ago...and when it was gone, I felt empty for a while. Then I picked myself up after being shaken into sense, went to school, and worked on finding a way to give to others...it helped." Armand explains before adjusting his hold on his paper bag, selecting a muffin for himself. "Welcome back...and it is a charity. I find the top bakers and good caterers and such in the city, willing to bake for community or large bake sales and giving the proceeds to ah, people who are in need. Oui." He waves a hand vaguely before taking a bite of his muffing, chewing slowly. "What have /you/ been up to? I was worried...after all, you were one of my first friends here!"

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A shoulder lifts as if to say not much, but Krista does do a quick over view of the past few years, "Well I found my family," from her expression if must not have gone well, "And after the Stamford incident I moved to South Carolina where I went to college and finally got my degree. Did a bit of government work." she perks up slightly "I worked with one of your friends even, Annie, very large, orange woman. After the government contract stuff was up I moved back here and got a job with Damage Control.

Armand listens, idly picking at his muffing, daintily picking out the chips and eating them as he listens and tilts his head to the side, taking a deep breath. "It sounds like you have been busy..." A long pause at the mention of Annie and his face lights up. "Really?! Oh mon dieu, how was she? I have not seen her for many time-much time, like with you..." Then he blinks. "Damage Control? Well...if you ever need ah, good vittles for in between controlling the damage...you can let me know."

"Up until recently yes. Things are starting to settle with the new job." Krista gives another shrug, "Last I knew she was going great. I think she was planning on heading this way too, but she could have changed her mind." she chuckles at his comment about work, "I work in the engineering department, with a lot of other desk jockeys, who have a tendency to inhale anything edible in their vicinity, and a number of them look that way too." she of course looks as physically fit as she ever did, not a bit of excess flab anywhere. "I assume you deliver?

"It would be good to see her as well." Armand sighs softly before his eyebrow quirks as the young woman describes her current job and he hmms thoughtfully. "You are in luck, those are just the types of people I enjoy feeding!" He winks before nodding slowly and he tilts his head to the side. "Oui. I deliver and for friends, it would be more of a pleasure than a job in any event."

She points to a building across the street "I work there, 12th floor. Every Friday we rotate bringing in pastries. I don't know why an office full of geniuses couldn't figure out delivery would be easier. Be careful with the elevator though, sometimes the guys like to tinker with it. I always take the stairs."

Armand looks in the direction she points and then nods firmly. "Ahh, perhaps the stairs will be safer..." A pause. "But we shall see. And delivery is not always safe so I do understand how geniuses could see it would be good to be wary."

Krista nods in agreement, she did some time as a courier for a delivery service "I had some near attempts at muggings when I did that. Nothing I couldn't shrink my way out of though." she glances toward her work when a nearby church begins to chime the hour "My lunch break is over. Remember Friday morning, 12th floor. I'll see you then." she holds up the muffin she has been picking at during their conversation, "And thanks for lunch." she then begins to cross the street toward her work building.

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