Late Firsttime Meeting of Roomies

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Thimble Blink

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02/28/13 19:00

Thimble's and Blink's Dorm

several weeks the same room and no proper meeting? strange things happen.

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Clarice makes her way into the room, still in her gym outfit. Magenta hair, dark and dampened from sweat stick to her forehead and the limp ponytail curls above her right shoulder. Pupiless green eyes point her into the direction of her closet as she begins to peel off clothes, grabbing her towel in preparation for a shower.

Thimble had been seeting at the chair. nothing special on her clothing but that it was her second hand stuff. She always wore second hand. Cheaper and no problems. As the door opened and somone came in, she did not react at first. No, it took her a long time until she looked up to her. "you must be... my new roommate."

Clarice yelps loudly at first, expecting to be alone. Being preoccupied with her new intense workout, she seemed to have overlooked the girl in the chair. "Oh my! Yes, I'm sorry. We seem to keep missing each other. I'm Clarice, Clarice Ferguson." She says before wrapping a towel around her and making her way over, offering a hand. "I didn't get your name yet?"

"Wu. Janie Wu." she introduced herself, using the Chinese surname first. She did not stood up yet, eying the hand first before she took it carefully. "It seems one of us seems always to be asleep when the other comes in and none of us dares to awake the other." she remarks the last weeks.

Clarice nod nods. "Precisely. It's nice to finally see and meet you, Janie." she says, before there's a knock on the door, interrupting. A groan and an eye roll later, Clarice pokes her head out and flatly finds out who needs what. She squeals as some nondescript instructor has brought over a couple packages. The instructor leaves and Blink looks at the labels on the shrink-wrapped packages. "Oh! You've joined too! Awesome!" She tosses Janie's package on her bed. "Our new uniforms came in!"

Thimble eyes the package carefully "sure that is mine?" she asks, taking the box "it seems strange. to get that within 2 days... wait, joined? You are on the New Mutants? Although I would prefer New Gifted"

Clarice shrugs. "New Mutants worked, and yeah, I got all my information and papers straightened out with Florida, so now I'm official." SHe giggles with a squeal. "I wanna try it on, but I seriously need a shower first. Gym class was a killer."

Thimble smirks a bit, unfolding the package to get a look on it. she did insist on adding an exess of material that seemed to form a half skirt, just in the back. "I managed to get out of gym class early." she answers, giving the fabric a close look.

Clarice nods. "Funny. I had them add on extra. I'm trying to bulk up a little bit. I just need to be careful. I need to make sure that I can fit into a prom dress at some point." The extra fabric probably came from Clarice, since she made sure that they took out a keyhole at the bottom of the X on the chest, leaving her midriff bare. "Ooh! Maybe we can get some practice in once we're all set!" Someone's certainly excited!

Thimble looks at Clarice "I wouldn't worry about the prom dress in any case." she answers. Eying the material she comes to the conclusion the material was not cut but formed directly by some manners. "Why the hole?"

Clarice giggles again. "Why not? Gotta class it up somehow! Make it more 'Me'! She jumps up and hangs the uniform up in her closet. "Alright, gotta run before the hot water and the hot dinner runs out!" With that she bounds out of the bedroom and down the hall to the girls' shower.

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