Loki Worshipers, Ghosts, and Chaos

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Loki Worshipers, Ghosts, and Chaos

Blindfold, Gambit, Rex Gregson, Phantasm

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There are a lot of changes around and Blindfold's not having a fun time with the results.

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-----==[ Midtown - New York ]==-----------------------------------------------

Midtown Manhattan is the single largest and busiest commercial district in the United States. The majority of the city's skyscrapers are located in these blocks, including the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, along with most of the city's hotels and not a few apartment towers. More than three million people work in this space; Fifth Avenue is here, with its famed shops, and so is everything from Grand Central to St. Patrick's Cathedral to the Daily Bugle to the Museum of Modern Art. This is how you get to Carnegie Hall.


A strange Rex is walking down the street. While still mostly recogniseable, she had a few different features now, and was definitely dressed QUITE differently .

Of about middle height, this slender woman has a pointed chin and large, dark brown eyes. Her hair was long, about waist length, and braided into fine, neat and tidy corn rows ended in beads as richly brown as her chocolate hair.

The most distinctive feature was pointed ears, small and leaf shaped on either side of her head. Wearing loose, comfortable cotton pants, everything about this outfit seemed the comfiest ever. Belted with leather at the waist, a tunic folds over her skinny shoulders down to her knees, decorated with gold embroidery trim in vine and leaflike patterns all over. The sleeves of the undertunic were billowy and white, gathered at the wrists, and with a ruffled collar. She wore only a thin cloth headband with the same embroidery, and soft doeskin leather boots.

Strangeness is around, but others are a bit stranger than others. Mike doesn't seem too out of sorts. But with him not dressing down, he does stand out a bit more than usual. His dark hair seems even longer, dipping down to behind his waist while some locks seem to defy gravity, presenting a wildman look to the hair. And he's certainly got to be cold with the black mesh shirt and black leather pants he is making no effort to cover up. Combining this with the extra pale of his features, and the excess leather wristbands adorning his right wrist, some passerby are starting to wonder if he just wandered away from some odd retro photo shoot.

A pause from the woman and she stares a moment at the other "... Mike? Hey MIKE!" she shouts, and picks up her feet to make her way down towards the other one.

Hearing his name, the musician turns his head to look towards Rex. Eyes narrowing, he tries to place the person, ears kind of throwing him off for a bit. "Rex? You seem ta' be becomin' a bit o' tha airy-fairy," he drawls out the last sets of words, drawing more of an Irish flair to his voice, reaching over to touch one of the ears, "Looks real."

Slowing a little bit at that, Rex stared at Mike "You're turning into a Heavy Metal Emo guy... what's with the net shirt? PUblicity stunt? And I've ALWAYS had these." She remarks "Then again everythings' been a bit odd lately. I'm more of a Forest than air though. Been busy? Why the get-up?"

Mike's eyes look down to the shirt being asked about. "If bull-shit was music you'd be a bleedin' brass band. Tis nothin' wrong with ma shirt." The hand moves back over to touch the ear, "New as can be but, they look so real!"

"I've had these since birth! and there's nothing 'bloody' wrong with your shirt either." laughed the elf as she grinned at him "I wanted to talk to you about a recording at some point, if you had time of course." the ear twitches a little, definitely real.

Ruth was dressed in rubber boots and a raincoat as she tapped her way along before smiling up at Remy and pointing to the elf and the heavy metal guy "Can we go over please, it had to do with the craziness lately, yes thank you?" but she held tight to his hand. one could only handle so much craziness, Ruth was reaching her limit

Walking down the street with Ruth, Remy Lebeau looks to the sky, not a cloud visible. He's not really sure why she's wearing the raincoat, but with everything else going on, he doesn't bother to ask. His eyes follow to where Ruth indicates. The guy seems somewhat familiar, but the elvish woman is a mystery to him. "Friends o' yours, petite," he questions cautiously, not yet ready to indulge the young girl.

The lengthy hairedmusician shakes his head, "Must've been Bolloxed most of tha time I've been talkin' ta ya 'cause I would o' remembered somethin' like that buuuut, yeah I'm not going ta be passin' up a chance ta talk." Mike nods his head in the direction of Chelsea, "How 'bout tha pub?"

Ruth nods to Remy "Yes Mr Lebeau thank you, Mike and Rex, she's quite famous as Sombre Tyranasaur" both well known musicians who have recently been known to work together "Mike doesn't sound like himself though, yes sorry" poking round his head to figure out why our at least check that her friend is fully himself.

