Leyu's (and Dani's) Confrontation

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Leyu's Confrontation

Sunpyre, Nightcrawler, Havok and Mirage

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X-Mansion - Isolation Lab

Leyu and Dani confront Alex about his actions

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OOC Note: Leyu's Conspiracy and Leyu's Confrontation both take place on Aug 7, the date after the big robot battle.

----- Xavier's Mansion - Isolation Lab -----

Two hours after Leyu and Dani met on the surface, overseeing the construction of the new stables, a message appears in the queues for Kurt Wagner and Alex Summers on their X-Factor communicators. The priority message is flagged 'medical emergency' and commands both to present themselves forthwidth at the medical isolation lab on the sub-basement level. The message is even so insistent that it repeats every five minutes until acknowledged by return receipt.

When they arrive at the door to the medical isolation ward, Dr. Leyu Yashida is standing in the hallway in full iso-gear, a full biological hazmat suit sealed around her. "Both of you, get in here, now." she orders, not accepting any questions. She immediately opens the sealed hatches with keycard swipe, code, retinal scan and voice print, followed by an additional code entry. Then she pushes both men through the doors and into the isolation lab as the hatches seal behind her. It is unlikely, but not impossible, that either or both might notice that their communicators and all other electronic communication gear goes completely dead as soon as the hatch seals.

The room inside is not small, and even so it seems /filled/ right now. Displayed on hangers are a pair of navy blue short-sleeved men's dress shirts, and a pair of navy blue wool-blend men's dress slacks. Up on a series of monitors are 100x magnification photographs of each of the pieces. These are then followed with renderings of odd patterns visible in the weaves of the pieces, as text in an alphabet Dani is sure not to recognize - Leyu herself did not, either, though thankfully /someone/ at the Mansion did. Other displays include a rendering of a crude map. Labels on it clearly show 'I AM HERE' and elsewhere, towards its middle, 'FROG BOY' near a tower. Another shows what might be recognized as a DNA panel, which shows a clear match, with notes of hair samples derived from the shirts and pants, and a blood sample on file for one Sybil Dvorak. The last shows an English translation of the text derived from the notes.

The translation reads: "Alex. In a place called Neverland. Not sure where it is. NOT A PRISON. Concentration camp for mutants. Mutants brought in are sorted. Useful mutants kept. Useless ones killed. Telepath scans everyone who comes in. Red's blocks seem to be holding. Prisoners I've seen so far: white skinned girl with black circle over eye. Black woman doctor. Big, ugly shapeshifter. Guy made out of tar. Kid with slugs in stomach. Heard rumors of girl with purple skin. Security. Most human staff are scientists. Sentinels on outskirts. Red and silver robots as guards. Well armed. Other prisoners call them Box. Seen Sabretooth here. NOT a prisoner. Was with girl with bones sticking out of skin and winged dinosaur man. VERY IMPORTANT. Neverland able to shut down mutant powers in specific areas. As much as whole camp. As little as at least ten square feet. NOT ALL TECH. Prisoners say little mutant frog boy plugged into machine that does it. Including map of camp. GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

The morning after, into the masnion stumbles Bobby, Warren and Kurt, laughing a little. Kurt looks around the foyer, mumbling, "Okay, I'll go find 'I'm always right Bitches' Summers and let him know." He waves a hand flippantly at the other two. Bobby chucks a soft snowball at the elf as he stumbles around, it hits the blue fuzzy elf in the back of the had. Turning around to get even, Kurt bamfs to ceiling crawl, but ports into it for a minor bruise as he's pushed out of the ceiling by the laws of physics. Then he waves his hand to dismiss them the same, "Cheating bastards." He mutters some german explicitives afterwards and starts looking around the mansion.

When he finally gets the message and shows up to find Leyu in a hazmat suit, he stumbles into the room, "You sure its safe, don't I get an elf suit?" He goes in just the same though, until he sees the note he transcribed and facepalms realizing who 'both of you' was as Alex is here too. Its one of those things he was discussing all night with Bobby and Warren and was searching for Alex when he realized he should get his communicator and contact him directly - only to get the message.

After sending the messages through the comsystem there is nothing to do but wait for a response. Dani is no good at waiting, especially with she is this upset. She paces the room back and forth, her hands in white knuckled into fists. She ignores everything else in the room, the clothes, things on the screens, including the big map of Canada that has certain sections grayed out. When Kurt comes in she only glances long enough to determine who it is and since it isn't Alex remains silent.

There's little hesitation as Alex is shoved into the quarantine room, though he does present with a few questions that don't need answering (IE: what's going on, what the hell, are we infected).
Once inside, he takes note of the displayed items and translation. He's heard saying, "Good." with a subtle nod of understanding and affirmation.
He finishes the read and asks, "When did you receive this?"

