Leyu's Conspiracy

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Sunpyre and Mirage

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Leyu shares all her evidence with Dani

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OOC Note: Leyu's Conspiracy and Leyu's Confrontation both take place on Aug 7, the date after the big robot battle.

----- Stables - X-Mansion/Leyu's Lab -----

With the rebuilding of the main building well under way some attention is finally being paid to the many outbuildings that are on the property. One of these buildings is the stables, and while the horses that live there have been sent to other local stables to reside, there are plenty of construction workers around. Amoung them is Dani, with her equestrian background and experince with horses it is no suprise that she is overseeing the construction on this building.

She wanders through the framework of the building, a small version of the blueprints in hands, making notes and possibly changes to how it will be designed and improved over the former stables.

Following her trip to Kansas with Ruth and Rahne - Blindfold and Wolfsbane - Leyu Yashida has been a bit scarce. A bit scarce, and a lot tense. Most of her time has been spent in one of the labs down the hall from the medical bay, with the doors sealed under medical quarantine. Of course, there was no medical emergency. She just patently refused to be interrupted while she ranted, screamed, and then got down to some very cold and calculating thought processes.

Now, early on Monday morning, Leyu is feeling a bit more together. But it is a cold, seething rage sort of together. Her cellphone is turned off, simcard and battery removed. Her X-Force communicator is back in the base. Dressed in 'normal' casual attire for what may seem like the first time in a month or more, she emerges from the shaft to the underground levels in jeans, a t-shirt, and a ballcap, her twin ponytails pulled out through the gap in the back. Her boots are serviceable, perfectly right for tromping around a construction sight. She makes her way to one of the forepersons and asks after Dani, then starts for the stables, stopping at one of the heavy framework members around what will be the oversized doors at the 'back'. "Dani." she offers, and waits to be acknowledged. Her demeanor is 'off,' some twisted up mix of anxious, energetic and flushed, and tightly tense.

Taking a measuring tape from her belt, Dani measures what is probably going to be a set of stalls and with a frown makes another note on the plans in her hands. She turns and begins counting paces toward the big door as she replaces the tape measure, at which points she notices the young woman "Hi Leyu." she offers a smile which slowly fades into a look of concern at the vibes Leyu is giving off. You don't need to be an empath of an measurable amount to see that something is wrong. Her dark eyes search Leyu's face looking for clues "What's wrong?" she takes a few steps forward reaching out to put a hand on the the woman's shoulder.

The hand on her shoulder seems to snap the tension almost explosively. Leyu lifts her dark gaze and locks on Dani's, as she lets the words out past her lips. "I'm ... not entirely sure what is going on. But I need to show you something. Something very important. Something ... something life or death." She chokes on that a bit. "Something ... I can't trust just anyone with." There's a shadow that rears up behind her eyes at that. She should be able to trust everyone here. Here in her new home. But she doesn't believe she can. And that is haunting her as sure as a demon bear.

Staring breifly at Leyu, Dani quickly nods. She has seen that look before, in her own mirror, recently even during her stay out west "Of course." she hands off her plans to one of the contruction workers passing by "Tell the foreman I will meet with him later to discuss some changes." after that bit is done she returns her full, worried attention to Leyu, "What do you need to show me and where?" she assumes it will be in the school so takes a step in that direction but ultimately lets the troubled young woman lead the way.

Leyu seems to sag a bit in relief when Dani doesn't question this, but instead accepts and is ready to go. She nods, a bit jerkily, and wiats for Dani to hand off before leading her way back to the shaft down to the underground levels. "It ... I can't really explain. Not here. It's in Lab Four." That'd be the lab that has been sealed on 'Medical Quarantine' much of the entire weekend. Leyu leads the way, and heads for the elevator down to the sublevels, keeping Dani with her along the way.

When both women arrive at the door, Leyu takes the time to unlock it with keycard, passcode, retinal scan, voice print, and an additional code to deactivate the alarm that would have alerted her should anyone try to get in while she was away. ANYONE. She steps in and waits for Dani, then seals the doors behind them.

The room is not small, and even so it seems /filled/ right now. Displayed on hangers are a pair of navy blue short-sleeved men's dress shirts, and a pair of navy blue wool-blend men's dress slacks. Up on a series of monitors are 100x magnification photographs of each of the pieces. These are then followed with renderings of odd patterns visible in the weaves of the pieces, as text in an alphabet Dani is sure not to recognize - Leyu herself did not, either, though thankfully /someone/ at the Mansion did. Other displays include a rendering of a crude map. Labels on it clearly show 'I AM HERE' and elsewhere, towards its middle, 'FROG BOY' near a tower. Another shows what might be recognized as a DNA panel, which shows a clear match, with notes of hair samples derived from the shirts and pants, and a blood sample on file for one Sybil Dvorak. The last shows an English translation of the text derived from the notes.

