LMD Destruction

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LMD Destruction

Havok, Sunpyre, Gypsy Moth and Mirage

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The Club - Manhattan

Life Model Decoy's try to Gypsy Moth's 'Club'

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-----==[ The Club - Underground - New York City - ]

Located underground, beneath a warehouse on the lower east side, the Club is a wretched hive of opulance and debauchery.

The main room is octagonal in shape and laid out in a series of three concentric levels. The outermost level the lowest and contains a series of couches and beds, with a bar to the north selling all manner of alcholic beverages and more illicit substances. The next level is five feet higher and hosts a number of mock torture devices and BDSM equipment. The third level, five feet higher still, holds a raised stage upon which a number of shows can be performed. There is space around the stage for onlookers to crowd near and watch in appreciation.

There are four doors leading from the room. The southern door leads to the cargo elevator that rises to the surface. The west door opens into a long corridor containing a number of private rooms, available to members. The northern door serves as a walk-in supply room for staff. The eastern door leads to a series of stairs. Those stairs go up to a glass booth that overlooks the main floor and serves as Sybil's office.

Of course, as one might expect, there is music, coming from a very expensive sound system, with speakers laced throughout the room. There are also lights of different colors, giving the club a psychadelic atmosphere. Despite the club's purpose, it is spotless. Obviously, the cleaning crew does an excellent job. There are as many as fifty customers engaged in various activities, from the stage down to the couches. In addition, at least six security guards, dressed in black suits, are on duty. Two near the main entrance, one on the east door, one on the west, and two more circulating. Two bartenders and two waitresses, dressed in skimpy outfits, serve the crowd.

The time: just past midnight. The location: the Club, an underground sex club for the wealthy and peverse, run by one Sybil Dvorak. Specifically, members of X-Factor have been called up to Sybil's private booth, overlooking the floor below.

Less than an hour ago, Sybil contacted Alex, asking him to bring the team to the club. Specific instructions were given: dress in nice, civilian clothing. Something appropriate for clubbing. However, bring costumes in a duffel bag. Come down but enter one at a time, roughly ten minutes apart. Security would escort each member of the team from the main entrance to Sybil's office. Sybil greeted each person but refused to explain why she called the team to her club until everyone was present.

Once Alex, Dani, and Leyu are present, Sybil smiles. "Thank you for answering my call." She indicates a large touchscreen, located on one wall. A few taps bring up an image of a white man, probably in his late 40s. Short cut hair with pepper at the temples. There's a patch over one eye. "This is Kenneth Dahl. He joined the club a month ago. Thus far, he has come once or twice a week, participated in activities, and has, generally, comported himself as a regular member would."

Alex's brow furrows and he states, "Kenneth Dahl? No, that's Nick Fury. You know, Director of SHIELD."

Having already been in New York for personal reasons, Dani is probably the first to arrive, wearing what could only be considered a 'little black dress.' Thankfully she always carries her stuff in her mode of transport so has it handy when the call comes from Alex. After being escorted up, she greets Gypsy and the rest of the team, then listens to the reason they were summoned. "Seriously?" she arches a brow at Alex. She hasn't meet Fury herself but has probably seen him on TV.

Going to Sybil's club? Leyu would fret, but the whole rest of the team is going, and bringing costumes implies this isn't about Sybil trying her usual shenanigans. She puts on an outfit with glossy-looking PVC pants in candy apple red, a matte black bustier made out of ballistic fabrics with belt loops and pouches and such here and there, and a pair of black platform boots. Her hair is in her usual dual-ponytail style. The gym bag with her costume is held close as she rides along in the transport from the Mansion to the club's address. She follows instructions, and stands quietly in Sybil's office, doing her best not to stare at anything but the computer screen despite the 'floor shows' going on. She has no comment on 'Kenneth Dahl' or on Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD.

