Leashed Cat-Fish

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Leashed Cat is taken for a walk, only to learn of delicious raw fish

X-23 Sunpyre

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09/06/12 21:20

Mutant Town

23 takes her cat for a walk, learns about a Sushi place.

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On her way home from the medical clinic, Dr. Leyu Yashida walks slowly, a rather large and heavy-looking black nylon backpack slung over her shoulders. She waits for the signal to change, and then crosses the street, headed the few blocks across Mutant Town towards the towering heights of the X-Factor Investigations Tower.

At the next intersection, Dr. Yashida gains a traveling companion. Or at least someone walking in vaguely the same direction. The girl known as 23 is traveling down the street, a massive, chubby tabby colored cat tugging on a leash in front of her as it sourly explores the neighborhood. The hulking tubby looks over at Yashida and hisses at her menacingly before 23 tugs on the leash, "Now, now Binkens, be nice." She offers up an apologetic smile to Dr. Leyu.

The young doctor, in her casual slacks and blouse, continuing to move forward with that big bag on her back, pulls up a step short as the cat hisses at her. Cat, on a leash? How odd. "It does not like me, for some reason. I'm sorry." She doesn't assume the sex of the cat, since she's not about to lift it up to get a look.

The waddling mass of fur continues to bristle at Leyu's presence, but stern tugs on his leash keep him in check. "Oh, the Grand Marshal probably just doesn't like what you had for lunch, I imagine." 23 twists her lips in an expressive look of confusion for a moment and shrugs helplessly.

"Or perhaps he does not like that I had it, and he did not?" Leyu offers with a wry twist of her own lips. "I had sushi for lunch." She lugs along, glancing up ahead towards the Tower hopefully. She could bodyslide back. But she wants the residents of Mutant Town to see them out and about, and come to realize that they are making this place their home, and are here to help. Teleporting about rather than walking the streets won't promote that message.

There's an oh from 23 as she mentions, "I haven't had decent sushi since that job in Tokyo. Is there an ok place around here anywhere?" She looks up and around curiously, almost expectantly.

"Not too far away." Leyu answers, pointing in a direction. "Two and a half blocks that way, on the corner of Some Street and Some Other Street. It reminded me of home." Given that Leyu is pretty obviously Japanese - to those who know how to identify the differences - that should be high praise. "Even better, they do not mind delivering." Which is sometimes a rare find in Mutant Town.

Of course Leyu might not notice the hints of Japanese ancestry that 23 carries but she ahs and nods. Looking over curiously, as if she could see the store she hmmms. "I might have to head that way. Other than the raw fish burps, it's my favorite food, I think, beyond beef and pork and some forms of fowl."

The young doctor shakes her head a bit, chucklying wryly. "Ah. The pleasures of a carnivore." Not that she has a problem with it, but she does find it amusing. She often has a meal without any meat at all. "They also have good sake, if you enjoy that." Leyu does, in small portions. But she knows it's not for everyone. "Perhaps 'Binkens' would also enjoy sushi?"

"I doubt it, the Grand Marshal is a processed food fan. That and pizza, he likes pizza." 23 shrugs slightly as she nods to Leyu, "Well, have a good day, I think I'll be off to investigate that place for food, have fun." She offers Leyu a dismissive wave before sharply turning towards the sushi place, the waddling tabby taking the lead.

"Have a good evening, and enjoy." Leyu offers, as she makes her way to the entryway to X-Factor Tower and the door hisses open to grant her admittance. She disappears inside with her oversized backpack.

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