The translation reads: "Alex. In a place called Neverland. Not sure where it is. NOT A PRISON. Concentration camp for mutants. Mutants brought in are sorted. Useful mutants kept. Useless ones killed. Telepath scans everyone who comes in. Red's blocks seem to be holding. Prisoners I've seen so far: white skinned girl with black circle over eye. Black woman doctor. Big, ugly shapeshifter. Guy made out of tar. Kid with slugs in stomach. Heard rumors of girl with purple skin. Security. Most human staff are scientists. Sentinels on outskirts. Red and silver robots as guards. Well armed. Other prisoners call them Box. Seen Sabretooth here. NOT a prisoner. Was with girl with bones sticking out of skin and winged dinosaur man. VERY IMPORTANT. Neverland able to shut down mutant powers in specific areas. As much as whole camp. As little as at least ten square feet. NOT ALL TECH. Prisoners say little mutant frog boy plugged into machine that does it. Including map of camp. GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

Leyu stands quietly by, letting Dani get a good look at the room, its' displays and her workstations, before she speaks. She has a lot to say. Best to do it when Dani's ready to take it in.

Dani has followed Leyu quietly across the grounds and through the tunnels and corridors of the sublevels. She hasn't bothered with small talk, sensing that Leyu has much more important things on her mind than idle chit-chat. When they reach the quarantined area she gives Leyu a curious look but doesn't get in the way of her accessing the room only when the step inside and Dani gets a look around does she break her silence "Holy hell." she says aloud, making a clockwise circuit around the room to give all the evidence a quick perusual before focusing on things one at a time. First of which is the message woven into the strands of clothing. She reads the translations several times to herself before turning to Leyu her shock at the impalcations obvious. She has questions and she starts out with a simple one "How did you find all this?

Leyu nods when she sees that look of shock in Dani's face. "What you're feeling? That's how I felt. No ... that's a big part of how I felt, when I found this." It's not all of it. Not even close. But it's enough. They are, in this, sisters. Leyu takes a breath, steadying herself. "Ruth had a vision. She gathered Rahne, and they came to get me. We went to Kansas, to a particular mall and a particular men's clothier, to find those two shirts and that pair of pants. Rahne and I noticed the patterns in the weave. I brought them here, and ran these tests. I managed to resolve the pattern, and a web search turned up a likely visual match with the alphabet. It's Romani. I checked our dossiers, found that Kurt is fluent, and asked him to do the translation, without explaining what it was or why." Though obviously Kurt will be wanting to know, quite badly. She can't blame him for that. But she's keeping this very close to the vest.

"You do realize what this means, right?" Leyu asks, tense.

"It means that Alex has a hell of a lot of explaining to do." Dani growls her initial shock fading and turning into an anger, though probably for not all the same reasons Leyu is upset about. She does not like being lied to nor is she used to being mistrusted by her team, especially her team leader. Yes she is upset about what is happening to Sybil and all the mutants at the camp too, and that Alex had a hand in sending her there. "Have you done any research on Neverland?" despite her anger at Alex and the situation, part of her brain is thinking clearly, "Do we have any reason to suspect that the message is a fake and that this could be a trap for us?"

"I trust Blindfold's visions. She saw a vision of Sybil creating the clothes, hiding, furtive. The DNA matches Sybil, and frankly I know of no other mutant with her abilities with fabrics who could have made this and made it so surreptitiously. Add to that the fact it was written in Romani? I do not have any reason to believe this could be a fake. And we both know that things are not right with the X-Factor organization and those we report to." Leyu answers, as calmly and rationally as she is capable. She is angry - furious - for all of the reasons Dani is, and more.

"I have not attempted to do any research on Neverland. I am of course familiar with the literary reference." Leyu offers. "I have no idea how one would go about researching some kind of secret government facility for the internment and /murder/ of mutantkind." Does the US government never learn that this is a bad damned idea? Seriously?

Dani nods, looking from the evidence on the screen back to Leyu, "Yes, Ruth is rarely wrong in her visions." she runs a hand through her loosely bound hair, "You mentioned that before, my mind was just not wanting to beleive.." she pauses and makes a sweeping gesture with her arm to indicate the collection of evidence "all this." she begins to pace the floor of the room, avoiding looking at the screens and other stuff "Can you patch all this to the ready room?" her plan to confront the snake in his den so he can try to explain himself before she goes ballistic on him.

Leyu nods, understanding that this is a lot to take in. She has had days to work it out and seethe over it, and Dani is coming at it virtually cold. She can understand how hard it is to wrap the mind around right off. But she shies away when asked to route this to the ready room. "No. I can drop the data onto an external drive and carry it down, then shut off all network access, cut the hardline, and then load it up there. But I refuse to do so until I've done that. We have to assume Val Cooper and others have their hooks and tentacles into our systems. This room's systems are specifically isolated from /everything/ else in the mansion. I won't show him except here, or in another completely isolated system. Otherwise those vile bastards will hide and we'll never get to them." And oh, boy howdy, does the angry little Japanese fire-wielder intend to 'get them'. Rar!

Turning from her pacing and back to Leyu, "Of course." she puts a hand to her head, "Yes, I've never really trusted Val nor liked the woman really." especially after finding out the manner in which the woman has treated Rahne in the past. "Point taken and we certainly have to take all precaution to prevent the government from getting wind that we know. How much of this does Kurt know about?" considering Kurt's team status she isn't sure how much he should be involved, but since he is the one that did the translation...well he already knows some of it. She resumes her pacing, as she talks, it seems to be the only thing, besides will power, that is keeping her from finding Alex and dragging him down here so he can talk.