"You MUST have been." She remarks, trailing a thin finger to tuck some of his hair behind one of his own ears, glancing that way again. "That looks promising! BUt hey, is that... Ruth? " a confused look and she too, glances up at the sky, then back down again. "They're heading this way though. Do you know Ruth, Mike? I forget if you met her at one of my last shows.

Gambit looks down to Ruth. Still on guard, he agrees to approach the pair. "First sign o' trouble, we get yo' connasse outta 'ere. Ain't 'avin' you in another tussle," he lectures. "Agreed?"

"Yeah I know the lass." Mike turns his head. "'Lo Ruth." He looks over to Gambit, cracking a bit of a knowing smirk at him, "You're not trying ta get out of chaperonin' 'gain are ya?" If accents were a bat, Mike would be bludgeoning them by now.

Laughing a little at the joke by Mike, the woman smiles at both "Hopefully no tussels here. But is Mighty Thor about to make an appearance or something? You're dressed quite interesting, Ruth." the elf woman remarks, fingering a loki-symbol hung about her neck.

ttly Rex.

As Remy and Ruth get closer, he recognizes Mike. "Vous avez l'air different," he greets the man who last time they had met spoke with a New York accent, not Irish. He glances to Rex, even more sure now that he has never met her. With Mike's comment, he responds. "Non. Full-time chaperone duty, ce soir," he adds with a faint smile.

Ruth pouts "Wasn't looking for a tussle, but can't get good in a tussle without practice, yes please but alright long as I still get to help?" begging him for the concession. With a smile to the other two she nods "It will keep me dry, yes thank you, it's good to meet you both again. May I ask you both something please if you don't mind?" poking deputy into Mike's mind searching for any sign that he was our wasn't the mike she knew. "Rex please if you don't mind thank you, why the necklace of Loki the Asgaurdian good of chaos?" then shakes her head "Forgive me, I'm sorry, but...your earsand dress? Usually you are wearing different attire more rock n roll may I ask why the change please?"

"He is my patron god of course!" remarks the asgard-turned woman, quite proudly as she grinned at both "Every God has followers after all. And my ears? What is WITH you guys, you've known me since I came to mid... to New York almost a year ago, I've always had them. And I decided to dress patriotic for my homeland today. Tight pants get uncomfortable. These are MUCH warmer too in winter." Then a pocket beeps and she pulls out a phone, fumbling with it. She holds it up, then her eyes grew wide "Oh, yes my lord.. Right away." snap "Ahh. I have to go I am sorry. Talk to you all later?"

Mike frowns as Rex mentions her patron God, the expression deepening as she says she's leaving. He shakes his head and sighs, "If you must, you must. I'll have a bit o' the Black Stuff for ya."

Gambit nods graciously at the departing woman, and looks to Ruth with a touch of concern in his dark eyes. Looking back to Mike, he comments on his clothing, "An people say my fashion sense outta touch."

The musician's expression turns a bit defensive as Mike's once again criticized for his 'wonderful' fashion sense, "Cop on! D'ya know how hot it gets up on tha stage?!"

Grinning, Remy teases, "But mesh?"

"Gives me something to throw to ta birds after." Mike replies with a smirk.

Ruth steps closer to Remy at the mention of Loki being rex's patron god. Still she smiles warmly to Rex "Of course, I look forward to meeting you again, thank you yes" Then clouds began to darken and the sky rumbled before opening up. Her focus turning them to Mike letting go of remy's hand while mike was focused on Remy to reach over and try to give Mike a hug.

As the rain begins to fall Remy looks to Ruth, clearly not amused by this new development. "Merde," he mutters. "P'haps we take this somewhere a little more dry, non?"

With Mike's attention on Remy, he doesn't see Ruth's actions. This leads to the blind girl coming into nothing to hug but herself as her arms just pass through Mike. Well. THIS is different.

"What's the matter," Mike asks, giving a bit of a wide grin, "Afraid of some rain?"

Ruth stumbles thru mike and turns around on one foot as she almost falls then tilts her head "Mike....two mikes..."

Gambit watches as Ruth passes through Mike. He reaches out a hand to offer support. Her confusion tells him that was not the experience she was expecting. "E'ryt'ing alright, petite?"

