Library Night

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Thimble Mirage

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03/04/13 20:00

Library - Xaviers

Mirage finds Thimble in the library

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After dinner one finds the library pretty much empty. A good time to go and either return books or pick out some reading material and not have to interrupt students who may be studying. Dani is doing the latter. She wanders the aisles, glancing at the spines of books as she passes the shelves. Sure she could use her e-reader and download something to read, but sometimes the heft and papery smell of a book is what is called for.

Thimble has entirely other reasons to choose the library after dinner. Mondays the gym is occupied, so she sometimes comes here to test things. To test her powers. Occupying a table at the end of a row of shelves, she almost seems like a spider sitting in a web, but instead of an eight legged arachnid, it is the small thimble sitting next to a small basket filled with yarn and that she waved her 'net' from the strings that emerge from it. A bit it looks like... she tries to test her limits with all the fibers she tries to manipulate.

Dani is all for giving people thier space, so when she noticed Janie when she first came in she did just that. Minded her own business and went about looking for something to read, unfortunately nothing is catching her eye on the shelves. Coming around one 'wall' of shelves she is in direct line of sight of the yarn weaving girl. She eyes the net of yarn and then Janie "Give me as many examples as you can as to how a net of yarn can be useful in a combat and/or rescue sitation."

Thimble looks up to Danielle as she speaks up, some of the strings getting lost from her control, so they fall in to the net. "To block a way?" she asks carefully, trying to keep her work up. "To catch someone and..." a short break occurs in which she manages to tighten the web to an edge of the shelf. "to know when someone is coming a given way or to capture someone?"

A nod is given to all of the answers "That's a good start. You could also bind someones feet, arms, or weapon. Even use it to pull a weapon from away. Woven together it could make a lengthy rope, though yarn isn't very strong. And that's just a start. Have you tried your powers with stronger fabrics or materials?”

Janie shakes her head slowly "If you do count fabric as yarn, than not." she remarks, pulling the lost strings back to their position. She only touches the basket, not the fibers itself. "Fine control. I guess I need fine control."

"That will come." Dani gestures to the net that is being woven "Just keeping practicing. I will supply you with a variety of materials and fabrics for you to practice with." she gives a hald grin "At least you can practice your gifts without having another person around or scaring them nearly to death.

Thimble lifts an eyebrow slightly "It is unnoticeable often. Like ripping waistbands or loosening shoelaces." she explains just two of her most recent applications that actually were of use. "What material?"

Moving closer to the table where Janie sits, though she avoids getting to near the yarn construction "That makes it all the more useful. Mine is quite noticeable, and can be a bit embarrassing to some." a shoulder is lifted "All sorts. I'll get you some polyester, nylon, cotton and linen, as well as some Kevlar and other fabrics used in making bullet-proof vests.

Thimble smirks as she pulls one of the yarn rolls out of the basket, tossing it at Mirage "Polyester. Cotton yarn and wool yarn are more expensive," she explains, having actually trained with Polyethylene yarn. "I am not sure on the extent yet."

Catching the ball of yarn easily, Dani runs a thread of it between her fingers, "It's a training expense so don't worry about the costs, it won't make a scratch in the team budget." meaning Janie won't be having to pay for her supplies anymore, "If there is anything specific you would like to play with, let me know and I'll see to it." the ball of yarn is tossed back into the basket. "We will try some things out in the teams next training session." with that she turns and heads out.

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