Little Problem

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Little Problem

Ambrose Nightcrawler

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11/06/12 05:30

Mutant Town

Ambrose meets Nightcrawler

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"Its five thirty AM... I'm not sure WHERE I am at this point. " a pause "Or where I am. Wait, I said that. Scratch that." he was speaking into a recorder softly. Ambrose was walking down the street, his shoulders slouched, somewhere between Drunk and Exhausted. Drunkausted? Either way, he was a little bit down and out, and was striding fast down the street, rubbing at one eye as he turned the recorder off with a snort "Bah. Why do I even try using one of these? Google haseth NOT all the answers." he mutters, passing by an alleyway. A few moments later, a head looked out in his direction, watching his back, then pulled in.
Footsteps jogged down the block, around two corners, to the next alleyway in front of Ambrose, where two shadows waitded with insidious purpose.

Somewhere near that alley, Kurt makes his way out of the Mutant Diner. Five thirty is a perfect time to grab a quick breakfast, even if most of everything else is shut down or just now starting to prepare to open. While the streets are dead mostly, there were a few faces taking in a bite to eat as well. The blue fuzzy elf is satiated for now, hands thrust into front pockets on a hoodie he is wearing. Though, feet are bare and padding softly on the concrete sidewalks of Mutant Town. Up ahead he hears a voice that seems to call silently into the night, he looks up ahead curiously then, pondering who is talking to themselves. Plenty of mutants in that crazy homeless group that talk just to hear themselves. The ceiling elf sticks to the shadows of the buildings, thankful for his indigo blue fur, not that his clothes help much, but its dark enough out for now.

"Am I crazy? I must be crazy. I cannot TEACH. I hate children! ... well I dont HATE, but I have little patience... but on the other hand, it may be my ONLY opportunity. Argh. My head hurts so much." continues Ambrose as he mutters, rubbing his forehead. He was almost to the alleyway now when he stops and looks up and around.
The two thugs in the alleyway pause, waiting. Then one frowns at the other. Where WAS the guy?
he leaned out, not seeing Kurt as he peered towards the distracted Ambrose, a flash off metal in his hand.

Likewise, Kurt remains unaware of any possible ambush intended for the man talking to himself, or anyone else for that matter. Instead, hearing the man's internal conflict aloud, he moves up ahead, on all fours to gain some distance and then when in earshot enough of the man, he calls out. "Perhaps, mein freund, some breakfast and some coffee might help clear your mind enough to make that decision after all?" He'll stand up rather than continue to crouch, letting his tail float lazily behind him as he does this.

Turning about in surprise, Ambrose stares at Kurt a long moment, trying to place the blue person. It wasnt the other blue person he was aware of that existed, and stared a long moment, before shaking himself out of it "... I think I may agree with you. If anything it will sort me out a little." he states finally, with a bit of an embarassed smile as he shifted his pockets. Turning his back to the alleyway, he starts back the way he'd come, towards Kurt. There's an uttered curse from the alleyway.

Simply offering a three fingered hand to the man, in a fashion of camaraderie, Kurt smiles. "And fill your belly, always good to start with breakfast." Even though he himself is unsure if this is the start of the man's day, or simply a continuation of the prior. Who knows how long he's been walking about at random talking to no one in particular. "Sorry to hear you have a dilemma on your hand. At best I can offer an ear and the advice of a stranger." Lifting the other hand out from the hoodie, he tosses it in the direction of the Mutant Diner from which he recently came.

Glancing behind him curiously, Ambrose stares at the alleyway. Suddenly he starts to walk - quite quickly towards the Diner, guesturing Kurt along "I think I like this idea more and more yes... although my apologies if I fall asleep during dinner... I havent slept in a few days. I have... " a pause "Issues? More like subscriptions." he chortles weakly.
"And perhaps a stranger's ear is what I need. an Unbiased opinion. Ambrose Smith."

"There is no reason to stay awake, I will not be offended," responds the blue elf, taking in the man's name then. "Ambrose Smith," he repeats it for good measure. "A pleasure, Kurt Wagner. I have many unbiased opinions I assure you. And a healthy appetite. I could use some more eggs, a little build up for a good work out today." He moves along quickly just the same, "Perhaps you can share the nature of your debate?"

Ambrose nods "Well, I've been offered a job. Its really quite a surprise." admits Ambrose "Its not specifically my field but I know enough about it to teach it. Its a teaching job, see, for children. I have to clean my act up first though, which is the hardest part, but of course my lack of ambition and self-depreciating habits are trying to convince me to not bother at all, making up all these excuses to not go through with it." he explains.

There is a nod of the elf's head, giving agreement to the situation, a sense of understanding. "Ja," he affirms himself, "I suppose it comes down to what you really want Mr. Smith." As they near the diner, Kurt will hold open the door for teh man. "Personally, while I enjoy working with younger mutants and training with them, I could never teach. Not quite enough excitement in it for me. I would imagine its more fulfilling then self-deprecation though. Maybe in part it comes down to the kids too?" He simply tosses out some considerations at this point.

