Lights, Camera, RAIN

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Lights, Camera, Rain

Tyran Phantasm

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Marylebone, London

Due to the weather, an early lunch break is called for those working the movie shoot. Rex stops by to visit a certain actor.

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-==[ Marylebone - London ]==----------

When one thinks of Victorian London, generally, one is thinking of the Marylebone area. Twisting cobbled streets are evident here, barely suitable for motorized traffic. It is here that it is easiest to imagine horse-drawn carriages, men in top hats and the particular Victorian half-cape overcoat, and women in dresses and bonnets. Fine dining is to be had in this area, for it was never a place for the poor. It is in Marylebone that tourists and locals alike can visit the world-famous Madame Tussaud's wax museum and the London Planetarium. Here too is the Wallace Collection, one of London's finest art galleries, hosting works by such legends as Rubens, Rembrandt, and Gainsborough. For those curious about the history of the country's first and most famous television company, the BBC Experience is a must-see. Of course, Marylebone is most famous to readers around the world, for Baker Street is part of its environs, and the City of London purposely rearranged the street numbers so that 221B could exist. Unfortunately, McDonald's owns 221A, so while one is reminiscing about the exploits of the world's most famous detective, one can also have fries with that.

It is a dreary looking day in Marylebone which is likely people are used to in this area. The sky above is cloudy and it appears that there was no need to wet down the streets for the dreary rain scene intended for the making of 'The Waves of the Phoenix' as the sky has opted to provide that for them. However, there's something about the direction of the light that has caused for crews to decide now is the perfect time for a lunch break. And what fortune indeed that just off camera, the entrance to a McDonalds is accessible. And so, what are the bundled up cast members doing? Getting a burger and fries in their equally dreary attire. How posh.

Another bundled up figure steps in. With a shawl over her head and sunglasses on, she peered around hopefully. Perhaps a random fan coming to see a glimpse of a famous person? Actually, this was a famous person herself, incognito, looking for another person. She shivered a little and wondered when this McDonalds' opened up, rubbing her hands together

There is a sea of old timey costumes protected by the clear plastic of the ponchos waiting to get their order in at the counter and a number that have already gotten their food congregating over towards the offw-hite tables of the dining areas. As for one Mike Hannigan, he is off to the side, lingering away from the line as he waits for his order to be made. He too has been made to wear the poncho, likely under threat of death by the woman in charge of wardrobe for the scene for fear of the effects of a stray blob of ketchup. But the black fabric and intricate lacework leading up to the high collar of the jacket does show through for an appearance of some romance character in a protective bubble… in a McDonald's. He seems a bit more bored than hungry.

Her eyes darted again, frowning at the line. Maybe the Drive thr… Mike! She brightened immediately and bypassed the line to sidle up to him, nudging "Hey you." she murmers "Dont you know this stuff can kill you?"

Mike's head tilts as he hears his name, which considering the people he's surrounded by is not all that surprising that he should hear it. But upon seeing who said it, he does blink. "Rex?" He gives a bit of a half smile, "Considering the stuff I lived through, I think the occasional burger and fries aren't my biggest concern." He sneaks a look over towards a rather frazzled looking woman with measuring tape draped around her shoulders, "The biggest threat would be the keeper of the costumes over there right now."

"Ah yes. The Wardrobe Mistress. " remarks Rex as she puts an arm through his, if possible. "I know that entirely. How is the filming going in this weather? I guess you save money on water effects huh? Are you doing okay?"she asked, peering up at him.

"It's a good thing the rain was scripted, that's for sure." Mike replies, his arm lifting to accomodate the other musician threading her arm through, holding back a bit of a smirk as he sees a costumed person in line giving Rex the evil eye. "Imagine the fits if we were in our lighter costumes. It's going okay I think. Got about another week before my parts are done. Mostly indoor ones left to go so no weather delays expected."

