Let Zero Come

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Rusty Collins & Danielle Moonstar (Firefist & Mirage) (Firefist emitted by Havok)

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09/11/12 15:45

Holding Cells, X-Factor Tower

Dani discusses Rusty's situation and future.

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Seated within a small meeting area adjacent to the holding cells, Rusty Collins discusses his legal issues with a Ship created attorney. The hard light hologram named Michael gets the details of Rusty's case and starts weighing the alternatives.

When the transparent metallic door opens allowing Dani into the room, Michael stands, straightens his tie and says, "I'll let you two discuss things.", in a grim tone.

Rusty remains seated behind the wooden desk and looks to Dani's entry.

"Thank you." she says to the holographic attorney in passing. Dani sits in the seat that 'Michael' vacated "Still not quite used to them." she glances over her shoulder as the door slides closed. She has changed from her XF gear to a more casual jeans and blouse "How are you holding up? Do you need anything. Would you like me to get in contact with anyone?

Rusty seems to brood before shaking his head in denial, "Nah. I'm good. It's been a long time coming and honestly I need to just quit avoiding it."

Dani nods her agreement "You didn't seem intent on avoiding it when we got there, but I am relieved you came to your senses." she leans forward, resting her arms on the table, doing her best to exude a relaxed attitude "How long ago did you get away from Stryfe?

He smirks and notes, "I'm not /away/ from Stryfe. Nobody can be /away from Stryfe/. But today's walkabout was something I took upon myself. I expect Zero to show up any moment and spring me... even though I'm tired of running and really want to just be done with it."

"Zero is more than welcome to try." Dani says with a wicked smile of her own "As you can see we have plenty of cells for him to choose from." she gestures to the empty ones, "As long as you are in our custody we will do our best to keep you safe," there is a brief pause "Well safer than on the streets at least.

Glancing about, Rusty sees the other options and then says as he stands, "Cool. Then while I wait, could I get some On Demand going into my cell? It's been a while since I've been able to just sit and watch tv."

Dani chuckles "That can be arranged. I will also arrange to have some food brought to you." with that she stands as well and heads out to take care of those things as well as deal with the other issues that comes with the capture.

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