As the rain falls, the musician does not appear all that affected by the elements. The hair remains the same in positioning. Although it looks like rain is collecting upon him, it rolls off without giving the mesh any indication of saturation. But then again, there's not much to the mesh shirt to absorb anything anyways. When Ruth recovers, coming into Mike's view, he glances to the blind girl. "Wat-" he pauses, "Careful there." Hearing the mention of two Mikes, his smile fades. He glances up to the rain, "It's Feckin' miserable out."

Ruth reaches for remy's hand as she gets her cane back into her grasp "Yes thank you, I'm alright just...more weird feeling. There are two...distinct mikes, yes sorry, in two different places but how?"

Gambit looks between the two of them, starting to get confused himself. As Mike comments on the rain, Remy again suggests finding somewhere out of the rain. "Come on, petite, le's get you inside," he says as he tugs on his own collar trying to keep the rain off of his neck as best as possible.

If Ruth is waiting for an answer from the Mike with them, she is left waiting as he just smirks, not running off, but not offering any enlightenment either. His posture has no sense of shame to it but a general acceptance of what is. "Does it matter?" He replies, cracking a smile, "Works for me. Why dodder?"

Blindfold nods to Remy as she fell quiet, keeping close....well maybe not that quiet "Genosha is back and coming back has caused realities to blend, yes sorry"

Nodding, Remy begins to look for respite from the rain. "Alors j'ai entendu. Seems bout e'ryone's been affected," he says with a somewhat solemn tone.

Mike looks over to the other two, shaking his head. "You two sound like someone died." He pauses, thinking about his words before he gives a bit of a half-hearted laugh. His left hand fidgets, thumb pressing against the bare side of his ring finger.

Ruth holds Ruth to Remy's hand with a nod going where he leads "Not quite but it's bad, yes sorry, if you were..well you, you'd view it differently but you feel betrayed and your band mates aren't here and you're missing a ring, forgive me yes"

There's a devious twinkle in Remy's eye brought on by Mike's comment about death, but he remains silent on the matter. "Dis way," he says as he tugs somewhat impatiently at Ruth, dragging the young girl behind him as he heads for the relative safety of the Subway. At least it's dry down there. "You comin' aussi, homme," he calls back to Mike over his shoulder.

Mike shrugs non-commitally. "Maybe for now, I'll follow." he looks over to Blindfold, "You've been rooting... What else have you found?"

Ruth hurries to keep up with Remy "Forgive me please my apologies, I wanted to be sure if you the mike from this world our another" then frowns "I'm sorry your band mate killed you and married your wife, it's not right what he did, yes sorry"

Gambit ducks into the subway with Ruth in tow. He glances back over his shoulder, reaffirming that the other man is joining them. "Plus bien," he says quietly, looking around the subway and taking account of the various people milling about.

A brow raises as Blindfold provides more information than Mike was expecting. The forward momentum stops as he blinks, "He what?"

Tilting her head Ruth friends as her lip starts to tremble and she sniffles with a little whimper, and she squeezes Remy's hand tight. Turning her head toward phantom mike "He married your wife and lives in relative luxury, yes my apologies I wish I could tell you he was miserable and guilt ridden..." when Remy stops in the subway she whimpers with a sniffle as she hugs his arm nit carrying that the cost sleeve was beaded with rain "murder....x...so many x's...so much blood..."

Gambit's eyes narrow, and he looks down at the whimpering girl. "Whachu goin' 'bout, lil' girl," he asks impatiently. He gives Mike a puzzled look, and nods his head in Ruth's direction. Has she finally snapped from all of her visions and lack of sleep?

Mike doesn't make any more motion to follow the two and just looks to Blindfold, "You should head back to the school." He looks to Gambit, "Watch her." Not even bothering to see how the pair react to the advice, he turns, heading back into the rain, likely with other things on mind.

Ruth turns a sad face up at Remy as she sniffles "In his world his band mate forced him to OD then married his wife and got a book deal, sorry yes. But I also see...X-Men dead, in terrible horrible ways, sorry yes...murdered" hugging his arm tightly as she whimpers with a sniffle now and then

A thin smirk forms on Remy's lips. "Now, now, lil' one," he consoles. "I'm sure is rien, non?" Maybe Mike was right, maybe heading back to the School was a good idea. "We go home, you see all your lil' X-friends still alright. Ain't no one murdered dem, d'accord," he suggests, his arm tensing under the pressure of her grip.

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