"When did we receive this?" Dani echos as she turns from her pacing the floor to Alex when he is pushed into the room by Leyu "Are you fucking kidding me?" she's dropping f-bombs and she has proverbial fire in her eyes, she stabs a finger at the screen with the note "How about instead you tell us why you couldn't trust us with this..." she gestures to the evidence, "whatever this is.

Good? Good!!!
Leyu seals the room and locks it down, remaining in her hazmat suit. True, it was originally to sell the story, the illusion. But it is also acting as a containment suit, containing the heat she is generating in her anger, her fury, protecting the evidence in this room from the fact that she /so badly/ wants to physically /beat/ at least one of these men senseless in her fury. It has also cut off all digital signals. They are off the grid. These computers have no outside access. They cannot be hacked - there are no signals, no wires to reach them. /That/ is how careful, how paranoid, Leyu Yashida has been.

"How long? I swear to you, I will see you burn on a pyre, to join your ancestors in your humiliation. You /bastard/!" Leyu's suit-altered voice shouts. But she doesn't take a swing at him. She lets Dani do that.

Only afterwards does Leyu answer, her fury still seething in her voice. "Ruth came to me Saturday, with a vision. She and Rahne and I flew to Kansas, went to a particular men's clothier in a particular mall, and Rahne sniffed out the pieces we needed. I brought them back here. This ... this is what I found. Yesterday morning, I went to Kurt with the Romani in a printout. Made him translate it, brought it back." So she has had it /all/ for a bit more than twenty-four hours. "No system in the Mansion except these has any of this. Nothing on comms. Nothing on cellphones. Nothing in the Ready Room."

Yes. Leyu has been /that/ careful. She has /assumed/ the government of the United States is the enemy, and that they have infiltrated and are watching everything that goes on within the home of the X-Men and X-Factor. Of course, right now she has also assumed that Alex Summers is the enemy who sent Sybil Dvorak into a Hell beyond his pathetic imagining and /lied/ to his teammates. So he's barely a half-step removed from needing to die in a fireball, the same as Val Cooper and the rest of the X-Factor organization.

Kurt interjects, "Before we all die," or himself only, "I think we should hear out Alex. As much as we love to hate him, we have to consider that the note was addressed to him directly ... Sybil trusts Alex with this for some reason." He steps back just in case fiery doom reigns out of Leyu's Hazmat suit. Sidecommenting, "I was coming to tell you about the message." Then closer to Dani's side (or out of her way), he mutters, "Don't arrow me in the back of the head please ..."

Looking at both the women as if they're insane, Alex queries, "So, about 24-26 hours? Seriously? Why didn't you come to me with this sooner? Sybil's life is on the line and now you're questioning what? Trust?" he starts walking back toward the door... when it does not open, "You going to let us out of here so we can go get Sybil - or do you want her to rot in that place another 26 hours?"

"Maybe the same reason you didn't tell us in the first place." Dani replies as she stalks toward Alex. Kurt will note as she passes him that for once Dani is weapon free, which is unusual because lately, with everything that has gone on recently she hasn't been without some sort of weapon. Lucky for Alex.
When he turns from the rest of the group, without validating, giving any explanation and instead chastising them, well that's the last straw. She grabs his shoulder to spin him back around to face her and throws a nice right hook.

Leyu does not intervene. She doesn't grab for Havok - she doesn't fight with her fists and feet much. She waits and lets Dani deal with it. They agreed on that before they summoned the guys here. But she is /seething/ with fury, and Havok just dared to belittle her concerns, her feelings, and /dare/ to imply that Sybil's safety is somehow not her concern. Frankly, he should be thankful for the right hook. Her solution at this point would be immolation or beheading. There is very real murder in her eyes. She's also spitting mad, far beyond words. Which is good, since words apparently mean nothing other than serving as more scalpels to flay her feelings.

About to interject and play intermediary, Kurt opens his mouth to speak, up until Dani throws a hook at Alex. Jawdropping, he tries to pick it up, regardless of the outcome of the fist thrown. "Ruhe Alle! ... Everyone, calm. There's a lot going on, we don't all know what that is. Alex, you want this team, you need to keep them in the loop. Scott spent years building up trust with the X-Men, he didn't demand it, we deserve the same. Lets get this all clear because by the looks of things, you ain't flying out to save Sybil by yourself."

Alex won't defend, he'll be turned and struck. He doesn't even raise his hand. His head turns back to face Dani and asks in a calm tone, "Do you recall anything about Kurt being compromised by evil telepaths? The fact that the entire team is working for a corrupt government organization that has given us members that we don't even know? You, Kurt, and myself were the only three that we could really trust and you've been away in Colorado, then the house got blown up. Kurt was compromised by the Hellfire Club. Sybil was already on her way out because she was still performing illegal activities - still a criminal. I asked her to go on a mission to help uncover the corruption. Redeeming herself. She knew the risks, it was voluntary, she accepted."

