Living Legend meets Living Vampire

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Captain America, Morbius

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Rooftops, Heart of the City

Cap runs across Morbius after stopping a drug-dealer. Dark doings are discussed.

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Night has fallen over the Big Apple, and a certain mutated scientist has taken up a perch in the heart of the city. Like some pallid, grotesque gargoyle, he clings to the taller spire, near a stone angle caryatid holding up a pointed ledge.
Morbius, the Living Vampire, has passed this place several times over the past week, and off and on, has been considering entering the church and taking confession.
It's been a long time, and recent events, especially helping save the world from Ultron's mechanical takeover have made him consider the value of actually caring for his spiritual well-being.
Despite that, he still intends to find a criminal to feed on tonight, he's far from starving, but the more he does so, the more control he can exhibit, and that's also been on his mind.
Crimson-stained eyes scan the streets in several directions, alert for movement, pointed ears strain to pick out any sounds of trouble from the noise of the city. And air flows into his oddly-shaped nose, keen for the scent of blood.

In one of the darker alleys, well off the 'beaten path' the sounds of combat ring out -- Though apparently one sided. A tall, ghoulish looking man in a trenchcoat swings a knife at another man -- Easily recognizeable as Captain America. His shield comes up to deflect the blow harmlessly before it is brought back and slammed into the man's chest, sending him into a wall, "You know that selling drugs is Illegal. And you've assaulted a public servant." he points out, puffing his chest out as he calls in the arrest, preparing the bind the man for pickup.

At the sounds of conflict, and yes, one-sided, the Living Vampire takes silently to the air. As he catches sight of movement below, of the flash of warm bodies, he drops, crouching on a nearby roof, his long, spidery hands latching over the edge, his talontips lightly scoring the brick in anticipation.
But...his brows lower and he frowns as he sees the brightly-clad figure engaging the criminal. Against his better judgment he watches for a moment. The Captain isn't likely to leave the man alone while waiting for the police though, not like some of the vigilantes in the city.

It doesn't take long before there are flashing lights and a police car pulls ups, the officers thanking the Captain as they take the drug-dealer and drive off with him. Rogers looks around the alley as the officers leave, his posture shifting a little uneasily as he appears to feel someone or somethings gaze fall upon him.
Why is he still here? Morbius wonders that himself. Truth be told, he's feeling especially weary tonight. Not physically, but spiritually. Dr. Marinos, his older colleague at ths hospital, just survived the obvious attempted assassination attempt, but Morbius has no idea -why-. And there is his ongoing investination into the Drago crime-family and their rivals. -Plus- his ongoing efforts at treating his condition.
He wonders how the man below can keep going, even after losing everything after his stint in hibernation. Then again...he muses, he himself is still here.
His weariness is making him careless...

With the possible lapse in Morbius' judgement the Captain's gaze finally rests on the vampire. He stares at him for a long moment over his shoulder before turning to face in the other man's direction, "Are you goin' to sit up there all night?" he asks simply, directly. He does, however, move his shield around to be fastened to his back securely.

Well, -that's- certainly a surprise. No attack? No demands for his surrender? Turth be told, he's getting distressingly used to that by now. Then again, Morbius notes to himself ruefully, there are a -lot- of corpses in his past, and he wasn't always so selective, or even capable of being so, as he is currently.
He finally speaks after a long, quiet moment, his voice a harsh rasp, "If it's all the same to you, Captain. I shall remain at greater than arm's length for the moment, thank you."
The response is more rational and measured than he's normally known for. Something's different. He's even -dressed- differently. No tattered bodysuit with ratty red winglets. Whatever he's wearing looks like some heavy leather outfit with violet cloth 'wings' that actually takes care. He's clean, not filthy from the streets or sewers. The report on him from S.H.I.E.L.D. when they coerced him into helping against Ultron indicated a level of sanity all too uncommon for him.
That of course, doesn't make him any -less- a mass-murderer.

Rogers keeps a steady gaze on Morbius, studying him for a long moment, "I heard about your recent sentence and your 'good behaviour'. You're not working on destroying those good steps, are you?" he asks pointedly as he stares up at the man.
Interesting...and Morbius also realizes there's no way this man doesn't know about his current activities, in a general sense, at any rate, "You know full well my...requirements, Captain." he says in a low voice, "Don't pretend otherwise. I am capable of being more selective regarding my victims-" he doesn't pretend they're anything but that, "-but I have managed to stabilize my condition through treating the symptoms. Only the guilty need fear me now." he adds, a bit tersely, "Not that I imagine such distinctions concern -you- overmuch."

Rogers crosses his arms in front of his chest, his eyes narrowing slightly from the partial cover offered by his outfit, "Even the guilty deserve counsel and a trial. Noone should have the right to deny someone their due process when it is available." he points out before continuing, "And you should know that." he says, no doubt pointing out the fact that even the Vampire had been given due process before.
The Living vampire actually chuckles darkly at that, "If you imagine I'm going to turn myself in again, in -this- state, you are sadly mistaken." he adds, "How do you imagine they'd keep my -alive- in captivity? And make no -don't- know, do you?" he adds, slyly, "The 'vampire problem'. S.H.I.E.L.D. has been rather concerned about that as of late."