"He is?" Sybil seems genuinely surprised. "Interesting." She considers the screen. "His cover is very well established. The PI I employ didn't see anything wrong. Still, that isn't the problem." She steps away and moves to the window that overlooks the floor. "The problem is Mr. Dahl... or Fury, if you like... is there.." She points to the bar, where Fury is chatting up a bartender, wearing an expensive suit. "And there..." She points to a couch on the outer level, where Fury is making out with a very hot redhead. "And there..." Sybil motions to an X frame, where Fury is busy cropping a man in a pair of leather shorts. "And there." There's Fury, leading a woman on all fours. On a leash. "Four of him, in all."

Alex wears his costume beneath dark slacks, a white pressed shirt and a sport coat with a houndstooth pattern. He really does not know how to dress up nice. His combat boots stick out beneath the slacks.

Moving to the window with Sybil, he starts to see the Fury trend and he smiles, "You've got a LMD problem."

In the confines of Gypsy's office Dani has removed her high heels and has them in hand, "Well if that isn't his real face, I suspect that Kenneth Dahl isn't his real name." she also goes to the window and studies the man in question "Does he come in single and then divide himself?" assuming he capable of duplication as well as mimicry.

Being rather out of her depth, Leyu merely looks to Alex, then Dani, and then Sybil, shrugging her shoulders. "LMD?" She really has no idea. Seeing Dani taking off her heels, Leyu does the same, unzipping and removing her heels.

"What is an LMD?" Sybil asks. Unlike the other women, she remains in her heels, "And are they dangerous? Why are they in my club?" She asks these questions... but the answers come. Some of them, anyway. The LMD cropping the man tied to the X-frame is too vigorous. The young man is crying now. Bleeding. His flesh sliced open by the brutal treatment. Others have noticed and try to pull him away. "Shit." Sybil mutters. She presses a button and her security staff begins to converge on the crop wielding Fury. Or, rather, they would, if the Fury at the bar hadn't pointed his finger at one of the guards. A shot rings out and the security guard drops to the ground, dead, from a bullet to the head. Bar Fury's finger is still smoking. "SHIT!"

"Life Model Decoy, they're like Fem-Bots from the Bionic Woman. SHIELD and other agencies utilize them to be body doubles..." he's quickly interrupted by the skirmish below and says, "X-Factor, Assemble!" and starts removing his jacket while heading for the way down. Before leaving the room he starts the tactical; "Moth, hit the fire alarm, clear your place out. Dani, magic arrows, robots?", asking if they'll work against the constructed. "Sunpyre, you and I will melt them down."

"My love of robots is right up there with ninja." Dani says as Alex explains LMD, after the Arcade thing that is no surprise. Once the LMD is question start to go bezerk she quickly moves to where her stuff is "Sorry, if they worked on robots Arcade's island would have been a cake walk." she digs through her duffle, discarding her portable bow for guns and tazers.

"Al ... alright." Leyu answers, when Alex starts barking orders. She pulls out her costume and quickly pulls it on /over/ her other outfit, securing it in place and stomping her feet down into the auto-closure boots. "Sybil! Do any of your windows here open?" 'Cause if so, she'll fly right out over the scene and starts melting. If not, then she has to fly down those stairs and try not to start a fire in the process in those tight confines. Less convenient, that.

Two buttons. First, the fire alarm is sounded and people begin moving to the exit. Security and staff direct them. Its all practiced and rather orderly, considering. The second button causes the large, glass wall of the booth to swing open. Allowing the team access to the floor, twenty feet below.

It also catches the attention of the LMDs. All four turn and open fire. It seems ALL their fingers are guns and they unleash a barrage of bullets upon the occupants of the booth.

Sybil dives for cover behind one of her consoles. She's evil. Not bulletproof.

Someone may want to help the three people still tied up. The bleeding guy tied to the X frame, the woman blindfolded and on all fours, cuffed the stage (she was the public use girl for the evening), and the man fully cocooned (except for the part of his anatomy sticking out), blindfolded, earmuffed, and gagged, laying on one of the couches, oblivious.

Already in his costume, and missing out on the changing of the girls, Alex is low caliber bullet proof - but it'll hurt. Whereas he wishes he had Sunpyre's bulletproofness with a phasma damage shield - a trick he needs to learn.

Alex glances over the ledge of the open window, a quick glance and tries to size up the targets beneath. He looks around the office and spies the desk. Running around behind, he pushes the desk toward the open window in hopes of dropping it upon a LMD.

