Life at School

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Mercury, Sandman, and Scarlet Witch

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11/03/12 20:01

Dining Hall - Xavier Mansion

Mercury, Sandman, and Scarlet Witch chat about life while dining.

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It is dinner time at Xaviers. Students hustle and bustle in the Dining Hall, but seem to suddenly grow silent when Sandman enters. He looks about at the various mutants and students and feels like he sticks out like a sore thumb. Powered or not, he is not a mutant and he is a former villain and so when he moves to the counter to get some food, he sulks to himself. Very different vibe then earlier when he was working with a different student. He mumbles something under his breath when a six-armed rather large woman holding a pan asks him for his order. He lets out a sigh, “I’ll have an Italian combo sandwich.” He looks about at the tables. All full and the empty one makes him sigh. He never finished school and remembers why. If only a popular mutant was around that he could sit with.

Speaking of popular mutants, Wanda currently sips a cup of cocoa while reading over some things. Currently she's clad in civilian clothes, absently paging through a book. When she hears Sandman, she looks up and gives him a friendly smile, waving to him, "Hey, didn't realize you were up here too."

His facial expression brightens when he sees a familiar adult face. Rushing over to her table when he gets his order. He plops right down, “Wanda! Thank god! I thought I was about to get scoured. These kids don’t seem to like me.” There is a whisper of ‘flatscan’ loud enough for him to hear. Sandman ignores it, “I was up here for the weekend since I was off duty. I worked with a young student, Mercury. Sorta have similar shaping powers except she is more liquid metal instead of sand. . .I think it went well considering I ain’t ever done this before. . .” A student walks by and coughs *villain* and continues walking, “. . .and may not again.” He quirks his brow as the student disappears into a crowd of other students.

Scarlet Witch arches a brow as she catches the flatscan comment, but just shakes her head a bit, "Well, you'd think they'd be a bit more forgiving, considering their own history... and mine, for that matter." Her eyes narrow a bit at the snide comments she overhears, then she shakes her head, "But that's good with you and Mercury, I've met her briefly, and her powers did seem pretty similar to yours."

Mercury enters the Dining Hall and goes straight to the counter. She doesn't exactly NEED food, but she does it to 'fit in'. She gets just a simple cheese-burger and a glass of orange juice. "Thanks, Elza." she tells the six-armed woman. "Not too hungry today, really." she says, smiling, before she turns around to face the crowd and start the task of finding an empty seat. In her mind, she starts playing the 'mission impossible' theme.

“Yeah, well. I was hoping to maybe mentor her or I don’t know. Doesn’t seem like it will work out here for me. But you should work with her. Good girl. Rough life, but positive spirit. It would do good for her to be around someone who has had a rough life, but can guide her. So you would be perfect, Wanda.” Sandman looks over his sandwich and opts not to eat it. When he looks around the dining hall and spots Mercury, “Well, speak of the devil.” He grins, “Hey. HEY!” He yells loudly in Mercury’s direction which causes most of the student in the hall to look directly at her.

Wanda chuckles a bit, "I wouldn't mind at all working with her, but I think you'd be a far better choice, William." She smiles over at Mercury, adding her own wave as she looks back at Sandman, "Your powers alone seem to be far more appropriate to help with hers, though I can definitely help if you want."

Mercury looks around slowly trying to find a good place as she walks in a slow pace, until she hears someone with a very distinct voice calling her. Everyone here has twenty or less years of age, so a deep voice of an older man of course would stand out. Following the origin of said voice she finds Sandman sitting at a table, with Wanda, who's waving at her. She blinks softly, but she lets it go and approaches the two. "Hey." she says, smiling, "Hi, Miss Maximoff. Hi, Mr. Sandman." she says as she joins their table.

Before Mercury joins them, Sandman shrugs to Wanda, “We’ll see. School was never my thing. Plus this place makes me nervous being around kids in a school. I think I would rather fight Galactus naked. . .” When Mercury joins them, he smiles, “Hey Cessily, you can call me just Sandman or Bill. The whole Mr. thing is for people with degrees.” He smirks and then opts to eat the sandwich after all.

Wanda smiles wryly, "I think you're selling yourself short, William." She then looks over at Mercury, "And please, call me Wanda. I'm not officially teaching any classes her yet, I don't think anyway... Carol hasn't really let me know either way."

Mercury nods softly as she places her tray before her on the table. "Alright. My parents just taught me to be polite." she says softly, nodding, "Anyways, thanks for letting me join you two. Finding a spot can be tricky, here." she says, smiling.

As he is joined by the two female mutants, Sandman feels a bit more comfortable being at the school. “Ya can join us anytime. And do you prefer Mercury or Cessily?” He asks her as he thinks over what Wanda said before. Maybe he will stick it out after all.

