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Sandman and Topaz

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Simulation Room - Avenger's Mansion

In which we learn how far Topaz is behind the curve when it comes to fighting skills.

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==[ Simulator - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion ]==
At first full glance, this room is completely dull in sight, but extremely large in size giving plenty of room for flight or ground movement. There is no furniture, or anything for that matter. Only metal walls, floor, and ceiling. are scene with the occasion break in the walls and a high glass booth sitting up in the highest corner. Of course when the rooms is in use, the setting change to to holographic imagery to any scene or battle that an be thought up. As well as robots trained to attack in certain patterns and with certain weaponry depending on the difficulty set and whoever they are supposed to portray.
The large glass booth is in fact the control room for this simulation area. Here someone has audio and visual contact on whoever is participating below. In the control room, one can tape a simulation as well as change the actual setting itself to either a pre-set one or something off the top of their head. Here the difficulty, as well as holographic images can be changed with ease thanks to the controls.

Seated in the Control Room for the Simulator Room, Sandman sits programming the room. The hollow chamber suddenly goes dark and then the lights go back up and the room looks like an ancient Japanese dojo, various weapons and mats fill the room and small rings for combat training are laid out. Speaking over the system, "Welcome to the Simulator Room, Topaz.. . .hope you survive the experience." He bellows out a sinister laugh and then starts coughing. ". . .er, sorry hon, I mean. . .Let's get ready to rumble. . ." He bellows out like the famed announcer.

Despite her misgivings of this whole learning to fight thing, Topaz stands in the staging area looking around dubiously at her surroundings. "That is the hope." she says in agreement "Are you sure I am allowed in here? I would not want to cause you trouble." the change of scenery is noted by an arch of an eyebrow, the fact that it is caused by technology and not some illusory magic is impressive "I am ready..or as ready as I can be considering hand to hand fighting is new to me.

Shifting his form into pure sand, Bill is able to slide from his seat and through some vents into the Simulator Room, his clothes changes to match the time period a colorful Japanese type robe with white karate trousers. He bows in front of Topaz and makes some guttural noises in faux Japanese. He gestures for her to approach. "Ok, the point is not to use magic." He raises an eyebrow and nods his head so she understands, "And motivation works. . .so for every blow that you land I will do special tonight when we get home." He bows again. Then stands still, "First one is a free-bie, I want to see how hard you can actually hit."

Topaz expected the no-magic rule and doesn't complain, only smiles at the incentive to do her best "Alright no spells." which means she is limited to her own physical strength and not the boost she could get from TK if applied correctly. After adjusting the straps on her choli top, she returns the bow, at least that much she can do gracefully. "Anywhere within reason?" she will assume so even without an answer so she balls her hand into a fist and throws a punch toward his jaw. Her height is a disadvantage here and her form is sloppy, but at least she has her thumb in the right spot. As for strength, she's a small woman who has never thrown a punch before, so its average at best.

Sensing what she is about to do, Sandman lowers his head so she can hit the jaw. Slightly hunched over, she connects with his jaw. The lower part of his mouth goes flying off. He looks at her and on the ground as a pile of sand spills on the floor and then flies up and returns to where his jaw was. "Ok, not bad. Need to work on strength training and aim, but not bad." He grins and gives her a kiss on the cheeks. "Ok, raise your arms up like this." He takes a pugilist pose. "Cover your face. I am try to block my swing." He smiles and blinks, "You ready?" He has an open hand and lifts his right hand demarking how and where he will strike. His form shows there is no strength behind it at all.

There is a slight wince as Topaz's fist makes contact and her follow through nearly spins her around in a circle. This she is able to prevent with a small step. Chuckling at the jaw antics, she is sure that was done on purpose to get her to relax some "Does it always sting like that?" she shakes her hand as she examines his pose and mimics it right down to feet position. Her years of having to learn precise movements in spellcasting a boon here. At the swing she flinches back, her forward foot going back, but her arms stay up protecting her face.

Swinging widely and marking where he is aiming. He strikes her arm with an open hand. Sandman hmmmmns, "Ok. You just need to relax." He places his arms on her shoulder firmly. "Loosen up. Dance a bit." He uses his strong hands to shake her gently to loosen her up. "Shake out any fear or nerves that you may have. They are making you clumsy. . .cute. . .but clumsy." He lets her go and dances about hopping from one foot to the other like a boxer in a ring. "Dance around and psyche yourself up. You got this, girl!"

