Let Them Eat Cake in Chelsea

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Let Them Eat Cake

Armand, Phantasm, Gambit, Gogo

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Hotel Chelsea

Armand's charity hosts a charity dinner to raise funds for St. Mary's Orphanage

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-----==[ Hotel Chelsea - Chelsea ]==------------------------------------------

Strooth! A bastion of fine, British hospitality in this godforsaken jungle. Marble floors, silken curtains, plush carpeting, perfectly apparelled help with perfect postures. This is a five diamond hotel, and that make it one of a very select group worldwide. The main lobby is cavernous, and opulently decorated; nothing too ostentatious, for that would be declasse, but noticably the finest quality, else why bother coming here? An army of porters wait to take guests' bags. A front desk is located to one side. Across from it is a small area with rattan tables and chairs where one can grab a spot of tea, a gin and tonic, or a Scotch and water any time, day or night. The very definition of civiliztion, don't you know.

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[O] - Chelsea - New York [PR] - Paladin's Room - Chelsea Hotel

Sometimes, when you want to bring in money...you have to cater to the big boys to get the big bucks. Tonight's 'Let Them Eat Cake' event is attached to a Charity Dinner of sorts, a few camera snapping pictures or recording video as the room has been transformed into a summer wonderland. Lots of tropical themed dishes, chocolate fountains and special chef stations where they are serving decadent deserts...to those willing to pay. There's an open bar, table scattered around for people to sit and the dress code is on the fancier side of things. Tonight's charity is St Mary's Orphanage And Care Home, and all proceeds are going to build new play rooms and extra activity rooms for the children due to an unfortunate fire burning down most of said Orphanage.

Armand...has been working to orchaetrate this. He can be found, all his hair pulled back in a low braid hanging down his back and he wears a pair of black slacks, shiny dark green and black shoes, and a chef's coat (White with green hem) over his attire as he moves about to check on stations, talk to various donors and wring his hands from time to time.

Remy Lebeau passes through the growing crowd of New York's rich and famous. There's more than a few of their numbers who would make excellent targets. There's enough collected skeleton's in their closets, that he would lose no sleep to fleece them all. Tonight's about charity, though. The cajun wears a very stylish 3 piece charcoal pinstripe suit, with a shimmering silver tie. His auburn hair, pulled back behind his ears. In his hand he holds an incredibly overpriced champagne.

Annie arrives in a purple tuxedo. Yep. It is a deep purple that borders on black, but it is still purple, and her cumberbund and her bow tie are much lighter and brighter. She's got her crimson hair done in a French braid that hangs down to her calves. She arrives in her vintage pick up, which the valets try not to openly ridicule in her presence, then she heads inside to enjoy the food and the...well, the food.

Hair also pulled back, with a yellow colored dress shirt paired with black dress pants and an un-buttoned jacket. Mike is also making the rounds, making nice with the rich folks as he uses his inner entertainer to coax out smiles and, when it seems possible, some ongoing pledges to go with the donations already made when they purchased their plate. Not quite going the route of the overpriced champagne, Mike has opted for the not AS overpriced Guinness. It seems someone made a nice concession for the Irish-Italian with that drink option.

Its alot of people. At one table, there's a WHOOMPH sound as a chef lights something on fire, making a show of preparing the plates of his dish and at another table, they are dipping cheesecake slices...in chocolate. Armand smiles, and bows his head and occasionally lifts a silver tray to take a glass or a plate from a person before moving to pass the tray on to another helper. He nods politely to Remy, eyebrows raising with some surprise and he points over to Mike like 'ahh, there he is?' just in case! But his attention is drawn by Gogo and he gasps, making his way to the woman, smiling kindly. "Mademoiselle Annie! Bonsoir! How are you?" Purring accent as thick as ever. "Welcome, welcome..."

Annie grabs a drink at random, then catches Armand's approach. She stepsup to embrace him, giving him a smooch to the cheek. "Armand! Wonderful to see you. Everything looks amazing. You've done a good job, and it I'm sure the orphanage will make out like bandits."