He looks to Kurt, "There were a lot of things that Xavier and Scott didn't tell us, and still haven't told us. That's part of being a leader, knowing when to share and knowing when not to. Especially when not to - given the situation in reverse, if the HFC got into my head, would you have shared with me, knowing full well that Sybil could have suffered because of it? Who knows where the HFC draws the line of corruption and what connections they have with the government. Shaw is a defense contractor, Emma has high government connections, Selene is just evil and who knows what other villainy is in that group.

Then he looks to Leyu. "Now, open the door so I can activate the Shi'ar tracker that we implanted into Sybil and go extract her and take down the organization."

And Leyu stands her ground, still seething. It takes her a while just to find the ability to speak instead of physically assault Havok, who still insists on pretending he is somehow in the right in all of this.

When she can speak at last, Leyu starts simple. "What is it you American's say? Bullshit? Yes. That is it, is it not?" She steps forward, poking Havok in the chest unless he stops her. "You arrogant /moron/! You are afraid what the enemy will learn? Am I not? I have just told you: all of this is isolated. Completely inaccessible to the government, or anyone else. You could have done the same at any time, coming to us quietly, privately, without any electronic trail, and told us what you were planning. /You had no exit strategy!/ You had no way devised for her to get word to you. /She/ had to find it. And if it had not been for /Ruth/, a /student/ and a /child/, even Rahne and I would not have found it. We would not even have /known/ we needed to be /looking/, you arrogant bastard! You are even worse than my father, or my brother! So now, you simpering coward, you will stay here. I will take people with me that I can /trust/, to go save her. And to Hell with you."

Dani stares at Alex, opening and closing her hand that she used to punch him. It couldn't have felt all that pleasant to her either. It's her turn to stay quiet while Leyu does the talking, and since it is just a more verbose version of what she would have said anyways doesn't add anything. Though when Leyu does start to talk about going and putting her own group together she decides it might be best to speak up, "Leyu, we need all the firepower we can get if we are going to be able to get Sybil out." she puts a gentle, yet restraining hand on Leyu's arm, "While Alex's," she throws him a dagger filled glance "could have handled this whole thing a hell of a lot better then he did, it is what it is." she glances back at the description of the camp "The place is heavily guarded, we need every able body person we can get on this rescue mission.

Shaking his head, Kurt offers, "This isn't about me, I support everyone. I wouldn't have told you, Alex, if the shoe was on the other foot. Likewise, I would of intervened instead of letting you be hung to dry with Sabretooth if he'd come demanding you be on his special operations team." A shrug, its in the past for him, guy thing. "We're all on the same page for once, we have to save Sybil, and stop this operation. I'd rather work together than everyone going off alone and making matters worse." In unison to what Dani says even. "Build the trust, don't turn your back on your team."

Ignoring everything else, Alex says calmly, "Leyu; I already have a plan, a team, and the means to find Sybil. All of which, you do not have. So, if you want to run off into the Canadian wilderness and wander around aimlessly all by yourself, go for it. But it would be a whole lot better if you went with us."
"I'm sorry. I couldn't tell you before but there were too many risks and there's no way I was going to let Sybil be in more danger than she already is."

Leyu turns to look at Dani, a long and pensive look, her emotions visibly warring on her face. Then she sighs, nodding towards her friend. "You are right. You need everyone you can get." She turns to Havok, sneering. "You, in all your arrogance, have not even read the intel she risked her life to get out. Your powers will not work, Havok. None will. They have the numbers, the firepower, the defender's position, and a way to neutralize your powers. /I/ have thought of how to handle both of those quandries." Alex coudldn't possibly, since he didn't have the intel. "But, as you say, you have a team, and her location, and I do not. Clearly, you are superior. So I will back down. I will accept that you never meant it to get this bad. And that you had some plan to get her out when the time was right. But you /should/ have told me. You may not see that, but I do. You should have told us all. Now. I /strongly/ suggest that we do our planning /in here/. I cannot allow any of this information out of this room. I cannot allow our enemy to know we are coming. Her life is on the line."

Stepping closer to the two hot heads, Kurt asks around, still coming off last nights 'binge,' .... "Really, too early for a group hug .... I could use one." Not that he did anything the whole time but interject ignored conscious decisions and listen.

"As long as I get to grab your ass." Alex says to Kurt regarding his query. The remarks of Leyu accepted, but there's really no point in discussing them as girls always want to discuss feelings and crap. But hugs from fuzzy elves are good.

Glad that she has reached Leyu and that the young girl realizes that they work better together than apart, despite the fact that some bad decisions were made, Dani turns away and walks over to look up at her map of Canada. It's obvious she was trying to narrow down where the camp is "Good, we are all on the same page," now that she has vented her anger in her nice punch to Alex's face, she is much more calm "we can start planning our rescue.

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