Ambrose nods "very true. I think I would have to cancel my contract if they were ... well, I can't use that term in polite company." admits Ambrose as he nods thankfully at the door holding, entering first. He unzips his coat then "Considering its a private school I suppose I should not be TOO worried. I do want to do this - admittedly, field work is more my thing but what's that they call it - baby steps? " a nod as he guestures "Booth or table?"

"Booth," grins Kurt, they are more comfortable. Holding up his hand, he offers for Mr. Smith to go first towards a nearby table. It would seem he is known here, they let him pick his own table no qualms. "Not that I know what your field work is, but I imagine if your teaching in a related field, it would be good for networking too, just the same. Even if its with children, peers amongst fellow faculty could lead to opportunities, nein?" He'll take his side of the booth, sitting up against the window side, putting both feet out on the bench.

Nodding, Ambrose heads to the nearest booth. "Paleontology is my specialty... third year of four." a cough, and he looks away, and then back "They want me to teach general biology. And that is a very good point. If anything, it would allow me to get settled enough to finish and perhaps become a field prospector." he takes his seat as well, putting his hat on his lap, and unfolding his napkin fully to spread as though a placemate in front of him "Children is perhaps a little bit of a misnomer, but 'Teenager' has such negative connotations."

Listening to the discussion of field prospecting, specialties and what to teach, Kurt offers little as the man speaks. Lifting a hand to grab a menu from behind the spice shakers and condiments, he browses the menu again. Though he looks up at the differences between children and teenager according to Mr. Smith. "What about in their eyes, which would have a more negative connotation. Or, which would they rather be called, teenagers or children?" He knows himself what he'd prefer, but leaves that out there, thought for conversation. As the mutant waitress, with some green skin, comes to take orders, he requests a milk for himself.

A pause, and the man frowns as he looks at Kurt "In their eyes? " he asked, puzzled at this, glancing up. He doublelooks, then smiles a bit wired and more polite, nodding in permission "Ah. Coffee, black, two sugar and one cream. " a pause "oh sorry, I mean one black coffee, and one with two sugar, and one with cream." he corrects himself. "This isnt my usual cafe, sorry. And ahh, scrambled eggs, VERY well done, with salt and pepper."
then he pauses to think "Do you mean which one they would see as demeaning? I am not sure... I think 'Children' is more respectful, but most teenagers I think - and I was not a normal teenager - may object to being classified with smaller children, preferring to be treated like adults, even if they are not yet legally such. "

Throwing in some toast to go with his milk, Kurt continues to sit back on the booth's bench. Listening to his present counterpart, he gives a nod. Lifting a hand to the table, he drums two large fingers on it quietly. "You know, I think you are overthinking this. Teenager doesn't have a negative connotation for everyone." A grin, his canines sticking out just a little, "I used children because you did, simple enough. I suppose I am only saying, if you take this job, it probably be better to call them teenagers if that's what they are ... or simply use their names of course. If you refer to your student's as children, they might not take well to it is all."

Nodding at that, Ambrose runs a hand through his hair "Perhaps you are right. I think also you found the solution - I will call them 'students' unless circumstances dictate otherwise. I abhor the word 'kids' though. I refuse to use it in any context unless I am talking about goats." he sits back as the strange order is taken and the waitress departs, and he admits "But you have many good ideas. I am glad i decided to take this advantage."

With a shake of his head, his grin remains, "No, I just have ideas. Simple enough, as I said before, I couldn't teach, its not for me. I suppose in some regard, I would see them as friends before students. It would be unprofessional." The drinks arrive, Kurt reaches for his glass of milk, giving a german thanks to the woman. "You mentioned having to clean up before you take the job? You mean like, fresh save, suit, new clothes cleaning up?" Then he takes a sip of the milk.

Ambrose chuckles a little bit and scratches at his unshaven chin "Well, that too..." he pauses, then drops his shoulders "I've a little bit of a problem see..." he explains softly, in very quite tones and very much downplaying it "I happen to like my alcohol a... little bit too much." he takes the first coffee, arranging the other two next to each other in a very practice way and nods politely to the woman "Thank you."

Shaking his head some, Kurt ponders "A little too much? Admittance - 1st step, you're halfway to clean I would imagine. Besides it sounds like with some focus in the form of teaching, it shouldn't be much of a problem." As if that would explain it away, "Not to mention, plenty of professional help if its more a problem than I'm imagining it? I'd also imagine a private school wouldn't allow it on the premises."

Ambrose grimaces a little bit "I tried the usual programs. I got impatient and short with them. I do not like sitting in a circle with strangers and talking about my problems." he pauses at that "... I told the woman who interviewed me that I keep my private life out of my professional life... I hope that they allow that to some extent. But I /am/ trying to get completely off it. Maybe the teaching will distract me enough. Heaven knows learning didnt!"

