Long Overdue Introductions

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Aurora, Deadpool, Mercury, and Sandman

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12/07/12 23:00

Times Square - New York City

Aurora, Deadpool, Mercury, and Sandman meet up and avoid a fight.

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It is Friday evening and Sandman has opted to take some of the student out again. Times Squares during the holiday season is great. And will hopefully spread some Christmas cheer. Bill Baker dressed in his usual recognizable green and black striped shirt and brown trousers as he is not affected by the cold. He makes his way through Times Square and passes some men dressed as Santa Claus, “Want to take your picture with them?”

Deadpool strolls across Times Square. In full costume. And apparently heavily armed. He is holding a large wooden stick which a cardboard sign is affixed to.. On the sign, in permanent marker, is the following, 'GALACTUS IS NIGH'.

Mercury chuckles softly at that, shaking her head, "Too old for that. Besides, if I do that, they might call security." she says, smiling, "Still, thanks for taking me out to the town." the metallic girl clad in thick winter clothing says.

There has been quite a bit on Jeanne-Marie's mind lately, and she decided to clear her head by trying to take a relaxing flight. Fast as she is and distracted in thoughts as she is, she soon finds herself flying through Times Square.

Blinking a bit when he sees Deadpool, “Well, clearly the Christmas freaks are out.” For a moment, Sandman thinks and hopes that this is some kind of joke or stunt, but the sign referring to Galactus . He hmmmns and just watches over the guy, “Well, if that freak can be out then I wouldn’t worry about it, Cecily.”

Mercury blinks as she notices Deadpool, after following Sandman's gaze. "'Galactus is nigh...' Is he talking about the same Galactus the Fantastic Four fought, years ago?" she blinks softly again, and looks back at Sandman, "Who is that guy?"

Deadpool starts whistling the theme song to a summer blockbuster while walking across the square. He cuts an odd figure, although at least the red in his uniform matches the season. He then spots Arurora. He waves.

Jeanne-Marie looks down at Deadpool as he waves at her, and she descends to hover a bit closer to him, asking with uncertainty, "do I know you?" Figures the one crazy looking guy in the area is going to wave her over.

“I have no idea.” He eyes the man, “But maybe it’s a funky costume and not real weapons.” Sandman sighs. When he sees who Deadpool is waving too, he sighs again. Last time he encountered Aurora, it was when he was being mindcontrolled by the Sinister SIx and he was evil. He looks to Mercury, “Maybe coming here wasn’t the right idea.”

Deadpool nods to Jeanne. "Yep. We met at a nightclub. You panicked and fled when I told you you'd been drinking," he replies. "I got paid for a robot chassis."

Mercury looks at Sandman and nods, "You think we still have time to leave unscathed?" she asks, chuckling a bit, "I could use something to drink right now. A soda, or just water would be fine." she says, nodding gently.

Jeanne-Marie's face contort at the memory invoked by Deadpool's words, and she shakes her head, "I'm sorry you saw me in such a place. It wasn't me who went zere." She explains briefly, as if it even matters to Deadpool, not that she makes too much sense either way. "W'y are you walking about wit' zat sign?" Closer now, and having a look at Sandman, Jeanne-Marie furrows her brow, "I 'ope you don't 'ave any evil plans," she shoots towards Sandman a bit venomously.

“Oh great, Cecily. Sometimes the better part of valor is discretion. We should go.” He keeps his eyes on Aurora and Deadpool, but gently nudges Cecily in the opposite direction.

Deadpool blinks. "Evil plans? I don't have any evil plans.." He pauses to consider the idea for a few moments. "Sounds like fun though. I'll let you know if I come up with anything."

Mercury has to arch one eyebrow at Jeanne-Marie at the rude remark she tossed at Sandman's way. "Hey!" she says, frowning at the flying lady. "Hey, what's your problem with Mr. Baker? He's an Avenger, and, more important, my instructor!" she says, annoyed. There goes 'discretion'.