As soon as Sybil opens the glass wall of her office, Sunpyre hops out and ignites in mid-air, immolating and presenting herself as the bullet-slagging protection for her teammates as they take their own positions to return fire. Given an opening, she blasts at the LMD closest to the already-bleeding man on the X-Frame. If nothing else, maybe she can push it? him? back from the victim so that someone can set him free to run away.

Having not gotten into her team outfit yet, Dani is hardly bullet proof herself and thankfully she is no longer near the window. That doesn't protect her though and she dives for cover as bullets whiz by, one grazing her thigh and another her arm. She doesn't let the flesh wounds stop her though. "Cover me and I will handle getting the remaining bystanders." she calls out. Hey, Sunpyre is doing that, so while the LMD's are focused on Sunpyre, she drops the 20 feet to the ground and stays low and hopefully unobtrusive as she moves to free those tied up.

Leash Fury glances up just as the desk comes crashing down on top of him. There's no movement. Perhaps these things aren't all that tough?

Sunpyre's target, Crop Fury, gets slagged. He melts down quickly, showing he's more... plastic, perhaps, than metal. Its almost like watching a real person get slagged. Very disturbing.

Of course, this calls the attention of the remaining two Furys: Bar Fury and Make Out Fury. They lower their arms, no longer firing bullets from their fingers. Instead, they open their mouths and unleash cones of high intensity, plasma dampening fire retardant. Each of them aiming to put Sunpyre out of business.

Sybil shrieks as her desk is tossed over the side and crashes down. "That was an antique!"

Havok moves to the edge of the office, carefully. He doesn't want to get shot even though his stuff is bullet proof. "Sorry bout that." is Havok's response before taking aim and releasing his plasma toward Bar Fury in hopes of overpowering the emission and vaporizing him.

So far, so good. Dani has managaged to get to the injured guy on the X-Frame without being assualted. She fumbles with the buckles or whatever devices it is that holds him to the frame. Not having any familiarity with this type of stuff might make her take a bit longer, but she eventually manages to free him and assists him over to the cover of a couch, as far as she can get him from the action, which she sits him behind. With him safe she starts to make her way toward the stage to help the girl there.

Sunpyre is up there making herself a big target. One LMD is a puddle thanks to her. But before she can take aim at another target safely, she is hit from multiple directions with their super fire-retardant. She has never encountered such a thing that can survive the heat of her solar plasma. But this stuff can, at least long enough that it surrounds her, cuts off her oxygen, and suddenly there is no problem. Her flames go out, and so does Sunpyre, falling from a height of over twenty feet, without control, towards the platform below. Oops.

Normally, Havok's shot would be enough to destroy an LMD like Bar Fury entirely. However, it passes through the foam and fizzles a little. As a result, the blast is only enough to slam the LMD through the bar, sending glass, alcohol, and baggies of things that would likely get Sybil very arrested flying everywhere.

The guy Dani just saved is delirious... however, it doesn't seem to from the pain or the blood loss. He keeps calling her Mistress Death and begging her for more. His breath smells a bit like mushrooms.

Sybil peeks out over the counter and gasps as she sees a foam splattered Sunpyre fall from the sky. Or whatever the sky is when its inside. She throws out a hand and fabric from a dozen couches unweaves itself and flings outward. Strands tie to O rings built into the wall at key points while the center comes together in a large, flat platform, forming a Spider-Manish style capture web to catch Leyu about ten feet off the ground.

Bar Fury is slowly getting to his feet. Make Out Fury turns his full attention to Havok. He runs and leaps into the air, covering the twenty feet up and thirty feet over in a single bound. Knifes pop out from his wrists and mouth. Aww! It looks like Make Out Fury wants to give Havok a big old, wet kiss! With deadly results...

Havok takes a step back, "Holy hell!" he calls out just a second before he releases another blast of his plasma from his raised arms. Hoping to obliterate, knock back, something to Bar Fury.

