Let her Spill Secrets in Greenwich

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Spill Secrets

Gambit, Blindfold, Phantasm

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2013/06/12 21:00

Mike's Condo - Greenwich

Remy and Mike stop by the condo to catch up on the past 6 months. They are pretty good about with holding key pieces of information. UNTIL Ruth shows up.

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-----==[ Mike's Condo - Manchester Apts - New York ]==------------------------

Upon entering the apartment, what appears to be a simple apartment on the outside seems a bit different on the inside. To the left of the entrance way, there is a very nice, up to date kitchen that fits well with a higher level studio apartment. To the right, there is a door leading into a bathroom. Further in, there is a common area which sports a couple futons, both of which have been set up in sofa form. They are gathered around a salvaged coffee table that holds an old TV and converter box. To the side of this display of minimal funiture, a door leads out to a small balcony that gives a view of the tree lined street.
And that is where the typical small studio apartment portion ends and the oddities begin. Across from the balcony door, an open modern staircase leads up to a second level where two of the studio apartments on the third floor of the building have been joined with the second floor studio. Another futon is set up, overlooking the apartment below while through anothe doorway, another futon rests. In an odd addition, there is an enclosed room that has been treated with sound proof paneling . In there, a drumset, guitars, keyboard, recorder, and practice drum pads are scattered about.


The condo is a quiet condo but such is the case when the residents of said condo are not present. With the exception of recently washed cook ware resting on a drying rack, there's no much signs on the lower level that screams 'lived in'. So, the mess must be upstairs out of view of the casual visitor.

As for the 'quiet' that is soon taken care of as Mike opens the door, granting him and Gambit access inside. "You know where the fridge is." Mike says, nodding in the direction of the kitchen, extending the quasi invite to the drinks inside towards Remy. He waits for the Cajun to step in before closing the door.

Still wearing his charcoal 3 piece suit from the gala, Remy LeBeau enters the condo that he knows all too well. It did use to be his at one point, after all. "Masi oui," he says as Mike mentions the location of the refrigerator. "Like what you've done wit de place, mon ami. Not quite ma own style, mais nice."

Mike snerks, making sure the door is locked to prevent intruders from just barging in before he starts walking into the living area, pulling off the jacket part of his attire, draping it on the back of a futon, "You don't have to lie. I'm not going to be offended. With the exception of the stuff in recording area and the sheets that go on the beds, most everything was stuff that was gotten back when Greysong was formed."

Gambit chuckles. "All de money you saved on dis place," he teases, not finishing his sentence. He does help himself to the fridge and grabs himself a soda, of all things. Cracking the top of it, he heads back into the living room. "Glad ta see you 'mong de world o de living, mon ami. Din' t'ink you's gonna make it dere for a minute. Still not sure how ya did."

Blindfold knocks on the door quietly as she patiently waits, fidgeting with her cane.

"Hey, one thing I've learned growing up is not to go with the first price you hear." Mike replies, giving a smirk, "Probably did me a favor by not letting me know WHO I was negotiating with until things were done with." The smirk fades as Remy's other topic choice comes into place, he glances down to his jacket and scoops it up, carrying it up the stairs, "Hell if I know either. Don't remember between when the knife came down and I was with Rex." With the modern design of the staircase, there is no wall blocking the sound of the knock. "Hey, can you check to see if that's Armand? Considering how busy he's been I wouldn't be surprised if he forgot his key."

Gambit rapidly bobs his head up once in agreement. "Pas de problem," he says as he heads towards the door. He peers through the peephole to see who's at the door. He sighs lightly to himself upon seeing Ruth. He can't see her chaperone, but he knows there's surely one around. This might get ugly, and he may have to make a quick getaway. He opens the door anyways with a smile, "Bon soir, petite."

Ruth smiles with a touch of a chuckle and steps in "It is very good to see you Remy, you have no idea, yes thank you" turning once the door is closed to give the cajun a warm hug "Please do not worry, I no longer need a chaperone, your choices were noble, yes thank you" grimacing as she out her fingers in her ears....as though that would help "Please forgive me, ow...your reaction is quite clear, yes my apologies mike"

"Armand's a bit girly, but I wouldn't be calling him petite." Mike calls out from upstairs, tossing the jacket onto the futon nearest the recording area before turning around, starting to head down the stairs. The smile has returned with the topic averted but it soon vanishes once more as he pauses on the steps, looking at Ruth. As she's already apologizing, Mike blinks, "Ruth." He greets.

Remy looks between the two with confusion. "I miss somet'in while I was away," he asks.

Ruth smiles up at Remy "Mike said quite loudly mentally the few-word due to perhaps st george putting two and two together when he saw me, I wash not aware that he knew a blindfolded girl visited mike often so wad not aware he would piece together a bit of info, yes sorry" giving remy another hug.

Cool eyes glance over towards Remy, "With all the time that's passed, it's likely." Turning, he heads down the steps, turning around upon reaching the first level. "Sorry. That, wasn't meant for you to hear..." There is a quirk of Mike's lips before he nods to the fridge, smiling, "Soda?"