Leyu's shoulders sag in relief again, as Dani seems to think and then clearly come over to understanding why there is such a need to be careful with this information. She considers the question carefully, rolling it around in her mind, before she answers. "Kurt knows what he read. I printed out a copy of the note, from that rendered copy there --" Leyu points to a monitor. "-- and took it to him. He gave me the English, written as well. I came back and typed it in, there." Leyu points to the next monitor, with the english translation. "So, he knows what he read. That is all. Of course, he also already knows about Sabretooth. He brought us that lovely tidbit of information. But I doubt he knows where Neverland is." She thinks, and then adds, "I did swear him to secrecy. And I can run a check to see if he has been off campus since the translation." She /hates/ suspecting her teammates, the people who were supposed to be her friends and new family. It makes her sick. But she's in too deep to stop now. Once it's done? Once Sybil is safe and this Neverland is a burn scar on the face of the Earth? THEN she can stop and assess whether or not she can ever be a member of this team again, and what to do with taht decision.

It certainly is a lot to process and Dani is well on her way to doing so. She turns in her pacing and heads to Leyu. Despite her feelings on what has happened, she feels that right now Leyu needs reassurance and perhaps a little guidance. She isn't sure how much of the latter she can give, but the first tends to come easy for her due to her empathic nature. "Leyu I need you to know and beleive," she starts out putting a hand on each of the young woman's shoulders, "That had I known about this I would have done anything in my power to stop it." her grip tightens slightly, but not painfully so, and her look intensifies, her eyes spark with renewed anger "And that I will do everything and anything to help get Sybil and the rest of those people out of that hell hole.

Leyu sees Dani approach - she'd have to be blind to miss it, right? - and looks up curiously, waiting for the woman's next question or pronouncement. The hands on her shoulders are enough to make her curious, a little tense, but not abruptly defensive. So far, Dani has been on her side. And then Dani proves to be even more on her side, and she nods a bit, head moving jerkily, ponytails bobbing. "I do know that. I believe that. It's why I came to you. I ... I can't do this alone, Dani. I don't know who else I can trust. But I /need/ help. And I /need/ to make this right, or die trying." A part of her wants to be so angry at Sybil for doing this. Sybil had to have known. That has to be what her original note was about. So now Sybil is waiting and hoping that Leyu will save her. She has to try. And if she does ... well. There /will/ be a talking-to. But there will also be sobs of relief. "What do we do, Dani?"

As much as Dani puts on the guise of being a tough as nails person, on the inside she is a softie, especially when it comes to her friends and team mates. Still gripping Leyu's shoulder she pulls the girl into a hug, murmering a thank you to the fact that Leyu feels she can be trusted with all this information. She just wishes their team leader could have as well. "Right." the tough exterior that she shows to the world comes back up, "We'll need aerial views of Neverland. We should be able to piggyback into a satellite feed and get some without Val and her minions knowing. Try using the <insert ORG Here w/Satellites Here> satellites, the government thinks they are a bunch of crackpots more or less so won't be watching." she walks over to the screen with the letter "Then we can use those to get a better map of the area, using this information," she looks over her shoulder back at Leyu, "then the real planning begins.

"But we don't know where to look, Dani. The whole Earth is entirely too big a target to try to match these to and find something. We need more intel, intel we don't have, if we're to find and save her." But Leyu is determined to do just that. "How do we want to confront Havok? Here? Or cut off the ready room and do it there? If we cut off the ready room, they may figure out we're cutting them out." Leyu thinks it would be better to bring Alex in here. Maybe that's so she'll have spare scalpels. "Should we bring in Nightcrawler as well? Anyone else we can trust? She mentions 'Red.' I have to assume she means Jean." And wow, that 'kicked puppy hang-dog look' gets a lot worse at that. Jean has been so kind, so supportive. If Jean has lied and kept secrets from Leyu, that will be an even deeper wound than Alex's betrayal.

"The whole earth maybe, yes." Dani points to the crude map on one of the displays "But there are only so many places that the government is going to be able to put a big camp like that /and/ keep it a secret." she strides to that particular screen and stares at it while she things "It will be somewhere on the north american continent." her head cants to the side "I doubt it will be in the United States, which leaves only South America or Canada." she turns to Leyu, "That narrows down the field. And knowing that South America is going to be to far away for the government's comfort that only leaves Canada." she goes to a terminal and brings up a topographical map of Canada and studies it "It won't be near large population areas." she taps a few keys and grays out those areas on the map. "Or in mountainous terrain." a few more taps and those areas are greyed out, she glances over at Leyu and gestures to the map "So the camp is going to have to be in one of those areas left over areas." her attention goes back to the map "Still a large area to cover, but with satellites it shouldn't take more than a few days." she pauses as she reflects on the next issue...Alex "Bring him down here. He can't deny anything if we have all the evidence in front of him.

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