Liln Attack on Chintatown

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Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo and Topaz

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Silver Dragon Restaurant - Chinatown

One of Lilith's creatures attacks Chinatown, the Midnight Son's take care of it

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==[ The Silver Dragon - Chinatown ]==

The inside of the Silver Dragon has a dark, quiet kind of atmosphere to it. Painted paper lanterns hang from the ceiling, illuminating the restaurant in a soft yellow light. The walls are painted a dark red and the floors are covered with a thick, dark green carpet, decorated with images from Chinese legend. Greeting those entering is an elegant stand with a book and pen set on it for tracking reservations. Almost invariably there is a sign hanging from the front of the stand, reading in carefully written characters, "Please seat yourself."

The restaurant has a high-class kind of feel to it, as far as Chinese restaurants go. There are no cheesy place mats telling you your horoscope, or metal holders for bottles of plumb sauce. Instead, each table has been laid out carefully and elegantly. Booths large enough for two line one wall, and there are tables for parties from sizes of two to eight scattered around the rest of the room. The back of the restaurant has doors leading to the kitchen and to the bathrooms. A third door is in the back, right-hand corner, presumably an office.

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Call it a 'disturbance in the force', or a 'beacon of despair', either way Brother Voodoo sensed something nearby that his Loa attributed to the presence of a Lilin who was actively working against the light.

Chinatown, located just southeast of Greenwich Village, this small neighborhood is famous for its Asian aspects.

In the heart of Chinatown is a small restaurant called the Silver Dragon. It's the location of the turmoil. People have escaped the confines of the restaurant and are all standing outside. Within there are a few spot fires and the windows have been blasted outward. Also within are the sounds of things being smashed and the roar of a beast.

Police, media, and fire/rescue have yet to arrive.

Thankfully when the magical summons came, Topaz wasn't in the midst of a Happy Hour rush at her bar. Understanding that the problem is one of urgency, she immediatly turned the running of her establishment over to the staff and rushed out the door. Getting to the location quickly though is another matter, its not an easy feat in Manhattan.

As she makes the sidewalk, her braclets chime as her hands move in the complicated motions of a flight spell, her mouth forming the strange syllables in a tongue no longer heard on earth except in certain circles.

Minutes latter she is landing, the golden aura like glow fading from around her as she takes in the state of the restaurant and its former occupants.

As much as Jericho isn't put off by the happenings inside the restuarant, he is clearing an area near the entrance. "This situation is under control, please allow me some room." Hopefully clearing enough area for Topaz and others to congregate amidst the gawkers of Chinatown.

As much as he's not phased by the restuarant happenings, he's the least phased at Topaz's entrance. "Good, it worked, we found a Lilin and the summons was effective. No time to Prepare the monster hunter Ms. Bloodstone with weapons, but we can hopefully contain the building and trap the monster here."

From down the street, Hellstorm is seen driving a flaming chariot which is drawn by three flaming steeds of demonic origin.

He guides them through a rapidly widening crowd and yells, "HO! Dasher, Dancer, Prancer?" and smiles as the steeds become annoyed.

Hellstorm is once again shirtless, no cape, just slacks and boots. In his left hand are the reigns and in his right the golden trident. The chariot is drawn into the clearing about the restaurant opening and he calls to his companions in arms, "Beautiful Topaz, Brother Voodoo, what manner of nefarious evil is wrought on this brilliant eve? Have we a Lilin to dispatch?"

"I would rather send the monster from where it came." Topaz says to Brother Voodoo in leiu of a greeting. Considering the damage done to the building her first order of business is making sure there are no lingering people in the restaurant, either trapped in kitchen or bathrooms. Her hands make a circular motion as she extends her empathic sense outward into the buidling, searching out any signs of fear, she braces herself, knowing that what she will feel from the Liln creature will be awful, but she will do her best to tune it out and focus on her objective.

"We have one, close at hand, I thought best we sieze the opportunity," says Jericho simply to the entrance by Hellstrom. "As to where it is sent, it depends on the gate Lilith works on, sending it back may support her cause." If he senses at all that Topaz is checking out the insides from here, Brother Voodoo will prepare himself, incase the Lilin is upset and comes out to see which kids are meddling this time around.

With a smirk, Hellstorm states, "You people are too literal. We dispatch the creature, kill, destroy, erradicate, remove, don't care.". He steps off the back of the chariot and starts walking toward the front entrance of the restaurant. Both hands now hold the trident, ready for the encounter. "Well, don't just stand there..."

Within the resturant is primal rage. The creature rips things apart, wishing to destroy while seeking something in particular.

