Life: A Discussion

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The Vision, Scarlet Witch

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Library, Avengers Mansion, NYC

The Vision and Scarlet Witch run into each other in the Library and a discussion breaks out!

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The library isn't terribly large, nor is it particularly well-stocked. Though, it is a rather cozy room, and right now Wanda is just curled up in one of the larger chairs. She has a rather large book on her lap, paging through it with an absent smile as Bach plays in the background. Apparently the library rules aren't quite as strict as you'd expect...

Of course they are not very strict... what's Jarvis going to do? Yell and fuss at the Earth's Mightiest? Riiiight. The Vision, himself, often listens to music in the Library. It's often devoid of other occupants of the mansion. That is why Vizh came up to the Library today, he assumed it was unoccupied. The Vision floats up through the floor and into the room, his cape drawn about him. He solidifies and looks towards Wanda, "It appears someone beat me in here."

Wanda glances up, and smiles, "Oh, hello Vision." She blinks a little at Vision, recognizing the look he has, "Did you want some privacy? If you did, I could go..." She finds a bookmark in the tome she's reading, placing it there carefully but not quite shutting the book, giving her... well, technically ex-husband, a curious glance.

The Synthetic Avenger furrows his brow at what Wanda says. He shakes his head and slides a hand out from under his cape, "Oh, no. That is not what I meant by my statement. I was making an attempt at being fascicious." He holds out his hand and shakes it in a gesture meant to impart a 'No no no' message. He looks around the room, "I am simply here to relax. Some place a little less... spartan than my room." He pauses, "Hello, by the way."

Wanda smiles a little, "Hello to you, Vision." She pauses, "And yes, you can definitely stay here... I was just looking for," another pause, then a shrug, "Someplace where I could think."

The Synthetic Avenger nods and walks over towards a chair not far from Wanda's own. He pushes his cape aside and settles down into it. He asks, "As good a place as any. I will be quiet-" He pauses and a look comes across his face as if something comes to mind, "-or do you need someone to talk to about whatever is on your mind?"

Wanda smiles over at Vision, "You know... I always like talking to you." She tilts her head, "It's just, well, you saw the report about my encounter with Exodus, right?" She looks a bit troubled about things, but there's a lot going on that would cause that.

The Vision gives a nod and leans forward in the chair, "Yes; Of course. Your encounter, apparently, went far better than my own encounter with him." He purses his lips slightly as he briefly recalls his own encounter. He asks, "What about it are you dwelling on?"

Wanda laughs a little dryly, "He wished me to convey his apologies about that, by the way." She sighs, "He just kept stressing the 'daughter of Magneto' angle at me. It was... well, he treated me like I was some sort of royalty." She smiles a bit, "I have to admit, being royalty might be nice, but not at the cost I'd have to pay."

The Vision arches an eyebrow and then points towards Wanda's head. He asks, "Were you in costume? Perhaps the garment you adorn your head with... confused him? Perhaps he thought of it as a crown?" His shoulders heave in a shrug and he leans back in the chair that he occupies. He asks, "Why does this weigh on your mind?"

Wanda sighs, "Because... it just seemed so seductive. The idea of being a princess, or a queen. I thought I got rid of those thoughts, I don't /want/ to be a queen." She looks over at Vision, and smiles faintly, "You never noticed my costume had changed, Vision?" A brow arches slightly as she regards Vision.

The Vision waves his hand dismissively, "Oh, you hadn't switched back? I apologize for my assumption. Every Avenger seems to change their appearance ever couple of months." He fails to acknowledge his own recent change from Ghost-white to Original Recipe Vision. He then comments, "It is natural to feel the way you feel. Power; Prestige; Fame; Wealth; They are all something people aspire to be. So it is natural to be drawn to that thought." He tilts his head to one side, "You are upset that you were thinking of such a prospect in a favorable light?"

Wanda shrugs, "Well, considering how many times I've flirted with the other side of things... some of them pretty recently? I just... I don't want that level of power. Except that, I wonder if I did have that power, if I could do better things with it. Would I be better than my father?" She sighs, then shakes her head, "It didn't help that Exodus was being rather... well behaved."

The Vision appears to sigh as he, somehow, sinks further into the cushion of the chair he occupies, "All of us think that, Wanda. If we could do this or do that, we'd be able to make everything right. Unfortunately, it appears that many of us, when given the opportunity, do something completely different when the chance arises." His face grows grim as he speaks of his own experience.

Scarlet Witch nods, and looks at Vision, "I remember, Viz. ISAAC." She reaches out, offering Vision her hand, "All the things we've been through. I never thought..." She shakes her head, looking down and away.

The Vision nods, not taking her hand. His inhuman eyes regard it for a moment before they drift back upwards to look at her face, "Indeed; I suppose it proved that I was more than a machine. My hubris in what I thought I could do." His jaw clenches and he changes the subject back to Wanda, "So, Exodus was behaving himself...?"

Wanda looks at her empty hand, then sighs, looking out the window instead of facing Vision, pulling her hand back, "Yes, quite so. He wants to help us find Magneto and Genosha. I told him I would mention it to Carol, but I made no promises. But if he did help us... well, it could be quite a benefit."