With a shake of his head and level tone Rogers speaks, "Synthetic plasma, perhaps. I'm not a scientist, but I am sure there are ways. And what 'vampire problem'?" he asks dryly, shifting on his feet slightly.

The doctor shakes his head, dark hair wafting to the sides, "You think I haven't -tried- synthetics?" he snaps, losing patience for a moment, "I am a Nobel-Prize-winning biochemist, you'd think if -anyone- were capable..." he calms himself as he words trail off into a soft snarling sound. He shifts a bit up there, more comfortable in his posture, "You don't know much about the supernatural...despite being a man of science, I have been immersed in it. There -are- none, Captain..." he holds up a hand, "Oh the details are less important, but suffice to say, thanks to Dr. Strange and a few others, this world is devoid of that breed at present..."
When he goes on, it's as if he's giving a lecture, "So where -does- that leave S.H.I.E.L.D.'s program to adapt said creatures for espionage and assassination purposes? I wonder..." it's obvious...-he's- about the only possible resource along those lines.

The Captain narrows his eyes, "You know if I'm told to bring you in, I will have to try." he says, the shield coming off of his back and being secured to his left arm in a swift and fluid motion, "We have a history. But that does not give you the right to play god with other's lives." he points out defiantly.
Glittering red eyes narrow at those words, "Don't talk to me about God..." the pseudo-vampire growls dangerously. He is a man of deep faith, and doesn't like to be reminded of certain failings...he'll do that -himself- thank you. "I know the choices I make and their consequences."

Captain America looks up either side of the narrow alley-way, planning something in his mind perhaps. He takes a step back and then runs up, using the window-ledges and fireescapes to make his way higher, getting about halfway before he speaks from one of the fire-escape walkways, "It's good to have someone else remind you from time to time. We can make things as easy or hard on ourselves as we want." he points out, preparing to work the last distance up to the roof.
Morbius stands as you move and steps back, eyes glancing skyward, "Don't..." he begins, "I can be skyward before even you finish getting up here." he isn't sure why he hasn't fled already...

Rogers pauses, his shield still at the ready and no doubt his reputation with it well known, "Give me one reason. One -good- reason not to chase you down and bring you back to shield." he demands, bending his knees as he watches Morbius, unblinking.

Considering for only a moment, Morbius says simply, "I have at -least- two." he holds up his long fingers as he states, "One: as much as it may be difficult for you to believe, I am saving lives..." he takes a gamble with what he says next, the man's no fool, "...not merely by killing the guilty, but there is more. I swear to you - I will -not- say how, but I actively work to save lives so long as I am free." he dare not tell the man he's working undercover as a doctor again, there's no way he wouldn't scour every hospital in the city until he found him.
"Two: I am all that's left for S.H.I.E.L.D., and do you imagine my unique biology -wouldn't- be studied with an eye towards attempted replication? I will not allow that to occur. And don't imagine -they'd- be so squeamish about where they got the blood tissue to keep me alive."

Rogers narrows his eyes, listening to the reasons, "Saving lives?" he asks vaguely, mulling over the notion for a moment before continuing, "As far as S.H.I.E.L.D. goes I cannot stop their R&D and there is some good that could come out of it. If I don't have at least some faith in who I work with then there's no reason for me to work with them. You know my conviction and my ideals."

The corner of Rogers lip curls up and twitches distastefully, "I know full well what some elements of the government are capable of. But I have to believe that a majority of them are 'good' to some degree." he retorts, his tone even and calm as he speaks.

The response to that is a low, rolling exhalation, accompanied by a smirk, which reveals the long fangs on the right side of Morbius's mouth, "Let's just say I don't share your optimism about keeping me out of less-than-savoury hands." he illustrates by slowly closing his left hand into a fist, "I don't think I shall be turning myself in anytime soon." he adds, quietly, "I tried that once. Thought that would be the end of things, but my mutation has proven remarkably resistant to any attempts to cure it. So I treat the symptoms, the chemical imbalances, the neurological alterations - it allows me to keep my own will ascendant now." Not -quite- all the truth, he has and still does fall into insane rages, especially when deprived...

Rogers crouches as if he is about to finish his way up to the top of the building while staring at Morbius now, "If I catch you breaking the law, I will have to bring you in regardless." he says, straight forward and to the point as he begins to jump his way up to the roof.

The Living Vampire takes to the air as the Living Legend leaps upwards, it isn't a rapid, panicked flight, and he keeps his eyes on the super-soldier as he does so, "I understand that, Captain. So let's hope you don't -catch- me at it." he intones, turning in the air with a flutter of dark fabric.

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