Topaz didn't miss the impressive entrance of the son of satan, she has just been focused on searching for stragglers in the restaurant to answer the question from Hellstorm. Though she really has no need since Brother Voodoo is fully capable of doing so.

"Greetings Hellstorm." she says, taking is his apparel, or lack there of. "It is looking for something, what I cannot tell you. I doubt it is something we would want it to find though." she allows the others to lead the way into the building as she begins to drain the creature of its rage, in order to make subduing it easier.

"Then we stop it," says Brother Voodoo, "As Hellstrom points out, we acomplish little here." Then he walks forward towards the door, ready to simply enter in. "We confront it before it knows we are hear." Near the door, Jericho traces some of his own sigils, summoning an obscuring smoke. Its only gathering, he doesn't want to blind Hellstrom or Topaz, but he has them at the ready to obscure himself from the creature if need be as well as to get into a Voodoo trance, preparing for mystical combat. If no one interfers, he'll open the door too.

"Yeah, get your binding spell ready. I'll stab it." Hellstorm states as he bolts into the restaurant with his trident at the ready.

Inside the restaurant, the creature is found at the rear ripping out a wall. Behind the paneling one will see a glittery bottle filled with a blue-green liquid. The creature has found what it seeks.

Following behind the two men, Topaz has stopped her empathic draining of the demonic Liln, and has started focusing on removing obstacles from their path. Hands glowing with a golden aura, she moves them as she uses her magical telekinesis to push knocked over tables and chairs making a clear path directly to where the creature is ripping away at the wall to reveal its hidden prize.

At first sight she only knows that it is a vial of liquid of some kind, but the fact that it was hidden can only mean it is valuable in some way. Which means that they need to get it first. So while Hellstorm goes all full frontal on the creature, hopefully distracting it before it grabs the vial, Topaz will use her already active TK to grab the vial and fly it to her.

Letting the obscuring vapors surround him, Jericho follows behind Hellstrom while Topaz tries to TK the bottle away from the creature. He then focuses on summoning the spirit of his brother to enhance himself, working his way close to the kitchen while Damion tries to fill the being full of trident holes. He is seeking a source of fire, that he may summon it to help against the Lilin.

The creature turns, roars and says, "MIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNEEE!" and regards the vial behind him (now being stolen by Topaz). Instead of hesitating, the creature leaps across the room toward the man with the trident - as he looks most formidable.

Hellstorm raises his trident and catches the beast with the pointy tip of it, square in the creature's left shoulder. This does not stop the creature. He grabs the trident and torso twists with his massive strength. This tosses Hellstorm across the restaurant into the side wall with an oof!

Topaz catches the vial as it flys into her open hand. Thankfully it is a practiced manuver, it's not always fast or convenient to go across a crowded bar to get that bottle of booze you need. Slipping the bottle into her clevage for safe keeping, she winces at the impact of Hellstorm against the wall.

She isn't sure what Voodoo is up to in his cloud of smoke, but she assumes it is imporant and he can't be distracted from it. To give Hellstorm a chance to get up a retaliate, she provides a bit of cover fire, sending a TK Blast at the Liln.

From in his smoke, enhanced by Daniel, Brother Voodoo searches for fire (the original desc indicated some fires already). From them, he draws the fire, intensifying it, bringing it as living entity (attatched to the source) to use against the Lilin like a fiery hammer - either it will burn, or at least distract so that Hellsterm can regain his composure after hitting the wall.

The trident is withdrawn from the beast's chest. It fully intends to use the trident as a weapon and hurls it toward Topaz who has stolen the potion. The Voodoo flame then engulfs the beast and it only serves to tickle the creature as it begins to laugh. That which is born of fire, enjoys fire. However, it will serve to distract the creature.

Meanwhile, Hellstorm springs back up and will announce, "No one tosses me across a room and doesn't expect payback!" and he will lunge toward the creature <won't get there until next round>.

The TK Blast deflects the trident as it sails toward Topaz, saving her from being impaled by its tines. The blast did nothing to the Liln because of it. She circles around so that she is more behind the creature and sends another blast at the Liln, hoping that the blast will knock it toward Hellstorm, and possibly to its knees.

Holding his trident in an offensive posture with both hands, Hellstorm forces hellfire through the trident and blasts the Lilin back into the far wall of the restaurant. The creature roars which is barely audible over the hellfire blast. Hellstorm yells, "VOODOO, Entangle him with your magicks!"