Gambit shrugs at the question regarding a soda. "Got work tonight," he offers with a pause, "best ta 'ave all ma sense 'bout me, non?" Turning to Blindfold, "What brings you 'bout ce soir, petite? Be gettin' any visions o' me n' Mike?"

Ruth relaxes as mike offers a soda "If I might please, may I have a hug instead? My apologies, yes I should have been shielding more them I was" then chuckles toward Remy "Not exactly but I wanted to check in on mike, yes thank you, see how he was doing" an implication there that she considered him a friend. "Visions are in abundances these days, yes thank you"

As Ruth trades in the soda offer for a hug, Mike's head tilts curiously before sighing, stepping over, and spreading out his arms to accommodate for the incoming hugger. "Still breathing, see? Doing my share of work stuff too so I'm not exactly an invalid either."

The cajun moves over to one of the futons and does his best to make himself comfortable. He doesn't have much luck. The man may have come from humble beginnings, but he's gotten rather used to the posh life. "So, dun nobody really know what happened dat night?"

Mike glances over to Ruth, not saying anything.

Ruth smiles and walks over without the use of her cane to give mike a warm hug "I'm really very glad you're alright and doing well these days, yes thank you mike, with everything going on it's good to see" then turns her head as though to look around the room "Hmm open concept, place looks nice" but grins at Gambit "Let's just say Mike is back to his old self..with an upgrade, yes thank you"

Gambit snorts and shakes his head. "Not what I'm askin' petite. You know somet'in spill it. Alls I know is you called an asked me ta go ta dat warehouse. I get dere an see all dese people in robes, an our boy Mike dere on an altar 'bout to get cut up. Next t'ing I know, I'm wakin' up wit a buncha corpses, an Mike be gone."

Mike looks over to Gambit, a brow lifting, "So, that was-" He pauses, looking back over towards Blindfold, then back to Gambit, "What about Cadmus?"

Blindfold takes a deep breath "Those people in the robes were the order of saint george, I'd had a vision a bit back of that very night and I saw mike die, stabbed in the heart, bout the time Amby was taken in by the police for questioning about a double murder, st micheal was one of the police officers questioning Amby about murders that happened the same way, yes sorry. The body is killed the spirit displaced and something else called down into the body, Remy's intervention gave mike enough time to get back to his body before the other thing took over his body, yes my apologies. Mike disappeared because during this out of body experience...well he came back better then ever, all the bodies...trust me Remy, you don't want to know, please thank you. Good thing is I suppose, yes Cadmus is no more, thank you"

Gambit growls angrily. "Speak straight girl. Wha'chu mean all de bodies, I dun wanna know. Was it me? Did I do dat?" He struggles to keep his cool, but clearly is having trouble.

Mike blinks, looking at Ruth. "Damn Ruth. How can you sum up stuff from we dealt with years ago to where I have no clue what's going on?"

Ruth sighs looking like she's stuck between a rock and a hard place and walks over to give Gambit a hug "please calm yourself Remy, yes forgive me I was only trying to spare you the burden of knowledge...you became death and everyone died, my apologies it is something you will struggle with for some time unless you change things" then turn her head toward Mike "Remy is one of the four horseman, Death to be precise, yes sorry. Forgive me, my apologies but what do you mean how can I summarize such things?" after all she has summarized far worse.

Gambit gives Mike an uneasy look as one of his dirty little secrets that isn't much of a secret is laid out on the line. He rubs at his forehead with a heavy sigh. "Je suis desole, mon ami," he says quietly. "S'ppose it all worked out in den end, mais..." he trails off.

The rocker is a bit quiet as he looks back to Gambit as Ruth adds in that he killed the whole order. Mike's a bit quiet before he sighs, "Well, this is just full of sunshine and sprinkles, isn't it?" He looks over to Gambit, "Sure you don't want to upgrade that to a beer? Can your work hold off another night?"

Ruth ruffles Remy's hair "It is regrettable that another course of action could not have come out of it, another form of justice, but justice was done and they were bad people with good intentions and quite likely bonkers in the head, yes my apologies, so nothing to apologize for. You are doing quite well managing the darkness you took upon yourself for the good of the team, it was a noble decision but Death alone can not control Apocalypse, you have always been a gambler, yes please. Cadmus is dead with the rest Mike, yes thank you, no more to worry about. I could help with your work if you would allow, yes please" course mike might realize that remy will get her help even if he doesn't allow. "Yes Mike, I still have my powers, many have lost theirs, much has changed, things are dark for now but with work they will get brighter, yes thank you"

"My work aint usually de type you can reschedule," Gambit says solemnly. He looks to Ruth briefly, wondering how much she has dug into his future. Does she know just how he's been spending his days and nights since leaving the X-Men. He chooses not to respond to Ruth's defense of his actions. There is no defense for the things he has done.

Mike nods, moving over to plop himself down on the sofa/futon that Gambit didn't take up, "Alright. Beer offer stands for another night then." He leans back in the seat, "...Thanks."