The Synthetic Avenger notes Wanda's body language and his shoulders slump visibly beneath his cape. He offers a nod, "Yes; I imagine his help could be beneficial. Does he, however, have a means of helping them from the Negative Zone? I was under the impression that was a little out of his grasp."

Scarlet Witch sighs a bit, "Well, that's why he wants to come with us. He has promised me he'd behave, since I'm 'the Daughter of Magneto,' so I'm inclined to think he'd cooperate based on how he feels about me, if nothing else." She looks back at Vision, and smiles a little, "It's hard, isn't it?" And she's definitely not talking about the Negative Zone, Exodus, or anything else.

The Vision shrugs his shoulders at her statement, "Were I Chairperson, I would be weighing the benefits versus the negatives of an association with a Mutant Terrorist. Thankfully I am not Chairperson. Carol may want to use whatever unknown resources Exodus may have available to him." The Synthetic Man is quiet for a moment after he says this. He addresses Wanda's question, "Life is hard; As much as I dislike such a platitude." He places an elbow on the arm of his chair and props the side of his head against his knuckles and gives an unamused humph to feign that he found humor in what he said.

Wanda turns back to Vision and hmphs a bit, "No kidding." She then smiles a little wryly, "I suppose we know that better than most, don't we?" Her head tilts towards Vision, as she looks like she's puzzling out what to say next.

The Vision's head remains propped on his knuckles, "Why, Wanda, whatever do you mean? We presently reside in a mansion in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in all of New York City. We have a network of friends, colleagues and associates that we can call upon to do anything we need. We have nearly incalculable resources." He forces a smile onto his inhuman face, "Can you imagine someone not in our position hearing us say such a thing." He lifts his head up off his knuckles and turns to look away... let's say to a nearby window. He looks to the outside world, "That said, though, it does not make the platitude any less accurate."

Scarlet Witch smiles a bit, "Yes, well, how many extradimensional beings have tried to take permanent control over me in the past... what, three, four years?" She laughs harshly, a hint of bitterness in her voice, "How many people can have children that don't vanish... if they ever existed at all?" She closes her eyes and shakes her head, "Sometimes I wonder if I would trade it all away. But then I remember the good times that come with the bad. The happier times."

The Vision, still looking out the window, nods at what she says. The Synthetic Man looks back to Wanda and says in agreement, "It is true. Hopefully the more pleasant experiences outnumber the negative ones." He pauses and adds, "I regret much in my brief existance, but I can not and would not trade anything away. I do not think I would endure the loss."

Wanda looks at Vision, and smiles, "The good outweighed the bad for me too." She rises up to her feet, setting the book aside as she moves to stand next to Vision, "The fact that you have regrets just makes you more human, Vision."

The Vision's face has half a smile, as if he's trying to contain the full one. He turns his head and looks up to Wanda standing next to him. The half smile remainds and a shrug of one shoulder is given, "And I am certain that my 'father' would certainly regret my having such regrets." The smile breaks out, "And knowing that help me to better deal with my regrets." He pauses and adds, "Perspective."

Wanda does, at this point, place a hand on Vision's arm, smiling up at him, "Is it wrong that I wanted Hank to reprogram him to sound like a Dalek? I think he might actually appreciate that." She then does a passable imitation of a Dalek herself, "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" before laughing to herself.

The Vision shakes his head, an amused look on his face, "I do not see much of a difference in that desired mannerism and the one he already exhibits. It certainly is a concise commentary on his basic outlook in life." He asks, "And Dalek, Wanda? I thought I knew as much about you as anyone could know. There are, apparently, facets of your personality that I have yet to be acquainted with."

Scarlet Witch looks a bit amused, "After... well, I thought I would broaden my horizons. I took a few months for myself, I needed it. No family, no Avengers, nothing but myself and wandering through Europe. Or even just being at home. Myself, regular sessions with Doc Samson, and trying to come to grips with... well, everything."

The Vision humphs, "Doc Who?" He asks as the obvious joke to make. The Synthetic Man falls silent for a moment, the amused look remains on his face for a few moments before it fades into a more neutral expression. He says, "I am thankful you are back with us."

Scarlet Witch blinks, then looks at Vision as he makes his comment, then... she laughs. A happy, almost giddy laugh, that she probably hadn't done in a long time. Then she smiles, "I... I'm glad to be back here too, Vizh. With all of you."

The Vision nods at her response and then turns his head to regard the book she had put down a few minutes ago. He blinks and shakes his head, "Well; Now that I have firmly ripped you away from your lounging, music and reading..." He trails off.

Scarlet Witch was reading "American Gods" actually, a deluxe edition of it. She then looks at Vision, "Well, I don't mind the interruption. It's always good to... well, be with you." She doesn't look quite sure what else to say.

Vizh has a small smile on his face, "Yes. Well-" The Vision pauses and his forehead scrunches slightly as if the Synthetic Man didn't know how or couldn't finish his thought. He shakes his head, "-I enjoy our time together." He moves from the chair, "Still, that was my unsuccessful attempt at segueing to my departure. I have something I must attend to." He offers the slightest smile, "Were it not for that, I would be more than happy to remain and listen to more Bach."

Scarlet Witch glances over her shoulder at Vision and smiles, "Well, I'll see you later, Vizh. Take care of yourself, okay?" She then looks back out the window, staring at the moon with a thoughtful expression.

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