Logan's Back!

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Logan Returns

Wolverine, Jean Grey

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01/31/13 21:00

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Wolverine returns and Jean brings him up to speed.

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Later in the evening after the school's mostly calmed down, the students are off to their rooms for curfew and the sun's set snugly behind the horizon. It's usually quiet this time of night, save for the occasional sound of laughter, or the hum of the television inside the rec room.
Not very much mars the peace of the evening. Though for those in the know the first signal of something out of the ordinary is the flicker of a light upon the comm board letting those on duty be aware that the front gate is opening to a registered X-vehicle motorcycle last checked out to Logan.
Not too much longer, however, it's not just those on duty who'll realize the man's come home. The Harley gives a good heavy roar as it rolls up the driveway, though only for a moment as it rounds the corner. The engine dies out once the stocky man reaches the garage door. There's a whir as the door opens, chain catching and clanking as it draws the way open. The lights flicker on, casting the Canadian mutant in a long shadow as he swings one leg off the motorcycle, then starts to push it into the bright doorway and out of sight.

Jean was on the monitor duty tonight, as she tends to be a bit restless as Headmistress these days. She leans against the doorway leading from the garage to the mansion proper, "You know, you could at least call once in a while, Logan." A soft chuckle, as she regards the wayward Canadian. "How was the trip?"

Nostrils flare slightly as the shorter mutant glances over in the direction of the redhead. Logan's lip twitches, faint, almost a smile but not quite. He slides a strong arm under the saddlebags, grabbing them by the straps and then slinging them over one shoulder as he turns fully to face Jean Grey.
A few footsteps carry him towards her and those blue eyes of his meet hers as he smirks wryly, "If'n I did then I wouldn't get ya fawnin' all over me when I got back." He steps past her and there's that waft of scent. Like the road, oil, grease, dirt, grime, sweat, cigars, and maybe even some beer.
As he steps to the door within that leads to the laundry room downstairs, he holds it for Jean and then says over his shoulder. "Trip was fine."

Jean wrinkles her nose, "Oh, please." She walks along after Logan, "But, it's good to have you back. Even if we are just the most convenient laundromat for you between dicing up ninjas." A bit of a smirk, at that.

There's a faint twitch to his lip, almost a sneer as if she mentioned something a little too close to home. A gnarled and rough hand gestures to the side idly as if tossing aside the notion of ninjas. He starts the descent down and casts a curious glance sidelong towards Jean as he shifts subject easily enough. "Tell me what's been goin' down. Summers givin' you the room ya need to make this whole shindig work?"

Jean hmms, "Well, I'm thinking of starting the New Mutants up again, with our current crop of students. And Scott's been pretty much letting me handle things, especially with the Avengers coming up to help with teaching." She chuckles a bit, "Kitty is as headstrong as ever, and I'm not quite sure where she got THAT from..."

A low rumbling chuckle slips from the short man as he lays a shoulder into the door that leads to the faculty laundry room. He holds it open for the tall woman and smiles crookedly at her. The heavy saddlebags are dropped to the floor with a fwumpf even as he lifts the lid of a washer with a /clang!/
"Yeah, the new batch of 'em are kinda rambunctious. Ya want me ta lean on em a lil?" Some detergent is added into the batch, totally not measured and then he starts tossing in old clothes. "And hey, Kitty's got her head on straight. Which is more'n ya can say about most of the folks even on yer faculty."

Jean chuckles, "I think they need a bit of leaning, if you're going to be around long enough." She ahems a bit at the mention of faculty, and decides now is better than later, "Oh, Emma Frost is teaching here on a provisional basis, Logan. Better you hear it from me now than from someone else later." She does, at least, refrain from commenting about Logan's 'sorting' methods.

Cocking an eyebrow at Jean a touch incredulously, Logan jams a few t-shirts into the washer, tell-tale blood stains evident on them as he works. He then pulls off the heavy black t-shirt he's wearing, sliding an arm out of it, then the other. He turns his back on her and tosses the thing into the washer, then closes the lid with a matching /clang!/
Turning back to her, the short man folds his arms over his broad chest and peers levelly at Jean. "That's both bad. And kinda good." He smirks for one reason or another, but then shakes his head. "We've had our dealings, me and her. She gave me a hand on a few things a bit ago. Still. Wouldn't trust her farther than I could throw her and all that."

