Life After . . .

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Jean Grey and Sunfire

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Lower Meeting Room - Admin South - Xavier Mansion

Shiro is trying to get his life back together after having been Famine. It proves difficult, so Jean offers input.

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Late evening and Shiro Yoshida is clearly upset. He passes the empty meeting room, speaking loudly into his cellular phone. He is speaking Japanese and whoever is on the other end is getting a mouthful. He finally slams the phone down and his hands light aflame burning the mobile phone as he continues cursing in Japanese.

There's a light knocking on the door, and then Jean pokes her head in, "Hello, Shiro... I take it things are not going well?" She looks at the scorched phone, one eyebrow arching ever so slightly.

The smell of burnt plastic and wires starts to fill the room, until the entire phone is engulfed and finally melted in plasma. <No, Jean. . .things are not going well.> is Shiro sarcastically. He closes his eyes and lets out a sigh and apology, “Sorry, Jean. Trying to get my affairs in order after becoming Famine and Apocalypse’s horseman has proven more difficult than I thought.”

Jean gets a wry look on her face, slipping into the meeting room and closing the door behind her, "Yes, I figured that much. At least you're back with us, Shiro. But well, it could always be worse." And she'd be the one to know about that.

Quirking his brow, “How could it possible be worse? I was under the thrall of an evil ancient mutant and made to do bad things. Everything that I was has been taken from me.” Putting his down as he realizes that Jean actually know about that. Shiro pulls a chair out from the meeting table and rests his head in his arms and lets out a sigh. Popping his head back, “After everything that happened with the Phoenix Force, how did you get your life back together?”

Jean sits down and looks at Shiro, "One day at a time, honestly. But it was a comfort that, in a way, it wasn't me. Or actually me, that did those things. Much like what Apocalypse did to you, Shiro... Famine was not /you/. Not really, it was what he wanted to twist you into." She steeples her fingers in front of her, "I still do remember the death-cries of those the Phoenix killed. Even though that wasn't me."

Nodding and sighing simultaneously, “Yes, I need to be more considerate and remember others. It seems we, X-Men, tend to be pulled into soul taints. I should probably seek out Remy and Lorna. We did go through it all together. And I guess I should talk to Logan, Scott, or Warren, since they have each specifically gone through this.” Shiro reaches across the table and pats Jean’s head affectionately, “Thank you for taking me back into the fold. I wasn’t always the friendliest.”

Jean Grey laughs a little, "Well, it's alright Shiro." She tilts her head and shrugs a bit, "And don't feel bad about that, we have jackets. When a force like Apocalypse does that to you... well, there's nothing more you could have done. Second guessing yourself does no one any good. Instead you should focus on what you can do here and now."

Smiling and taking his hand back, “So what are the plans? Between here and Utopia? For a moment, I thought Scott was getting more in like with Magneto’s old views. Our own country instead of trying to integrate. But we still have the school. But Utopia has added a whole new alternate into the world.” Shiro ponders.

Jean chuckles, "Well, since mutants are no longer an endangered species, Scott agrees with me that there's not much point to Utopia anymore." Her lips quirk a bit, "It was a long discussion, but in the end, we decided to bring most operations back here."

“Well it was a smart decision on both your parts. Plus it will prove a more strategic base than keeping all mutants there.” Shiro agrees. “The team being based here, but with Utopia on top of the old base in Australia (if we still have that one) makes us more global and less isolated.”

Jean nods, "Precisely my thought. Being spread out a little bit will help, I think. And we can use the versatility of locations when it is necessary. Scott and I were... not exactly seeing eye to eye, after the decimation."

“Oh. . . well. . .at least you are all in agreement now.” Shiro starts to laugh, “I mean. . .the world of mutants would be run amok if the poster couple of mutants were in disagreement. It is good that you and Scott are still together after all this time.”

Jean laughs a bit, "I think so. We had a few rough spots, especially when I joined Cap's side in the Civil War, but our love never waned." A bit of a smile, "I understand what he was trying to do, but I didn't exactly agree with it. It's why I stayed away for some time there."

“And yet, your love brought you back together. I must admit I am envious of you and Scott for that. While I have had my share of dalliances over the years, it has been quite some time since I had the slightest potential interest. . .and well she was an enemy, so. . .who knows, really.” Shiro smirks as he thinks of a flirtation he shared with Dragoness during a fight.

Jean hrmms, "Well, you never know. Sometimes enemies turn into allies when you least suspect it. I think our history is filled with that, really." She shrugs a bit, "Honestly, I think both Scott and I have been fairly lucky with everything that's happened between us."

"Well, luck has played a part, I am sure. But let's face. When I first fought all of you in DC when I first arrived in this country. I could tell even then." Shiro laughs, "Times have changed and yet they haven't." He sighs and shrugs, "So when will we see little children? And not the adult children from the future."
Jean hrms, "Well, we haven't really been settled enough to even make an effort, but... maybe sometime soon. Now that we're back here, perhaps we can make a start on it." She seems a bit uneasy at the thought... being locked into a certain path.

Smiling and nodding, Shiro rises, “Well, I think I will head into New York City for the evening. See if I can enjoy the last bits of the weekend.” He bows his head formally and starts to make his way out, “Thank you for the talk, Jean.”

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