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Logan welcomes Shatterstar to the X-Men

Logan, Shatterstar, Seth

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09/28/12 12:48

The Danger Room

Logan welcomes Shatterstar to the X-Men

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-----==[ Danger Room Control and Observation - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==--

A simple, yet functional, booth-like room that sits perched above the training facility dubbed 'the Danger Room.' There is an expansive computer console on one side of the room, that sits before a large view-screen, that dominates the entire wall. The remaining walls are decked out with various other computer consoles and screens, which provide such things as bio-monitoring of Danger Room users, as well as files and records of previous Danger Room exercises.

OOC: Students do not have access to this room without a faculty member present. If you're a student and want to be in here on your own, please contact an IC staff member to negotiate thieving a keycard for the occasion... and the cameras watching you.

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[DR] - Danger Room - Sublevel - Xavie [O] - Western Corridor - Sublevel -

Seth has arrived.

Shatterstar is in the danger room with a simple simulation that includes three robots, each configured to look like humans wearing massive power armor. Two wield chainsaw-edged swords and the third carries a heavy duty looking pistol that fires massive self-propelled rounds. Shatterstar alternates between blocking vicious blows, leaping out of the way of gunfire and occasionally getting nicked by one of his multiple enemies. And judging by the expression on his face, loving every moment of it.

It's not every day that a new X-Man joins the team. Then again it's not every day that Logan returns from the city after an extended hunt for his prey. He was told about Shatterstar's promotion in passing, just a few moments in the hallway as he passed Dani. The response that she was given was little more than a squint, a grunt, and then the elder X-Man stalked off.
It was only a handful of hours later that the Canadian mutant followed his senses, stepping through the large mansion with a particular objective in mind. For most folks finding someone in the huge complex that is Xavier's could be difficult. For the Wolverine, not so much.
So it might come as only a mild surprise when in the middle of Shatterstar's training session the large metal double doors whisper open without a sound. It's the single break in the gleaming facade of the practice area, just enough of one to draw the eye at a critical moment. And if a glance is given, the short stocky mutant will be seen there leaning in the doorway with a grimace upon his features and a cigar in the corner of his mouth.

Danger Room session. Yes, ever since the Danger incident that Seth became a fan of those. With an appointed member of the X-staff, he saw himself scheduled for a session, to which he's not all too thrilled. He arrives with the member of the X-staff as Shatterstar is in his alloted time, so they're observing him. And then, that X-staffer gets called away on a message, and it's starting to take a while. All the more fun for Shatterstar. And Seth keeps on observing, looking at the time...

Shatterstar does indeed turn towards the door. At first it's only a glance because he knows better than to take his eyes off of an opponent - and he only looks at all in case it's Cannonball or Feral or someone else come to tell him the X-Mansion is under attack. But when he sees who it actually is, Shatterstar hesitates. Just long enough for one of the chainswords to tag him in the back. Safety settings (that Shatterstar doesn't know yet to override) prevent the vicious looking weapon from actually chewing into his body, and instead a powerful discharge of energy is delivered at the point of impact to reflect the pain and debilitating shock the victim would have felt. Shatterstar grunts and then calls for the computer to pause the program.

A rumbling and rough voice lifts from the doorway, the elder X-Man commenting with all the politeness of a bull shattering a tea service under foot. "Rookie mistake." The short man squints across the way towards Shatterstar, then pushes off of the doorway and starts to walk across the room. His hands fall to his sides and his gaze falls heavily upon the young man before him. There's an edge to him, an almost weight of regard that might seem as heavy as several anvils when it's aimed straight at Shatterstar.
His footsteps are even, steady, almost casual as he moves. "You sure yer up to this whole X-Man gig?" The tip of his cigar glows red for a moment, then Logan takes it and taps the ash free. His eyes lower for a moment, then back up towards the inter-dimensional fellow, one eyebrow cocking curiously. "Mebbe Summers should have ya run a stint with the New Mutants fer a bit, just ta get ya up ta speed."