"Daniel," says Jericho, "Give me strength," to which he begins chanting such that his obscuring mists form tendrils, shapped by personal magic to go forth as a Manipulation to at least occupy the attention of the Lilin if not begin to hold it with entanglement that they may react to the original outburst and push the creature back while Topaz retrieves the item it was after.

Standing to the side hand glowing with a golden aura, Topaz is prepared to blast the Liln if the creature hasn't yet been subdued. The mysterious vial that the creature was after has been forcibly retrieved and put in the most secure location Topaz know at the moment, her cleavage.

Once the Lilin is entangled, the hellfire fades and the Lilin falls to the floor, unable to move. Hellstorm's trident is turned vertical with the pointy end up and he then holds it with his left hand. He states, "Topaz, if you would be so kind. Could you make him more agreeable to our questions? Perhaps use your womanly charms? We need to find out where Lilith is."

Voodoo spends time still chanting sporadically to maintain the effect of the Manipulation with the assistance of Daneil. He does comment on the topic, "And what it was he was after." He is curious, after all, what Topaz managed to retrieve prior to the Lilin getting's its fingers on it because if it doesn't answer Hellstrom's question, that could well be a clue. Topaz is probably already on that, he is overstating the obvious in his trance like state.

Topaz approches the downed and immobilized liln, the glow fading from her hands, though the begin to move in small circles at her sides, the bangles on her wrists chiming in rythm to the movement. Looking down at the vile creature at her feet she focuses her empathy on him and begins to pull the rage and hatred from it, replacing it with a need to ccoperate.

The vial has a sparkly blue liquid within it. In the right light it looks like tiny blue prisms in the blue/purple color frequency floating within.

Hellstorm watches as Topaz begins her charms and within a few moments, the Lilin begins to spill his guts. The group learns the following information:

* Name: Outcast

* Powers: Feral Powers

* Sent to retrieve the vial for Lilith who awaits his return in the Transylvania Mountains. He knows exactly where and how to get there from here - teleport spell from a nearby abandoned church in Brooklyn.

* He has no idea what the vial does or contains. He's just here for retrieval.

Hellstorm smiles and looks to Voodoo, "Gotta love a woman who can coax a man to do what she wants and make him think he wants it just as badly."

While trying to focus on his own hold on the demon, Jericho turns to look at Hellsrom. "I would probably settle sooner, without the bells." The hint of drums that seem to come from his mists fades a little, his eyes go back to the mists surrounding the Liln and the return just a little. "Then again, I am not trying to hide information from the world of men."

The only hint that Topaz heard the comment is a slight dimple appearing in her cheek. Crouching down, she runs her fingers down the side of the liln's hairy face, "Thank you for your willing information." her other hand hasn't ceased its circular motion, keeping him in his present state "What are we going to do with him?" her gaze turns to the shirtless Hellstorm "Send him back with a warning? Or have him disappear, so to speak?

Hellstorm steps forward, flipping his trident 180 degrees and then stabbing the pointy end into the chest of the Lilin. He answers with a smile after the Lilin has evaporated into black smoke, "What do we do with all the demons we encounter? Send them back to the depths in which they belong."

Finally the smoke begins to fade from Brother Voodoo as the whole whites of his eyes dissapates like a fog and his color returns there. "That sounds more like your business Daimon," says Jericho, looking at the reck of the restuarant with indiffernce, his mind blaiming the Liln naturally. "I do not care where they go, so long as they do not return. The Lao do not like the unbalance they bring to the world."

In that Topaz and Hellstorm can find agreement, she doesn't go as far to say good riddance, though she is certainly thinking it. Straigting, she pulls the vial from where she had it stashed "Now to figure out how this fits." she slowly flips it over, keeping her finger on the stopper, to watch the fluid inside and get an idea of its consitenancy. Before either men have a chance to take it from her she is dropping it back where she pulled it from.

Hellstorm notes, "My sister may be able to deduce the origin and purpose of the vial. Unless either of you have ideas? Perhaps take it to Rintrah - as we need to speak with him and begin our plans for assault."

"The Liln is gone," says Brother Voodoo, "But we should not speak his name here least the winds carry it to Lilith." He looks to Topaz, and perhaps is curious about the vial, that would account for his eyes looking where they do briefly, curiously. "We should go back to the Lounge before we discuss going forward with this new knowledge."

"The lounge would be a better place to discuss what to do next." Topaz turns to head out, weaving her way through the desctruction of the restaurant. She pauses before she leaves and turns "Maybe we should go out the back. This attack has brought out a crowd." she'll then move to the kitchen entrance to leave that way.

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