"Always a good thing." if she noticed the look, she ignored it, and was careflu not to rumple the costume. "Are you going back to America after this one to tour again? Or still taking time off? " she asked curiously

"I might sneak in an acoustic here and there after this," Mike allows before nodding, "But yes, going back for now. Have some things I need to take care of. And I've got some other things to work on as well." He returns the curious glance, "Are you planning on coming back any time soon?"

Rex Gregson nods "I think so. Its' been a good three years, but well, I /did/ move there cause I wanted to live in America." she sighs "I think I'm feeling up to it now as well, and I havent toured in a while… at least not in America. Getting ansty, and lots of emails."

Well, nothing wrong with giving things a second chance." Mike replies, indirectly agreeing with Rex's decision about possibly coming back. He goes quiet for a moment, looking towards the counter once more, "And, that guy who gave you problems before isn't around anymore."

Rex Gregson states "That's VERY True. Do you feel safe going back? " she asks, peering up at him as the mans' food finally arrives "You seem to well, attract trouble, and I worry about you honestly as a friend."

Mike looks over towards Rex but doesn't answer immediately as he moves up to the counter, exchanges a smile and recieves his tray. Walking over to the drink dispenser, he holds it to the spout, crooking a finger to press down on the water trigger. "Trouble is my life." Mike allows, glancing over towards Rex, "I've grown up around it so…" He shrugs. When the cup is filled he releases the trigger, pulling the container back as well.

Rex Gregson follows Mike along, waiting for the line to go down a little bit. She nods, frowning a little as though trying to understand. "It still doesnt make it right. But if you're sure… thanks for touring by the way. People LOVED it." She smiled.

"I've learned long ago that just because it's right doesn't mean it will happen. As for the tour, glad they did." Mike returns, giving Rex a smile, likely triggering the evil eye from the other woman as he leads her towards one of the two person tables, setting the tray down, "Have to say, it is enjoyable being someone else from time to time."

"It CAN be fun. Sombre Tyrannosaur is very different from the real me." agrees Rex, sitting across from him with a warm smile "Although I think she's going to change a little bit now that this last concert was over. Still rock and heavy and stuff, but less Alice Cooper, more Classic?"

Mike nods, unwrapping his burger, taking a big bite out of it. Mouth full, he looks to Rex, then to the line of workers still waiting to get their order in. A hand reaches down, turning the fry box so that it's easily accessible to the both of them.

Rex Gregson blinks at that, then smiles a little and takes a few "Thank you. I'm only pasing through on a way to visiting the Loch Ness anyways. Was going to grab dinner there. I dont eat when on the road usually." she admits, not asking him further questions until he had done eating

Swallowing the bite of food in his mouth, he nods, "So, What's bringing about the change?" Mike takes another bite of the burger, chewing away as he awaits Rex's response.

"I dunno.I guess… what happened with you really. Does rock really need the blood and violence and stuff to really make it good? I mean, Queen didnt have that much, they did great. And while Lordi had demons and hell and things, they also did other stuff too." she explains, eyeing a suspiciously weirdly shaped french fry.

"Hmm." He shakes his head, taking yet another bite of the burger, leaving very little left of it. Damn those burgers are small. It isn't until the second bite is finished off with that he speaks. "I, don't quite use the same types of theatrics you use in a show, but, the elements are there. Fire, Demonic, Darkness… Know how much I intend to drop after what happened?

Rex Gregson nods "I was going Alice Cooper's route, but think I'll stick to what I'm doing now." she paused, then asked "All of it? Or maybe not Demonic." she guessed

Mike shakes his head. "Not a damn thing." He picks up a fry. "It's part of the show. The fans love it. So I'll give it." He gives a bit of a smile, "I'm fine. Shit happens. Life goes on."

Rex Gregson smiles "No harm in developing the style overtime though." she points out "look at Sir Elton Jon right? " she sneaks another fry "The reviews loved Phantom though, so i think I will do more of that kind of concert for sure. The semi-operetta kind that tells a story."

"What do you think the other personas are for?" Mike replies with a bit of a smirk.

