Long Distance Call

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Kelda and Box

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09/18/12 09:45

Grammercy Park

Madison stumbles upon Kelda making a call.

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Parks are nice. They have trees and such. In New York, in an early autumn morning, it's a bit chillier than usual but that's not surprising given the situation the way it's setup. On the ground in a clearing between some of the trees, there's what appears to be a circle etched into the dirt with runework of a blood red color but glowing with little green motes that flicker now and then in a seemingly random pattern. Sitting in the middle of the circle is Kelda with a large bowl of water set on the ground before her. "Aye, It is quite a different realm than it ever was before." she says. Yes, she is making what amounts to a 'long distance call'... and there is a face in the reflection of the water, a female face. Nobody really named, just one of the Asgardians who she holds dear as a friend back home. "I met the one who came and proved worthy of Mjolnir... Beta Ray Bill by name. I have not located Thor yet, but I am sure he will show up, and then adventures shall abound." She grins as she says that, arms spreading out a bit in emphasis.

Moving through the park, Madison Jeffries makes his way without direction and then takes note of the woman who talks to herself - or someone else. Wait, there's more to this than meets the eye. He spies the magical stuff and is reminded of the Shaman and then inspects the demeanor of the woman while approaching. Then in a non interruptive, interruption, Madison says, "It's a shame Thor doesn't know you're looking for him, cause he doesn't know what he's missing."

The voice from the water bowl says, "Oh aye, you've me jealous as can be. Wouldst that I could be there to join in with ye. But do be careful and return home soon so ye can share the tales of your exploits in the hall. We all look forward to new tales." And Kelda is about to respond when your words reach her ears. She says to the bowl, "Pardon me Bryn. I seem to have a visitor." And that said, she stands up to her ... well... six foot three is impressive for a woman. "Please excuse me. I didst not hear your words. I was... distracted." She offers a smile then your way and asks, "Wouldst thy repeat thy words?"

Being only 6'1", Madison approaches within 10 feet of Kelda and has to actually tilt his head upward a touch to address the woman/Asgardian, "Sorry. I was just saying 'hello'. I'm Madison."

Bowing her head a bit, Kelda pauses just a second or two. As if she is expecting more than a single name. "Well met then Madison. Thy speak to Kelda, the Stormrider, Lady of the winter storm. I have come to understand that upon Midgard, the shaking of hands has become an accepted greeting gesture." That said, she offers her right hand. A hand that has a hunk of ice frozen over her index fingertip. It -appears- to be sealing a bit of a cut. Maybe that explains the blood red color of the runes drawn in the dirt.

Taking the one step to close the distance, Madison takes the offered hand and notes the reference to Midgard, her blonde hair, the cold and smiles, "It's my pleasure." and without a proper segue he adds, "Asgardian then?" as if asking her origin that he's guessed.

"Aye. Thy have the right of it." offers Kelda as she shakes the hand, making sure not to squeeze hard. After all, she's learned that the mortals of Midgard, while being mostly of good moral stock, tend to be soft and slightly squishy. "Doest thee know Thor?" she adds.

Once the gesture is over, Madison retracts his hand and slips his fingers of both hands into the tops of his jeans front pockets. The red and black flannel shirt he wears is nicely tucked into the jeans and over that he wears a light wind breaker of dark red.

"Only in passing. Is that why you're here? To find Thor? Cause Avengers mansion is about two miles that way <nodding of his head northward>."

"Aye, I have been there. I seek not Thor directly. I wouldst not object to finding him... he always has such grand adventures, and I would join him for them. But that would be an added benefit. I seek heroic adventures and quests. I seek to enjoy the passion that fuels the mortals of Midgard. The immortals of Asgard seem to have forgotten that life is to be lived. So I seek to -live-. Not simply to exist." Kelda offers a smile and shakes her head, "And I have been to the mansion. They have been nice enough to allow me to reside there during my visit."

Acknowledging her words, Madison nods and comments, "Cool." as she indicates her intentions and that she's settled. "Hey, well looks like you've got it all squared away." he glances back to the runed ground and states, "Guess I'll let you get back to your... whatever you call it." and he begins to turn on his heel.

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