Gambit notes the arrival of Gogo, she is afterall kind of hard to miss. He makes his way towards Mike, elbowing the rocker in a friendly manner. "Yo' roommate throws a decent lil' soire," he says with a smile. "Plenty o' folks 'ere could use ta 'ave lighter pockets, non?"

The woman Mike finishes talking to is more than dressed for the gathering. With a designer dress and plenty of expensive jewelry to boot, she'd likely be a prime target for mugging if she chose to for SOME reason walk through Hell's Kitchen on Daredevil's night off, but instead she's here in the pleasantries of the charity function and has gotten even more into the charitable mood as evidenced by her approach towards the table where people can make additional pledges to the charity.

Mike's body shifts with the motion as he feels the elbow. He turns his head, returning the smile which is likely much better than the expression he had a little less than 6 months ago. "We're working on them," Mike assures, looking over to the table, "Get some funds on the way in, and hopefully get more on the way out."

"Aww....Merci! And you look gorgeous Mademoiselle." Armand flashes a grin as he's hugged by the larger woman and he takes a deep breath. "I can hope so, the sisters have been oh so patient with me...it was hard though. I am thankful for Mike's assistance with connecting with certain people..." He takes a deep breath. "I however, only had to work on the cake for the night...it is almost as big as I am."

Annie snickers, "Well, thanks. But me and gorgeous only share the first two letters last I checked. But nice of you to say." She smiles down at chef and while resting a hnd in the small of his back she turns to look over the crowd, "Didn't I see you pointing out Mike a second ago? With that cajun fellow who thinks he's so damn good looking?"

A mischievous grin crosses the cajun's lips. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he leans back on his heels playfully. "Could always 'elp you out wit dat," Gambit teases. "Sometimes charity needs a helpin' hand, afta all." He grabs an hor'dourve off of the tray of a passing server and pops it into his mouth.

Mike glances towards Gambit, "I get the feeling I shouldn't ask any follow up questions to that offer. Especially not here with the current gathering."

"...oh him? That is...well he's sex on a stick apparently, he has the voice and the chest and the charisma..." Armand sighs and shakes his head. "You should go and introduce yourself, oui?" He grins before he has to move away. "Pardon...I have to do a thing..." Armand moves off, accepting a microphone from an individual and he clears his throat. "Ahh! BONSOIR! Everybody!"

Annie wanders through the crowd of monied individuals, steering a course towards Mike and Remy. She pauses her quest to turn her attention to Armand on the microphone. While she listens she takes dainty sips from the champagne glass that looks so tiny in her massive hands.

"Pro'lly a bonne idée, mon ami," Remy offers to Mike. "We talk some otha time, non? Glad to see you back on yo feet afta yo little stint in 'rehab.'" He emphasises the last word playfully. They both know what he's referring to, and that's all that should be said. "I was worried you might not make it t'rough. Our petite Ruth gave me de good news."

"Yeah..." Mike replies, frowning at the mention of rehab, a brow lifting even more at the mention of Ruth. "The withdraw symptoms just 'bout killed me. Not quite sure what it is that pulled me through all of it." He shakes his head, "Dumb luck." Seeing the approaching orange wrestler in the complimenting color of purple, it's hard to miss her impending arrival. Mike takes a sip of his beer before lowering the bottle to greet Gogo, leaving the talk of rehab in the dust, "Evening Annie."

"This is Sister Agnes, she is one of the nuns who works at the orphanage." Armand gestures to a middle-aged middle eastern woman with greying black hair, dressed primly in her light grey skirt and light grey and white sweater-shirt combo and a white veil covering her hair modestly. A large cake is rolled out as people clap politely at the introduction.

The cake is about...4 1/2 feet tall, alternating chocolate, vanilla, and coffee...drizzled with chocolate and caramel, thick white cream between each layer...it represent decadence and is as rich as most of the people attending the event itself. There's a sign on the platform that reads 'St. Mary's Orphanage and Care Home'."This cake, has a layer, for every few square feet of property that was destroyed in that unfortunate fire. The funds raised tonight, will go to rebuilding, expanding, and installing a sprinkler/fire alarm system to keep the children at this home safe. So please know, for every pound you gain eating the treats tonight, is another 100 or so dollars into improving the life of a child in need." Armand explains in his accented English, a small smile at his lips as quirks an eyebrow and makes a show slipping a cake knife from behind the display and giving it a figure eight twirl, tossing it up and catching it.