Rex Gregson laughs softly "I meant overall themes and stuff, not the other personas, although I guess I worry about a one trick pony." she admits . "… are you still with your record company?"

Mike's smirk fades at the question, "Yeah. Re-signed again. Come 2014 at some point, there will be another album." He pops in the remainder of the burger, chewing it quietly.

Rex Gregson frowns "WHy do you keep doing that? They dont seem very pleasant." she notes critically

Mike's eyes narrow as his chewing slows.

Rex Gregson pauses at that. and coughs softly "… Are you okay?" she asks, suddenly uncomfortable.

Finishing his food, he looks down to the wrapper and starts to crumple it up. "Just chewing. Kind of goes with eating." The wrapper is set down on the tray, leaving just the fries and water left to consume. "They're not pleasant. But they're pretty much letting me get away with murder with the contracts." He takes a fry, tapping it on the tray liner, shaking off the excess salt, "That's enough reason, right?"

"I guess so, if you like to kill people." she remarks flatly, relaxing again "I just enjoy myself more now that I went freelance. But each to our own right?" she smiled. "How long after the movie is done are you taking off before going to america?"

Mike chews his fry, giving a bit of a wistful look. "Yeah. Each our own." He says as he grabs another, "Depends on several things. Is the filming getting delayed, how many gigs I got in me afterwards, what places I can con my way into, if Armand's latest attempts to 'Let them Eat Cake' instead resulted in 'Let them put out the condo fire'…"

Rex Gregson nods at that, then nearly chokes on her most recent stolen fry at the last "… oh he DIDNT… does he know that was France, and not England?" she asked once she had recovered "Thank goodness he was too busy cooking on my tour!"

Well, he IS French," Mike replies, giving a bit of a chuckle at Rex's reaction, "-ish. That's the name of his charity. Actually had an event that turned out a few days before I had to come over here."

Rex Gregson pause at that. Then goes red "… I remember now. I sent a truck load of jelly babies and cash to it." she admits in a meek voice "I thought the email was a personal joke, not the official name!"

"With Armand it's hard to tell." Mike replies, giving a knowing nod. "I had the fortune of seeing him say it to know he wasn't joking."

Rex Gregson remarks "I'll ake your word for it.I just hope they liked the jelly babies." she admits and settles back, looking up "oh! the line is gone! Did you want a Flurry?"

Mike looks over to the lack of line and considers the offer for a moment before shaking his head, "Nah." He tilts his head down towards the white bag, "I have fries."

Rex Gregson nods "Fries are just as good. Hang on." She stood up, made an order and got hers… mcnuggets and a chocolate fudge flurry with cookies and mnms. "I'm hoping to make the next town by nightfall."

Rex Gregson says, "Otherwise I'd stay and watch filming if its permitted!"

Mike finishes off his fries as he waits for Rex to come back, glancing over towards the counter area a few times. He's sipping his water by the time she comes back and speaks. "You're welcome to watch if yo come back to the area in time." Mike replies, giving a wave of the hand, "So long as you don't wander aimlessly on scene or do a laugh track while they're filming, I don't think they'd mind with enough advanced warning."

"Eh, its a one way trip. Driving up, flying back. But I think I'll stay a little bit. THere's still lots of … well, semi-sun left. I'll try and keep the maniacal laughter under wraps." she promises "And of course, not film anything!"

"Just for the love of God, don't wear a Dr. Who outfit." Mike adds in, "That's how Sarah's husband got kicked off the set."

Rex Gregson laughs a little bit "Too bad the Companions dont have recognieseable costumes." she admits "I'll just wear what I have now."

Mike looks to Rex's attire, seemingly taking note of what it is for the first time. "That should work." He shifts to his feet, "Well, take your time here, I'm going to go see about wrangling you up a pass."

Rex Gregson oos and beams with a smile "I do free cameos!" she joked laughingly and falls silent to nom her own food while he did so.

"I'll be sure to let them know." Mike replies with an impish smile and a two fingered half salute before heading towards the trash can with his tray.


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