Like a Moth to a Flame

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Like a Moth to a Flame

Gypsy Moth, Havok, Jean Grey, Sunpyre

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07/18/12 10:30

Hangar Bay, Xavier Institute

Gypsy Moth returns to the Mansion and uses Sunpyre's access codes to get into the Hangar Bay, taking Havok hostage to steal the Quinjet X-Factor has borrowed from the Avengers. Jean Grey and Sunpyre interfere with this.

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Of course, Sybil Dvorak's security clearance was revoked as soon as she left the mansion. How, then, did the fully costumed and winged Gypsy Moth make her way into the home of Xavier's dream? A security check will later show that Gypsy Moth landed on the back lawn and then used Leyu Yashida's verbal override codes to disarm security. She then slipped inside the mansion and made her way down into the hangar bay.

Which happens to be where Alex Summers is. He's checking over the Quinjet, making sure the borrowed Avengers vessel doesn't suffer the same fate as the Minivan. And the Blackbird. So focused is he on this task that he doesn't notice the Gypsy Moth come up behind him. Doesn't notice the cotton rope leaving her hand and snaking through the air and wrapping around his throat and wrists. Pulling him backwards, into her arms.

"Hello, Alex." Gypsy Moth purrs into Havok's ear, "You and your little bitch Cooper cost me several million dollars when my club burned down. I believe you owe me... and the money I will fetch for Tony Stark's toy here should be a good down payment on that." Then her voice lowers and she murmurs, the words barely audible, "I know the redhead is here. Call her with your mind so you can catch me like the bad girl I am."

Grabbed, Alex nearly did the first thing that Alexs always do, blast first and ask questions later. But realizing that it's the Moth, he is taken captive and hears her words. "Bitch, how the fuck did...." He interrupts himself and then he calls out to Jean mentally. Hoping that the redhead is mentally listening, "Jean, we've got trouble in the hangar."

Leyu Yashida - whose codes are currently being misused for apparently nefarious purposes - is sitting at her desk off of the medical bay when an alert pops up on her computer screen, letting her know that her access codes have been entered at a different location simultaneously. A bit perplexed, Leyu tries querying the computer systems, asking them when and where this 'other' access began. No Kitty Pryde, this takes her a good bit, and she is chewing her lip in frustration, trying to figure out what is going on. Her access to the data files she had been using is locked out, until this issue is resolved.

A certain red-head slips out of her medical bed early this morning, between her care-taker checking on other patients in the Med-Bay and aggressive morning duties requiring more attention than a sleeping Jean Grey. She has been gone for nearly twenty minutes now, just enough time for her to have gone to her quarters, changed, and return to the sub-levels of the mansion without getting caught. Unfortunately, busy work calls and conquers Jean's attention as she starts for Cerebro, which might be enough cause for the Japanese woman to come out of her territory with a search party. Maybe, depending. Turning a corner, a mental call from Alex piques an interest and a detour to the Hangar Bay becomes first priority. As a Shi'ar advanced door swishes open, Jean announces, "Alex, what's wro--" Her words are interrupted by the sight of cotton wrapping around her caller's neck. "Sybil? What's the meaning of this?"

"You're more powerful than me." Sybil says, not at all surprised by Jean's entrance. "A telepath and a telekinetic." She smiles wickedly as she turns, spinning Havok around with her so they are facing the redhead. "Try anything and I promise he will never speak again." She begins moving backwards towards the Quinjet. "Alex will be piloting myself and this very expensive aircraft away from here."

Being forced into a position between GM and Jean, Alex says in a very determined and annoyed voice, "Jean, drop her." - He already has in his mind the urge to angle his hands and blast plasma to the rear, but without an exact location he could miss, hit the quinjet and Ms Marvel will be pissed. Then he'd be choaked and then there would be crying - but not on Lorna's part.

When Leyu cannot find her patient, and realizes Jean has not returned promptly as was expected, she starts splitting her focus. Should she go looking for Jean? What if her overtaxed mind decided to pack it in, and dropped her like a sack of flower in the hallway? But the young doctor keeps worrying at the computer, until it admits that her codes were last used - other than the uses by this computer she's using - to open the doors to the hangar bay. Leyu logs out and shuts down, then starts marching - on those improbable heels of hers - out of the medbay and down the hallways, towards the hangar bay. What is going /on/ around here?