"Relax. That is not easy." Topaz takes a deep breath, shaking out her arms in response to his shaking her gently "I am much more comfortable throwing levin bolts than punches." she begins to move around the nearby area, not the feet shuffling like Bill but more ritualistic in nature. She takes a few more calming breaths and returns to her starting point "You are much more confident in that than I am."

Laughing a bit at her, "Well, I am confident when it comes to this stuff, but you'll see inside this beautiful sand body is a sniveling little kid." Bill smiles, "But you make me more confident!" With that, he goes to stand next to her and starts throwing some punches into the air. He moves his feet about hopping from one foot to the other. And then throws a punch and repeats. With each punch, he lets out a yell. "Ok do it with me. Get in a rhythm." Hop, punch, yell. Hop punch, yell. Hop, punch, yell.

Confidence is certainly something Topaz doesn't usually lack so this is a new one for her. Her pacifistic nature certainly doesn't help either. Studying the moves for a few cycles she starts in on the hop, punch, yell routine. The first few go rounds is a bit clumsy, but she is movement isn't an issue, she has no problem with these simple moves, and with some sidelong glances is able to correct her form to a certain degree "What is the point of this exercise?" she asks around the yelling aspect of it.

"You want to be quick on your feet and form a rhythm. The best part of fighting is not actually hitting, but dodging and then getting in a quick punch of jab." He stops for a moment, "Ok. I am going to try to hit you, but keep doing that routine. If I miss, then hit me quickly." Bill nods his head confidently that she can do it. He extends his arm back telegraphing how and where he will hit.

Topaz gives a skeptical look, obviously thinking the best kind of fight is one that she doesn't have to be part of. She does begin to bring her arms up in the guard position she was first shown, but her looks changes to confusion when she is instructed to keep up with what she is doing. Knowing the angle and where the strike is coming from makes it easier to dodge on her part combining a dodge with an attack though is problematic, dropping down under the swing, reduces the impact of the punch toward his stomach as she steps forward in her counter attack.

While she misses his face, she does clumsily connect with his chest, living a fist sized hole and sand piles below. Bill hmmmmns, "Your still tense and not really believing in this. You know, you are not always going to have access to your magic and other powers. You need to learn this stuff. Plus with people like Spiral and Empath coming to the bar regularly. . .well, I don't think a fist would help with them, but still. Some regular people may not even require your magic." He stops her dancing a moment. "Come here." He stretches out his arms and spins her around. Rubbing her shoulders in a relaxing massage, "Close your eyes and think of something relaxing. Forget fighting for now."

At first Topaz seems pleased at having successfully evaded the swing and landed a hit at the same time. Some of that fades though, "Tense yes, I am having to not only learn to fight physically, but also my own instincts." it takes her a moment to put faces to the names and she readily agrees that physicality with those two might not be prudent. "My first impulse is to react with magic, but that defeats the purpose here so I have to tamp that down before I can focus on what I am supposed to be doing." this is all said as she is spun around and her shoulders rubbed. Forgetting the fighting and thinking of someone else, finally something easy.

Continuing to rub her shoulders and moving her closer to him, "Well, you get the idea." He offers in a soothing voice, "Plus it will take some time. Trusting your instincts is natural. But what happens when you can't access your magic?" He asks in a soothing voice as he leans even closer, his head by her ear. Bill kisses her neck, "As much as I would love to say I will always be around. . .We gotta prepare you for when something happens and magic or I am not around to protect you."

Angling her neck to the side Topaz makes a mmmming noise, though its unclear if that is a response to his words or to his actions. There are a few more beats of silence before she speaks "Lots of time and patience, on both our parts." she then lifts her head and looks back "Is the end result here me just being able to disable by opponent quickly and long enough for me to make a quick escape? And not necessarily to hurt them?"

"The end result is to not dump in an opponent into a hellish demon or turn them into pigs or something." He pauses from his massaging to imagine that and ponders if she can even do that. Bill smirks, "I think even Strange knows some martial arts or some kind of combat training. Me I am more of a just beat down an opponent, but perhaps a more stylized training. Steve is good at that." Bill grumbles a bit, his dislike for the Avengers leader is clear, "Wanda is good at tumbling and what not. You are light and quick. That might be the best way to teach you." He spins her back since they are face to face. "For this. Try not to use magic, but let s see how you what you do in an almost real world situation." Bill speaks loudly, "Sim Room, Run. . .Bill Topaz 2. . ." The room goes dark. The light go up and Sandman is gone and Topaz is in an alleyway, by herself.