Jean nods a little, "I've talked with her, and I've been in her head. She's not going to betray us... and I think she needs this." She smiles a bit, "Still, I'm getting a fair amount of flak from Kitty and the others for it, but it seems to be helping Ruth a great deal, so." Her eyes dance with amusement, "I'm /also/ planning for her to teach an ethics class for the students, in conjunction with Captain America. And I'm thinking of selling tickets." Okay, the tickets are a joke, but the ethics class isn't, and as Logan mentions prior dealing with Emma, Jean smiles faintly, "I know full well what Emma is, I remember those previous dealings all too well. But I'm willing to give her a chance."

"You know what yer doin', Jeanie." He remains where he is, slouching properly against the rumbling washer as it goes through its motions. He lifts one hand to the side of his jaw, nail dragging over the stubble upon his cheek as he grimaces faintly. She'll feel that faint ghost of a flicker through his thoughts. Trepidation, hints of memories about Emma. Of course they're then superceded by images of that lingerie and he smirks.
"Anyways, anything else I should be up to date about?"

Jean leans back against the door, looking over at Logan, stifling a chuckle as she catches the faint image of his thoughts. "No, well, yes. There's another thing. About Scott and I." She looks out towards the hall, really anywhere but /at/ Logan as she ahems softly.

Logan's eyes narrow for a moment, a faint hint of a gap there in his thoughts, a glimpse. But then the iron walls come back down as he murmurs levelly, a little too casually. "Yeah? What's that?" He pushes off of the whirring laundry machine and starts to pass in front of Jean towards the exit. "Gonna go get a beer, c'mon." He then pauses and asks, mock worriedly as if this was what Jean was going to confront him with. "That is if we're still allowed ta have alcohol here..."

Jean laughs a little, "I know better than to make this a dry house, Logan. I'm not that power-crazed, despite what Kitty might think." She walks along with Logan, trying to figure out the best way to say it... then she just looks at Logan, "I asked Scott to marry me."

The iron bars of his mind stay locked in place as he steps out into the hallway. He pauses there for a moment, left hand clenching slightly, tendons bunching. She can read his body language. There's a faint tilt of his head to the side as his neck turns just so until there's a short resonant cartilaginous crackle tinged with a sound like the scrape of steel.
He takes a short precise... and steadying breath then looks over his shoulder at her and says. "Good fer you." He starts walking down the hall, bare-chested and grim with just his cowboy boots and jeans on, but a decided pall has definitely come over him. "Lemme know what he says."

Jean winces at the reaction, then nods, "He... said yes, Logan." She looks at him, "I wanted you to hear it from me, and not by hearsay." She pauses at the doorway to the kitchen, letting Logan go ahead to get said beer as she looks unsure of what else to say.

There's a smirk, edged as she might catch his reflection in the glass of a window that they pass. He steps into that kitchen and luckily there aren't any students around to overhear or intrude. He moves to that refrigerator, focusing on the mundane perhaps to keep his attention directed.
From the fridge he does indeed get said beer, pulling the bottle of Labatt's that he must have left in there ages ago. There's a snap and a hiss as he pops the cap then turns to face her. "Course he did." There's that smirk again as Logan says, "He'd be crazy ta say no. Even Summers ain't quite that stupid." And that having been said he tilts the bottle back, taking an ice long pull.

Jean looks at Logan, and smiles faintly, "He never was, and you know that." She shakes her head a little, "I should probably get out of your way, but... I really am glad you're back, Logan. We all missed you." She pauses, then looks mildly bemused, "Even Scott."

"Uh huh," Logan wipes a forearm over his mouth, still smirking a bit. He sets the bottle down on the island in the middle of the kitchen, leaning forward against it as he looks across the way at Jean. "Pull the other one."
But before she can counter, he gestures with one hand to the side, as if to stay any words she could advance. "M'fine, Jeanie. Don't worry 'bout me. S'been a while. Ya know me. I heal quick."

Jean smiles, "I worry about everyone, Logan, it's my job now you know." She does, however, give Logan a wry expression, "And one of these days, we need to figure out where Genosha exactly wound up. Richards has some ideas, but he isn't certain yet."

Another short draw from the bottle and at that welcome change of topic, Logan cocks an eyebrow curiously. "Hnh. Well once you and the brain drain got the wheres and the whys figured out, point me at it and we'll see what we can see." He turns around then and starts towards the door that leads outside. He pauses there, however, just looking out across the back lawn, as if expecting to see something. "M'sure ya got stuff ta see to, Jean. I'll be around the next few weeks at least." He waves with his bottle to the side, as if telling her it was alright for her to go if she wanted.

Jean nods and smiles at Logan, "Alright, I should get back to the monitors. Good night, Logan." She waves towards the Canuck, then makes her way back down towards the sub-basement and the control room.

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