Clap clap clap clap. "Time to get fat!" Some laughter.

Mike looks over to Annie, "Any chance you could be my designated eater?"

Annie joins in the applause, "Good lord. That's a massive cake." She gives a bit of a chuckle at Mike's question, then nods, "Sure. But I get to blame you if I can't fit into my suit tomorrow and I have to go superheroing in sweatpants."

As the evening's events have already started, a young African American enters the hotel and straight for the charity dinner. His grab stands out as he is covered completely in a cloak, though some mad oddly note a fancy suit under the cloak. Moving straight towards his teammate, the hood of the cloak is pulled back revealing dapperly dressed Tyrone Johnson. "Annie." He looks and has encountered Armand a few years ago when the boy fought a demon child and he notes Mike, only knowing him as a singer.

Gambit chuckles at the back and forth between Annie and Mike, taking a drink of his champagne. "Looks too sweet fo' ma blood," he offers. "Feel free ta 'ave ma share as well, chere," he says with a smile to the large woman.

"That will still be more than what Ben wears." Mike replies with an impish grin, "Thanks for taking the pastrie bullet for me Gogo. Kind of have to watch what I take in, got pulled for another role."

"Now...those of you who have been to these events always know, the honor of cutting the cake...goes to a representative of the charity we are raising funds to support." The French Pastry Chef explains, handing Sister Agnes a silver cake knife. "As she makes this cut, I need to hear you all give your support...you know the words, are you ready?" He moves beside the woman and holds up a hand, preparing to count down. "3..2..1..." Cake is Cut.

..the phrase that people raise their voices to repeat, raising their glasses in a toast and exclamation 'Let Them Eat Cake!'. And then the auction for the first slice of cake begins...the number really gets up there after a while. A line forming.

Annie looks over at Remy, "Oh come on now. You are certainly sweeter than the cake. It should be the one worried about you giving it the sugar fever, not the other way around." Some fellow stes up to say hello to her, which draws her attention away from the two hunks she's talking with, and after a bit of thanking the man for enjoying her wrestling, she turns back to the two men, "Oh...the cake might not be too richm, but the bidding might. There's some serious bidding wars going on."

Remy has enough money in his wallet to be more than certain to get the first slice, he'd rather just make his donation anonymously. That's for later though. He raises his glass to Annie. "C'est gentil de vous dire, chere. Is not the sweet I worry 'bout, though," he says patting his stomach, "Easier ta avoid de cake den spend a few more hours in de gym, non?"

"Who says it's not both?" Mike replies. His bottle lifts with the toast, his saying of the phrase a bit more toned down than the ones going through sugar withdrawl. He does smile though, glancing around and tilting his bottle in acknowledgement to the woman he sent to the pledge table as she's holding her tax receipt form for the staring donation for him to see, "Although granted I did have to switch out the usual routine."

Applause, bids...its a madhouse over yonder as people want to get a slice of cake and all that. Armand manages to slip away however, balancing a few slices of cake on a silver tray as he approaches Remy, Mike, and Annie. "Mon dieu...this is madness...here, I have gotten slices for you three, it is very good...it has taken me hours but then of course after having a picnic with a psychopathic artist with knives I needed something to relieve my stress anyways and baking is always good for this."

Annie pats her own stomach, "I don't really have to worry about that much anymore. Easy for me to burn off the weight. That is why I am so petite." She gives Remy a wink of a glowing eye then turns to Mike, "Oh?" Right about that moment, Armand arrives with the silver tray, "A picnic with a psychopath? Well Armand, you sound like your story might just take the cake. But I'll have a slice before the judging if you please."

Gambit takes the offered slice of cake with a smile. "Merci, monsieur," he says to Armand.