"He does yes. My apprenticeship with him did not delve into the physical arts." Topaz specifically means self-defense but her tone could be interpreted to include other things along with that. Listening carefully she nods "That would play into my strengths better. Tumbling and dodging." not that she has any acrobatics training, but she seems quick to pick up movements. She looks around as the room goes dark and light and sees she is now in an alley "No magic." she says to herself, and while she can't turn off her empathy she can keep herself from reaching out with it beyond it minimal range. Instead she relies on her less sensitive senses to study her surroundings.

In the dark alleyway, a piece of paper blows in an evening breeze. A small trash can tips over and a cat screams as it leaps into the air and on the ground scurrying away. A smaller version of Sandman appears all in black and pounds his fist into his other fist, "Not a good day to be alone." He suddenly runs towards her. His arms out to grab at her.

The breeze, the trash can tipping followed by the cat, all of these are normal, night time alley noises she has experience with, so they don't cause Topaz any alarm. When the black clad Sandman appears it is a bit of a surprise, she didn't quite expect that in the scenario. When her runs forward her first instinct, to let herself be grabbed and work her magic, is quickly suppressed. Instead she waits a brief moment until he gains full momentum and then takes a step back spinning to the left and around as he gets within grabbing reach. Timed and done properly it will make him run past her and turn her so she is facing him again.

Lumbering towards her, Sandman is too quick for his own good as he keeps moving past and Topaz eludes his grasp. He stumbles to a stop and turns to face her, "You're a fast one. . ." He moves slower and telegraphs an overhand swing from his right hand towards the Indian witch.

Being an inexperienced physical combatant Topaz doesn't have the instincts or skills to pick up on the clues as to when a hit is coming or where it will be going. Not unless they are really blatant, and even though this one most likly was she doesn't quite catch it in time so as she moves to dodge a glancing blow is landed which is enough to knock her off balance and send her sprawling backwards.

A sand hand quickly forms to catch her. She will pick up a sense of sorrow from Sandman. But other than helping her up, he steps back, "Hey, hits happen. . .but you still gotta keep the fight in you." He backs away and then comes charging at her again. This time slower, but his arms are outstretched the way they were the first time he charged her.

"It is alright." Topaz reassures both vocally and empathically, as she gets to her feet, "It will take more than a tap like that to discourage me." she readies herself as he backs off then charges her again. Having already used one method of dodging she doubts that one will work again and is at a momentary loss so just drops and rolls forward, not realizing of course that could invariably trip him up if she did it correctly, which she doesn't, at least not quite,

When she goes into the roll, she does indeed trip up Sandman, but perhaps not in the way she intended. He stumbles about spinning trying to catch himself and he ends up falling and flipping into the dumpster. His legs in the air, he flails about and kicks about as he grumbles, "I'm going to need to shower later. . .but you can join me." He offers as he continues to try to get out of the dumpster without using his powers.

A hand covers her mouth as Topaz rolls to her feet and turns to find the predicament that Bill has found himself "Does this mean I win?" she manages to get out with a straight face. "Do you need assistance?" she follows up, her hands moving up in a meaningful gesture as she breaks the rules and uses the TK to lift him out and onto his feet.

As Bill is telekinetically lifted and placed on his feet, he has a half smile with a sour expression, "I suppose so." His arms stretch and extend grabbing her, "Your reward..." Once she is close enough, he tips her over planting a passionate kiss on her. "...The rest comes tonight, of course. Once you help me get the smell of garbage with a shower."

Assuming that with her successful yet thoroughly accidental win that the training is over Topaz doesn't dodge away this time. Her arms go around his neck as she is dipped, more of an effort to pull him closer then keep from falling back. The effect of the kiss can be felt through the intimate touch, which is both the boon and curse of being a receptive and projective empath "You know I could do that with magic, but your way sounds inimately more fun." she comments with a grin, her nose wrinkling slightly.

"Much more intimate and much more fun." He pulls when she helps him regain his balance and then Sandman lifts her up. "Let's head home. Simulator, End program." The room goes black and then lights up as the doors pop open.

Topaz nods in agreement, taking his hand as the room resets and the door slides open "I should get whatever technology this is for the bar. It would make redecorating much more easier." not that she has as of yet, but she may have mentioned it once or twice since those thugs nearly trashed the place. She will then allow herself to be lead through the maze of corridors that is the Avenger's Mansion and home.

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