Lights, Camera, ACTION!

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Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Phantasm, Shadowcat

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Upper West Side

Kitty comes across a film shoot and spots a familiar face.

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-----==[ Upper West Side - New York ]==---------------------------------------

Where the Upper East Side is the home of the economic elite of New York, the Upper West Side is the center of the intellectual and cultural elite. Set among the four- and five-story brownstones that line most of the broad streets are institutions starting with the American Museum of Natural History, Hayden Planetarium, and the New York Historical Society, on to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and the theaters, opera halls, and orchestras within - not to mention the Julliard School of Music.

The area's housing is, thus, not cheap; upper-middle-class to high-upper-middle predominates, with occasional celebrity residents. (Perhaps the most famous was John Lennon, who lived in the Dakota luxury apartment building up until his death.) Money, as usual, doesn't solve everything; residents of the Upper West Side occasionally complain about the frequency with which their parking spaces are taken by crews shooting Law & Order episodes.


With the cold of the day, there is little reason to take notice of the number of coats that are about on the street. It is quite a chilly day. It seems like quite a regular scene really. An officer stands at an intersection holding his hand out to keep traffic stopped and there are people on the sidewalk. But there is something off to this arrangement. There's much less people walking about than normal this weekday afternoon and an elderly woman seems not at all distrusting of her environment as she just lets the purse hang from her shoulder. No hand clasped on to it for security. This is juuuuuust begging for something to happen. And happen it does. A hooded figure dashes by snatching the purse, triggering the cries of 'He he has my purse!'. The officer directing the unmoving traffic turns, looking towards the woman and starts running towards the scene, just as another hooded figure runs over, tackling the purse snatcher to the ground. There's a scuffle and the criminal reaches towards his jacket, promptly dropping a gun in his attempts to pull it out.


The fight pauses, and everyone in the scene just stops, glancing over to a man with a megaphone, looking a bit peeved. Sighing, the cop moves back over to his spot 'directing' traffic.

Shadowcat looks over from her walk "hmm wonder what movie they're doing?" a purple dragon head peeking from her good with a shrug. Sometimes it was good to get some fresh air.

You have left channel Public.

The director glances to the people standing around and shakes his head, "Take five." He looks over towards one of the hooded men, pointing to him, "Except you." As the purse snatcher gets a talking to, the other hooded man walks away, heading over to a table that's been set up for refreshments. Grabbing a bottle of water, he moves over to a bench on the sidewalk positioned near one of the barricades and tugs off the hood, revealing the features of Mike. His long hair is tucked behind his ear to one side while the other side appears to have been brushed with the intent of covering up the other half.

Shadowcat looks at Lockheed and they both look at Mike "Mike? Wasn't expecting to see you in something like this"

Hearing his real name, Mike glances up, the hair on the one half of his face shifting slightly to give a hint to some type of markings underneath. "Hu-?" He pauses, looking to see Kitty and her pet, "Oh hey, Kitty." He gives a half smile, "Entertainers have to entertain, don't they?"

Shadowcat smiles at Mike, petting Lockheed as he cooked out of her hood "Yeah. ya got a point there. So what role do you have?"

He leans back, cracking open the bottle of water, "Oh, you know. The usual guest role on a police leaga drama. Something interesting where a lecture gets shoved down your throat during the court proceedings portion of the show." The musician gives a bit of a wink, "Can't really give you the script notes." Mike glances over towards the director who is still lecturing the purse snatcher character. "Buuuut, based from the 5 other takes we've done of this, I think it's safe to say in this scene I help grab a purse snatcher."

Shadowcat chuckles tilting her head to try and get a better look at the makings on Mike's neck "Where's you get the makings from?"

"Oh these ones are from the makeup artist." Mike replies matter of factly, lifting the hair a little to give a peek at what looks like old burn scars that extend up to the side of his face before, looking back towards the scene, "Something that's... not being filmed right now so I probably shouldn't mention what for." He lowers his hair, "So what brings you two out here? Business or pleasure?"

Shadowcat grins at her pet "alright but just a short bit" giving her a nod Lockheed flew over to Mike for attention of course "pleasure, I was going to try to get some ideas to help in hell's kitchen and mutant town. just because we focus on stopping the big things doesn't mean we can't help with the small things"

Pale blue eyes watch as the tiny dragon flies over, looking over towards him as he perches. Not making a motion just yet as he considers him. Is he supposed to pet him? He eventually gives him a solitary pat on the head before looking back to Kitty, "There are community outreach programs you could look into. Sometimes they can benefit from well knowns making appearances for them at charity events."

Shadowcat snickers as Lockheed flies back to get his attention from her, petting him in all the good spots "That's actually a good idea a new student was thinking that we might be able to open a soup kitchen"

"Yeah. And if you ever want to check out the shelter in Chelsea... I'm sure the Father would be very happy for the help." Mike sips his water, glancing back towards the set, seeing people start to filter back into position. "Ut-Got to go." He screws the cap back on the bottle and looks around before looking towards Kitty, "Uh. Have some water." He tosses the bottle over to her before he starts jogging back over to get into position as well, tugging his hood back into place as he makes his way.

Shadowcat smirks catching the bottle and slips it into her hood for Lockheed before giving Mike a wave "Good luck Mike" turning to continue on her way


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