"I imagine around teenagers," ponders Kurt, "There is more incentive to not mix that problem with your professional life. More strict laws and all that. Not worth the risk, ja." Just a simple statement, he doesn't elaborate. "How soon do you start, you have to wait out semesters, start in the fall term, or as soon as you sign the contract, they have a classroom waiting to be filled with eager minds ready to learn about general biology?"

"They are giving me until the end of Christmas Break to decide. I think that's fair enough - that's what, two months and a little bit? " guesses Ambrose, tilting his head "Enough time to get through stage one or two of trying to kick the habit, at least one 'fall off the wagon', followed by a third attempt, then a shameful failure in trying to hide it, then trying to just wean myself off in the final weeks before signing the contract anyways and hoping nobody notices, with one week of panicked planning for a curriculum. Does that sound about right? " he asked, half jovially.

With a shake of his head, Kurt shrugs, "You got me there, I don't know how hard it is to kick such a habit or prepare a curriculum. Give me space pirate ninjas any day over teaching in a classroom." That final statement seems serious. "Also, I think some insurances would help with such a habit. Even with a new employer. I think they have counselors who don't require group sessions, you could meet someone one on one to get that timeline cleaned up. Two months seems awful fast to me. Then again, I haven't even considered Christmas shopping, I wait to the last minute too, so the week for a curriculum plan sounds about right I guess."

Ambrose shifts a little bit uneasily. He seemed uncomfortable with talking about it with anyone professional "I'll consider that. And see if there are free counsellors somewhere. I know that years ago they didnt do much to help, but this IS another part of the country, and a new millenium too." he adds "So i'm willing to give it another shot. So you like to train young Mutants...? In what?"

Whether he catches the desire to change the topic, Kurt doesn't so much mind as he takes interest in answering the question. "Swordplay, acrobatics, life skills. I'm not average joe mutant on the street." He never knows who has paid attention to various PSA's and other media, "I'm a member of X-Factor," which is public knowledge, even though they are no longer government affiliated. "I've trained with young mutants interested in similar things ... making the world better for mutant kind, standing up for what I believe in, co-existence between human and mutants. That sort of stuff, but mostly, acrobatics, team cohesion, swordplay, the fun things."

Ambrose ahhs "X Factor. I thought I recognized the blue fur." he nods as he listens intently, drinking down half his coffee, then grimacing and giving a near spasmic twitch. Then food arrived "Sounds like a good way to keep them out of trouble. Out of curiosity: do you take non mutant students if they really wantd to? I completely wish you luck in your endeavour, my own feelings about mutants are about the same, although the argument is much longer winded."

Shaking his head, Kurt says, "I don't train with them to keep anyone out of trouble. I've never worked with a troubled mutant youth program, but maybe you're onto something there. I've worked with others, in part to help them control their abilities, and in part, to help prepare them for real world scenarios." Then he ponders that, its hard to simply explain being mutant puts one in danger from all sorts of sources. So he stops tehre and gets onto the question, "I suppose I could take non mutant students. Traditionally I've been affiliated with organizations that only taught mutant youth. It would be difficult now, Ship - the building we operate out of, has self defense mechanisms that would only allow mutants within the building."

Ambrose ahs and nods "See, I ask because while on one hand, we want mutants to be accepted, we also do not want to be exclusive of others... because its hypocritical." explains the man as he starts to stirr up his scrambled eggs, which were so well cooked they were brown. "not to say that you actually ARE of course..."

"Nein," responds Kurt to the man, "You see, the young mutants I have worked with were at a level that, control was an issue and lack of control of their abilities could jeopardize the potential for peaceful coexistence. While I could teach non-mutants how to use a sword, we must also acknowledge non-mutants have more standard opportunities to learn this. There are many great institutions of sword play in the world that do not allow mutant kind to enroll in such training. I would gladly offer my training to anyone, but my focus is on mutant kind."

Ambrose thinks about this as he sips his second coffee now, and nods "You know what, you are right. " he states with a smile "I stand... well, sit, corrected. You obviously know what you are doing, kurt. Sorry to have doubted you in any way. Can I get your breakfast by the by?"

With a shrug, Kurt replies, "If you like." Its only milk and toast, his main breakfast was consumed prior to their meeting. Then a grin, he says, "Do not be sorry, doubt leads to communication," sometimes, "and to understanding. I simply wish you the best of luck in teaching. If your general biology ever leads to the need to teach your students more, don't forget to look me up. We're in the phone book." A chuckle.

"And the same back. I am not in the phone book, but no doubt you have ways of finding me if you had to. " notes Ambrose, offering a bit of an uncertain smile. Maybe New York Wasnt as bad as he first thought.

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