Lesson Learned

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Caliban and Empath & (emitted) Alchemy, Force, and Tarot

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02/11/13 09:45

Training Center - Hellions Complex - Massachusetts Academy

Empath and Caliban attempt to teach the Hellions a lesson, but get schooled by Force.

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It is Monday morning and in the Hellions Training Center, Empath stands in his Hellions uniform, a cross between his Hellfire Club garb and his old Hellions uniform. Standing across from him are Alchemy and Tarot, “Thank you both for coming. As senior Hellions, I want to introduce to you, Caliban. He will be working with us on training and I thought it would be a nice introduction for you and and for him to show him what level you are at and for him to show us where he is at. It will be the two of you against the two of us.” Force, in his armor, watches from the observation.

Caliban looks at the others curiously, then fixes his gaze on observation area where Force is. "You are not a mutant," he notes before glancing at Empath. "Neither are many of those I have met in my time here." There's a hint of disapproval in his voice.

“Well, if you are to believe Xavier’s dream, then integration is necessary. The primary student base is human. The Hellions and other mutants are integrated and then we train here. Force was hired by the previous headmistress and we keep him around. Like a pet if you will.” The visor on Force’s helmet flashes a moment. Empath waves his hand dismissively at the human. “Let us begin. Alchemy has the ability to transmute anything he touches into whatever he likes. Tarot has the ability to bring to life any of the creations on her tarot cards, but I am sure you knew that knowing your own abilities. He takes a defensive pose. Let us begin.”

Caliban takes another look around the room, then turns to focus on Alchemy. From the description, Alchemy's powers aren't psychic in nature - which means he's least likely to be able to resist Caliban's own. He projects fear, trying to freeze the younger mutant with sheer fright. The tactic is one of Caliban's favorites, as it can keep an enemy out of the action while giving Caliban far greater strength to use against other targets.

Caliban’s power takes it toll on Alchemy who is usually frightened anyway. But he is even more afraid standing completely still with a dread look on his face as if he may piss himself.

“Nice move, Caliban. . .I will try the same.” Empath makes a half-hearted attempt, not really trying and finds that he should have concentrated better since it seems to have no effect on Tarot.

Tarot laughs at Empath, “You should never go so easy, Manuel.” She pulls her deck out and drops the cards, missing the opportunity to create an object.

In an uncharacteristic move, Empath goes to punch Alchemy which staggers the Brit.

Tarot laughs when Caliban misses and she creates the death symbol from her tarot cards. A skeleton with a scythe appears and goes to slash at Caliban, but is misses.

Caliban draws back at the sight of the skeleton. It misses him and he swings a fist in response - but his instincts fail him, as instead of punching at Tarot he instead tries to strike the animated construct.

Empath nods and attempts to end this quickly summing up his powers to bombard him with emotions to knock him out, stunning the Brit and knocking him out for 10 minutes.

Tarot laughs as Caliban misses her with his swing, but his punch to the skeleton destabilizes it and when it goes to swing with its scythe it discorporates when it misses.

Caliban tries to punch Tarot again, but this time trips over his own feet and falls flat on his face. He curls up sligtly, cringing, but then forces himself to all fours.

Tarot screams out at Caliban, “How dare you try to hit me, you monster!” She attempts to create another tarot projection, but is so flustered that Caliban would try to hit her that she ends up losing focus and failing to create another projection.

Force tiring of watching this and resentful of Empath and Caliban, flies into the room and immediately fires off a force blast to Caliban.

Force fires off another force blast at Empath, striking the Spaniard and knocking him over.

Tarot and Force stare down and look at the stunned Empath and Caliban, “Let that be a lesson to you all!” With that he flies off and Tarot goes to help help everyone.

Caliban sits up and rubs his head. "Caliban hates humans in battlesuits." He pauses and then his gaze narrows. "I hate humans...in battlesuits," he adds. Correcting himself but possibly revealing another bad habit.

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