"You...? I was talking to 'im," Jeanne-Marie points in the direction of Sandman, "I fought 'im before...'e eez a villain." Good thing Jeanne-Marie doesn't believe in pre-emptive action, she is just keeping her eye on Sandman. Landing on her feet, Jeanne-Marie heads towards Mercury and Sandman, "An Avenger? Impossible...I fought 'im, 'e was trying to 'urt people."

Sighing loudly and rolling his eyes, “I am an Avenger. That wasn’t my fault when we fought. I’m sorry that happened but we are good now. Allies. I know who you are too. The Avengers have worked with Alpha Flight before. You guys need to keep better records.” Bill shakes his head.

"Allies," Deadpool chimes in. "Ooh! Ooh! Can I be axis? Oh wait. Nevermind. Red Skull's a colossal jerkass."

Mercury keeps her mighty frown toward Aurora. Whoever that floating woman is, she surely did not make a nice first impression on her. Her arms cross in front of her chest as she stands between Aurora and Sandman, in silence, just watching the woman and waiting for any move of hers against Sandman.

"W'y were you attacking innocents zen?" Jeanne-Marie asks, before Sandman assures it wasn't his fault, "we're you controlled by demons?" Jeanne-Marie asks, and actually seems serious with her question. "No mattair w'at Alpha Flight records say...w'en I 'ave to fend against you, monsieur, I considair you an enemy, n'est-ce pas?"

“Yeah, I get it. And Yeah you could say they were demons.” Sandman moves forward and towards Aurora. His arms are up showing he means no harm. “I should properly introduce myself. I’m Sandman of the Avengers.”

Deadpool says, "While we're introducing ourselves, I'm Deadpool, of the Brady Bunch," Deadpool says. A man dressed in a Santa Suit, upon hearing this, edges away, in what is supposedly an unobtrusive manner."

"While we're introducing ourselves, I'm Deadpool, of the Brady Bunch," Deadpool says. A man dressed in a Santa Suit, upon hearing this, edges away, in what is supposedly an unobtrusive manner.

Mercury remains by Sandman's side as the man tries to avoid a confrontation. Mercury keeps her eyes on Aurora, but when Deadpool introduces himself, she indeed notices the Santa impersonator inching away, and that causes the girl to blink, "Is that man... avoiding that Deadpool guy?" she tilts her head, blinking.

"Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, of Alpha Flight," Jeanne-Marie introduces herself in turn, after slight hesitation, actually extends her hand towards Sandman, "everyone deserves a second c'ance, especially if t'ey deal wit' demons." Looking aside at Deadpool, Jeanne-Marie quips, "I t'ink you are much more zen dat."

Not a moment passes before Jeanne-Marie looks down as she gets a message on her communicator, a brief whispered conversation, and she says, "I am needed in Department H, good to 'ave you back on zee side of good, Sandman," and with that she zooms out of there, a blink of an eye and all that's left is a massive gust of wind in her wake.

As Aurora leaves, Sandman shakes his head, “Is that what it is like when I leave all of a sudden?” He shrugs and then looks over at Mercury and Deadpool, “Huh? What?” He looks over in the direction of the Santa Claus.

Mercury turns her attention back to Aurora as the woman suddenly leaves, and hse blinks. Then, as Sandman finally notices the escaping Santa claus, she just shrugs, "I don't know. You know just as much as I do, here." she chuckles.

Deadpool looks over at the guy in the Santa Claus suit. "Oh. It was just a routine assignment," he says, "Word must have gotten out."

Blinking a bit, “Routine assignment?” Sandman asks Deadpool, “Hey those weapons aren’t real right. Or at the very least, you shouldn’t be carrying them like that in the middle of Times Square.”

Deadpool hefts his sign. "Well, I'd rather be prepared than unprepared. And I have a permit for most of them."

Mercury frowns, "Mr. Baker? I don't think we should mess with someone with that many guns... he might hurt someone innocent." she says, "I'll... just stand back. I'd rather not risk it if you think you got it." she says, and takes a fw steps back.

Looking to Deadpool, “Well, don’t do anything stupid. . .” Sighing to Mercury, “Let’s head back to the school. It is getting late.” Students gather about him, as he looks to Deadpool, “Nice to meet you. . .I’ll keep my eye on you.” With that, Sandman gathers the children and heads back to the school.

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