Shatterstar nods in agreement with Logan's assessment. But then his expression darkens at the suggestion to join the New Mutants. "I was part of the New Mutants," he explains, then corrects. "Well, with Cannonball and Sunspot, and the others. One of the first things we did was change the squad name to X-Force." He seems a bit uneasy at explaining all this. "But Cyclops was clear that our skill and our efforts are needed here." He gestures at the mansion. "I haven't been in the Danger Room in some time, we've been fighting in the field. There I am no 'rookie'."

The young man doesn't rise to the bait, and in some ways that gains him a few points, at least in Logan's regard. He cocks that eyebrow again and answers at first only with a grunt. Stabbing at the ego didn't gain response, tactics are shifted as he steps forward to observe the three mechanical combatants that Shatterstar only moments ago was tangling with.

"I could go change the name of the Boy Scouts'a America to Super Kill Force Five Thousand and they'd still be boy scouts." Alright maybe a little bit more of the ego stabbing. He then shifts gears slightly as he squints sidelong towards Shatterstar. "So he just figured we needed warm bodies. And you said yes? Ever thinka why you said yes?"

Shatterstar seems confused now. "Why I said yes? Because -- because it is an honor to be an X-Man. Your exploits are legendary! Even before Longshot joined the team!" The way he says it implies Longshot's joining is the thing the X-Men are most known for. "And even better are your enemies!" Shatterstar's expression is truly alive now. "The strongest, most dangerous villains in this world. In this galaxy!"

Seth pushes the communicator, and he clears his throat, "Greetings, gentlemen. I was just wondering if any of you happened to see Herr Wagner. Legendary exploits the X-Men's may be, the little people are waiting on a training session, and it's taking a while already."

Having stalked across the way to consider one of the robot opponents that Shatterstar was facing, the elder X-Man grimaces a bit at something the young man says. He turns to the side, glancing sidelong towards Shatterstar and almost giving him a once-over before he gestures with the wave of one rough and calloused hand. "I know we do a lot of fightin'. But what we do isn't all about that. We're tryin' ta protect people. Sometimes best way ta do that is to not fight."
Terribly strange to hear such a thing come from Logan, but then again perhaps he's taking a particular angle for a reason. He straightens up from his inspection and cocks an eyebrow at Shatterstar. "We're not in it for glory. And if that's all you got motivatin' you ta joinin' up, then yer gonna be disappointed."

Shatterstar's brows come together. The X-Men isn't all about fighting? They can accomplish their goals by -not- fighting? And this from the great Wolverine himself? Shatterstar's expression looks...dubious. Wary. If he was a less warlike individual maybe just a touch of scandalized. But it's not all that far off from some of the shocking things he's been told by the other members of X-Force. And so he only nods his head slowly. "I seek more than just glory," he assures Logan. Then he tries to elaborate. "There's also honor in fighting alongside such heroes." He pauses and wonders if that's all that different. Then he plays his trump card. "If all I cared for was glory, I would have remained a vid-fighter on Mojoworld. I left that life because it felt...empty."

There's a slight tilt to the Canadian mutant's head as if he were gauging Shatterstar all over again. After a handful of moments, no longer than a few heartbeats, he gives a small grunt and then turns to take a few steps across the Danger Room's hard metal floor.
Over his shoulder he tells the young man, "There's somethin' ta be said about doin' the right thing and findin' what reason you can behind it. For me, when I first came to Xavier's, I was a lot like yourself." He turns back and considers the young man distantly, perhaps not quite seeing him but more remembering himself.
"Was somethin' ta do, left behind a bunch of baggage, didn't care about much really." He casually reaches out and /plinks/ one of the robots with a flick of a fingertip, the metallic sound carrying for a moment, then he adds. "First step ta findin' yerself is ta go lookin' I suppose."

Shatterstar watches Logan leave, a thoughtful look on his face now. Like many warriors who tend to think themselves as an extension of their weapons (rather than the other way around), it will take time for Shatterstar to process these ideas. How is he to find himself? How should he go about looking? Does he even want to? And so it's only after Logan has left that Shatterstar thinks to himself that if what Logan says is true, the older X-Man has probably faced all of those questions already.

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