Mike takes his offered slice as well, "I guess we should wait until the bidding is done so they technically still have the first bite."

"For some reason, my innocent charm just keeps drawing people in." Armand smiles and shakes his head before turning to tuck the tray under his arm once cake is received and he looks over towards the bidding. "....I tink..." He trails off when they reach a final number. "Oh...oui! Now...is time to eat!"

Annie wathes the bidding climb to astronomic heights, then applauds the lucky bidder. Once everyone watches that first bite she says, "Well, bone apple teats everyone." That said, she takes a taste, which she follows up with the obligatory orgasmic sounds.

Despite earlier comments, Gambit graciously takes a bite of the cake. "C'est tres bonne," he offers to Armand after swallowing. "How much you all lookin' to raise wit dis lil shindig ce soir?"

Mike hmms. "Need to work on that charm of yours," he muses, "Although, I suppose it's better that than just having a knack for pissing them off." He looks to the slice and uses the fork's edge to slice off a smaller portion, cutting that portion once more before taking a taste. "Delicious." He states.

Armand ahhs softly and shakes his head at Mike. "Ahh, oui...nibble, nibble. I have forgotten, you cannot eat as many sweets, you need your ass in good condition to make everybody swoon." He sticks out his tongue before looking between Gambit and Annie, smiling a bit and offering a bow. "How much? Ahh...enough to cover the expenses of rebuilding. It is quite alot."

Annie works at her cake, then takes Mike's after he's done with his sliver. "You should feed Tony Stark a slice. He gives away money at the drop of a hat. I can't see how a drop of a slice of heaven would get less of a result."

"If'n you got it, spend it, non?" Remy asks rhetorically.

Mike's chewing slows to a halt as his glance shifts from the plate to give Armand a blank stare. His glance shifts back down to the plate, finishing the piece in his mouth before handing the plate over to Annie to finish up. "My ass is NOT being shown in the movie," Mike corrects Armand. He pauses, "...I don't think."

Armand hmms softly. "Do you believe I could write him in the future for a donation?" He frowns a bit, mulling this over before turning to quickly shake his head. "Mmm...as long as people are enjoying it, I am happy." Then he looks to Mike and just smirks gently.

Gogo laughs and looks at the ass in question, "Umm...I hate to make you feel like4 a sex object and all. You know, like you were a popular figure in fantasies or anything. But...your ass is going to be in the movie. Sorry. I'm sure it will be tasteful. No bare naked butt coming out of the shower. Maybe a pulling your jeans up as you get out of bed. That sort of thing." Then to Armand, "I am sure you could. He gets millions of requests a day I'm sure...but it certainly couldn't hurt."

Gambit grins opting to stay out of the conversation about Mike's ass. He takes another bite of his cake.

Also wishing to opt out of the conversation of Mike's ass, is Mike. "Annnnd on that note. I'm going to put an END to this." He looks towards Annie, Armand, and Remy, "Good night. I should be heading home now." And with that, he takes his butt towards the door.

"It is after all one of his money makers..." Armand teases softly before looking back to GoGo and he nods slowly. "I will put it on my list of tings to do, Merci..." Then he looks back between his associates. "Pardon...I have to go make sure they get the pictures of the nun and the cake and check to see if they will have crepe's to go..." Then he looks back to Mike and shakes his head. "I will see you perhaps very late Mike, no telling how long they will keep me out." He then gives a little bow before jogging back towards the Masse of Moneygivers.

"Sounds like a good idea," Remy says to Mike, "I'll walk wit you." He walks with Mike towards the exit. He makes a small detour to drop his own donation, a check for several thousands of dollars, in with the woman accepting donations. He quickly catches back up with Mike. "So, bout dat stint in rehab," he says as they pass through the doors.

Well, Annie isn't one to refuse a sight like that when it is offered up, so she takes a few moments to appreciate each of the sexy men as they depart. Like presents, all wrapped up nicely waiting for some orange giantess to unwrap...okay, maybe not the last part, but she can imagine, and does so quite well.


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