"You've read my file," Jean replies, taking in the environment as Sybil's threat reaches her pierced ears. "Then you obviously know that I cannot allow that to happen. In fact--" A wave of telepathy lashes out like an invisible spray, washing over Sybil's unprotected mind, cleansing free will from the owner's grasp. "--you should just stop moving."

Sybil stops moving. The interesting thing, though, about Sybil's powers? They don't require motion. Like Jean, she's a telekintic... she moves matter with her mind. And Jean? Jean's wearing clothing. Or, rather, she was. Now, Jean's not wearing anything at all. Her clothing unravels, from top to bottom, and begins a mass of threads which wrap themselves around wrists and ankles. Forcing Jean Grey to the floor. Hogting her.

There's only a second of, 'oh my' as Alex's eyes are filled with the spectacle and wonder that is Jean Grey. That second passes and the image will forever be burned in his memory. But he needs to do something, knowing that there's about to be badness happen if he's forced to leave the hangar. So it's all up to him now. He does his best to triangulate (he doesn't have his brother's geometric perfection) and will release his plasma blast backwards. It's just enough to knock a normal out with the concussive pressure change of the ionization, not enough to leave burn marks or anything permanent. If anything, he'll destroy his bindings (around his wrists) but still be caught around the throat, that'll be next - if he still has a head.

Leyu exists the high-speed transport conduit and makes her way to the doors to the hangar bay. The computers start to have a conniption fit, since they are sure she is /already/ inside. But Leyu insists. Hotly. The doors unlock, and the young doctor enters, perched on those platform soled heels, wearing a very, very short flirty black skirt and a black two-toned long-sleeved bodysuit - one tone being actual black, the other the translucence of fine mesh.

The scene Leyu discovers is disturbing, even upsetting. Her team leader just /blasted her girlfriend/. Alright. Her wanna-be girlfriend. But still, damnit. But worse, what is Sybil doing here? In costume. With a rope around Havok's neck? And a mass of fabric threads around Jean that should probably have been her clothes? "What are you doing?!" she cries, rather not specifying who she is addressing.

Concentration falters as the clothes on her back, literally, falls apart and wraps around her wrists and ankles with quite the squeeze. Her nakedness is known to all present currently - and Scott. A former model, though, Jean's body is perfectly sculpted from top to bottom, and she is comfortable being naked. However, what was once her clothing hogtying her makes for quite an uncomfortable arrangement. In a small fit a rage, the bindings begin to break with a mental snap, telekinesis doing its job effectively in freeing the... quite free headmistress. When Leyu walks in, Jean returns to her feet and looks passed the Japanese woman, to see Alex break free from his bindings as well. Her temper getting the best of her, Jean concentrates on multiple objects used for the air crafts and aims them in Sybil's direction: tools, nuts and bolts, a replacement tire for the Blackbird.

Oh, this is going to hurt. Sybil doesn't get hit by the brunt of Alex's blast but she gets enough plasma that it tosses her aside AND frees him from the bondage of the wrist. Sybil's hits the ground and rolls a few times... and then in come the tools. Nuts. Bolts. A tire literally as big as she is. Ever get hit in the head by a lug wrench? Sybil goes down like a sack of bricks. And probably looks like she was hit by one, too.

"That is enough!" Leyu cries out, a blast of superheated solar plasma searing across the air above everyone's heads. Damnit. Enough is enough. Her girlfriend assaulting others. They are assaulting Sybil. Just /enough/! The young doctor can't take anymore, and she makes her point explicitly, as she checks on each patient in order of distance from the entry doors, starting with Jean, whom she wraps in an equipment tarp from nearby. "I don't know what got into her, Jean. I'm sorry. I'll take care of this." After that, Leyu is off to check on Alex - only briefly, and pretty coldly by comparison - before she is then checking out Sybil. "You silly woman. I have no idea what you thought you were doing."