Well the delirious guy is 1/2 right, Dani could be considered a 'mistress of death' being a valkyrie and all. "Next time lay off the peyote." she suggests as she moves away toward the stage, doing her best to avoid what is left of the main conflict. Mounting the stage to assist the girl there, she sees Sunpyre fall but there is little she can do about it, unless she wanted to be fallen upon, which wouldn't benefit either of them. As she begins to untie the girl she hears Havok's explanation and looks up from the buckles she is undoing. That she can do something about. Pulling her 9mms from their holsters, she opens fire on the LMD going after Havok, she's played distraction before for him in this manner, and is hoping it works as well this time as it did last.

Fallen into the 'webbing' hastily constructed by Sybil's powers, Sunpyre's plasma has gone out. She has too, at least for the moment, as deprived of vital oxygen as her solar plasma flames. The fall and the faceplant into the webbing have knocked enough of that off of her face that she should soon start breathing again, rather than suffocating and dying. But she's not going anywhere at the moment.

Make Out Fury twists to the side, trying to avoid the Havok's plasma burst. He doesn't dodge entirely, however. Half his body is caught by the blast. That knocks Make Out Fury off-balance. The bullets fired by Dani help as well, slamming square into the back of Make Out Fury's head. Make Out Fury tumbles and falls, but slowly rises. Now half-flaming, the LMD begins to lurch towards Havok, arms outstretched in zombie fashion.

On the ground, there are additional problems. Bar Fury is back on his feet. He's gone back to gun hand mode, determined to end the life of the nearest target. Bullets fly, seeking out Dani. Fortunately, he's precision shooting. None of those shots should hit the screaming woman bound to the stage.

Sybil shrieks. Again. This time, because the sprinklers have gone off in her office, drenching the place with water. She waves and her very expensive and very plush shag carpet rises up, trying to wrap around the ankles of the flaming Make Out Fury. Hoping to slow it down so Alex can get in a good shot.

Still moving backwards, Havok knows to keep his distance from any hand to hand assailant. He hits the couch and is forced to take a seat, "Oh hell no!". But this only braces him for his next attack, center mass, full blast, plasma at a 45 degree angle upward toward the approaching LMD. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Having no cover from the oncoming 'gun'fire from Bar Fury, and Dani certainly isn't about to use the mostly freed girl as a shield. The first bullet hits, knocking Dani back and to the ground letting out a grunt of pain. Now she has three bullet wounds to contend with, this one is a bit more serious having struck over her right brest. Being on the ground though does prevent her from being hit by any of the other oncoming bullets that Bar Fury fire at her. Taking a deep breath to fight the pain and trying to fight off shock Dani rolls across the stage to fall off the over side, so it is between her and Bar Fury.

Dangling in the 'web', Sunpyre groans, twisting about, brushing away the foam covering her, as it scrapes off with the web's passage as well. Seeing, if blearily, that her teammates are still in trouble, Leyu takes a deep breath, and then pulls on her power, forcing it to erupt once more. It may be patchy until she gets all of the foam off, but she lifts a hand and tries to take aim at the LMD shooting at Mirage. FOOM?

Make Out Fury tries his best to leap out of the way of Havok's FOOM! but it ain't easy when the carpet is literally hugging your ankles. In nanoseconds the half burning LMD is now a fully melting LMD, turning into a pool of bio-plastics and other fancy components on that fancy but drenched carpet.

Down below, Bar Fury leaps, just as Sunpyre unleashes her own fooming. The plasma blast misses the LMD but does set Sybil's bar on fire. Now, the sprinklers are going off on the main floor, too. Everyone gets wet! Bar Fury lands in front of Dani, palm knives out and ready to slice.

To make matters worse, the couch that Alex dropped earlier moves and Leash Fury crawls out from under. Somewhat damaged and crushed, this LMD seems content with spinning in a circle, firing randomly. Sybil moves to the edge of her office and reaches out, yanking the guy all bundled up in the sensory deprevation coocoon up into the air just before a bullet whizzes through the air, just where his head used to be.