Wanda smiles a bit, "Well, that's a good lesson to learn, Mercury, but right now, I don't think that's necessary." She sips her cocoa, "Actually, it's a bit of a reminder, Jan was emailing me about possible changes to my costume. Again." She sighs a bit, "I think she's determined that nothing I have is going to make it a full year without changes."

Mercury sips at her juice as she looks at Sandman, "Either is fine, really. People around here call each other by both name or codename." she shrugs gently, smiling softly. Then as Wanda talks fashion, she gets curious. "Who's Jan? The Avenger's stylist?" she asks, turning her attention to Wanda and chuckling softly.

“Well at least you get different outfits. These are the same clothes I’ve been wearing since I got my powers. They are literally a part of me.” Sandman shrugs and when asked about Jan, “Yeah something like that. She is an Avenger, but has input on alot of our costumes. I hear she holds fashion shows in her room with some of our teammates.” He hmmmns for a moment as he envisions her fashion shows., “I wonder how to get an invitation to that.” He winks to Wanda jokingly. “So, Cessily, how do you like the school? From a kid’s perspective, is it all it’s cracked up to be? What do you like and what do you think could make it better?”

Scarlet Witch ahems, "That's Janet van Dyne, as in the Wasp." She smiles, "Founding member, not exactly active just now, but she does keep her nose in the costuming of us, as she is a fashion designer by trade." She gives Bill a wry look and shakes her head a bit, looking over at Mercury, "Yes, indeed, what could we do to improve things, in your opinion?"

Mercury blinks as Sandman mentions a 'private fashion show' and she arches one eyebrow. She was about to say something when Wanda speaks, and then repeats Sandman's question opinion about the school. To that, she just shrugs, "Can't really compare since I've never been to other boarding schools, but..." she chuckles, smiling, "It's pretty nice, so far. Everyone here is a mutant, so there's no anti-mutant gangs, here." she says, smiling, before taking a soft bite off her sandwich.

“Well, I like that is safe for mutants, but not just segregated. Your roommate isn’t a mutant right. Ultragirl? And I think there is a another non-mutant here too. Finesse, or something. Good to get all the powered kids some education. Wouldn’t want to lead to some kind of big tragedy that turns hero against hero.” Sandman sighs and then smiles as he finishes his sandwich.

Wanda smiles, "Which is why we're here in the first place. I mean, really, it doesn't matter if a radioactive bug bit you or if you were born with different powers... the bottom line is that people need to be trained in their powers in order to use them properly."

Mercury nods softly, "Yes, I heard that Ultragirl isn't exactly a mutant, but..." she just shrugs, "It doesn't matter to me. In either case, despite her being my roommate, I very, very rarely see her." she says, "We don't have the same classes, and whenever she's got free time, she just leaves for... basically the whole day." she shrugs again.

“Well, I’ve worked with her before. We and some of the Avengers took out an Asgardian Frost Giant. She’s good and kinda cool.” Sandman offers a smile, “Well, you got the classes down pat. But what do you all do for fun? All work and no play makes students bored out of their minds.”

Wanda tilts her head, "I have to admit, I'm a bit curious about that myself. Though I know Bobby has said a few things about that." She smiles over at Mercury, "But you haven't been here that long, have you?"
Mercury oh's, and she chuckles, "Well, each dorm has its own gaming room with electronic gaming systems for just about anyone..." she says, starting to count with her fingers, "There's the Mansion's lounge where everyone can just lounge around, play board games, talk, etc..." she nods, "There's also the small park, and the sports area, too." she explains.

“Bobby? That’s the Ice-Man who wears tighty whities? I saw the video on Youtube. HA!” Sandman chortles as he turns to Mercury to hear her response ot the fun question. His mouth then goes agape as he looks to Wanda, “We so need all of that at the Avengers Mansion.” He then grins and looks back to Mercury, “Well then it is pretty cool. It seems you have the best of everything here.”

Wanda grins at Bill, "There's a full selection of gaming consoles there... but I've been banned from playing them since I tried Borderlands. It's not /my/ fault that I kept getting the orange gear with every drop." She looks a bit innocent, "Vision and I actually had a pretty good system set up that way."

Mercury nods to Sandman, "Yes, the guy that can turn into ice. He's pretty cool." she chuckles at that, but then she arches one eyebrow at Wanda, but shrugs. She never thought of the Scarlet Witch (or any of the Avengers, for that matter) as a gamer. "Really? That's cool." she says, before she looks up to the clock on the wall. "And it's time for me to go. I have some school stuff I have to finish before the day is over." she says, smiling, as she stands up, "It was really nice meeting you two." she nods, and waves as she makes her way out, placing her tray on top of a pile of trays near the exit.

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