Pulling the cord from around his neck, Alex eyes Leyu's reaction. In her approach, he says, "I'm fine; make sure she doesn't wake up. I'm taking her to headquarters." and then will look for a 'tarp' because that's the first and best available thing for Jean. Because if he gives her his shirt, her bottom would still be exposed. Wait, that may be a good idea.

Following the mental exertion, Jean's breathing is heavier than usual - the equivalent of someone's breath after running on a treadmill - and her expression is less than pleased with Sybil, the situation at hand, and with being forcibly nude and covered with an equipment tarp. <<"I'm sorry, Leyu,">> Jean say telepathically, maneuvering closer and continuing physically, "Have a report of this incident on Scott's desk, Alex. I need to get some clothes. It's cold." With her now semi-nakedness, Jean turns around and starts for the exit of the Hangar Bay.

Another tarp floats behind her as she walks to cover her bum.

Leyu doesn't whip around and snap or snip at Jean or her expressed sympathies. She tends to Sybil's injuries instead, glaring up at Alex with an expression that clearly says 'I think you would look better parbroiled' when he decides to say something as crass as 'make sure she doesn't wake up'. She's a doctor. And this is the woman she wants to date. Damned bad choice of words, but what else is new where the younger Summers brother is concerned? He can't help but screw up. "I am taking her to the medical bay for treatment." she growls, as she slides her arms up underneath of Gypsy Moth and strains to left the other woman. Gypsy isn't huge, but neither is Leyu. This is going to be a challenge. But she doesn't look like she intends to ask for help.

To Leyu, "No. You're not. Your job right now is to make sure she's not bleeding out, sedated, and stable enough to travel. You're welcome to go with me, but she's under arrest and going to lock up.". His tone is still direct and annoyed.

Sybil was hit by a tire the size of a horse. She doesn't say anything.

Leyu turns and glares at Alex, the temperature in the room raising by several degrees despite its massive size. "Are /you/ a doctor, Alex Summers? NO! You are NOT! Which means you will /shut up/ and let me take her to the medical bay, where I will treat her injuries and make sure no permanent harm has been done. I do not have a medical kit here. I did not come here expecting to find anyone in /need/ of medical care. I came here to find out where my patient had gone." A lie, but not entirely. "Now. I am going to the medical bay. Get out of my way, or suffer the consequences for trying to interfere with a doctor doing her duty." Yeah. No mercy in that tone. So far as Leyu is concerned, Alex Summers has become the Root of All Evil.

Not stepping aside but taking the other arm of Gypsy Moth, Alex says, "You've got 15 minutes. Not a minute more."

At this point, he will move to scoop up the legs of the Moth and carry her toward the high speed transport.

"You do not set limits on medical treatment, Alex. Don't like it? Then you can let go and I will take care of her myself. And you will just have to /trust me/." Something Leyu is well aware at this point Alex does not do, cannot do. He is constitutionally incapable of trust, as has been proven. But Leyu marches towards the transport tube back to the Mansion and the medical bay.

"At this point, Leyu, I can't trust anyone." Alex will take GM into the trnansport and make haste to the medical bay. He's done compromising.

Gypsy Moth's injuries are seen to and she's put on a stretcher, shackled, and best sedated. Alex will wheel her back to the Quinjet and then transport her to headquarters where she will be processed within the justice system.

"Apparently not." Leyu quips sharply, saying nothing more. Once she and Alex get Gypsy Moth to the medical bay, Leyu is uncompromising in checking on her medical status and treating her injuries. She also refuses to sedate her, until such time as Leyu can confirm her patient does not have a concussion. Then, gnashing her teeth in fury, she ascedes to Alex's request to sedate Gypsy Moth, if only to avoid Alex trying to beat her back into unconsciousness. She will - still bitterly angry - then help, well /past/ any fifteen-minute deadline, to carry Gypsy Moth back to the hangar and into the Quinjet. Truth is, by the time she is riding back in the transport to the Mansion alone, she's not sure she'll still be in the Mansion when Alex returns. What would be the point?

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