Scrambling to his feet, Alex avoids the puddle and moves back to the ledge where he looks down to observe the situation below. And look for targets. He sees the danger Dani is in and says, "Dani, roll!". He then releases his blast toward Bar Fury, wanting to take him out for good. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

"Dani, get down!" comes at almost the exact same moment, as Leyu, still up in that webbing of Sybil's from her earlier save, twists around and takes new aim on Bar Fury, unleashing her own firey, flamey-wamey blast of superheated solar plasma. With two to dodge, one supposes his chances are much worse than they would be with only one. Hopefully. This is getting ugly.

Dani must have hit her head a bit to hard on the floor when she rolled off the stage. When she looks up she sees two knife happy, LMD's hovering over her. Only one of her guns happened to make it with her and she lifts it, though is having a hard time focusing on either one of them. Hearing the shots she looks confused a moment, "Roll?" well she is already down, "Roll!" it takes a moment to click and then she is rolling, just getting out of the way of to blasts. Good thing her hair is up or else she probably would be short of it by a good foot, as it is parts of her LBD are singed with plasma burns.

Bar Fury is hit from the left and the right by twin plasma blasts. It melts in a stunningly short period of time. Which just leaves Leash Fury, spinning and hoping around the room like a ballerina, randomly shooting his finger guns. So far, none of the bullets have hit an innocent or a member of the team but its only a matter of time.

Sybil slides the cocooned man over to the cargo elevator, which has come back down from the earlier evacuation. Then she focuses her power on the woman bound to the stage, undoing the leather cuffs with a faint groan. "... hurts..." She mutters.

Seeing the positive results of Bar Fury's demise, Havok targets Flitting Fury (Leash) and says, "Sunpyre, again!" and releases his next blast toward the target, FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

Sunpyre groans. Her head still hurts. Damned loss of oxygen! Hypoxia bites! Still, she twists around in response to Alex's order, just like a good little soldier/hero and levvies another big plasma blast towards the gun-toting Leash Fury. Assuming it works, she's going to slump then in the web and just let herself recover. And damn anyone who makes bondage jokes right now.

Following Leyu's lead Dani just lays where she stopped, staring at the ceiling for a long moment, one hand, now blood caked, pushed into the bullet wound at her right collar bone, a few inches higher and the collar bone may have been shattered. After laying prone a long moment, and probably still in shock, she stuggles to get up but only manages to make it into a slumped sitting position. She isn't sure what hurts worse, her chest or the back of her head.

The one, two combination works again. The plasma transforms Leash Fury into a smoldering, smoking pile of goo. Just like that, it is over. Four Furies slagged. The stage woman and the cocoon man heading up on the cargo elevator. The cropped and bleeding guy laying, delirious, behind a couch. The sprinklers still raining down, putting out the small fires caused by Alex and Leyu's attacks.

"... I suppose we should ensure everyone is alright." Sybil says quietly. "I will tend to Leyu. We will need her skills." She makes her way down the steps, one at a time.

Alex notes Dani's condition, "Dani!" and then breaks for the stairs. He pushes his communicator, "Val, Dani's been shot and we just faced LMDs. We need a team at Gypsy's sex club."

"Did we win?" Dani asks, her voice sounding pained. She looks around, from her vantage she can only see part of the club and the remains of two of the LMDs. Seeing the bar and some of the bottles that are still remain intact she decides a drink is in order, to dull the pain, really. She once tries to get to her feet, this time being much more successful

"Ow, my head hurts." Sunpyre comments. Of course, the first time she said that, it came out in Japanese. Thankfully, she repeats a few moments later in English, as she struggles and rolls herself out of the webbing Gypsy Moth had created to catch her. "Danielle, could you bring that bottle over and lie down, please? It will be useful to disinfect your wound while I treat it. Sybil, I need your help, please? Fine thread, if you can manage it?" She doesn't just assume, but she does ask, as she goes about to prepare to treat first Dani - she has more than one gunshot, for goodness sake - and then the guy the LMD was trying to filet. Hooray for sprinklers, everything's wet! "I may want some sake after this is over."

That's how it ends. Under Leyu's guidance and care, the two injured folk are patched up. Not long after, Valerie's people arrive and things are... taken care of. The LMDs are taken into custody. The warehouse and the Club are destroyed. But... at least, this time, X-Factor didn't ruin a very expensive flying vehicle.

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