Ruth grins at Mike "Thank you yes, for catching me when I was thrown out the window those years ago, I owe you both a lot, yes please. We all have our demons, myself included but they can be dealt with please yes" then nods to Remy "Yes I know what you've been up to of late, robin hood, my offer still stands yes you're welcome. Mike if I might ask, how is armand, please? I haven't seen him in a long time and he worries me" moving to take a seat for herself, between the two if she can. "Since the cards are on the table so to speak, my grandmother is Destiny, and I found out what happened to my mother, yes thank you"

Gambit shoots a dirty look in Ruth's direction even though she can't see it. He leans forward and set his drink on a nearby table. "I'ma be late for my appointment," he says before standing up. "Ifn you'll excuse me. Mike, again, good ta see you alive. I'll be seein' you 'round."

Mike looks over to Remy, then to the screen of a not-so-smashed up cell-phone to glance at the time. "Oh." He gets up, getting ready to see Remy to the door. "Alright then." His voice lowers, leaving the next bit just for Remy to hear. Although, what good that would do with Blindfold as the other person is questionable. "If you're ever needing to stop by, you're welcome to do so. Although, I will be out of the country later this week."

Ruth sighs letting her shoulders slouch as though she were disappointed and mentally kicking herself "I'm sorry Remy, please forgive...I didn't mean..." the words becoming more awkward then usual in her mouth as the girl just looks dejectedly as she faces the thief.

Nodding to Mike, Remy opens the door. "We'll talk, mon ami," he says quietly to the rocker. He looks back over his shoulder to where Ruth still sits. "Petite, we all know wha'chu can do. Mais, sometimes is best to keep it to yo'self. S'pecially when is somet'in othas might not want out in de open, non?" With that he heads down the hall to make his way back to the streets.

With Remy's departure, Mike closes the door behind him. Once again locking it. He's quiet for a moment before looking over towards Ruth. "Well, at least I'm not the ONLY one who keeps telling you that."

Ruth nods apologetically to remy before sighing with a nod to mike once the door is closed "Sorry yes, if you only knew..."

Well I can only guess with the 'Robin Hood' reference and what he was saying at the charity event," Mike admits, "But I can get an idea from that." He moves over, picking up Remy's forgotten can before moving back to the kitchen. "Tell you what. If you see someone in danger, that's fine to share with those you think will help them. But for Christ's sake, don't outline every single detail that's not necessary for people to know."

Ruth sighs hanging her head "That is easier said then done, I was trying to..I don't know something akin to breaking the ice, I'm sorry my apologies. There is soo much I see, a great deal of it I keep to myself, what will be important for some to know is not always clear, trouble does not always come in the form of death or pain, I'm sorry this is why do not get along with people for long perhaps, yes my apologies"

Mike sighs. "It's not that. There are reasons why we don't share some things with other people," He looks over to the door, "Sometimes, keeping things to ourselves is the best way to handle a situation. The less who know, the better."

This was a totally new concept to Ruth and it's obvious on her face "I'm sorry, I don't understand, if I might ask you to explain? If there is something to be remedied then it is easier remedied with a group then on your own, a fight is easier won when the numbers are on your side, yes please"

"Except when it's not a combat fight." Mike replies, bringing a palm towards his face, "There's this thing, where you don't WANT to advertise what you do and risk the wrong people finding out about it." The musician grumbles, "Just, don't go telling anyone else about the Robin Hooding and for the love of God, don't tell anyone about me getting any form of powers. Especially not Baker."

Ruth nods "I had no intention of doing either, it was simply to...make things even so neither of you would be upset and feel that only your secrets were out, yes sorry, I didn't mean to let either of your secrets out but Remy insisted and you were lost. May I ask please if you not wanting Baker to know is because he went darkside? So many things have changed, the playing field is not the same, no resemblance left, yes sorry. On the bright side, your place does look quite nice, yes thank you"

"He's been talking to my father." Mike replies, tone having a bit of an edge to it as he's having to explain his request, "And as far as I'm concerned, I do NOT want HIM to know I got ANYTHING."

Ruth holds up her hands in surrender "Ok ok, I'm sorry, my apologies, I will do as you ask, promise but...it may be that your father will not stay in the dark, he has kept tabs on you your whole life, I can only guess he will continue to do so, for his benefit maybe but also to look out for you, yes my apologies." then her watch beeps and she sighs "I should get going it seems, but next time I will bring you something to decorate the new place, yes please"

"And don't tell Armand either," Mike adds in, guiding her towards the door, "God knows that kid is nervous enough as is." He opens the door, waving her on out.

Ruth nods with a bit a smile returning "I won't, yes thank you. Let him know I came by please and said hi, thank you yes. Stay safe mike and please..let me know if you need anything, I know how you feel bout the xmen and other teams but..I would really like to help if you need anything, thank you" stepping thru the open door with a smile at him

"Okay. Will do. Quit bringing this stuff up." The door closes.

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